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Greetings from Pop

Letter transcription:

Receiving Station
USN Advanced Base
Noumea N.C-
FPM San Fran Cal

Dear Mrs. Yegerlehner,

I have a hard job in writing you for we certainly hated to see your husband transferred. We had been together since arriving at Moffett Field. I was very fond of him and his work – and enjoyed having him around. He was good company – He was much interested in his family and we all enjoyed looking at the pictures of them and your comfortable home.

Now as to where he went or what he is doing your guess is as good as mine. Though I am sure he will do a good job wherever he goes.

[page 2] He left a box with me and some other things which I will ship to you as soon as I have instructions from him.

He has a fine commanding officer to be with and I am sure he will take the best of care of his men and they of him.

His address as best he knew when he left was –

Navy 224
% Postmaster – San Fran Cal.

Best wishes to you and your family

Sincerely “Pop”

M H Porterfield

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Sunburned (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Probably surprised to get this letter – That is if the letter I wrote this A.M. should come first. At any rate I’ll just repeat a little. My mail to you may be a little spotty and even scarce for several days or even months – so don’t worry just keep writing to the same address.

I’ve been working in the sun practically all day and like a dunce wore that over seas cap and my face is just a little redder than usual. In a day or two I think I’ll start rubbing off because I believe the outer layer is a little more than cooked.

[page 2] The only mail that came today was Ruth Y letter of Sept. 28 telling me about David and his Mother after the arrival. Not much late news but never the less welcome.

While in town today saw several things unusual – seems as if one can see new things every time. The thing that really stuck today was a couple of natives carrying wood from a truck. Of course they were bunching it up and putting it on their heads but before doing that they placed a small square of burlap over their caps. Don’t know if it was to protect the head from pressure

[page 3] or dirt. The railroads here would make you laugh the engines are about the size of a good sized tractor – run on steam with a big smoke stack and a shrill little whistle. The tracks are narrow gauge – only about ½ as wide as ours in the states. Really I believe the boys would get a kick out of such as a play thing of course it’s a little larger than the boys electric.

You may get letters from Mrs. Porterfield thru Dr. P. which may help when you aren’t able to get letters from me. So maybe we can keep up a three way correspondence. You will probably get notes now and then as time goes along.

[page 4]I think I’ll have to get some sun burn lotion on my face before bed time so that I can sleep. Makes me feel like I have a fever of the face – Just like you had once or twice upon a time – once when we were swimming camping and once when we lived on 2nd and Carroll street.

Well, I’ll get another letter out as soon as possible – so again don’t worry –

Lots of Love

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Temporary Additional Duty (Roscoe)

1943-02-10 - Orders (RSY), p. 1 1943-02-10 - Orders (RSY), p. 2






Letter transcription:

Lt. (jg) Yegerlehner
Receiving Station
U.S. Naval Advanced Base
Noumea, New Caledonia
% Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif.

Dear Mother,

Now it may be some time before you get mail regular from me again. I’ll write as often as possible but the outgoing mail may not be so good – Don’t be discouraged if it runs into months before you get a letter but don’t worry. I’m not writing anyone else you might write the folk and tell them the mail service is going to be slow. I just don’t have the time to write to them all at present, but will do so just as soon as established. Now please don’t worry because that won’t help and after all there is

[page 2] nothing to worry about but I can’t tell anymore than that at present.

Lots of Love

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Planting things in the yard (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Still the same old hot weather but the wind is blowing rather briskly so inside or in the shade we don’t notice the heat so badly.

You said the money order for the uniform had not arrived and neither has it showed up here. I wrote the Bureau of Supplies and accounts but haven’t heard from them as yet. That seems to be the place where all that kind of stuff is handled.

Now get a load of this. I’m going to take a good big warm water shower this P.M. (We now have hot water) and I’m also thinking of getting a hair cut.

