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November 20, 1942 (Gladys) Part II

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 20 – 1942

Dear Daddy – I wrote one letter this afternoon but thought better get one started tonight because with going to Laf. [Lafayette] tomorrow don’t know whether I’ll have time to write in the morning. Otto Paul wrote to find out you [your] address. He wants to write you about the medicine he used to get from you. Do you remember I sent your address & told him it may take some time to get a letter to you & get an answer back, but I thought he could try. I wrote to Flickinger about the Ins. beneficiary addition and I have to send the policies in. I will send them tomorrow. Have the letter ready to mail.

I am going to leave the baby with Arlene tomorrow. That will be much simpler than trying to take him along. Mark is going to stay there too and help take care of Bobby so that will even the score some. Arlene told me that Bobby got some matches

[page 2] and struck them. He told her he didn’t even burn his fingers. I don’t know what she did with him but I know she wasn’t too pleased over the affair.

I had Newell Lamb witness the ins. papers that had to be sent in with the policies. He has a huge fleurscent [fluorescent] light in the front office. I asked him about the one you had in the back. Said it wouldn’t work then added that someone had snapped the switch by the front door – and of course it was turned off. They finally discovered what was wrong with the light. You remember the time Jean Gilmour turned off the light for you when she got impatient waiting in the reception room?

It is about time to take David up to bed – and am I sleepy. I think I’ll go to sleep in a hurry – if I can get him to take his bottle in a hurry. Sometimes he hurries and sometimes he is so slow. I have to close the garage door yet. I think I hear rain. I suppose it will get cold now. Well this weather has been very warm. Will write more tomorrow if I have time.

Love Mother

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The Big Reveal (Roscoe)

Postcard of Noumea, New Caledonia

Postcard of Noumea, New Caledonia

The big secret has been revealed. Where was Roscoe exactly? The Navy finally allowed the men in New Caledonia to give their specific addresses to loved ones at home. Since the beginning of September 1942, Roscoe was stationed at the U.S. Naval Advance Base in Nouméa, New Caledonia. For the first time, Roscoe used his specific address on the return envelope as well as including it inside the letter for all to use. I can’t imagine it was much of a security breach at this point. The Japanese surely knew there was an American base on New Caledonia. Roscoe had provided many clues for the family at home. The islanders spoke French. They had a distinctive red hair color. He included references to a certain National Geographic Magazine article about New Caledonia from July 1942. And of course, he gave his location to Gladys in code, right from the very beginning. The above postcard was mixed in with the letters. There is no writing on the back so it was most likely sent as a visual reference for Gladys and the boys, tucked into one of the letters.

In one of many internet searches of New Caledonia and the surrounding region, I came across a 1943 United States Army handbook for military troops serving in New Caledonia. I love the section in the back for speaking French and the basic phrase book.  Pocket Guide to New Caledonia

Note from Roscoe with change of address

Note from Roscoe with change of address

I am not exactly sure which letter the following slip of paper belonged to originally. I found it with the letter Roscoe wrote on November 19th. However, the context did not make sense. On the 19th, Roscoe was already correctly addressing his envelopes with the new address. The last letter in which Roscoe used the White Poppy format was November 16th. Based on today’s letter, it is apparent that he had already sent the new address at least once. I am therefore deducing that this paper probably belonged with a letter prior to the 17th. If Gladys received a group of letters in a bunch, it is likely that this slip may have ended up in the wrong envelope.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 17, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just a little time between chow and work. It being 5:45 P.M. and the weather cloudy. Needless to say I want you to write me when the check and money orders get there. It might have been foolish to send them when mail is heavy but maybe it won’t be so heavy they there by the time those arrive. We didn’t receive any mail again today. Seems like at first when we came – but maybe that new address will help. That is the third one now so all in all we should fare better. Just in case you didn’t get it

Receiving Station
U.S. Naval Advance Base
Noumea, New Caledonia

There is no doubt now about our location but I suppose you had a pretty definite idea where

[page 2] it was. If you see anybody who cares to write tell them of the new address and I’ll write to some of them also.

We are still pretty busy but it runs in streaks like it used to at home. Out of our original bunch there is very near half at other locations even my old friend Lentz. That makes ones address very uncertain but the mail will always be sent on, so use that new address and in case I leave it will be alright.

I haven’t seen Dr. Ash in so long, guess he is still where he was but I haven’t had time to go swimming so miss our meetings. Swimming was OK at first but anymore the new is worn off so I don’t care so much anymore and along with being busy I don’t care.

Had some sardines yesterday – some fellow go [got] some and with crackers and

[page 3] a little beer we had a fine mid afternoon snack. Of course I wasn’t very hungry when evening chow came along but the meat was corned beef and the cook didn’t use any spoon he just threw all the pepper in he had so I didn’t care for much. We had lamb again today. That seems to show up often and I don’t care so much for it but it’s better than canned meats.

It’s time to think before long about that state gross income tax for the whole year and if there is any questions see Lamb or Agnes Molter and also about the federal. Guess you have done that or will before long. David should come in for his share of tax reduction.

