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The Weekly Letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Feb 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Will write my weekly “letter.” Have been using v-mail but about once a week – We were told over the radio and by other means that after Jan 15 not to send air mail letters – but use v-mail so that is the reason you are getting so many v-mail. However Tony told me to continue to use air mail – that it would get to the coast quicker even if it didn’t travel by air the rest of the way. I am sitting by the fireplace with my hair rolled up – and with the idea of getting it dry but the fire seems to be going out. Mark brought in a wet log and it won’t burn. The dryer is in our bedroom but D. is asleep and I was afraid it arouse him before time of his 10 P. M. lunch. He sleeps right thru horn & piano practicing & radio but turn the light on and bang around close to him and he sometimes wakes up – so we stay away from the bedroom after he is tucked in. I looked over your letter again to answer your three questions. The house payments are around 48.33 – sometimes the cents vary. The interest on your pol. Is 14.22 so that makes the loan around $233. Those dividends were taken off when we had the policies changed when you were home – remember?

[page 2] Since paying up the insurances and a few other bills our bank acc’t is getting a little weak. We have a bal of 330⁰⁰ now but I haven’t pd for my coat yet – isn’t due till Mar 10 – and I had more coal put in. Just had the bin filled and what I had put in in Dec. – altogether $60⁰⁰ so when I pay those two will have around 145⁰⁰ Bal. and there will be something turning up all the time. I haven’t been getting any collections in and with all the insurance we have to pay cuts in on the reserve. The house payment takes ¼ of the 200⁰⁰ and groceries are so high – milk can’t be sold for 10¢ qt now so that stepped up our milk bill – but now that the big bills are taken care of for a while maybe we can get enough ahead to buy more bonds. If your uniform money comes I’ll pay the Hancock loan off. Besides the 6 – 37⁵⁰ that took 225⁰⁰ out of the big balance we had last fall. I have the 1943 car license pd for. I had Ellsworth write a policy for D. and it is $22.57 annually. I thought that pretty high but it is a 20 yr endowment and will have a higher pd up value that the ones of J & M. – Well don’t worry about our finances – I can manage on what we get and keep all the bills paid. I am so glad we have our home

[page 3] and can keep our payments up on it. I really should have some painting done on a few places inside this spring but I doubt if I can get a painter. Now don’t be alarmed about my having things done – it is those window sills the sun & rain ruined. If I had the time and energy would give the walls some paint like you had put in the office – but I have about all I can do with David. Mother takes care of the cooking & dish washing and I don’t try to do much but keep D. fed & comfortable. I got some unicaps yesterday and thought I would follow your prescription. I do feel a little low after all that sinus trouble. Now that it is over – that was without question the worse infection I have ever had in my sinus. The drainage was the foulest I have ever had. When Dr. Ade first washed it out there seemed to be about a cup – maybe there wasn’t that much – but it seemed to be – and it was brown. Well that is all over now and I can get along with a box of Kleenex in every room. I feel a little sleepy this morning. D. was sound asleep at 10 – so I didn’t take him up – thought he would sleep through – but he began to fuss

[page 4] about 1:30 – so I got up & fed him – I would have saved myself that if I had fed him at 10 – but he has slept thru several times and I thought he had established the habit – but not last night. It is about time for the mail to come and Mother is looking for the mail man to come. I may get a letter or two myself this morning since I didn’t get any yesterday.

There is Band Mothers’ meeting this afternoon so think I’ll go – just to let them know if nothing else that I am not interested in doing any work. Let the butterflys’ do that sort of thing. I have enough to do (that I can’t get done) at home. I suppose you have heard of “them Gremlins” – in case you haven’t, they are a distant kin of youhedi – well its “them gremlins” that get blamed for everything around here – especially concerning Mark. He doused his hair with kreml last nite and I couldn’t have him near me for a while. His latest is a weighing complex – It is so funny – he gets on the scale and he will say, “I’ve gained” – and he hasn’t. John always checks on him – and you know practical John will say – “You have not” – Then John will explain to me how Mark weighs the same or even less than the last time.

[page 5] John is so logical – he wants things right and of course Mark always get correction if he is wrong about anything – (which happens often). Of course Mark can take care of himself and John doesn’t make much impression on him if Mark doesn’t want to be impressed. So much for family life. They both agree about David – that he is the – well all the adjectives you can think of to describe the perfect baby.

