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Shopping After Thanksgiving (Gladys)

1943-11-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just home from Laf. again. Had to get my new lenses. Also took Mark to Dr. Cole. He has a slight head cold which doesn’t seem to improve with nose drops. Dr. gave me 2 prescriptions. Dr. Cole is so buy with so many baby cases his office is crowded from the time he goes there until he leaves. He is doing his share in the war effort taking care of so many cases, more than he would ordinarily. I think there is only one other baby Dr. in Laf. besides Cole. Alma W. went with us. She saw Van Buskirk for her sinus and is to go back next week again. My throat & sinus have cleared up since I got heat in our room again. Mrs. Z. kept David this afternoon – It was her idea. I was going to take him along & leave him in the car with J. & M. I went over and got him and John took him up to bed. I hear him now making a sleepy noise. John wanted a monopoly game for Christmas so I gave him the money and he bought it today – He and Mark are having a game now. I told him he couldn’t play with it until Christmas but he & Mark wouldn’t listen to such an idea. I got Mark a few things today & David too. Was going to get records for John but couldn’t get what he wanted. I really did better on my Christmas shopping today than I thought I would – in spite of crowds & scarce goods. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Love Mother

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Hope for Early Return (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours letters seem to be picking up again – Two today – of Nov. 9 & 10 – The last I had was last week of Nov. 4. It’s strange you would only get Ruth’s letter of Oct. 17 when I wrote directly from the hospital Oct. 15 – and regularily after that date – In fact I wrote to you every day during Mother’s entire illness, missing very seldom. The Red Cross was supposed to get a message to you but evidently didn’t.

Hickey wrote to his father about your visit to him and same was mentioned in the Democrat this week. I was going to tell some of Hickey’s family about his P.S. on the letter but haven’t seen any of them yet. Marg Carlson & her mother run the Democrat now and she had a front page article with news about people in service from Kent.

We had Zells here for dinner this evening. Mr. & Mrs. went to Indpls. Early yesterday a.m. The girls came here after school & spent the night and had lunch with us today. Their folks weren’t home yet after school this afternoon so I prepared

[page 2] dinner and they got home just about time to eat. Virginia & I had gone over to the brooder house to fill the feed & water containers when they came home. We really had a house full last night with three boys & three girls.

This afternoon Lucile walked out with J.E. It was a nice warm sunny day for a change. I wanted to get some pictures of David and he for the first time wouldn’t act nice for the camera. I wanted him to stand up and he would just sit down or cry. I was going to the school to help teach Mark’s room to knit and didn’t want to take David along so Lucile kept him. He stays in Jimmy’s play pen when he is there and is pretty good. Jimmy’s things are different. When I stopped to get him Lucile said he had behaved very well. I told her I would keep Jimmy for her when she attends afternoon club meetings. She doesn’t leave him much. Lucile is a very devoted mother, I think. I don’t leave David very often but had to more or less during Mother’s illness. I left him Tues. when I went to the Dr. but Mrs. Zell stayed here with him. She says she will keep him tomorrow while I go again to see Dr. Ade. I don’t like the idea of taking him along because the stores are full of Christmas shoppers now & I don’t think it’s the best place for him, and I certainly don’t want to take him

[page 3] into Dr. Ade’s office at this time of the year. I have a little nose & throat bug but there are so many people now having same or worse waiting in his office for treatment.

Mrs. R. came over with her three last night. She says Joe is still thinking you & he will get to come home after your 18 months. Also she told me that Earl is out somewhere now but she doesn’t know where. His wife has been with him all the time but is back home now. J. had sent some pictures home of his work with the natives. There was one of a woman with a dress on. Much cleaner looking than of some I have seen. Maybe it was a new dress & hadn’t had time to get dirty – or am I too critical?

I see by the paper that Dr. Van spoke at Rotary last meeting. I understand he isn’t very happy about being home. Shame he can’t trade places with you, eh what? I know you are there to do your duty and cheerfully, but it would be nice if exchanges could be made in some cases, but since those things aren’t done we will just be patient and hope for your early return.

Had to make Mark go to bed early tonight. He has been doing too much & not getting enough rest. He was working arithmetic and was reduced to tears about it so I insisted he go to bed and get up early in the morning & do homework. John is playing the piano just now.