Well, I’ll have to confess there isn’t much in this but there just isn’t much to write.

So Solong
Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/07/05/the-big-reveal-roscoe/

Halloween (October 31, 1942) – Gladys

Today’s letter features some great re-capping on Gladys’ part. At this point in the letters, Gladys knew that a chunk of letters were missing in action. We learn a bit more about the night David was born and Gladys finally has the news that Roscoe was aware of David’s birth. She provided a lot of answers to questions that Roscoe had been asking over the last month or so. How much money was in the bank account? Who was helping around the house? Who had enlisted and who was still in town?

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
Oct 31-1942

Dear Daddy-

At last I received a letter from you saying you had the news about David – and the middle name is Anthony – I wrote all the details in a letter while I was in the hospital but just in case it was lost I will try and give you a brief resume .

My water broke at 11 P.M. – without any pain. I called Dr. Cole & he said to come to the hospital. I called Bob & then Dorothy – Clarice also went along. After we started I began having hard pains and Bob drove as fast as he could. We were on 4th floor by midnight. David was born at 2:03 and I had ether as soon as they got me strapped down so didn’t know much about the pain at the last. I was just beginning to get very hard pains when they took me in to the delivery room (1:30) so you know I got thru in fine shape and of course no tears inside or out because the little fellow only weighed 6-11. I suffered more with my breasts than I did having him. I tried to nurse him and he kept losing weight – he went back to 6 lbs – and my breasts were well stimulated. They gave me stilbestrol and I had to take twice as much as I did the last time. Dr. C. made me stay in the hospital two weeks. When we came home David weighed 6-3 ¼ and now weighs almost 8 lbs and he will be 6 weeks old Wed (Nov. 4). When I left the hospital I sent for my bill and the nurse came in and said it had already been taken care of. We are feeding David Carnation, Dextri-Maltrose – orange juice & Oleum Per.

Everything here is going along pretty good now that I am able to be up and doing again. The furnace is O.K. So far the boys have been taking care of it with help from the neighbors now & then. Link has taken the clinkers out and Mr. Zell cleaned the soot & clinkers out once. I think the boys & I will be able to keep it in shape now. Joe got the storm windows put up and after the leaves all fall I will have the guttering cleaned. I think everything has been attended to. I had antifreeze put in the car & winter oil put in. I keep the tires checked. The bank acct. at present is around 700⁰⁰ that includes the birthday gift. I have paid the coal bill and of course ins. as it comes due. There are a few drug bills to pay but altogether they won’t amount to 100⁰⁰. I will pay those one day when I take a

[Written on side margin] Jim’s address is still Camp Bradford Norfolk but he is moving to another location so don’t know what it will be.

[page 2]notion. They don’t bother me much with statements maybe if they did I would pay them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Mrs. P. sent me 5⁰⁰ and a gift to David (3⁰⁰). Dorothy Krull sent me a potted plant. Mother brought me a gift when she came in Sept and gave it to me then – a set of bowls. She is still here and I don’t know when she is going home. Nothing has been said about it lately. I tried to get help with housecleaning but “no go.” I will do it myself as I have time & feel like it. I am not going to make myself sick doing it however.

The boys (John & Mark) are taking Sherman oral vaccine. Maybe that will keep them from taking cold. John had a slight head cold when he started taking the pills & after two his cold was gone. He had a sneezing all thru hay fever tie. I was of the opinion he had some allergy.

If all my letters get to you, you will get all the local news because I tried to put all of interest in my letters. So many have gone into service – here is a list – Art Kenney – Paul Bruck, Kenny Jones, Emery J. Jr., Eddie Britton, Leo Yose, the two Mullen boys, the Myers twins (Al didn’t enlist). There are many others but I can’t think of them now. I think I told you Newell Lamb has the office. He was appointed Prosecuting Attorney due to the present one going to service. Clifford S. as you know is running for election on the Dem. Ticket. He didn’t do much with our collections. I saw A. Taylor yesterday & he gave me a check for 9⁰⁰. He said he thought that was all he owed. I told him I would send him an itemized statement. He said if I was right he would pay the rest.

I talk to Mrs. R. rather often. She calls me or I call her. I told her you hadn’t had news for a long time & didn’t know about the baby. Earl stopped there en route to an Army Camp in Pa. and she told him. He came to see me and was going to help me get word to you when I got your letter saying you at last had my V-mail letters. I sent several while I was in bed at home and in the hospital. I don’t believe you rec’d all. If you get my previous letters this will be a rehash.

I tried to call Mrs. Ash while in Laf. But didn’t get an answer. I haven’t talked to her since she saw me in the hospital. I didn’t write to Mrs. W. Sorry he had to go, because I know you enjoyed his company from your letters.

I rec’d two letters yesterday and six today which brings things pretty much up to date for me. Hope you get the Christmas boxes being sent. We sent one. I am sending another for your birthday but don’t know when you will get it.

Mother & Boys

[written on side margin] I wrote yesterday explaining the radio-gram.

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