Take Over the Practice

Letter transcription:

January 18, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I have been wanting to get this letter written all week – this is Wednesday night and it is almost Thursday. Have been so very busy since coming back from our vacation. We (I think we told you over the phone) had our car – Buick “bruised” as Dad says, coming home. Our insurance company has paid the estimate, but Saturday we received a notice we are to appear in a Justice Court in Colton, Calif., on Jan. 27th. We just turned that over to the Insurance company to handle – that is what we pay them for. The officer who investigated the accident wanted to know if we wanted to prosecute the offender and Dad said “no” – so the officer said, just turn your claims over to your insurance companies and that will be all there is to it. We don’t understand all about it, but one thing sure, they aren’t going to come to Kentland to get us.

A Dr. Hensley (he works in Medical Health Center at I.U.-Bloomington) is coming Saturday to talk to Dad. He says he definitely wants to come here and take over Dad’s practice. Bob Batton talked to him last Saturday. The Battons were in Bloomington. We really hope he comes and is OK. We do hate to leave the town without someone – for the good of the town and if he takes over our office, we will get some revenue out of it. Dad has stipulated $100 a month rent and 2% a year of the gross for five years. Dad talked to him on the phone one day last week and told him if he would come and let the girls run the office for him they would make a living for him. It isn’t that simple, but they certainly can be a great help to him if they stay and they have indicated they would like to stay. However, Dad told them they probably would have to take a cut in salary.

We haven’t made a decision about where we will live in Lafayette. I have looked at apartments – a brand new one on the by-pass – looked at it last Thurs. – costs $175 a month for 4 small rooms. I told Dad it would be like living in a cell. I told the family over the weekend we would live I a motel room if necessary until we can find something suitable. John didn’t think that would be very wise, since we would have to pay about $15 a day for rent. I don’t want to sign a lease for a year at $175 or more a month. I would rather be putting that into a home. I found a place for sale last Thurs. It was a house with a full basement and four bedrooms. It was a nice place. I don’t think Dad would want to put $37,900.00 into it and that was the asking price.

I read Mrs. Myers last letter and was quite interested in your experience on the radio. I took her to the office yesterday and thought I would freeze in the process, since the temperature was low and we had quite a wind. Today I wore wool slacks when I ran my errands and that helped a lot.

When we were in Switzerland last summer we ordered a wappen (family crest) for Romaine and decided to get one for ourselves. It came last Saturday. We gave a program for Woman’s Club last night and talked about Switzerland and showed our wappen. We think it is quite good looking. I have it in a frame. After paying $20.00 for it I think we should take good care of it.

The Harrises are leaving Kentland. Mr. H. is going to be manager of a large 6 floor Sears store in Portsmouth, Ohio. The man who is going to be manager at this store is coming to town tomorrow. If he is interested Mr. H. is going to bring him out to look at our place. Lucille and Marian Sizelove came out Monday night and said they liked it, but said they couldn’t afford it. We really haven’t tried yet to do any selling. I know I am going to be hard to please after living here 10 years. We may build after we go to Lafayette. We aren’t sure yet.

So many people say they don’t know what they are going to do without us, but they are glad Dad is going to be where he won’t have to work so hard. Ruth Ford called me today and said when she heard the news she cried. We have had so many well wishes it makes us feel like people have really appreciated the way Dad has worked. I attended a meeting at Joe Wenger’s tonight and something was said about losing us and what that would mean to the Church here. The Sears employees had a farewell dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Harris tonight. Mr. Harris has to go to his new job next week.

The enclosed came with our wappen. Please return the greeting card, but you may keep the wappen information (over)

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/03/23/take-over-the-practice/

1 thought on “Take Over the Practice

  1. davidmadison1942

    “they aren’t going to come to Kentland to get us” !!! fugitives from the law 🙂

    “we would live I a motel room” should read “would live in a motel room”

    “was quite interested in your experience on the radio” No idea what that is about.

    “We think it is quite good looking. I have it in a frame.” Has that survived?


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