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Miss Indiana University

February 21, 1963 envelope

February 21, 1963 envelope

Letter transcription:

February 21, 1963, p. 1

February 21, 1963, p. 1

Kentland, February 21, 63

Dear David

Your fine letter of Feb. 16 was received with great pleasure and appreciation. Chris’s picture, well, “Wow,” she is indeed all you say, very beautiful indeed. She looks just like a movie star, and a lovely one at that. I will be thinking of you tonight and picturing you helping her with her dramatic reading, and also tomorrow night. If her talent matches her beauty, I don’t see how she can miss.

I missed that TV program you spoke of, I had looked forward to seeing it, but had to be on duty in the office and guests wanted another program. Tomorrow night on NBC there will be the life of Maurice Chevalier, but of course you will not see that as you will be at the pageant. I enclose a clipping I have been keeping for you about him. How well I remember those girls Rosie and Jenny Dolly, twins, in their heyday with him about fifty years ago.

I would love to have seen your panel program, and your Dr. Hill sounds wonderful. What a rewarding thing for you to know people like this and be associated with them. Your program for this semester sounds wonderful and I am sure the subjects are ones which will keep you interested and feeling you are doing what you want to do. The requirement of attending eight Beethoven concerts would not be hard to take. I love to hear the cello. When I was a youngster in Chicago and saw all the big musicals, I formed a habit of picking out one instrument and following it through the performance. Thank you so much for the reprint. I remember reading it. I always read everything on that subject with great interest.

We are back again in the deep freeze, and of course you are too. It fell below zero again last night, and the roads very icy and high wind, which all occurred early in the afternoon, so men who were out on the road hunted cover, and we had the first good night’s business this year.

I am so happy for Lea. It is tragic for those who want a family not to have it, as I well know from my own experience. It is a terrible things to grow old without a family. I hear the schools in Brook and Remington have been closed on account of the flu, and Harold said this morning that Patty says half her class are out sick, and there is talk of closing the Kentland schools. I pray it passes us and we are spared such a thing.

Please let me know as soon as you can about the Miss IU contest. I will close and get this in the afternoon mail.

Much love

The ten finalists for the Miss Indiana University pageant, 1963, can be viewed in this newspaper clipping.

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