Mrs. Mullen called me to read me your letter. They were so pleased to get it, and thought I would like to hear it. I told her I had 5 this morning – Jan 27-28-31 & Feb 3 & 4. I had two Feb letters before the last of Jan’s. I was glad to get those stragglers because they had some news I would have missed. None of your letters have been lost – I am sure I have every one. The next time I am in Laf. I will talk to Helen. We will have lots to talk about. I see J & M coming up the driveway now – making a beeline for the door – running a race – as they usually do.

Lunch over and trying to get this ready for Mark to take back with him

[page 6] Sorry I haven’t any pictures to put in this time but I sent the Hubertz pictures last week and will have some ready to send in my regular letter next week.

Had a letter from your Mother & one from Ruthie. Your Mother said Ruth M. & Earl have had the flu. I wrote to Ruth M. this week but haven’t had time for an answer. I must write to your Mother today. I get one out to her once a week.

Just glanced at the local paper and saw an item that more winter is ahead. Well we have had winter since Thanksgiving – and are used to it so won’t mind so much if it last till Easter.

Lois Wittenkellar is in the hospital – had a ruptured blood vessel and there was a qt of blood in her abdomen. Mrs. Merrit Wood is in the hospital at Laf. recovering from an abdominal operation.

Mark is waiting so much hurry.


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Three letters today (Gladys)

1943-02-10Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Three letters today – yours of Jan 30 – Feb 1 & 2. Also Mark’s birthday money. He will write you a reply. You had seen Dan Heinkle – I saw Helen in Laf. last Fri. of course didn’t have your letter then. I will write a registered letter and give you all the info you ask for. It always makes me feel better when I get a letter saying you have had mail of any kind, and especially from here. I am anxious to get your reaction to the pictures I sent by registered letter last week. The weather has turned on us again and from the spring we have had Sun Mon & Tues it is raining & blowing and a forecast for cold again. It was pouring down when the children went to school. Mr. Zell took all 4 to school – their two & our two. Had a valentine from Jim – he is still at Camp B. and I told you before Thelma is there now. Just re-read your letters to help me write things you asked about, but will send reg. air – registered full of details. The boys are going to the father & son banquet tonight. Warren Unger and Powell are taking them. John saved enough and I advanced Feb allowance so he got another bond yesterday at school. Mark isn’t as careful with his money so doesn’t put as much in stamps as John. David slept all night – after his 6 P.M. bottle until time for his 6 o’clock bottle this morning. I hope he makes that regular. He is getting vegetable soup now. The Mead J.[Johnson] Co. sent me a 5 lb. can of D.M.[Dextri-Maltrose], a large box of Pab. [Pablum] and a bottle of Vit C tablets besides the 50 c.c. bottle of Oleum Percomorph. Mother is hanging up some of D’s clothes so I must get lunch started and formula mixed. Telephone just rung but it was a false alarm. There is a little storm in the air and makes the line pop. Same old telephone service – if you know what I mean. Had the coal bin filled again ($34) this time.

Love Mother

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Cleanest chickens we ever had (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Sunday evening and W.W. is on (8 P.M.) I want to go to bed early so am trying to write while he talks. I gave David Pablum in addition to his bottle and hope he will sleep all night. Last night I went to bed before time for his 10 P.M. bottle and he slept right thru. About 3:30 he was making a little noise – I got up and warmed a bottle but think he would have slept if I hadn’t taken him up. It was warmer today – the sun was very bright and melted much of the snow of yesterday. Fri. it was so warm and sunny – we went to Laf. – then Sat. there was a blizzard lasting all day – It was cold and snow drifting everywhere – then today warm again. I took the baby out for a while. Haven’t found a buggy yet so carried him – didn’t go far – called on Mrs. Washburn then back home – but David’s cheeks were so rosy when we came back. He really enjoyed the adventure.

