David’s Diary – October 28, 1968

Monday, October 28, 1968

Up about 9:30—called out of bed by the phone, Jim Bussey. Went to work immediately on 1st Corinthians. Worked until bout 11:30. No mail at all today. Had lunch, watched noon news for a few minutes, then back to work. Bonnie went shopping. When she got back I helped unload the groceries. We left Debby with Hazel Lord. Bonnie had doctor’s appointment and I had to make three calls in the hospital. We were home about 4 o’clock. Alan Frederick came by for tea and we told him of our hopes of moving to England next June; he was enthusiastic about the whole idea. He left after 5, and I returned to working on Corinthians. Stopped for supper at 6:20. watched CBS news; their pre-election analysis, HHH, 3 states + DC; Nixon 28 states, Wallace 5 or 6 states; back to work at 7:30. Bonnie went to community chorus practice; Debby slept; I worked on Corinthians assignment all evening. Bathed around 10. Wrote + typed paper. Off to bed at 12:40.

Tuesday, October 29, 1968

Up at 8:30. Caught 9:20 train to Boston; worked on Greek on the train. Got tuition refund check: $237. Greek class 11:15-12:10. Had lunch with Bob Peek and Tod Hitchings. Gary Holmes came over to the table and indicated he + Pat wanted to get together for talking about wedding plans. Chatter briefly with Hobart Farrell and Larry Carter; Larry now feels that Nixon will be elected. After lunch, studied German a little, tried to find Cambridge U. catalogue at the library, called passport office, saw Charlie Whitford. Had Paul directed study 3:15 to 4. Caught 4:55 train from North Station. Home shortly after 6. Relaxed, watched  CBS news: Nevada bookmakers give 5-1 odds on Nixon. Had a letter from David Watson. 7:30 began desk work; made phone calls. Read first seven chapters of Deuteronomy, then turned to German. Also—before beginning study read 10 pp. in book on pre-marital counseling. 10:50, stopped to bathe. Worked further on German, Read chpts 8-15 in Deuteronomy. Off to bed at 12:15.

Wednesday, October 30, 1968

Up about 9:20; no breakfast; began right away reading in Deuteronomy. Continued with this until the mail came after 11 o’clock; Newsweek magazine arrived—thinks Nixon will win. Had lunch around 11:30. Watched first part of 12 o’clock news. Back to work, finished reading Deuteronomy. The began reading von Raab, Studies in Deuteronomy. In the middle of the afternoon, switched to reading in Bright’s Jeremiah in preparation for Bible class. Finished around 4:30. Relaxed for a short while, looked at newspaper. Looks like Nixon can carry Illinois and Texas. Studied Greek until after 6, translated Mark 3-4. Supper, watched CBS News—a bombing pause or halt seems very near—maybe HHH will get the boost he needs. Bible class arrived at 8 o’clock; had 8 in attendance. Did chapters 17 –22. 9:30 – 11, studied in Jeremiah, mainly on chpt. 13 and the meaning of תרפ. Bath at 11:00; by 11:30, back to work on Jeremiah; read some more in von Raab’s book on Deuteronomy—packed brief case. Off to bed at 12:30.

Thursday, October 31, 1968

Up about 8:30; breakfast; caught 9:20 train to Boston. Studied German on the train. 11:15-11:50—Greek class. Lunch, sat with Larry Carter + Hobart Farrell. Studied German after lunch. 2:00 – 3:00 Directed Study in Jeremiah. Caught 4:10 train home. Home by 5:30—supper, watched 6:00 news, had to leave for German class at 6:30, picked up mailing material from Riverdale church on the way to Gordon—class from 7:00 – 9:00—home by 9:30. President Johnson has halted the bombing of North Vietnam. Talks to begin next week. Saw Nixon on an hour program, 9:30 – 10:30. How much will HHH be helped by the bombing pause. This close to the election it may appear as a political maneuver. Nixon seems to be slipping—but can HHH overcome by Tuesday. Relaxed 10:30 11:00. Bathed, listened to news. Studied some in preparation for Sunday sermon; made list of things to do this weekend. Off to bed at 12:30.

Friday, November 1, 1968

Up around 9:30. Began working at my desk. Made up an order to go to Whittemores; did various phoning; mail came—letter from Harrell Beck. He approves of my studying in England next year, but indicates that there’s a lot of red tape + academic confusion involved. Ate lunch, shaved. Bonnie and I went down to the bank (took Debby along) to see a notary public to cast our votes. I voted for Hubert Humphrey. Took Homer Ornes ladder back to him; mailed ballots changed wayside pulpit; went over to Gloucester. Left notices for CAMP newsletter at Wesley Church, went to the hospital to see Dodd, Martin + Jodrey. Left hospital at 3:50. Went to jeweler to get my watchband fixed; stopped to  buy baby food. Read paper when I got home, napped briefly. Worked on German til 6; fixed supper (Bonnie has a bad cold), watched CBS news; 7:30 back to the desk; wrote to Harrell Beck, typed pastoral letter; studied German; typed bulletin; mimeographed. Bathed; off to bed at 12:30. Mother’s birthday; called her this evening.

Saturday, November 2, 1968

Up about 10. Began work immediately on my sermon. Chatted with mail man, read newspaper; Bussey wrote “The Quiet Corner” for this week—a good piece; called him to complement him. Didn’t bother to read I.F. Stone Weekly when it came in the mail, too busy trying to get sermon written. Lunch about noon. Worked more on sermon, shaved, called Rip Hannibal to tell him I wouldn’t be up today. 1:45 we left for Newton to see Kent Millard (Beck recommended in his letter that I talk to Kent, who studied at Cambridge). Kent gave me a lot of good information—and I am more confident that my hopes for study at Cambridge can be worked out. From Newton we went to Avon. Arrived shortly after 5:00. Visited, [1] had supper, watched TV, worked on my sermon, finally finished it; we left shortly after 10. Heavy fog—slow coming home, arrived about 12 midnight; practiced the choir piece for tomorrow. Bathed. Off to bed at 1AM—rather 1:20—read I. F. Stone.

Sunday, November 3, 1968

Up around 8:45—worked on the service, practiced the sermon; off to the church at about 10:35. 31+ in attendance; preached on the book of Deuteronomy: “Claimed by God.” Went to Allan Frederick’s apartment after church to brief him on what I’ve found out about Cambridge. Came home—Bonnie still in bed—bad cold. Went to the store for milk, etc., got lunch for Bonnie, had my own lunch. Changed clothes. At 2:30 Roger Smith + others picked me up to go to a meeting in Hamilton about the new church structure. Home about 5:45. Heard on the news that one opinion poll now puts HHH slightly ahead of Nixon; relaxed; fixed supper, ate. 7:15 began nap—didn’t wake up until 8:45. Began reading in Bultman’s Theology of the NT, read until 10 o’clock; 10 til 11, watched CBS news election special: they give Nixon 26 states, HHH 10 + D.C.; Wallace about 5. 11 o’clock, back to reading Bultmann. Bathed, back to Bultmann. Off to bed about 1 AM.

[1] With Bonnie’s  grandmother and her second husband, Emil.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/01/davids-diary-october-28-1968/

2 thoughts on “David’s Diary – October 28, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    Heavy sigh when I read about all the planning and excitement for a European adventure…that never happened.

    The presidential election was such a big part of my focus. And the disaster we feared came to pass. Nixon didn’t have a “secret plan” to end the war….he kept it going for years.

    My head hurts to think of how much reading and studying I had to do. 🙂


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