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David’s Diary – 5 April 1971

Monday, 5 April 1971

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast—left the house about 9:00, went to the post office with the Easter letter to the congregation. Stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit. Then headed to St. Mary’s—as usual there was no one there on a Monday morning. I studied there until about 11:30—with some unexpected interruptions by the puttering janitor. I hadn’t planned to come home so soon, but the heat wasn’t very high—and I was getting very cold. When I got home I found that Debbie was down for a nap. So there was quiet, and I did get more reading done. We had lunch about noon. Margaret Reilly arrived about 12:40 for a ride to the hospital with Bonnie—she also agreed to our suggestion that she come home with Bonnie, stay for supper, then sit with Debbie while we go to the community concert. After Bonnie + Margaret left Debbie was finishing her lunch—I shaved. Then Debbie + I went upstairs, I got her occupied with building blocks—then came downstairs, read until about 3:00. Then I began preparing supper. After getting this underway, I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers/copy to folks. Then turned my attention again to supper. Bonnie + Margaret got home by 5:30—we had supper. Relaxed after supper. Watched CBS news. 7:00–7:15 wrote a letter to Larry Burton asking him to buy me some records in Boston—Bonnie left early for the concert with Homer. I left about 7:30. Took the letter to Larry to Ruth Robinson, who will take it to BU. 8:00–9:15 at the concert, at Lady of Good Voyage. Took Margaret home; came back, snacked, read. Bathed c. 11:15  OBLO 11:50.

Tuesday, 6 April 1971

[Top panel: Igor Stravinsky died last night]

Up at 7:45. While shaving, heard on the 8 o’clock news that Igor Stravinsky had died last night. Had breakfast, got to St. Mary’s in time for morning prayer at 8:45. Dick Bamforth had also heard about Stravinsky’s death—included prayer of thanks for Stravinsky’s life and talent. 9:10–12:15 spent reading, with a coffee break spent chatting with Dick. He told me of his embarrassing moment many years ago when reading from Luke 2. Instead of babe “leaped in her womb,” he said “wooped on the leem”—and then corrected it to “weeped in loom.” Turned on the heat in our church on the way home. When I got here I found a package of records waiting: 4 records, mainly 4 hand piano, also one brass. Bonnie and Debbie were already eating when I got home. Debbie went down for a nap even before Bonnie left for work. I spent my afternoon reading—first read I.F. Stone, which had come in the mail, then got back to reading in Noth—this I pursued for most of the afternoon with time out for a nap. Fixed supper about 4:45. We ate about 5:30. About 6–6:30 I read in Noth. Then watched CBS news. Prepared to leave for meeting. 7:30 went to our church, turned off the heat, went then to St. Mary’s for the Joint Church committee—about a dozen or so people there. The main outcome of the meeting: try to get Baptists included, pursue publication of join calendar of events, pursue collective buying. Got home about 10:00. Snacked, did some outlining of my Easter sermon. Also listened to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring—what a powerful piece it is. Bathed OBLO  c. 12:05.

Wednesday, 7 April 1971

Up at 7:45. Shaved, had breakfast. Made it to St. Mary’s in time for morning prayer. Read then in Noth until about 10:15—when I went over to the congregational church to get their movie screen for tonight’s program; took it to our church, set it up. Went back to St. Mary’s. Before noon I got a call from Bonnie. She and Debbie were over with Carol Lewis—were staying for lunch. So when I stopped studying, and got home about 12:30, they weren’t here. I fixed a simple soup lunch, read articles in Newsweek. Just about 1:30 when I was going to start reading in Noth again, they got home. But they both wanted to nap—so I read—until about 3:00. Bonnie went grocery shopping. I then set Noth aside and took up the challenge of assembling the swing set that we purchased for Debbie at Ann + Hope last week. Of course, the whole thing can’t be assembled until it can be put up outside and today is too cold and wet for that. So I put together as much as could be done in the house, which was considerable: slide, skyride, part of the lawn swing. Then relaxed with the paper for a few minutes before fixing supper. 6–6:15 read in Noth, then rested until CBS news. 7 o’clock prepared to go to the church—for Mrs. Marr’s Oberammergau program—rather mediocre—home by 9:00 in time for Nixon’s Vietnam speech—he lived up to his tricky Dick reputation. Then I turned to working on my Easter sermon. Made good progress. Got more than 1/3 written before bathing. OBLO c. midnight  Θ