[page 2] Today an announcement was made over the radio – shoes are to be rationed – one pr every 4 months – the ticket to be used – #17 – so far sugar, coffee – now shoes on book #1. I suppose meat will be next. Butter is so high I still buy Good Luck. The last I had on creamery it was 60¢ per, oranges are up too – but we use the vit c tablets for D. – so don’t have to buy oranges all the time – usually keep them but don’t use them every day. Canned goods are to be rationed too, but I can only buy 6 cans at a time now and only 2 of a kind. Baby food is to be rationed too we have a ration book for D. so will be able to get his canned food. I am glad we feed him Dextri-M. Sometimes Karo can’t be bought – That reminds me – The Meade Co. is sending us a supply of Pablum, Dextri-M & Vit C tablets. In case you miss the letters I mentioned Christmas gifts – I got the manicure set – comb & brush & flowers. I have enjoyed them very much. Thanks again [in margin]. The flowers were pink carnations. I sent you a registered letter with our pictures last week. Suppose you have it by now – let’s hope so. Alma W. came out this afternoon to get some sulfathiozol nose drops

[page 3] that came as samples – I can’t use “sulfa” – I have found I am allergic to it and Dr. Rumkorf gave her a prescription for this. She goes to Goodland all the time for treatments but says he is awfully rough. She wishes you were here to give her sinus treatments.

I was looking in the Indiana Medical Journal for news – sometimes there is an item about a Dr. we know – well I saw your name & address in this issue. Also saw that Dr. Carl Porter who was in England, now is in the Pacific.

Jack Yost & Bud Egan joined the Marines – also Paul Turnpaugh. They keep going from here. Art Voglund is in Calif – Vivian has gone there too. I saw Helen Heindel in Laf. Fri – She didn’t go to Calif as she had planned to do. The last time I saw her in Laf. she was planning to go to Calif because Dan was stationed there – but didn’t go. He is out somewhere in the South West Pacific. I didn’t have much time to talk to her, but I suppose she is staying with Gertrude & Forrest.

I didn’t get the piano I wrote you about but am going to try

[page 4] and get something better than what we have. John says the tone of this one is good but pitch is off and the tuners all say it can’t be brought up because the strings are rusty. Our living room looks a little full but we really needed the den for a nursery – with the rug up – floor finished – piano out is makes an ideal room for D, is so sunny all afternoon. He weighed 15 lbs this morning (4 ½ mo). Jimmy Ed Jr. weighed 8-11 at birth and 11-1 at one month – He is really a husky. Donnie Funk is 5 mo old and weights 19 lbs. David has done fine and has gained as fast as is necessary. You can figure for yourself from 6-11 to 15 in 4 ½ mo. and you can tell by his pictures he is thriving.

I took some pictures today and Mark took one of me in my new coat & hat. I have 3 more pictures on the roll I want to take of D. a little later on. Films are hard to get too. Will send you a roll or two if I can get them.

Had fried chicken today. Zell’s chickens are ready to eat now so got 2-3 lbs ones. They are probably the cleanest chickens we ever had – their feet never touched the ground and the chicken house was cleaned 3 times every week. I think I’ll get some to put in our locker. Hope this doesn’t make you too hungry. As of now – no uniform money has come.

Love Mother

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Went to Lafayette (Gladys)

1943-02-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- Your letter of Jan 16 came today after all up to the 26th – was so glad to get it because you mentioned several things you hadn’t in other letters. I took my checks to the bank (I get two each month – 170 & 30) and asked about a safety deposit box but they haven’t any for rent so that settles that. Went to Lafayette today – Took Arlene & Donnie – she wanted to get his shots started. Mrs. Zell & Martha went along – also Mother & David. It was just like spring – warm and sunny. Tried to get a buggy but there were only a few for sale and they were 25⁰⁰ and up – thought that was too much, so will look for a used one someplace but they are scarce too. Mrs. Shirk is going to loan me a play pen. It won’t be long until we will need one. Had to get material to recover the studio couch. It was worn thru all along the edge. Saw Helen Heindle in Loebs and her husband is somewhere in the South West Pacific, You might see him sometime. You might also see Hickey too. Have you ever written to him or heard from him? Jimmy Staton has been sick – thought he would have pneumonia but he was better yesterday. Mr. Marvin died this week. They had taken him to the hospital for observation. John is working on an essay – I told him I wouldn’t help him & he said he didn’t want any help. Mark is reading the paper and listening to Joey Brewster. David is tucked in and I am going to turn in soon. I am a little tired after the trip. I sent you a registered letter yesterday with our pictures – also sent you a valentine. Will send you a box next week. Have some more sardines.

