Worst Winter Storm

1965-02-26-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 26, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

We have just had (according to the weather men) one of the worst storms in 20 years. It even kept Dad home all day yesterday. Our driveway was filled, and the drifts were almost as high as the trees by the hedge in front. We could see the tips. The wind blew for about 24 hours and hard. The inside of the garage floor was covered with snow and we even had snow drifts inside. I had one flash bulb, so took one picture of the west end of the garage. Even our cars were covered with snow from that driving wind blowing the snow in around the garage door. Dad just called me from the drug store and thought I shouldn’t try to get my car out today. We had one path made to his side of the garage so he could get out this morning, and that one path made a mountain of snow by the street. I am content to stay at home, since the temperature is just about 5 above this morning. We have mountains of snow in the yard. The trees on the west side, the small ones on the inside were completely covered – just see the tips. Dad went out yesterday afternoon and took several pictures. The way the wind swirled around the house we had snow on the south windows – like a window decorator had been at work making snow scenes for Christmas.

Today is Mark’s birthday and I couldn’t get out yesterday to send him a card, so called him last night. He said he would rather forget about birthdays – since he is 32. He thinks he is getting old, from the way he talks. They are all fine, except for the usual bumps and bruises the children get. Shirley has a part time job working in the library in Hoffman Estates. I think she really wanted something like that, and I am glad she got the job. She was talking about it the last time they were here and was afraid she wouldn’t be hired because they have two small children. It seems they are reluctant to hire a person with small children.

I have figured your intangible tax, which amounts to $4.00 so will buy the stamps and affix to your stocks. That will be your Easter gift. We also figured ours – I got Dad to help me – and it is considerably more.

Dad finished the desk unit and I am using it. It is a table a little lower than the desk for the typewriter and adding machine and has two drawers on the left side. It really adds a lot of room to the desk and makes my work here easier or organize.

Someone called last night for you. Dad answered the telephone and told the person calling that you didn’t live here any more, that you are married and live in Boston. I don’t know who it was since Dad didn’t inquire. I think a number of people were stranded here, because all the highways were closed. We kept the radio going yesterday to get the Rensselaer station as to road conditions. The roads to the hospital were closed all day and the staff that went to work at 11 o’clock Wednesday had to stay on because they couldn’t get away and the 7 o’clock staff couldn’t get there Thurs. AM. We hear according to the weather forecasters the storm is heading your way and by the time you get this you will probably be in the midst of it. We keep telling ourselves we should have gone away this winter, since nothing like this happened while we were away last year. However, I think I wouldn’t want to try to go to Indonesia now and I know we couldn’t go to Cambodia. John had a letter from a friend in Indonesia and he said things are getting worse all the time and the Foundation may have to withdraw. A petition was being circulated against the Foundation and the person responsible for petition had been to this Country on a scholarship. We don’t think much of his gratitude.

1965-02-26-gry-p-2Love Mother

P.S. Mrs. M. was quite pleased to receive the Valentine card. I picked up a Sears Catalogue for her Monday and left it at her apt. She was at the beauty parlor getting a permanent. I talked to her over the phone

[page 2] after coming home from the office. She was very glad to get the Sears C. She hadn’t had one before. I think she will use it quite often. Just happened to think of something else – Addie Padgett had been living in the cottage back of us. Lask week I suppose she thought winder was over so she moved back to the country. I just hope she didn’t get sick and need help because she was probably snowbound with the storm. When she moved in over here she talked about buying the house and making it her home. I know Esta would prefer to have her in town.

Do you want me to renew Opera News for you?


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/01/30/worst-winter-storm/

1 thought on “Worst Winter Storm

  1. davidmadison1942

    Wow, that was quite a snowstorm. I remember a few like that when I lived there. I even recall the snow in small drifts inside the garage…even with the garage door closed.

    “We keep telling ourselves we should have gone away this winter, since nothing like this happened while we were away last year.” The ultimate solution turned out to be….Sarasota 🙂

    “I suppose she thought winder was over’ should read “winter”


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