David’s diary, 7 April 1971

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David’s Diary – 2 April 1971

Friday, 2 April 1971

Up about 8:30—after Θ. Shaved, had breakfast. Had several phone calls to make, then went off to St. Mary’s—got there about 9:30. My main concern for the morning was the sermon—and by the time I left for the morning I had the rough draft done. During a break I walked over to the Congregational church to borrow 2 reams of paper. About 11:15 Bonnie came by St. Mary’s with Debbie. She had been to the Congregational church to meet Nancy Bonne, but had found the place locked. So she came by St. Mary’s. We had a nice chat with Dick Bamforth and his wife. Home about noon; Debbie played outside while lunch was being fixed. After we ate, and after Bonnie had left for work, Debbie and I wandered around the yard for a few minutes, then she was willing to take her nap. I rested a while, read some in Life magazine—then turned to the sermon—wrote the final draft. Then without too much enthusiasm or energy turned to reading in Noth—and continued with this until I began preparing supper—allowed Debbie to come downstairs. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home. At 6:30 we took Debbie over to Carol Lewis—then went to Gloucester to see Little Big Man—a very good film—but how ghastly a chapter in American history. The slaughter of the Indians reminded me so much of our present conduct in Vietnam—and at one point I wanted to say outloud in the theatre: “We’re doing this right now in Vietnam folks!” We got to Lewis’ about 9:30—Jerry arrived from New Haven at just the same time! Came home after tea about 10:30—relaxed bathed. OBLO 11:53.

Saturday, 3 April 1971

Up by about 9:30—shaved, had breakfast. My morning was spent at my desk—I was rather lethargic. I made some head-way in the mountain of papers on my desk. Late in the morning I went to Mrs. Cooney’s to pick up some grape juice for taking communion to shut ins. Also went down to Richdales for bread. About 1 o’clock we got up the ambition to fix lunch. About 2 o’clock I started my afternoon’s calling—went first to see Ethel Leary—took her communion. She’s a hard-boiled, sharp-tongued old lady—very poor eyesight—she gets out for many things—but not for church, but probably understandably. So she doesn’t get to communion. About 2:50 I got to Hiltons, gave them communion also—and played Bishop Mathews sermon for them (sermon first)—and shared a dish of ice cream with them at their invitation. Got home about 4:00, then Bonnie, Debbie and I went shopping—went to Mals first of all—saw the free color photos of Debbie which we’ll be getting—very good ones. Got overalls, thermal undershirt (garden wear), and several other items (23 skeins of yarn!). Got home about 6:00—hurriedly fixed supper, since Bonnie had chorus rehearsal; she left shortly after 7:00—played with Debbie for a while, put her to bed—spent the evening preparing tomorrow’s service, practicing sermon. Using the long communion service for the first time. After Bonnie got home, about 10:00 went down to the church to check on how the band left it. Made 5-cup salad [1] after getting home; relaxed, bathed OBLO  c. 11:45  Θ

Sunday, 4 April 1971

Up a few minutes after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—my class arrived a few minutes before 9:30. We listened to sides 3 and 4 of Jesus Christ Superstar. Got to the church about 10:40. Had almost 40—communion Sunday. Alice Marr was in a very good mood; she complimented me on the service and on the sermon. We got along well in planning for the Wed evening program—i.e., her presentation of the Oberammergau [2] slides. We didn’t get home til about 12:45. Had lunch, then collapsed. We had planned—since the weather was warm (55°) and sunny—to put the swing set together—but we slept—brief naps turned out to be much longer. About 4:15 I began to stir—but not very much. I tried to get some reading done, but without too much luck. After supper I turned to desk worked—and sorting trash—i.e., deciding what could be placed in the paper recycling box—many things had been tossed into my waste basket which didn’t belong there. Bonnie and Debbie were with me in my study as I was doing this. About 7:30 Bonnie left for Chorus, and by about 8:00 I put Debbie to bed. Then I went back to work in my study. Drafted my Easter letter to the congregation—did a lot of mimeographing of Parish news papers. Snacked. When Bonnie got home I typed stencil for Easter letter, ran it off. Then folded, stuffed etc. Listened to the Fritz Wunderlich record—what a marvelous voice. Bathed about midnight. OBLO 12:25

[1] http://allrecipes.com/recipe/230038/5-cup-salad/ I definitely remember this as a staple from my childhood!

