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Tax Forms and Summer Plans

1966-03-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Mar. 14, 1966

Dear David & Bonnie,

I am sending you a form you will have to send in by Apr. 15 for your intangible tax. It is not paid by stamps, as in the past. I suppose too many people weren’t buying stamps, so now a form comes with state income form you will have to pay on 4GM (103½) 65 Echlin (15½) & 30 Sperry (22). The numbers 103½, 15½ & 22 were the prices as of Dec. 31, 1965, the ones you will have to use. You don’t have to pay on Bankers Life.

Mrs. Myers has been in the hospital since last Friday. She called Dad at about 12:45 (noon) and he stopped to see her on his way to the office. She was coughing and when I saw her that evening—we attended a medical meeting at the hospital—she seemed a little asthmatic. I went to see her today and she was much better. I took her an azalea plant which seemed to please her very much. Dad said she could come home later on this week. She didn’t get her Chicago Tribune yesterday so I am sending her the one we got.

I took the office of Christian Social Relations for Conference. I won’t get to attend all of School of Mission, but the President Elect said it wouldn’t

[page 2] be necessary. I will have to conduct some clinics, but can get them over in two days. If I get back home Tues. evening that should give me time to finish getting us ready to leave for Switzerland on the 16th.

The stereo is just about adjusted. We think a new turntable will take care of the situation. I listened to several Beethoven records this evening.

Marjory Harris had surgery on her back (removal of a disc) and the bunions taken off her feet. I took her some things for her dinner this afternoon. She can’t be on her feet very long. If she does, her feet swell and turn purple, so she has to sit most of the time. I had cooked a chicken with carrots & celery (one of Dad’s favorite dishes) this morning – so this afternoon I took some chicken, carrots & celery, and a cheese cake to her. She said her appetite wasn’t very good but called me this evening and said she had eaten and evidently with more appetite than usual.

It is midnight and I should be in bed, but for some reason I couldn’t sleep, so thought I had just as well get up and write a letter.

We are still studying German

1966-03-14-gry-p-2-3[page 3] and have quite a few expression. At least we will know how to ask for the men’s room & the ladies’ room and a room with twin beds.

The high school is putting on South Pacific and we promised Levanche Tanquary we would go. She has a part and is assistant director. It is going to be given April 28, 29, 30. I have to go to Indianapolis Apr. 26 to be installed as Conference Officer, C.S.R. Virginia Zell Gale lives in Indianapolis now so Norma & I plan to go together. Since I am not on the Ex. Comm. Yet I won’t have to go on the 25th for Ex. Comm. meeting.

The Township of Jefferson is going to have a united fund drive this month & Marge Janssen & I will have to solicit this neighborhood, but that shouldn’t be too large a job.

I am beginning to get sleepy, so will go back to bed.

I wrote to Louise & Mac but haven’t heard from them. I thought we might possibly see them while traveling. Evidently they are not interested in going to Petra. I wish they would go with us. I wrote that Petra is a photographer’s paradise. I thought that might be an inducement to Bonnie’s Dad.

I heard yesterday the Lynch Ford Sales is going out of business. I wish someone would buy that place and

1966-03-14-gry-p-4[page 4] clean it. It is really a junk yard now. My car is in the body shop getting some paint. One place had rusted through and several places had rust spots. Dad is driving the new Buick and I am driving the leased car until my car is ready.

Sears pick-up men are to get a combination stereo-radio that was loaned to me while they were trying to get my stereo corrected. I don’t remember if I told you, but my good little radio is at the hospital. The stereo we gave to the hospital had to be brought back for repair and until things got straightened out, my radio went to the hospital. They like it so much I think I won’t get it back, but I will get one just as good.

Dad is giving me a tape recorder to take with us on our trip. It is small enough to fit in my handbag. It is just a little larger than the first transistor radio you had.

I had to use the back of my intangible tax form but with just 3 to list, you will be able to just use the front. I am sending 2, so you can keep a copy.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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