Love Mother

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Snowed Yesterday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 2 came today – again I’ll repeat about letters last week – you didn’t put on Navy 133 and I addressed several letters like that so they may be returned. I just but Base Hosp. #4.

It is a cloudy, chilly day. It snowed yesterday & some during the night. The school children had enough snow to make snow balls but it nearly all gone now. John surprised me by wanting long underwear and in order to get them before he changed his mind I took him to town after school yesterday and outfitted him for winter. Underwear, sox, corduroy pants, sweater

[page 2] gloves and he had a wool cap he is wearing so that takes care of him pretty well. I think the cold snap yesterday brought most of the boys around to head gear of some sort. When we were in B. & B. store Rose said the change in weather had caused a rush in the store all day.

David just walked alone from the N.E. corner cupboard to me here at the desk (south wall of dining room). He was rattling something and I told him to get out – held out my hand and he made the journey without a tumble. He is in the drooley period again. Has seven teeth and another trying to come thru. I bought him a pr. of brown shoes (4 ½  – coupon 18) yesterday. The white no. 4’s were getting to short & since he walks around so much thought he should have more room for his feet. This is the first pr. I have had to give coupon for.

[page 3] The coffee rationing is over but it never did bother me. I still make slightly weak coffee in the old perculator. How I have wished I had let you get me the coffee maker that time in Sears when you wanted to, but that is nothing to cry about.

David has now journeyed to the kitchen and is throwing everything out of one of the stove drawers. I just looked his way and he has both drawers open, and taking out everything. Helen Salter said you would know more about D. by me writing about him all the time, than some men at home with their children. I do hope I have given you a good word picture all along.

I understand Dr. Van K. didn’t want to leave the Army but had to because of a blanket order retiring a number of older men. John said he talked at school this morning. I didn’t ask him the topic – I was very busy when he told me & didn’t go into detail about it.

[page 4] I had a letter from Ethel W. today. Wayne was gone when we went thru T.H. going to C.C. and we went back by Brazil. She said he hated so missing us. Mark W. is growing just like J. & M. I don’t think Mark has grown like John but J. certainly has shot up this last year. I got size 16 pants for him yesterday – because that was the only size left & they are just a wee bit large.

I had the radio going this a.m. (something unusual) and heard Churchill talk from London then heard Roosevelt speak about the U.N.R.A. (United Nation’s Relief) A conference is opening in Atlanta City and the President gave the introductory speech from Washington.

I must go see about D. He has drooled thru his bib, shirt, etc., and is still tossing pans around.

Love Mother

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Pensacola (Gladys)

#WWII1943-11-04 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Oct. 27 & 30 came today. Some service I would say. I haven’t seen any of Hickey’s family yet to tell them his hello! I am much relieved to get your last two letters and am anxiously waiting more. Hope you are getting mine right along. I wrote Lt. Palmer a thank you note for sending the flower order to Bergens. Some of roses are still pretty. The bouquet was red roses & white mums. I got two ton of Ind. coal and with what was in the basement think we will get along for a while – at least until after the first of the year. I am keeping the thermostat at 70 in this weather but will probably set it up when real cold sets in. We had a heavy frost last nite & the temp was 29. It is warmer now. I have clothes whipping on the line. David is “loose” at present walking around the furniture & walls having quite a good time. John & Mark are trying hard to get him to say words. It’s still mostly jabbering. He has another tooth which makes seven and another about thru. Dr. Van K. is back – He is retired from the Army so I image [imagine] will re-open his office here. The Myers twins have been sent to Pensicola, Fla. for final 3 months training. Do you remember we once thought of that station? We could dream couldn’t we?

Love – Mother

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Funeral Arrangements (Gladys)

1943-10-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but two yesterday. I had to go to Hufty’s to complete arrangements & Bob showed me the death certificate. It gave carcinoma of Pancreas as cause. I haven’t rec’d the autopsy report yet. Will write you details when I get them. I looked up pancreas & after reading description can understand the case better. No doubt the thing was too far advanced for help when Dr. Cole started on the case. Your mother is here and plans to remain until next week then I want to take her home. J. & M. won’t have school after Wed. (Teacher’s convention). I don’t know who is coming. I wired everyone I thought should have the word. Jim is coming to Laf. tomorrow & Mayrose are going to meet J. & T. at the train & bring them on up here – I was thinking about what you said regarding the prescription I didn’t have filled for John – Well, I know what bromides are and to my way of thinking wouldn’t do John any good. The headaches are gone and the nervousness he displayed for Dr. V. is only under such circumstances – I really got a “kick” out of what you said. I read your recommendations to John about his face treatment & chocolateless diet – He didn’t care for either. His face is some better but don’t worry about squeezing anything on his face – you should know better.
Love Mother