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oberammergau_Passion_Play

David’s diary, 4 April 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/31/davids-diary-2-april-1971/

David’s Diary – 30 March 1971

Tuesday, 30 March 1971

Up about 7:45. Shaved (2 days worth), had breakfast. Left the house about 8:35, went to the Post Office to mail letters to Mrs. Myers and folks. Then to St. Mary’s. Attended morning prayer 8:45–9:00. Talked briefly with Dick Bamforth about the youth hostel program our conference is trying to launch. He seemed interested. Then I went over to see Ed Nutting about the same matter—he seemed much more skeptical and cautious—but open-minded. I was back to St. Mary’s studying by 10:00. I stuck to the books til about 12:10—i.e. one book: started Martin Noth’s History of Israel. Turned on the heat at the church before coming home; had lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie went to her room, and was very shortly asleep. My afternoon was spent: reading further in Noth, napping briefly, reading the COCU assignment for tonight. Put a meatloaf in the oven about 4:30—was reading in Noth when Bonnie got home early about 4:50. Fixed supper. Finished about 6:00—read for about 20 minutes or so before CBS news. 7:30–9:30  the COCU group met—it was the last meeting. There is no great enthusiasm for COCU—not any great hostility either with most people. Rather skeptical for the most part—but there is an eagerness to pursue ecumenical affairs here on the local level. When the group had adjourned, Bonnie + I played with Debbie for a while. Then snacked read in Noth. About 11:00 I remembered that I hadn’t turned off the church—so I went to the church—almost had an encounter with a skunk! Bathed when returned home. OBLO c. 12:15  Θ

Wednesday, 31 March 1971

Up shortly before 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Got to St. Mary’s in time for morning prayer. Got almost 40 pp. read before stopping about 12:30. Came home—after turning on the heat at our church—had lunch. Relaxed—read I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly—he carried Nixon’s absurd statement that he rates himself “a deeply committed pacifist!” Then turned to Newsweek—I really wanted to nap, but there were too many interesting things in the magazine. Carol Lewis arrived—with Chris. She and Bonnie had arranged to get together to go for a walk. About 3:00 I went out calling. Went to see Mr. O’Reilly—then went to see the Hiltons. He is in his mid-80’s, has a heart condition, and his recovery is very slow. He welcomed the idea of me bringing him communion—also told him I’d bring the tape of Bishop Mathews’ sermon. On my way home after this visit I stopped at the church and turned the heat off. When I got here, Carol was just leaving. After she’d gone we fixed supper—and were through with it by about 5:50. I went upstairs and lay down—read again—but tried to nap—unsuccessfully until 6:30. Watched CBS news, etc. Played with Debbie very briefly before putting her down for the night. Made a batch of tapioca, worked with the plants in the fish tank, tried to read in Noth—but too weary—wasn’t doing justice to the material. Took a long leisurely bath. Didn’t move at a very fast pace. OBLO  c. 11:15.

Thursday, 1 April 1971

Up about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast, got to St. Mary’s about 9:10. Conferred with Dick Bamforth on a number of things. Didn’t get to studying until about 9:45. Read in Noth. I quit shortly before noon. Turned on the heat at the church on my way home. Walked in the door just at noon. We had lunch. Shortly before 1 o’clock we all got in the car to go on a shopping trip. We went down to Ann + Hope—first to Lechmere however. There I bought Judy Collins’ album, Whales + Nightingales and the In Memoriam Fritz Wunderlich album. [1] We went down to Ann + Hope; there we got many items—including Simon and Garfunkel album, Bridge Over Troubled Waters—and items ranging from carbon paper to cow manure. Also bought a swing set for Debbie ($25), which we brought home on top of the car. We got home shortly before 4:00—immediately I started putting supper together. Carol Lewis came over with Chris—Jerry is in New Haven on assignment with Fisks. [2] We had supper together about 6:00. Then watched TV together—one moment of excitement and alarm when Chris fell out of the porta-crib on his head. But he was behaving very normally within a few minutes after the crying died down. Carol left about 7:30—Bonnie went to a Sunday School teacher meeting at Nancy Bonne’s house. I listened to new records, put Debbie to bed, watched Ironside—very fatigued. I listened again to the Wunderlich record. When Bonnie got home after 10:00 I went to the church to turn off the heat; home again, relaxed, tried to get sermon topic. OBLO c. midnight.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Wunderlich

