Bitte Post Wort Buch

1966-03-10-gry-p-1March 10, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie: Bitte, post wort buch. Danke schon.

I was opening letters and discovered when I had finished I had 3 checks from GM and in examining the checks saw I had opened your letter. We had our stocks divided (according to advice from legal authority, so we now get two dividend checks from each company). You won’t need to divide yours yet for a while, but in time you may need to.

Send me copies of your translations if you have time. I think I answered your question about Mrs. M. in my last letter. Also this week two pictures of the children were mailed and I hope you have them by now. They should be coming down for a weekend before long. David is now five weeks old and I know he has changed a lot.

The Sears store was able to get a field man from Dayton to look at our stereo. It is much better and also the amplifier for the hospital has been put in working order again, so maybe now my radio will be brought back home. Janssen sent a cabinet (combination stereo, FM & AM) set so I could listen to the opera last Saturday and there was such a frying noise it almost ruined the reception. I have the radio turned on now and the same sound is coming through.

Something is going to be built on the corner across from Williams and Lynch Ford. Most of the trees have been pulled up and burned. I have heard a restaurant is going to be built. That corner looks so much different now that those trees are gone.

For your information, we will be in Rome almost a week, so we should be able to see a few things. I am reading a book about Petra now. Have finished Crime & Punishment. Some story. It really had a happier ending that I thought it could have.

I talked to John recently and he evidently recovered from his teeth pulling. He seemed to think it didn’t bother him.

1966-03-10-gry-p-2The new Buick was delivered today and Dad and I went to Morocco this morning and got the new license plate. Dad is going to continue to drive the leased car until Apr. 1. I have to have some painting done on my car, so will get to drive the new car one day next week.

Love Mother


M. Harris has been in hospital for back surgery, but is home. I haven’t been to see her but plan to go tomorrow.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Bitte Post Wort Buch

  1. davidmadison1942

    “so I could listen to the opera last Saturday” A tradition that I continue to this day 🙂

    “we will be in Rome almost a week” Cool. 🙂


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