Foster, Emma H. (Laughead) - Death, 1943

Indiana death certificate for Emma Foster, October 1943

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Medical Advice (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran. Cal.
Oct. 6, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your letter of Sept. 17 came yesterday. The letters seem to come OK but in a little reverse order but never-the-less they are eagerly received. Many of the “frazzled” ends are picked up by the late letters.

You have mentioned several times about John having pimples. That of course goes along with his age, but have him wash his face good each night with soap and a soft wash cloth. Not squeezing

[page 2] any of the pimples – nor picking them but breaking them only with the wash cloth. Then have one of the drug stores fix up that prescription I used to use with sulfa ointment and carbonis detergens. Kenney’s should have it. Now after a rough wash with the wash cloth and a good cold rinse apply that ointment massaging it in well before going to bed. Use that for 3-4 nights in a row and after that for a few nights leaving off the ointment use some Burrow’s solution. And

[page 3] don’t worry too much and cut out the chocolate cake & candy. As I remember he is very fond of that flavor and it is bad. That might also account for some headache – a type of allergy. Now will you have him follow that or will it be like Dr. VanB’s bromides? I think you were exactly correct in not getting the bromides because his skin would probably be worse if you had given it to him. You have learned well from being exposed to my M.D. degree. I’m not kidding

[page 4] either. Again I think you scored a bull’s eye in using good common sense.

I think if you swabbed your throat with a little merthiolate – (half water) about 2-3 times per day it would help remove some of that irritation. That is in between your treatment by Dr. Ade and as I used to say. Don’t blow your nose if you get a cold – just brush it off as it runs down or snuf it up and spit it out.

Well, you certainly have received a lot of good medical advice. Hope it works –
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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The Tension (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 13 came today. You said you wanted to know something about me – well I weigh 100 ever. I broke my glasses, or rather David did and I am going without them just to see if I can. So far no bad results but I may get a headache and have to have an eye exam & get new lenses. My hands got over the bad attack and pealed off and now are sore in spots again, but more of a weather irritation this time. Pauline has been doing all the soap & water work & hanging up clothes to keep me from exposing my hands but they will get sore when the weather turns cool in spite of precautions. Yesterday was a better day for a birthday party than today would have been – However Wed. was warm & we could have entertained in the yard but it was cool enough to stay in the house yesterday after taking pictures. I had been taking shots every month, then I started ahead of time the last three or four times and didn’t get shots so haven’t had Theelin or anything for several months but get along without it. I am going to see Dr. Cole tomorrow. I have been having some indigestion and have so much has all the time I really don’t think it is anything but thought he might give me some suggestions on diet. I really think it is the tension – you know what I mean – Mother so ill – trips to Laf. – etc. Too much hurrying around. I really feel

[page 2] pretty good but think I will have to be careful of my diet! David is getting so he doesn’t wake up so early and I don’t know why, but if I can sleep a little longer in the a.m. I feel better – now maybe if I would go to bed earlier that would help, but seems like my pep always raises in the afternoon and I feel more like doing thing later in the day & that usually runs into the night. When your mother was here she said she like to work in day but not in the evening. I suppose if I got up as early as she does I would be ready to quit by evening.

Mark has gone to the football game – It was raining some & I wasn’t going to allow him to go, but told him he would have to wear rain coat, hat & rubbers and in order to go he agreed. John decided he would rather stay home & practice his music lesson than go out in the rain. I was glad he did because it doesn’t help his allergy any to get cold. He doesn’t cough much anymore. His headaches come & go – Dr. V. said his glasses are correct so I think the headaches must be due to maybe his age. His voice sounds so funny at times when it gets off the “sound track.” He says he doesn’t notice that it’s any different.

It’s about time for Mark to get home – here he is – Kentland won 48 to 12 – Knox lost. He (Mark) is all out of breath telling about it.

David is due for smallpox vaccination but has a little head cold so don’t know whether the Dr. will want to give it to him or not. He acts like he is going to cut more teeth. Still has just 6.

Love Mother

85 Million Americans Hold War Bonds

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