House Hunting

Letter transcription:

December 17, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

I may not have time to write later. Yours just received, so thought I would answer while yours is still fresh in my mind. Your birthday card for Dad received and enjoyed very much. We think your plans sound very good and we hope you will be able to carry them through. If you don’t set your goals high, you won’t attain a high mark. – as Kirk would say “right?” So just keep planning and hoping – and perhaps a little praying – or maybe a lot. We haven’t made any announcement yet, but have been hearing some rumors. Dad says if it isn’t out by the time we come back from Calif. we will make an announcement. We just want to avoid as much fuss and commotion as possible. You know it is going to be like a bomb going off when the majority of the people hear about it. Dad came home at noon with an idea about someone who is planning to build a house who might be interested in buying this house. However, we haven’t talked to them and he was just surmising. I went to Lafayette Tuesday and spent some time with a rental agent. We looked at an apartment on N.W. Ave. – just across from Purdue. It is quite lovely and the people who own the house live downstairs. It was built before a zoning ordinance. I presume it would be impossible for anyone to do that sort of thing now – that is make an apartment to rent in a private home. It has two large bedrooms, a very large living room with windows on both sides and a dining area and a kitchen fully equipped. We may take it if we don’t find a house we think we might like to buy. There are no houses for rent. Either rent an apartment or buy a house. The rent is $190.00 a month and that doesn’t include utilities. There would be no upkeep. It would be close enough Dad could walk to work. He wants us to sell one car, but I refuse to be without a car. He said he wouldn’t need one if we lived close enough to the campus. We looked at two houses for sale. One was a stone with a very nice yard and a two car garage with electric eye door opener. The only thing – the house was built without any imagination and to be happy in it I would have to tear out a few walls, etc., and I think by the time I would get it to the place I would feel like I would want it, the cost would be a little much. The asking price at present is $29,550, but Dad thinks we could get them to come down. The carpet in the living and dining area is the most awful dirty shade of grey. I don’t think I could stand the carpet. I think I would rather dye it black. But I doubt we will be interested in trying to revamp the house. I looked at another which had a beautiful yard with picture window across the back of the house, but there were two floors with two complete houses – the lower floor didn’t have any bedrooms, but had everything else. It was priced at $32,000.00, but it was too much house. It was a National and the halls and bedrooms are too small. – I talked to Mrs. Myers this morning and I told her I was going to keep her gift from you (if it comes in time) here and give it to her when she comes out Christmas Eve. I got her a beautiful Jansen sweater and Doris and Harold got the skirt to match. The reason we did that was the whole outfit cost $35.00. I had bought the sweater last week and when I had my hair washed yesterday Doris said they didn’t know what to get her. I suggested they get the matching skirt and they did. I also got her a new billfold which she had been talking about for some time. I just hope the one I selected will please her. The opera today is “Frau Ohne Schatten” and believe it or not, I can’t get it on my big set and have to listen to it on this little clock radio which used to be on the cabinet – you know the one which used to start the coffee pot in the morning. It isn’t much of a radio, but better than nothing. There is a roar and grinding which comes in on AM in this neighborhood – it may be something in this house, but is makes listening to the big set almost impossible. It doesn’t bother FM and I can get the Zenith station without any trouble at all. The pictures we took at Becks were not very good, so I didn’t bother to have any prints made. So sorry. I have written to Becks thanking them for the Tea. I am going to send them a Christmas greeting. Jeannette Batton’s father droped dead last week. I went with a group to visit the funeral home on Wednesday evening. I had been to Lafayette the day before, but the trip over to Converse (two hour drive one way) and back made me so tired I wasn’t much good the next day, but I was glad I went. The whole Batton family seemed so pleased to see people from Kentland. Jeannette says she doesn’t have any family – just a few cousins and that if they ever have a wedding they will have to count their friends in Kentland as relatives. Her mother is still living and they think she may come to Kentland to live. She is 78 and doesn’t drive and as Jeannette says, most of her friends are gone – being 78 one wouldn’t have to many contemporaries. Al Thomas has bought the other drug store and is moving into that big house just north of the VanKirk house. The people who lived there, the Whaleys own the farm the Fitzgeralds used to own and they had to move since Al Thomas wanted possession immediately, so the Whaleys moved to the farm (temporarily – and Dad thinks they might be interested in looking at this since Mrs. W. moved to the country with the stipulation they would buld a new home in town within a year). The Fitzgeralds moved into the house Dr. White (Vet) used to live in.

That is all the news I can think of now.
Love Mother

I have decorated the grapefruit tree. It looks rather like a Christmas tree (I think).

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2 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” We think your plans sound very good and we hope you will be able to carry them through. If you don’t set your goals high, you won’t attain a high mark.” Maybe I told them I was planning to go for a PhD. I really can’t recall when I had decided on that.

    “You know it is going to be like a bomb going off when the majority of the people hear about it.” Very true.

    “He wants us to sell one car, but I refuse to be without a car.” You tell him, Gladys!

    “The opera today is “Frau Ohne Schatten”” Now THAT is heavy-duty opera! Not easy listening….but one of my favorites! 🙂

    “droped dead last week” should read “dropped”

    Nice note from Janet Schuh!

  2. Janet Schuh

    This was fun to read! When I went to Purdue in 1971 I went to the doctor on campus and was VERY surprised to have my original family doctor! Doc Yeg! I didn’t realize he was there!


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