Love Mother

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A Valentine’s present (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,
Just after noon day chow and will write while relaxing from work and heat – we have been having some blistering hot sticky days but today it seems the breeze is beginning to become a little more noticeable. So much for the weather – The usual topic.
Last night’s show was on the sad order. One written or played of one of Jack London’s stories. It was the first night I went to the show without a wind breaker, always before the breeze was so cool but last night it just stayed hot. Although I did need sheet blanket and spread before morning.
We have been watching the moon

[page 2] and according to the calendar sent by you the moon raises about the same time here as there. Don’t know how it does it what with skipping a day at the international date line and everything but it does. We never checked to the exact minute but it can’t be far off.
We have procured another doz. eggs and will have a fry again when it cools off a little. It’s just to hot to bother and of course eating isn’t so much fun when it’s hot.
I’ve been getting gipped by the locals for some of their home made goods. I’m buying a few things now and then to send home. We have a corpsman

[page 3] here who claims to have cousins here. They may be – The same name etc. and it seems one branch of the family came here from Canada while the other bunch went to the U.S.A. – from Canada – Anyway he brought some native handiwork to sell and as I said I got gipped and knew it all the time. So if you get gipped with eyes open it isn’t so bad – paid one dollar for a handkerchief and $2.15 for a pot holder – or knitting bag or what have you. I’ll send them home when I have an accumulation. And you can agree with me very fully. Those will be your valentine present but they will be very late because I’ll probably not even get them sent by then. I’m just telling you that so you will know I haven’t forgotten. Will finish after the P.M. mail –

[page 4] The mail was no good. The show better. It was the Strange Case of Dr. Rx sort of a weird story but never the less intertaining. Saw Helen Kline’s husband again. We here in ships co. have received seats and he came a little late and I had him as my guest. He works at a different place but eats and sleeps here. I also saw another Dr. from Indianapolis, Ind. Today. He graduated a year before I did but we didn’t remember each other only we knew lots of boys in common. He was in Art’s class (Art Barnett).

Well, I’m all run down for I’ve written to Uncle W. and Dave so
Solong Love

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Helen Kline’s husband (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:
Dear Mother,
It seems my prophecy about v-mail has come true because Today I received your letters of Jan 17, 18 & 19 that is v-mail. Now I don’t know whether you are writing regular air mail or not but don’t discontinue it altogether. I said last night to write it at least once each week but with it coming the way it does maybe once each week won’t be enough. I know it’s asking a lot to write so much so often but you’ll never know how much those letters mean and I can’t see why you should say my letters are interesting because about all I do is fill up space while yours are very interesting to me as well as being filled with things I want to know.
This surely has been a

[page 2] winter for you and I’m sorry I missed it for I would have enjoyed it so much.
This is ground hog day and if there are any of those animals here they could have seen their shadows OK, but it has started raining again so don’t know what the remainder of the day will be like. Hope it doesn’t rain out our show tonite.
All morning long there was a haze hanging around over the mountains and the atmosphere seemed very sticky so we more or less expected rain. Even our view of the ocean wasn’t clear – seemed to remind one a little of Indian summer at home.
I ran into a navy man yesterday and we got to talking about eggs and informed me he could get us a doz. cold storage eggs for nothing so we had a

[page 3] little egg fry after the show we got a hot plate some butter and the bottom of a mess container and were those egg sandwitches with sunny side up good. They were even good to look at. Don’t misunderstand me we have enough to eat etc but it’s the way it’s cooked.
I hope by now you got the word I sent about the taxes. Just pay enough to keep me out of Jail and keep the property in our name.
I’m going to send Mark a letter and one dollar for his birthday – I wrote that yesterday so just repeating. I have had no word on the uniform money so let me know once in a while if you have heard from it.

Later – no show it is raining. This eve after chow Helen Kline’s husband came to see me of course I didn’t know him because as near as I

[page 4] can remember I had only seen him once and that was when we were living in Elmer D. property. We had quite a long conflab. He can’t disclose where he is but he is pretty sure his wife knows. In case you go to Lafayette you might call the folk and tell them he was here. Of course he probably will write them tonight also.
Got a letter from Ruth Y. and from Mom, both dated Jan 15. They gave me the low down on things around C.C.
Well, hope your sinus is better – Lots of Love Daddy

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November 24, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 24 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Didn’t get any letters today but hardly expected to since five came yesterday. Your Mother & Kenneth came last night just as we were finishing supper. I didn’t have much that I could fix them but managed to get a lunch of cheese, bacon, eggs, and a few odds & ends. We are going to the locker and get some meat this evening after the boys come home from school. I had one sirloin steak left and fixed it for dinner, so will new something for supper and for us the rest of the week. Our company start home tomorrow morning. They are going to stop at Rockville and see Uncle Charlie McQ. This morning I had Kenneth take the car to the garage and had the tires changed and the thermostat put back in. I wondered why we couldn’t get any heat out of the car heater – and then Nick asked me if I had the thermostat put back in. I had forgotten all about it.

