Dinner and Bridge

1966-01-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing a check for $18.00 to pay for the $14.00 album you mentioned in your last letter, also $3 for the two books you suggested for Mrs. M. and I allowed $1 for postage. Now I will be looking forward to my new stereo recording of Magic Flute. Also the books for Mrs. M. I took her to the office last Tues. I think she is feeling as well as can be expected for one of her age, etc. I stopped to see her this afternoon and left two books I thought she would enjoy reading.

The second wood carving which Louise sent arrived today. It is very beautiful and much heavier than the other one. Dad said it must be made from mahogany. I wrote to Louise today and told her I would send her a few pictures of the wedding when Alma sends me some duplicates. You know, I forgot to take my Instamatic. Did you send her an account of the wedding and some pictures? How did yours turn out?

We entertained the McClures, Johnsons and Fords with a dinner and bridge last night. We played records all evening—the most light type music, but they all seemed to enjoy it. We play My Fair Lady, Sound of Music and several Strauss numbers. I had The Marriage of Figaro on when they came, but I rather think it didn’t catch on, and that is one of my favorites.

1966-01-14-gryWe are planning to go to Calif. for the Tournament of Roses Jan. 1, 1967. Of course, that means we will have to leave

[page 2] here before Christmas, or shortly after. We haven’t worked out that schedule yet. We are debating about where we will go in July. We may go to Jordan or we may take a tour which will include Japan, Hong Kong and a few other places in that part of the world.

Love Mother

Books for Mrs. M. –
Christian Beginnings
The Literature of the Christian Movement

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/02/27/dinner-and-bridge/

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