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Fall Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Nov 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but hoping I’ll get Oct. 24 & 25 tomorrow. Oct. 26 came yesterday. Sometimes those missing letters contain a lot. It was cloudy all day until late in the evening or rather afternoon. The boys (J. & M.) raked leaves for Zell’s. Mr. Zell cleaned out our eave troughs. The leaves have about all fallen. The grass is so heavily covered we will have to rake some of them off. Smoke fills the air with so many people raking & burning leaves.

I went to Stunt night last night. The Seniors & 7th grades won. The little theatre was full. The stunt that won first (Senior) was “Teachers in Retirement” & the teachers at A.J. Kent were imitated – It was very good and somewhat original.

[page 2] Tomorrow is Mrs. Plummer’s birthday & I have a cake ready to decorate & take to her. I rec’d a card & 1⁰⁰ from her the day after my birthday. She came out & brought David’s & John’s gifts on David’s birthday. John’s was belated.

I took David in this his Taylor Tot this afternoon to town to go to the bank & do a few odd errands. We have to get our paper now at Bonnies. No more home deliveries unless mailed. David makes quite a hit wherever he goes. I went to pay the light bill & Rita Diedam played with him a while. She works at the Light office now. I walked down to Lucile’s but Jimmy Ed was asleep. David played in J.E.’s pen and liked it better than his own. Lucile is having trouble keeping J.E. in it but just let him cry this a.m. Said he cried himself to sleep.

Sid Lee is back home – Has an honorable discharge from the Navy. He was in action & was injured. Said he was in a hospital in New Caledonia several weeks.

Our Ind. Coal is burning O.K. so far. If it keeps on like this maybe it won’t be so bad. I just hope it works better than what we got from Elmer MC when we first moved here.

John & Mark are both doing home work and I can hear the pencils fly. Now that Stunt night is over the school routine can be resumed. Bob Schurtter had to go into service – his number was up so I understand he enlisted in the Navy. He thought he could possibly get Ensign commission. They keep taking them around here. Mr. Zell got an inquiry about his dependents. Ellsworth was supposed to go but I haven’t heard anything lately. I suppose your Mother told you Harry Adkins had to go. I leave C.C. news up to her. I have all I can do to care of Kent. I sometimes miss news items around here, but do try to tell you things you are interested in.

[page 4] My checks came today and it was about time. I haven’t had time to figure what comes out of this month’s but will try to have it figured out by next letter. I think we will get along – all the ins. is paid now for a month or so.

I must write to Glen & Pauline and do a few thinks to this desk. It looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Love Mother

P.S. Dr. Van K. is back to stay.

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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