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Car Accident

1964-12-02-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Dec. 2 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

I suppose you have had a request from Rev. Fields for a sermon one Sunday while you are at home for Christmas.

Nov. 21 we went to Chicago and saw Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins then out to Mark’s to spend the night and on Sunday brought Becky home with us. Mark, Shirley, & Kirk came on Wed. John also came home on Wed. Becky really missed Kirk and when they arrived she hardly noticed Mark & Shirley at first (she did give them hugs) but grabbed Kirk by the hand and away they went to see something. Before they arrived she had said she wanted to see her brother.

When John went back to Champaign Sunday his car hit a slick place, skidded and another car hit his car and he had to continue on to Champaign by train, leaving his car at Paxton for repairs. He said when he called us he had his seat belt fastened and he said he wasn’t injured, but the window on the driver’s side was broken and his glasses were knocked off – someone found them on the pavement. I presume from what he said glasses were not broken. I am thankful the accident wasn’t any worse. We haven’t talked to him since Sunday evening. He said he would call if anything developed.

Last night I went to a club meeting held at the Geo. Ade Home by the hospital. Kathleen Funk gave a program about his literary career. He was really an unusual writer and I am afraid much of the population here do not appreciate what a celebrity we had in our midst. The home is being restored but the committee still lacks $5,000.00 to complete the job. Dad thinks it is a good thing for the community to have a reminder of our literary heritage but not enough people care to

1964-12-02-gry-p-2[page 2] contribute to the cost of it. Since the home as been restored the Home Committee has had open house several times. Kathleen told me they have had people come from around here – that is I mean around Kentland but that Kentland people had not shown any interest. John Funk has been quite active in getting the home restored.

I saw the tiara on TV this a.m. that the Pope has contributed for the poor of the world. I also learned it was a gesture, it didn’t really mean the tiara is going to be sold. I suppose there could be arguments both ways – but as you once stated when you were learning to make sentences—“In the first place, why did he have a tiara to begin with”—what you said was, “In the first place, why you buy that kind of cheese.” The msgr. On TV this a.m. said there was more than one Papal tiara but this one was given to the Pope by the people of Milan.

My time is fleeting and I am not getting anything done, so must get busy.

Will meet you at the airport Dec. 23 – 8:37 and hope for good weather. Of course you can write any time between now & then. I have decided not to send you pictures of our “Japanese Garden” – since it is just 3 weeks until you will be home you can see it for real.

Love Mother

Found these stamps after you left in June and have intended to send with every letter.

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Appointment Book

1962-05-16-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
May 16 – 1962

Dear David –

This is the stationary on which the printer made a mistake – using a q instead of a g. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I used it for writing to you.

I worked until after one o’clock last night. Dad wanted some new sheets for the appointment book and I cut stencils and after club yesterday ran them off on the mimeograph – 500 sheets run thru twice. I brought them home and had to run the dates in on the typewriter. Dad left the office early to go to Lafayette to a hospital meeting. I worked on the project until time to go to a meeting I had planned to attend. After I came home I resumed the project and finished it. The reason it took so long, we started with the new pages as of today, which meant I had to copy all the appointments which had been made until July 24 – that was as far ahead as Edna had made sheets. I am glad it is done, because Dad wanted to start using the new sheets.

It has been so hot here the air conditioners are running – whereas last week at this time we needed heat. So much for Indiana. Geo. Ade is credited with having said Indiana doesn’t have a climate, just an assortment of weather. We went to the

1962-05-16-gry-p-2[page 2] club for dinner Sunday – since it was Mother’s Day. The place was so crowded there wasn’t an empty table. I felt sorry for the waitresses.

Well the stock market took a turn for the better yesterday – so maybe your telegram did some good – but I doubt it. He probably did even see it. I know you felt like doing what you did but I wouldn’t bother myself on such a matter. We bought some more Ford. We have information that it is going to split 2 for 1 this month. We now have 50 shares and after the split will have 100. Dad gave me 10 shares of Devoe-Reynolds for a Mother’s Day gift. Also an orchid corsage.

Edna is going to work May 28 & 29 then since the 30th is a holiday, begin her vacation on May 31 and come back to work June 14. I think that will work out OK.

Since I worked so late last night I didn’t get up very early and I see it is now 10 a.m. so I must get along.

Love Mother


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