[page 2] I speak of that last as if it were an event. Write me of things about the house and yard that you think necessary in the spring and I will give my judgment later on. We’ll still have time to get letters back and forth before the time to plant things in the spring. I may have some suggestions which I’ll write later when the weather is more settled here.

There was no mail this A.M. but we have hope always in the P.M. Seems as if most of it comes on the afternoon mail delivery. I’ll write more later as I might get mail and have some things to say extra.

[page 3] Just happened to think, however, I’m going to send a box of my things home like my blue suit and blue rain coat and some shells and a few other things to numerous to mention. It may take several months for that to arrive because it’s more like freight – all my white suits and white shoes are in there also. Now I’ll finish after the mail.

There was no mail so there isn’t much more to write. Really I’ll try to do better next time.

Lots of Love

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A tooth filled (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

To begin with I had my tooth filled today and after all that has to be done now is to polish it and then all will be OK again. The thing the dentist put in the other day was a shock absorber. It didn’t hurt very much when he drilled because it was fixed so soon after the damage was done.

Just got to wondering today if you ever got a sugar ration card for D. and if you ever turned mine back. Then too I was wondering how the meat rationing was taken care of. The coffee and our today’s news said shoes were on the list – Maybe you have written those things but I haven’t received the

[page 2] complete dope as yet. Really doesn’t make any difference only those are things we wonder about. I suppose you often would like to know about things here that we don’t even think of writing – if so ask. If your questions can’t be answered I’ll let you know. I don’t believe you ever did acknowledge the picture (airplane view) I sent – possibly you have but the letter hasn’t arrived as yet.

Last night I wrote the Plummers and Ira Dixon – I’m trying to catch up a little. I was about half asleep when writing Ira’s so if he should mention that I was writing sorta funny – That was the reason.

On the show last night there was a Donald D. and a Feature Speciality

[page 3] both were short but rather amusing.

I suppose you have read lots and hear lots over the radio of Flinn the movie actor and his troubles. We get little sketches of the proceeding – Rather a musty affair if you get what I mean. We have had several of his pictures here and I wonder how they will go over at home. Anything will go over out here although the show “They Won’t Forget” was a flop with a Double P. even though it was rated a 4.0 picture.

After the show and mail – show not much good – mail better. You v-mail letters of Jan 20 (2), 21, 23 and 25 came today and Mark’s of Jan 19. I suppose you have my word on the taxes. Don’t pay them only

[page 4] enough to keep out of jail – I’m afraid you won’t get all the deductions. I can deduct for the office equipment depreciation the same as last year as I understand it. Probably you have my letters about that by now anyway drop the whole thing.

Your last letter by ordinary air mail was Jan 14. So the v-mail is faster but keep writing air mail. I wouldn’t take D. out in the cold weather – leave him in until Spring – would be better for both of you to stay inside most of the time.

Got a box from Bill & Jewell today – smoking tobacco and the several Indianapolis Stars. Will have Sunday Star for Jan

[page 5] to write them in a day or two.

Baby D. must be some boy weighing that much in his 4 months. I don’t even want to offer any suggestions to his feeing schedule because I might be extremely incorrect now. However, it should not make the slightest difference in the canned milk used. Just so it is a standard brand.

Well, keep writing both kinds of letters and I surely will be glad to get the pictures. I wish I would have had you had yours tinted – etc. Anyway it will be better than any I have of you. Hope to get more mail tomorrow but it probably will be another 10-12 days now

Love Daddy

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Six month anniversary (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Just six months ago today we were leaving Moffitt Field. We sorta call it an anniversary of a type which means just that many months behind as far as foreign service is concerned. What the total length of time for that kind of service will be isn’t definitely known but this much is certain it’s that many months behind.

Yesterday one of the officers had a birthday and we had a little celebration with turkey and birthday cake for supper. That was only the officers in Ships Co. Just a little celebration in our own family. It make it pretty nice to have a small group like that. Seems more friendly etc.

[page 2]I told them my birthday was past and there was no celebration but if they wanted to it would be OK. There hasn’t been any advances in that direction as yet.

