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Jerusalem Pottery

1964-10-06-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Tues. Oct. 6 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

Tonight I attended a club meeting and sat by Audrey Hess Jackson from Lake Village. She asked me if you still had her W. Wilkie book “One World.” I told her I would write you about it. If you have it with you, please send it to her – her address is just Lake Village. If not, let me know. She said Wilkie had autographed it for her, so she doesn’t want to lose it.

This has been a busy week – since I had to spend all day attending a District Committee meeting in Lafayette yesterday and a church board meeting last night – which lasted almost 2 hours. This a.m. I attended a prayer meeting at the church – one every a.m. in preparation for Methodist renewal mission next week. We won’t be here for the meetings, except the last one of Fri. eve. We are planning to attend medical meeting in Indpls. Next week. Next week a Jurisdictional meeting is convening in Indianapolis, so I will get to attend one or two sessions since we will be in the city at that time.

We plan to go to Clay City Sunday and visit relatives.

1964-10-06-gry-p-2[page 2] John’s sea freight arrived. He had to make two trips home to get it all transported to Champaign. The wood carvings were in the box. The small one I had purchased in Bali and the large one he received as a gift. I am displaying both in our living room, until John thinks he has a place to put his. I just hope he doesn’t find a place for his carving, but he probably will.

I wrote to our friends in Jordan and sent them some $ to buy some more pottery. So many people seemed to think a piece of Jerusalem pottery would be desirable. The box come yesterday and every piece in good condition. I owe them a thank you note, so I had better wind this up and write a thank you note.

Love mother

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