A Turning Point

March 19, 1963 envelope

March 19, 1963 envelope

Letter transcription:

March 19, 1963, p. 1

March 19, 1963, p. 1

Kentland, March 19, 1963

David, My Dear

Please know how I appreciate the two good letters I have had from you since I have written, and I started to write you yesterday, and then thought I would wait until this morning and see if a letter came from you, as they usually arrive on Tuesday morning.

First I want to explain why I have not written. I have really been going through a turning point in my life. I have been in a state of very deep depression for the past several weeks, and simply have not been able to carry on the normal activities. I have decided to make a serious effort to sell the hotel as soon as possible. Harold agrees with me in this and is going to help me carry it out. This has been my home for the past nineteen years and at my age it will be hard to pull up the roots in view of my handicap, but I feel that I must do it.

I have now placed my affairs in God’s hands, and I know that His law of love and justice will take care of me, since I have done all that I can do to help myself. I know you share my belief in a personal God who cares for us.

When I watched the appearance of Nixon on TV I hoped all the time that you also were watching. I was delighted, and you know, I believe if he had displayed that side of his personality during the campaign he would now be president. However, I can well understand how it is impossible to be one’s own self when trying to please so many difference factions. I thought he was charming. I am anxious to know if you and Bonnie got to see Sen. Goldwater and what your reaction was.

It must have been thrilling to talk with Bishop Raines. You have the opportunity now to meet and know so many worthwhile people, which is an education in itself and helps to build your own personality and character, and I am sure they all feel it is very worthwhile to know a young man like you.

I am glad to hear you did well in your test on history of the reformation. And I must say that the only real laugh I have had in some time was to imagine YOU as a Catholic priest doing the twist with an angel. Really, I flipped.

March 19, 1963, p. 2

March 19, 1963, p. 2

[page 2] While your mother had the children here she was in for a few minutes with Becky one afternoon, and a few days later she brought Kirk in to see me. David, he is the sweetest baby, just beautiful and so good. I told your mother I was so happy for her because he is such a wonderful baby. She said he did not even require a feeding during the night, but slept right through.

I will close now and I will write you next week or sooner if I have any news. Your letters always give me a lift and I thank you for taking the time to write me when you are so very busy.

Best love,

1963-03-19 (RM) newspaper clipping©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/08/22/a-turning-point/

1 thought on “A Turning Point

  1. davidmadison1942

    Well, my memory is mis-firing. I thought that she had moved into the former Methodist parsonage before I went away to college.

    “I am anxious to know if you and Bonnie got to see Sen. Goldwater and what your reaction was.” I don’t remember that happening. By the 1968 presidential election my politics had flipped dramatically and I was very much opposed to Goldwater.

    “..to imagine YOU as a Catholic priest doing the twist with an angel. Really, I flipped.” This does stir an ancient memory of Bonnie and I going to a party (hmmmm…wrong time of the year for Halloween); I was dressed as a priest and she as an angel.


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