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The Hospital Called (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

St. E. Hospital

Dear Daddy –

I was called down this morning. Mother doesn’t seem to know much, was seeming to be in pain when I came but is dozing now. She looks terrible, and breathes hard now. The hospital called me – our telephone was out of order and they called Foulkes & Coke called me to the phone. The storm yesterday put a lot of phones out of order. This is Thurs. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole but suppose he is around town someplace. He does take week-ends off sometimes starting from Thurs. I hope he hasn’t this time.

Alma W. & Caroline Wright came down with me. Ruth stayed home with the boys. We had intended to come down Thru Brookston and leave her off there but when the call came I got ready & came on & she stayed to get lunch for the boys & take care of D.

Alma told me Nellie Riggs went home with Polly as soon as Clarence’s funeral was over. Polly’s husband has double pneumonia & was in an oxygen tent. Polly had a premature baby several weeks ago – It lived almost two months, but it was only 6 ½ months & not strong enough to make it.

After the storm & rain yesterday the sun is shining today but it’s cool. Alma & C. went on to town & I told them to get my coat out of storage. It may get cool enough to war it any time now.

[page 2] I think Bernard Funk’s have a new baby but I don’t know any of the details. I asked a 3rd floor O.B. nurse about Mary Tues. when I was here and she thought Mary was on 4th.

I had been bringing flowers down all along from our flower beds and had quite a nice bouquet to bring down Tues. but I think the frost last night nipped everything that was not under cover last nite. Ruth & I mailed some letters from the Hotel last night & it had cleared off, so I was expecting a good frost – it was so cool.

Ruth wrote to your Mother Mon. and had an answer today. I intend to call your Mother from here sometime today. She said she would come up. Ruth is planning to go home tomorrow, but she is waiting developments here. – – It is 12:30 midnight and we are getting ready to go home. The nurse thought I should stay all night but I have about decided to go home and come back early in the morning. I called your Mother and she is coming on the bus to Laf. in the morning. The blood vessels have bursted around Mother’s neck and some on her face. She doesn’t see now or recognize anyone. – I am in the chart room – there was a woman just brought in – supposed to be in a coma (with police escort) but the police thought she had too much to drink. They found her on the street.

Love – Mother

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Too Sleepy To Finish (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Oct. 12 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Ruth and I are ready for bed – all boys are tucked in. David spent the afternoon with Jimmy Ed. I went to Pauline Dennis to take a hat for remodeling before we started to Laf. and Lucile & J.E. were outside. Lucile wanted to know if I was going to leave David – She assured me she could easily take care of both babies so I left him.  We had him ready to take along but decided him. We had him ready to take along but decided he would be better off there. It was nap time so she put him to bed and he slept until 3 P.M. Then J.E. took his hap & David play with a catalogue while Lucile washed dishes. She has a reed stroller for J.E. so put both boys in & took them to town after naps. We returned from Laf. about 7 P.M. and David was having a good time until he saw me then he began to whine – mama baby. Ed was having fun with both babies. I told Lucile she could get an idea what twins would be like. Ed certainly enjoys J.E. He fusses around with him like an old hen with a chicken. J.E. is a nice looking baby. – Next morning – I got too sleepy to finish this last night. Our weather changed. We have a high wind & rain today. The wind blew one of the windows out of the room over the garage but didn’t break any glass. I nailed it back in. I went to Pauline Dennis’ this a.m. for a hat fitting. Lucile came over while I was there. Said Ed had written to you about David being there yesterday. I suppose the Riggs funeral is today. He died Mon. & this is Wed. I suppose Nellie is in a nervous state.

I talked to Alma W. yesterday and she is having a backache. She goes to Rumkorf all the time. She had stomach & bowel flu last week but didn’t get along as well as I did. I feel pretty good – better than I thought I would.

[page 2] I didn’t try to go to the hospital today. I went yesterday and the weather took such a turn and I was rather tired. Dr. Cole had started Mother on codine and it’s a good thing. She was suffering every minute she was awake from the sore on her hip. Ruth M. said she had never seen anyone as poor. She is so wasted there is little left. If Jim would see her now I don’t know what re-action he would have. I told him I didn’t like the idea of him getting out of the Navy to come home & help take care of Mother and Thelma isn’t in favor of it. I told him to send me more money to help on the hospital bill.

I noticed you mentioned my letters being written one day & mailed the next – I figure if I get one mailed a day that’s all that’s necessary & I often start writing at night & don’t get them ready to go out before bedtime.

I took a nap this afternoon & Ruth played with David. She baked a cake yesterday & made a pie today. I get some baking done but not enough to meet the demand of our growing boys. John is growing so fast it is noticeable. I couldn’t find shirts with sleeves long enough & the suit I got for him in the spring is almost too short now. Mark is growing but not so fast.

It’s about time for the boys to come home from school and we intend to get meat today from Sheldon. I don’t know whether they will want to go along or not. I know David will – he certainly has learned to go in the car. I hear Mark – he wants something. Wants to go to Diedam’s to play.

Love Mother

YEG1943-12 Gladys, David, Lucile and Jimmy Ed

Gladys and David with Lucile and Jimmy Ed Johnson, December 1943

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Clarence Riggs (Gladys)

1943-10-11 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Monday and washing & ironing done. Ruth is here and made catsup today. We didn’t go to the hospital today but plan to go tomorrow. We have been looking at pictures this evening. It’s always fun to go thru the pictures and see how we looked then. Lucile Johnson came out with Jimmy Ed this afternoon. J.E. isn’t as tall as David but is almost as heavy. They played in the pen together but David can move around a little quicker. However J.E. has a good grasp and David couldn’t take everything away from him. We brought D’s high chair up from the basement. Have been using the play chair but he climbs out of it and it requires more room than the high chair. Ruth thinks David has a good appetite – which reminds me he needs cereal for breakfast. He always wants his breakfast as soon as we come downstairs. He has been waking up early and I have to put him in bed with me so I can get a little more sleep.

This morning Clarence Riggs died. Irene came over to tell me. Said it was a heart attack. Everyone was upset about it. He hadn’t been sick that I know of. No letters today but had several last week – up to Oct. first. I missed your Dad’s birthday so will send him a belated gift. I have some hankies to send – can’t think of anything else. Mark brought a jumping bean home and I am watching it and trying to write. Ruth said if I didn’t know what it is – would think I was seeing things. It does look a little funny.

Love Mother

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