Released From the Lease

Letter transcription:

May 3, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Since we had 10,000 (more or less of these sheets left) you will probably be seeing a lot of them before I use them all. I am a little tired today. Two women are supposed to stop for me to attend a meeting in Frankfort, at 8:45 and I waited until 9:15 and started out myself. When I got to Frankfort couldn’t find the church. The Methodists have built a new church on the east edge of Frankfort and after stopping at 4 filling stations and riding around in circles for about an hour finally arrived. It seems my friends stopped at the wrong house and when no one answered they drove on and here I sat waiting for them. The driver was quite embarrassed when she learned she has stopped at 226 instead of 312 and the outcome is that I am quite tired from the ratrace of getting there late and trying to find the church. We have plans drawn up for the addition to the house we are buying and Dad has talked to a contractor who is highly recommended. He says he can’t touch it until Sept. We are waiting for his bid, then we will see what we will do. John, Lea and Bob were here to spend the day Sunday and we looked around the yard. I called the present owner and told them we wouldn’t bother them in the house, just wanted to look around. They were all quite impressed with the lot since there is a patio (bricked) which overlooks a ravine. The dogwood trees were all in bloom and in spite of the cold weather we have had things look green and the flowering shrubs have flowered. The Harrises have sold our old house to Mary Kay Anstett. The Jansses are leaving Kentland. Garnett has been appointed to manage a store in LaPorte. When Mary Kay heard the news, she said she went “to pieces,” since Marge had seen to it she has transportation – Mary K. doesn’t drive. She decided with the two little girls she had better be a little closer to schools and stores. The Harrises paid us off and made enough (without cashing anything) to make the down payment on the house here. We went back to Kentland last Saturday – in fact on Friday evening – and Dad had office hours. We won’e go back until the last Sat. in May since he has duty at Health Center next two Saturdays and May 20th we are planning to go to Centerville. I stop and see Mrs. M. every time we are in K. and she gives me your letters, so keep up on the news from you. You had better write now once in a while since we won’t be back in K. until the 27th. Hope Bonnie likes her new position. I thought when we got to W. Lafayette I wouldn’t have much to do, but it seems I have been too busy. Since I have this Conference office I have done a lot of traveling. I am not looking forward to moving, but since we have this house leased for a year and I don’t know whether we can be

[page 2] “released from the lease” we may have plenty of time to move. If we have to keep this, I think we will move by car loads. At least that will be easier (I think). I hope to be able to stay put for a while after moving to our new home. Dad is attending a lunch today with his “boss” and a professor. I don’t know what the purpose of the affair is, but at any rate he won’t be home for lunch, but has the afternoon off and we are going to take the abstract to a lawyer’s office to have it examined. Also buy Dad a new raincoat, and do a few other things. Since we have been here I haven’t bought anything new, but a hat and 3 pair of hose. I decided since no one around here had seen my clothes, I don’t [need] any new ones – (until next year when we go traveling again).

Love Mother

The enclosed came and since it didn’t have a 5₵ stamp, I opened it and decided to send it on. It was addressed to us.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Released From the Lease

  1. davidmadison1942

    “The driver was quite embarrassed when she learned she has stopped at 226 instead of 312…” Why didn’t they just text each other? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “The Harrises have sold our old house to Mary Kay Anstett.” That might have been the woman that David and I met when we visited Kentland….lo these many years ago now.

    “We won’e go back” should read “won’t”

    “I decided since no one around here had seen my clothes, I don’t [need] any new ones ” 🙂


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