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Shirley’s Grandmother

1963-03-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Wed. Mar. 13, 1963

Dear David –

I am at my desk today trying to get a few things done that have accumulated in the past 9 days. Shirley’s grandmother passed away Sat. a.m. Mark had come Friday night to help with the children. He took Becky to Indpls. Sun. a.m. after I went to Sunday school (I didn’t stay for church, so he could get on his way). I kept Kirk and they came back yesterday afternoon to get him. Shirley was getting a sore throat, etc., so they stopped at the office for a shot of penicillin. I hope it stopped her ailment. She was probably tired from helping with her grandmother’s care. They plan to come the weekend of Apr. 5 which will be before your spring vacation begins. We have taxes to finish before the middle of April so thought they had better come the 5th. You won’t know Kirk. He is growing very fast and is quite an “eater.” Whereas Becky didn’t always want to eat when 4 hours toll around Kirk is ready for his food and no monkey business. It seems a little quiet around here today after having company for more than a week. I will go to the office today – I had a vacation from that while the children were here.

Dad was on emergency duty yesterday and was in the hospital most of the day and after coming home for three hours went back to help on bone surgery until nearly midnight. He took care of three accident patients – two of the three requiring bone surgery.

1963-03-13-gry-p-2[page 2] The DePauw Choir will be in Kentland for a performance tomorrow evening. I was asked to buy tickets but I think I won’t make the effort to go. The Tri Kappas are sponsoring the event and since I don’t belong to said organization feel no obligation to go.

I have much work awaiting me on my desk so should get this finished.

I bought a new Bible Dictionary thru the Bookshelf. It is the first good one I have had. It has a lot of interesting information in it. I used one of the circulars that had come to you to order. J. Kain wanted a commentary, so got that also besides the dictionary.

The weather today is about as uninteresting as possible, but at least we are rid of the snow and ice and Dad says he can see a little green showing on the roses. We thought the roses were probably killed, due to the severe winter.

I put a $2.00 dividend check from GM in your account.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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