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March 18, 1964, envelope

March 18, 1964, envelope

Letter transcription:

March 18, 1964, p. 1

March 18, 1964, p. 1

March 18, 1964
Kentland, Indiana

David, My Dear

Please, please, forgive your delinquent Grandma. I loved your letter, and have read it many times and while I cannot comment on all you have told me, I appreciate every word of it. I am so very happy that you are on the Dean’s list and your Mom and Dad will be there next May.

I had a nice letter from Bonnie about the book, but David, I am so thrilled about the work you are doing. I hope you will let me know about the Boston School of Theology.

I did not go to the hospital, but I have not been at all well, and the simple mechanics of living have taken all I could do. I can prepare what little food I eat, and keep myself reasonably well groomed, and of course I have to have help to clean my apartment and I do not get out except to get over to Mildred to get my hair done.

I have been in a sort of lethargy, and don’t seem to have strength enough to write letters or do so many things I used to do. When your Dad gets home we will check on me.

I had Doris take me down to see Dr. Stahl about my hip, and he said there was nothing he could find that would be causing unusual pain, which I had been having, except of course, advancing arthritis.

I am so proud of you and the work you are doing, and am very happy about your moving into Dr. King’s residence. It must be a very nice thing for both of you. I should think they would be very happy to have you a part of their household. I am sure the home cooking is a pleasant change for you. I suppose Bonnie is back in Bloomington by now.

I have had some very interesting cards from your mother. The last one was enroute to Jerusalem. I wonder if they were not in Athens at the time of King Paul’s funeral. The pictures they will bring home will be something to see. She said they had been able to buy more film.

Please forgive my seeming delay, it was not from the heart, I will be so anxious to hear about Boston School.

Dearest love to you and Bonnie

March 18, 1964, p. 2

March 18, 1964, p. 2

(over) David, You will probably get this on Sat. March 21st, which will be my 50th wedding anniversary. I was married on Sat. afternoon, March 21, 1914. I hope you and Bonnie may spend your 50th together.

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