Had a letter from Inez Ley today. John Ed is in San Antonio Texas at a Classification Center. He has passed his physical & mental exams so far. He is now a classified pilot. He will begin pre-flight in a few weeks. Bud is in Will Rogers Field, Okla, getting ready

[page 2]  to be shipped out. Helen is living with Inez & John. Nadine is home working in the Post Office. I had written to Inez and told her it wasn’t easy for me but that I felt like I must keep “my chin up” and carry on, as I know you want me to do. She said Helen read my letter and said “if she can carry on I surely can.” Inez said to tell you hello! From all of them.

This is going to be a short week. Company the first part and must go to Lafayette Fri or Sat. Haven’t ironed yet but it seems like I can’t get to it – Maybe I can tomorrow. Makes me think of you doing your laundry work. Of course you don’t iron things the way I do. I dn’t iron for the baby. He wears knit suits which do not need to be ironed & of course the while pants aren’t ironed either.

Report card time is here again, but I will let the boys write and make their own report to you. Maybe by tomorrow their Christmas money will be here and they can thank you in their “report” letters.

Kenneth is lying down in the den. Your Mother is on the davenport “snoring” and David is taking his bottle and is half asleep, if not altogether – all this sleep makes me want a nap too but I can’t see any place to lie down. This will be short but will try to do better next time, when I won’t have company. Tomorrow is your birthday and I hope you get your cards & box.

Love Mother

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November 22, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 22 – 1942

Dear Daddy – Sunday evening and relaxing a little. David is tucked in (in the den until the 10 P.M. bottle). John has gone to the high school building to play in the band for the Community Thanksgiving service. Mark is staying home drawing. He didn’t want to go with John and it is cold and raining so I didn’t insist. I used to get a little restless on Sunday afternoons but with David to take care of he keeps me busy on Sunday’s too. (You will get tired reading such musings). I didn’t get any letters yesterday – none since Wed, but I’ll be looking for letters again tomorrow. I wrote Fri evening so in case I would not get time Sat. I finally got it mailed at Fowler. We left home about 9 A.M. Sat. and went to Purdue. We arrived a little before time for the broadcast to begin, so I called Dr. Ade from there for an appointment. He was going to the Purdue – I.U. game and wanted to leave the office by 12:30 – but said if we would come over as soon as

[page 2] the broadcast was over (11:55) he would try and take him but after rushing over there he said he wouldn’t have time – he was going to the game – so we had to wait until after said game – (I. U. won). I had left the baby & Mark at Funks. I wanted Mark to go along but he insisted on staying, and I didn’t want to be gone so long, but I had to stay – however the fame was over in good time and he was thru with John by 5 P.M. and we started right home. Since we have a 35 mi per hour speed limit we can’t dash home like you used to do but we made pretty good time. The baby had been good all day and much better off than trying to take him along. Your Mother & Kenneth were here while we were gone. They went on to Ruth Mutchlers and will stop here on their way home. They had intended to stay here Sat & Sun then go to Ruth’s but changed their plans. Your Mother knew I wasn’t going to be home because I had written her about taking John to the Dr. & to Purdue for the broadcast. She left a box of eggs at the back door. I don’t know what day they will be back but look for them Tues. Kenneth has been deferred until Jan. 1. I don’t know what Sam’s boys are doing. I think Earl has to go – probably with Kenneth.

[page 3] Ruth & Floyd stopped here on their way to Blue Island. Floyd appealed to the draft board at Brazil but they wouldn’t reclassify him – so he appealed to the State board – and his appeal won’t be received by the State board until Dec. Mr. Zell bought Floyd’s tools. He brought them along today. Floyd gave Mark a vise. I promised to get Mark a tool set for Christmas, if he doesn’t change his mind. Going back to the subject of John’s glasses. I have to take him back next week. Dr. Ade has moved down to the third floor and he & his wife are in the same suite. I suppose they did that so one office girl could do for both – the girl Dr. C. N. had when on the 7th floor.

