New Parsonage Movement

1961-02-06-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 513 – in David’s handwriting]
Kentland, Indiana
February 6, 1961

Dear David:

Yours received this AM. I put $80.00 in the bank for you today. Be sure and put that on your check book balance.

We entertained the Polks last night with a supper and bridge. After we finished playing we sat and talked for a while and Dad decided to show them some of Becky’s pictures, along with his baby picture to see if they could see any resemblance. Speaking of pictures, I finished the roll in the camera yesterday morning. After a fog Saturday night, the temperature dropped and made Kentland look like fairy land Sunday morning. I sent the roll in this morning along with the negative of Dad and Becky you want enlarged.

I attended a meeting with a few members of the Finance Committee last week one evening and the thinking has gotten around to the place that we think we will have to take care of Capital Funds. We are also going to make a drive to get enough money to buy a new parsonage. There is to be a special board meeting Wednesday night to get a vote to give the Board of Trustees the power to proceed with a New Parsonage Movement. There is a medical meeting at the hospital that night and I am planning to go with Dad to that. I talked to Rev. Fields this morning and he seemed to think there would not be any opposition to the “Movement” and that I would not be needed at the Board Meeting.

I sent to DuPont for a booklet called “The story of World Trade.” I am going to prepare a program for club. I was put on without my consent and given the subject, International. I decided World Trade is about as International as anything can be. I wish you could help me draw some maps, but I rather think you won’t have time. This booklet has a lot of maps and information I am going to use and since this is Feb. and I don’t have to give the program until April I should be able to get it done myself.

Some new books came from Book of the Month. I ordered the January selection which was “The White Nile” and “Shadows on the Grass” (both about Africa) and with them came a dividend, “Gibbons Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” I have started to read “Shadows on the Grass” which is quite interesting. This afternoon, however, I have some book work to do, so must forego reading until tonight. Also have my Getty work to do.

Just been listening to the news and about the storms on the East coast. Sounds very wintry. We are supposed to get more here. So far we haven’t been snowbound. We have a lot of snow in the driveway, but we can get in and out.

I have lots of work to do, so must get busy.
Love Mother


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “New Parsonage Movement

  1. davidmadison1942

    The new parsonage ended up being a house a few houses north of the old house on Dunlop Street. When I was very small, that street was unimproved, but then a string of houses was built.

    “..with them came a dividend, “Gibbons Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” That would have been quite a dividend! Since it was a multi-volume work. Maybe it was a condensed version. I wonder if she did read it. Gibbon had a strong anti-Christian bias.

    “Also have my Getty work to do.” I don’t have a clue.


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