Our mail seems to be a little on the sluggish order again it being several days since any of value has drifted in. We have high hopes but after the mail times we are generally pretty much on the low order but hopes pop up by the time of the next delivery and then flop down again. I’ve almost gotten myself to the place where I don’t get my hopes built up.

We sure do look forward to the show, however, and are as anxious as, and in fact we remind me of

[page 3] how the sisters at the hospital used to look forward to and talk about the shows they would have while I interned there.

Helen Kline’s husband has been with me at several shows I take him in our section as a guest. We have a little better seats than the others and I’m allowed a guest. So why not?

Today’s letter is like pulling teeth – nothing to write about and not too much energy to write even if there was something.

Later – Show over. “Beyond the Blue Horizon” Dorothy S. & Jack Haley. South Sea Island picture. “puey” mothering like that around here although one of the mountain scenes with the red dust etc did look something

[page 4] like one of the mountains we saw yesterday. This picture was all in color hence the similarity.

Your letter of Jan 9. Came today. In it you told of not being able to send packages. That of course we knew but it that letter would have come thru I think it would have been our first knowledge of such. That letter didn’t help much since your letter of Jan. 19 came several days ago (v-mail). Hope you continue to write v-mail because it will be the fastest I’m sure, but write air mail also if you are allowed to. Well, hope this mail today was a forerunner of more to come anyway

Lots of Love

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Looking for shells (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station (Hospital) omit
U.S. Naval Advanced Base
Noumea, New Caledonia
% Fleet P.O.
San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Mother,

Didn’t get at writing this until late because Dr. P. and I went for a ride to another beach in order to find new shells but had no luck with shells however we did see some of the more beautiful and rougher country. I’d say we drove all total about 50 miles and when you ride in a modified truck (command car) you know you been some place.

To begin with we, it being Sunday, saw some of the native Javenese and Tonkinese in their Sunday best. For skirts these women wear a type of dress that looks just like a wrap

[page 2] around. Of course I’ve never been able to look at one any more closely than a stare, but it seems to be a rectangular piece of cloth which is wrapped around them with plenty to overlap. These come down almost to the ankles and there must be plenty overlapped because no matter how much the wind blows one never sees a knee or even a portion of the leg. Pardon me for staring but I’d like to find out. We have tried to buy those things in town but they shrug the shoulder and say “sorry no ration card no goods.” Those I saw today were or look like very good grade of silk and most of them rather brightly colored. They wear a

[page 3] shirt with them and one woman in particular had a huge butter fly embroidered in the back of the shirt. It cover fully one half of her back. The front was just plain. The Tonkinese wear only one stule dress. The mother hubbard. I saw on today which was of the, or seemed to be, finest white silk – It really glistened. This wrap around I was describing looks just like a skirt only it isn’t sewed in front. Just wrapped. Maybe that gives you the idea. I wasn’t looking at the women all the time. That was while we were going thru town and there were lots of hitch hikers on the road. Not hitching rides. That is the only way they have of going places.

[page 4] Now something about the trip. To begin with we are in French territory but as you drive along you will see – signs which say – Do not pass on curves, private keep out, speed limit 20 miles per hour etc. Does that mean anything? Then other sign say 20 kilometers to so % so. And I also wondered as we drove along if they had R. F. D. because I saw no mailboxes. The houses remind one or rather one gets the impression that he is back in the rough in the States and a shack some farmer uses for tools and horses as being passed rather than a dwelling. Then after one gets about past the thing he looks back to see if any of the inhabitants are sitting in the front yard. There never is.

The next description was not all in one area but could well have been. I’ll try to picture it as such. We were

[page 5] on the side of a mountain about 4000 feet high. The road hardly wide enough for two cars to pass. The soil red – just about the color of the brick in our house of course on both sides of the road the vegetation was covered with red dust. Looking down one could see the tops of small vegetation but it is patchy, large spots of the bare red showing. Much of the vegetation is a fern like growth but more coarse and the dead plants of last year aren’t black as around home but a very pale lavender. This extends into the valley and up the side of another mountain miles away and by the time one reaches the level of the mountain on the other side all that can be seen is splotches of pale green and red.

