Cobalt Treatments

Letter transcription:

April 8, 1968

Dear Bonnie & David:

I am sending you your Assessment return which you will have to sign and return to Assessor’s office, Court House, Lafayette. Also the Intangible form which you will have to sign and send in with your $.

Dad has just had a week’s vacation. He worked some around the yard, but the weather wasn’t right every day for working out, so he finished a chest of drawers which he has installed in the back bedroom. It still has to have a coat of varnish or paint. I have applied a sealer coat. I am gradually getting the little back bedroom made over. I took down those red-red-red drapes and have made drapes just to cover the window. I bought a very pretty flowered taffeta which I used for drapes and spreads. I am using a typewriter in the Church office and I am not getting along too well.

Last week I attended a committee meeting and Conference meeting Wednesday and Thursday in Greencastle. I am busy trying to promote the Human Rights celebrations throughout N. W. Indiana Conference. Indiana is going to two Conferences – that is the proposition – and everyone seems to think the proposal will go through – so after this year I probably will not have a conference office, not that I need it. They say that next year will be a year of confusion and at this point no one wants to bet how things will be during the transition period.

[page 2] I am home how after having spent some time at the Ed. Bldg. (across from church) getting the film I am going to show tomorrow night ready for showing. Then I went to accountant’s office to get the tax form, went to Lux. Agency on business about the house, stopped and bought a rose for Mrs. Myers – she has a rose bowl in her room and it needed a fresh rose. She had her first cobalt treatment today and was feeling pretty good. Those treatments have a tendency to make patients nauseated. She has to have four treatments a week – the Dr. said “for weeks,” but maybe it won’t be more than three or four weeks. She seems to feel pretty good and looks fine. We think she has made a splendid recovery. Rev. McClure visited her today and gave her communion. She was very pleased about that.

If you get your intangible postmarked by the 15th that will be soon enough.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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