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._B._Fisk

David’s diary, 1 April 1971


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/30/davids-diary-30-march-1971/

David’s Diary – 27 March 1971

Saturday, 27 March 1971

Up shortly after 9:00—Θ w/o. Shaved, had breakfast. I had recalled last night while falling asleep that I hadn’t written to David Watson in ages. So that was the first order of business. Also made up a quick order to Whittmores for envelopes. Late in the morning I left the house. I went to Ornes to get a check for the Whittmore letter. Then to the Post Office—mailed the letter to David Watson (75¢) + to Whittmores. From there I went to Gloucester—to Mals. I wanted to get Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters—but couldn’t find a copy that said stereo. I got a frame for my great grandfathers picture. Got some groceries at Stop + Shop, then headed home about 12:30. One of the highlights of the noon hour was Debbie breaking a dozen eggs that I’d brought home—all were salvaged. My afternoon was spent calling. First of all, about 2:15 I went to see the Hannibals, whom I hadn’t seen since March 6th. About 3:15 I went to see Lucy Patience—I took communion to her. I had planned to make a couple of other calls, but I dropped these, came home about 4:45. Helped fix supper. After eating I looked through several back issues of Playboy, looking for a review of some rock music—but with no success. Then turned to completing my final copy of the sermon—also prepared the service. Went down to the church to check that the boys had left the place in order; home again; listened to records; practiced sermon. Bathed, listened to radio  OBLO 12:07  Θ.

Sunday, 28 March 1971

Up shortly after 8:00—shaved, had breakfast, practiced most of my sermon before my class arrived. We heard more of Jesus Christ Superstar—got to the half-way point. Went to the church about 10:40. Average sided congregation; I preached on the meaning of the phrase, “Back to God.” Didn’t get home til late—about 12:45. Fixed lunch, then after eating napped. Bonnie was especially exhausted, and Debbie was so tired she actually asked to go to bed. I napped until about 2:30—at which time I had to get up to go to a meeting = C.A.M.P. at Wesley. I picked up Gladys Haskell on the way. Didn’t get home til about 5:00. Bonnie was in a lot of pain—as it turns out it was largely gas pains. We’ve been having baked beans for the last few days, and they’ve been causing trouble to all of us! About 6:00 or so I went down to Richdales for ice-cream for Bonnie. We ate when I got home—Bonnie’s condition improved. In the evening she went down to Patriquins so that Drue could give her a haircut. I stayed home with Debbie—I wrote a letter to Gary Myers—sent him some photos of Debbie. Wrote my Eagle article—and got some reading done. Not much, but some. Heard on the news that Mike Mansfield [1] sees Muskie losing some ground to McGovern—I hope so—Muskie isn’t that bad—but McGovern is great. This evening I transferred 14 baby guppies to B tank—so there are now 21 guppies in that tank; had snack when Bonnie got home; bathed c. 11:45   OBLO  12:20.

Monday, 29 March 1971

Up about 8:30 or so after Θ. Behind schedule, so I didn’t bother to shaved, had breakfast. First went to the Post Office to mail the letter to Gary Myers, then stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit. Arrived at St. Mary’s about 9:45. No one there at all—so I studied in peace. Dick Bamforth dropped in briefly about 11:15 and we chatted. I arrived at my stopping point about 11:30. Came home; letter from mother which I read, then went to the Eagle office with the church news, which I’d written last night. Home about noon. We had lunch. Debbie slept through lunch. After Bonnie left for work I continued with my reading. When Debbie woke up about 3:00 I gave her a snack. But she was content to play in her room, so I continued with my reading—and began preparations for supper on toward 5 o’clock. We ate shortly after Bonnie got home. From 6:00–6:30 I did more reading. During CBS news and What’s My Line I clipped articles from old New Republics—Lt Calley [2] found guilt today—what a sideshow, a farce—thousands of U.S. servicemen are just as guilty as Calley—and just where is the dividing line between guilt and innocence. The taxpayers buy the weapons; the voters approve of LBJ or Nixon, who set the hideous policy—Nixon is just as much a war criminal as Calley. About 7:15 Bonnie left for Chorus rehearsal. Early in the evening I wrote to Mrs. Myers/copy for my folks; Debbie went to bed about 8:00; I spent the evening reading—finally finished Bright, History of Israel, relaxed, snacked, bathed  OBLO  c. 12:15.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Mansfield