Now to the right or up – The other was left and down the terrain wasn’t steep but moderately inclined and among the red bare areas there are streaks of yellowish soil which appears reminds one of sulfur deposits. The vegetation

[page 6] is much the same as down but here and there streams of water come trickling down and by the time they come to the road these streams are a foot or more in width and the water crystal clear. It runs along the side of the road for some distance then thru a sewer and on down into the valley.

Here and there straight ahead along the beach cocoanut trees can be seen and on past them the blue of the pacific with the white caps jumping up every square foot or two make a proper back ground for the setting.

I’d like to have a colored picture of the whole thing for description is so meager as compared to the real thing.

Well, if I think of anything I missed I’ll write it tomorrow.
Lots of love

P.S. No mail

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Can’t get any ideas from censoring (Roscoe)

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner
Receiving Sta. U.S.N.A.B.
Noumea N.C.
% Fleet P.O. San Fran. Calif

Dear Mother,

Not much to write about but the rules say yes so I’ll try to get something down. Can’t even get any ideas from censoring mail. I’ll take that back. Some of the letters are very very mushy and we are censoring only officers mail so all the “lovey dovie” stuff isn’t put out by the enlisted men nor is all the secret information slipped from the tongue or pens of the enlisted men. Sometimes officers slip, but as a rule very little has to be removed. My greatest trouble is not putting full name and address on each page as you

[page 2] will note. Your letters to me have never been censored but occasionally mail comes thru that has been opened.

We had eggs sunny side up and also bacon for breakfast. This whole thing of better food and service has raised the price of the mess bill. It was 19⁰⁰ but is now 25⁰⁰ but the extra 6⁰⁰ is well worth the spending in order that our food is better served and cooked. After all eating is our only pleasure and pastime.

You never mention Statons. Don’t they live there anymore or have you had words or what? Guess you haven’t talked much of any of the neighbors but you have mentioned Zells several times and I believe I have never seen any of them.

[page 3] Repeating – I sent some films home in yesterday’s letter see what you can do with them. If any are good send them back. The home in the background of those pictures is ours. We though maybe some of the inside would show up but I don’t believe we had much luck.

Show is over not good. The mail is over not too good. Dr. M. sent a v-mail. It was written Jan 18 so yours was later and it came 3-4 days ago.

This P.M. while chewing gum I felt a little pebble in the gum and knew that couldn’t be – so a filling came out of a tooth. In record time I had another back. However it

[page 4] is only temporary. The dentist has to put in a cushion etc very close to the nerve. It hasn’t hurt much but I sure don’t want it to. There was decay under the filling and it just gave way.

We are going to have another egg fry tonite as quick as we finish the letters. So it looks as if I’ll have to stop now so

Lots of Love


Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station (Hospital) – add this next line it is not official so don’t tell other people to use it
Noumea New Caledonia
% Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif.

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It is too nice (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

I wanted to start this letter some hours ago but Dr. Loop was in so didn’t get started. Finally I decided to take a bath and maybe that would do the trick – It did. If you get what I mean. In fact I was going to write several letters this P.M. but didn’t get started.

Dr. Loop was telling me of a Dr. near Lafayette who had been sent to Greencastle to do duty there. Some people seem to get all the breaks. That guy is only about 60 miles from home. Of course he has to battle thru the snowdrifts and over the slick roads. And after all that is something to fight the battle

[page 2] of the Indiana snow. I meant that to be sadistic – did it sound that way?

We have a pretty good mess hall and galley now for only officers of ship co. and our food is prepared separately. And we had steaks – good steaks for dinner. Not as good as those we used to get from the lockers but they weren’t bad. Our first course was sliced oranges. These were stood on edge. Three around the cocktail container and the inside was filled with mixed fruit. The second course was steak smothered in onions – with dried diced potatoes, and diced turnips. The potatoes were well prepared and could hardly be told from fresh. The last course was fruit jello. I ate it. We also had iced tea with considerable lemon. Not bad would you say?

