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Kitterman’s Bill

1962-11-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David –

I had intended getting a letter written to you all last week, but my time seems to have gotten away from me. I have thought about you so much this week and hope you are able to make up your mind about your future. It is something you have to decide for yourself. We just want you to be sure you are going what is right for you. Pray for guidance.

We are enjoying a very pleasant day not too cold and the sun is shining, which helps during this season.

The pheasant hunters awakened me this morning in the field across the street. This is the first years I have seen hunters there. They must have had permission from Ken McCarty since there is a no hunting sign at the corner.

I attended a meeting at the hospital (luncheon meeting) and was home by 2 o’clock. I just finished writing to two more companies about around the world travel. There were so many ads in the Tribune yesterday and I saw one that included Hawaii and thought I would

1962-11-11-gry-p-2[page 2] send for their literature. I just hope we don’t get so much we won’t be able to decide. I hardly think that will happen. Dad was saying yesterday we are going to have to decide soon.

Kitterman finally got around to bringing us a bill today. You know we didn’t ask him for an estimate. We just told him what we wanted and let it go at that. I was agreeably surprised when I learned the total bill was $2,916.96 – of course that doesn’t include all the other expenses connected with the remodeling, but I thought his bill was very reasonable. He still had to put the railing at the front step and of course that isn’t included I this bill, but that won’t amount to much.

I am studying to take a driver’s test this week. I have to renew my license this month.

 I am finished reading Auntie Mame and Dad is just about to finish it. Same book.

I finished the coat for Becky and now I am knitting her a pair of mittens.

Let us know how you are getting along.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/10/27/kittermans-bill/