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Carpenters Haven’t Finished

1962-10-02-gryLetter transcription:

Tuesday October 2/1962

Dear David:

I presume you received the little birthday gift – you didn’t mention it. We will get your time taken care of when you come home. Is your telephone number the same, in case I need to call?

We entertained bridge club Sunday evening. We went to KC for smorgasbord. Mrs. DeAntonia (Ann Funk) has the place fixed the nicest I have ever seen it. We had a very good meal and if anyone didn’t get enough to eat no one can be blamed.

I hope you are over your cold. I am sending you some vitamins and I want you to take them. Since you are having sore throats and colds, is a very good indication you need vitamins.

The carpenters haven’t finished a few things around the office yet and we haven’t paid them anything since that first $400.00. I am going to call Mr. K. tonight and give him a little reminder that he hasn’t finished one of the cabinets – two drawers we especially need every day aren’t in yet. We have the old cardex file cut down and painted grey – it nearly matches the metal ones and Edna is gradually getting the inactive cards transferred from the hall into the cabinet. As usual the office has been very busy and some days I go at 4 instead of 5 to help. Dad is fixing up the FM radio I have here at the house, with extra speakers and we are going to put it in the office instead of my record player. We learned from Dr. Ferguson that one isn’t allowed to use a record player in a public place. Dad was telling him about our preparations for getting music in the office and when he learned we intended to use our record player, told Dad that. Dr. F. has FM in his office. He gets it from Indianapolis. We will have to have an aerial put on the office building, but that won’t be much of a job.

I finally got around to having the carpet cleaned. I didn’t have Fowler Laundry, but had Dale Hamman here in town who uses the Duraclean method. It looks very clean now and we are trying to keep it clean for a while. When Becky comes it may get dampened once in a while. I intend to put training panties on her and get her to use a potty chair I have borrowed. We may have a few little accidents before her visit is over, but I hope to get her out of diapers. Mark is to bring her down as soon as the new baby comes. He says it should arrive any time after the 14th of this month.

So far the new janitor has been giving satisfactory service. Howard and his wife both do the work and seem very anxious to please. When I hired Howard I told him I thought he could usually clean the office in an hour each evening – with extra time once in a while for heavy cleaning and that is about what it has been running. We were certainly being taken by the former cleaning woman.

I will put $100 in the bank for you this week.
Love Mother

I listened to NBC’s special program last nite about Mississippi. I have no sympathy with those southerners. They certainly can’t see the handwriting on the wall.


Becky, 1962

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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