I saw Helen Sat. She was going to the game – her husband is an Ensign in the Navy. They had been in Mass, but he has been sent to San Francisco. She is staying with her folks but doesn’t know what she will do. She is seriously thinking of going to the coast. It would be something if you & Dan Heindle (Hindel) would meet. I am not at all sure about that spelling. I also saw Cracker. She was going to a show but walked around with me until we started home. I covered a lot of territory in Laf. yesterday, and must be normal again because

[page 4] all that walking didn’t bother me any. I am about ready to quit taking shots. I am feeling good and think if I start taking Vit. B by mouth instead by shots.

Mon. – I forgot about not finishing this and started another letter today so will send them together since I didn’t get this out on the morning mail. It seems like I want to tell you something and can’t think what it is – surely wasn’t very important – or I wouldn’t forget.

I have quoted the bank bal in nearly every letter It is still around 700 but won’t be when I pay Loebs & some insurance but I will inform you as I go along. The allotment comes every month. That bal. includes the birthday money. I haven’t been in a spending mood yet – and doubt if I will be. I feel like we should buy bonds and hang on to the rest. I would like to get John a good piano and if I get a chance at one will spend my birthday money that way but don’t know of any piano’s for sale except the new ones which are out of the question. I may get a coat if I see one I want – but why should I spend money on clothes now. I will not go much until David is older – don’t care to dress up while you are away. (Is that the right attitude?)

Love Mother

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The Kline Family

Forrest S. Kline, Sr. with his wife Gertrude and their children Helen (Kline) Heindel and Charles Kline, c. 1948 (Photograph courtesy of Karen Kline Brand)

Forrest S. Kline, Sr. with his wife Gertrude and their children Helen (Kline) Heindel and Charles Kline, c. 1948 (Photograph courtesy of Karen Kline Brand)

I’m going to take a leap back to the twenty first century today. I have several goals that I had hoped to accomplish with my blog. At the top of the list is the preservation of the letters. There have been lots of natural disasters occuring of late and I don’t want to lose the letters. Anything I can do to ensure their survival is a priority. Another mission that I have is to identify the people in the letters, which goes hand in hand with sharing the letters with the people who knew those people. And finally, I’d also like to catch some cousins.

I hit a major jackpot this week with the Kline family. Gertrude was someone who visited my grandmother in the hospital. She and her husband Forrest S. Kline were residents of Lafayette so it was fairly easy for her to pop in and visit Gladys. But the question I had is-who was Gertrude and how did my grandparents know her? Gertrude also gave my grandmother a present for my infant father-a knitted romper. So clearly, Gertrude was someone that was “close” to my family. As I started digging around I found Forrest’s World War II draft card from 1942. Forrest was old enough that he had to register for the “old man’s” draft. These were the men that were most likely old enough to serve in World War I, but were deemed  too old to serve in World War II. Nonetheless, the federal government required that these men register for the draft. Who knew how long the war was going to last? Would these men really be needed at some point?

World War II "old man" draft card, 1942 (Image via Ancestry.com)

World War II “old man” draft card, 1942 (Image via Ancestry.com)

On Forrest’s draft card, his place of birth was listed as Clay City, Indiana. Well, heck, that’s where my grandfather was from! So now I could go under the assumption that Roscoe’s family and the Klines were at the very least neighbors or acquaintances back in the home county. After a little more digging around and a very brief preliminary search of the 1920 and 1930 census records, I did not find Forrest. I decided to jump all the way back to 1900. Sure enough, I found him in Harrison Township, Clay county, Indiana with his parents Stephen and Nancy Kline. Then I noticed that I had already attached the record to Forrest in my family tree. Huh? This is where I pretty much started dope-slapping myself. Um, yeah, Forrest was the son of Nancy Kline who just happened to be Roscoe’s aunt, an older half sister of his mother Lovina. Roscoe and Forrest were first cousins. I knew that, really I did….

At the same time that I was hitting myself for my own stupidity, I had contacted an Ancestry member with a tree that included Forrest and Gertrude. It turns out that the member was their great granddaughter. Through this simple message, I have made contact with a long-lost branch of the family. I received several photographs this morning, including the one above. It looks like I have accomplished several goals this week. So the Happy dance may now begin!

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