[page 3] If that keeps up and our exercise doesn’t get any better I’ll probably weigh 200 in a short time. Won’t that be funny? Or will it? We also have a bath house with hot and cold running water. The three of us decided it was time we should probably begin to get our things ready to go places because it is too nice. We didn’t pack yet however. There are some things I might send home – like white suits, heavy rain coats etc. One of these days because those aren’t being featured in New Caledonia this year. I’ll let you know when and if I get ready to send them. Dr. P. has sent home several boxes of extra things and lots of the others have but I tried to travel light. Some brought 3-4 suits of blues overcoats etc. but I was wise never did buy an overcoat, and only one suit of blues. Will finish later.

[page 4] Later – Show good mail not good. Got a letter from Lentz – he has had malaria but is better now. As yet he hasn’t received the pictures I sent but I send them the next day or so after I received them from you. Funny how much ground or I should say ground & water those pictures have covered. Starting in Penna – to Norfolk – to Calif and you know the rest as far as I do. Maybe by this time he has them I hope.

I’m sending some films home I took – have them enlarged a little and if any are good send them back. Two are shots I took of Dr. P. & W. on the hill – not obscene but maybe not

[page 5] too publishable. I won’t take anymore until I get some word back as to whether those are good or not. I’m sending all but one – it might not be censorable. I’ve tried to print some but they are too small to make know if good and maybe I don’t know how to print anymore. Just turn them over to be developed – maybe they won’t have to be enlarged.

I sent Mark one dollar for his birthday – repeating.

The show tonight was Harold Lloyd in something – and you know what his pictures are like –

Well, lots of Love

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A Valentine’s present (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,
Just after noon day chow and will write while relaxing from work and heat – we have been having some blistering hot sticky days but today it seems the breeze is beginning to become a little more noticeable. So much for the weather – The usual topic.
Last night’s show was on the sad order. One written or played of one of Jack London’s stories. It was the first night I went to the show without a wind breaker, always before the breeze was so cool but last night it just stayed hot. Although I did need sheet blanket and spread before morning.
We have been watching the moon

[page 2] and according to the calendar sent by you the moon raises about the same time here as there. Don’t know how it does it what with skipping a day at the international date line and everything but it does. We never checked to the exact minute but it can’t be far off.
We have procured another doz. eggs and will have a fry again when it cools off a little. It’s just to hot to bother and of course eating isn’t so much fun when it’s hot.
I’ve been getting gipped by the locals for some of their home made goods. I’m buying a few things now and then to send home. We have a corpsman

[page 3] here who claims to have cousins here. They may be – The same name etc. and it seems one branch of the family came here from Canada while the other bunch went to the U.S.A. – from Canada – Anyway he brought some native handiwork to sell and as I said I got gipped and knew it all the time. So if you get gipped with eyes open it isn’t so bad – paid one dollar for a handkerchief and $2.15 for a pot holder – or knitting bag or what have you. I’ll send them home when I have an accumulation. And you can agree with me very fully. Those will be your valentine present but they will be very late because I’ll probably not even get them sent by then. I’m just telling you that so you will know I haven’t forgotten. Will finish after the P.M. mail –

[page 4] The mail was no good. The show better. It was the Strange Case of Dr. Rx sort of a weird story but never the less intertaining. Saw Helen Kline’s husband again. We here in ships co. have received seats and he came a little late and I had him as my guest. He works at a different place but eats and sleeps here. I also saw another Dr. from Indianapolis, Ind. Today. He graduated a year before I did but we didn’t remember each other only we knew lots of boys in common. He was in Art’s class (Art Barnett).

Well, I’m all run down for I’ve written to Uncle W. and Dave so
Solong Love

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