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Calley

David’s diary, 29 March 1971


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/27/davids-diary-27-march-1971/

David’s Diary – 24 March 1971

Wednesday, 24 March 1971

[photos at Virginia Bate’s birthday party]

Up about 8:00; shaved, had a hearty breakfast. Today was devoted to studying—and a little fun. I went to St. Mary’s to study. Got there about 9:10—left about 12:20—and got a lot accomplished, about 40 pp. in Bright. I turned on the heat for the rock group on my way home. Had lunch—glanced through Newsweek while it was being prepared. After eating I frosted the cake which Bonnie had made this morning—for Virginia Bate’s birthday party. About 1:45 I got back to reading. About 2:30–3:00 I napped. This refreshed me and I went back to reading—I kept at it til about 4:40 when we got ready to go to Virginia’s apartment. When we got in the hallway outside her apartment I lit the candles on the cake, then when she opened the door, the three of us went parading in, singing Happy Birthday. Most of the other invited guests were there too already, so they joined in. There were 8 of us altogether—we had supper and cake—and a good time. Virginia was genuinely surprised. And we all got a wonderful present while gathered there: Virginia got a phone call from a friend with the news that the Senate had voted down further funding of the SST by 51 to 46! Most of the guests (3) left before dark, but we stayed through CBS news. Came home, watched TV. 8:30 I went to the church to turn off the heat. Came home, read in Bright while Bonnie watched TV. Made very good progress today reading. Bathed about 11:15. Read more. OBLO  c. 12:20.

Thursday, 25 March 1971

Up shortly after 8:00. Had breakfast after shaving—prepared immediately to go to St. Mary’s. Got there about 9:15. Chatted briefly with Dick Bamforth [1] before beginning and during a study break. By the time I came home for lunch about 12:30 I had made decent progress. Dick Bamford handed me his recent letter from Alan Federick. I brought it home—read it to Bonnie during lunch. In the morning Bonnie had given Debbie a haircut, in preparation for having her picture taken at Mals this afternoon. After eating, I lay down for a nap—until about 2:00. Then I read briefly while Bonnie went for milk—when she returned I left for St. Mary’s again. Except for one break (strolled up to our church to confer with the rock group, but they weren’t there) I stuck to the reading until about 5:30. Came home, helped fix supper. After eating relaxed with CBS news, What’s My Line. Then returned to reading—I had planned to take a break to watch Ironside, but it wasn’t on tonight due to a ballgame—so I read all evening until about 10:15. Am compiling a list of  “most admired Americans”—the 10 most admired in the US today seem to be most well-known i.e., Nixon, Agnew, Billy Graham. But my list includes I.F. Stone, Ramsey Clark; David Harris (husband of Joan Baez), [2] Ralph Nader, Walter Cronkite, Jesse Jackson—not necessarily in that order. Bathed before 11:00. Relaxed, read; OBLO  c. 11:50.

Friday, 26 March 1971

Up shortly before 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. I got to St. Mary’s by 8:45, joined with Dick Bamforth in morning prayer—he said that he usually was joined by someone—although no one came this morning beside myself. When this was over I retired to my little nook downstairs. I devoted my morning to writing the sermon. And by the time I had to leave for home shortly before noon, I finished. Lunch was on the table when I got home. After Bonnie left for work, I fixed the door in Debbie’s room—i.e., I put the strip along the bottom to prevent air-flow between her room and the back room—since the back room isn’t heated. Shortly thereafter Debbie settled down for her nap. I relaxed—I was pretty bushed. I looked through Life magazine, read the article on Walter Cronkite—then tried to nap. About 3 o’clock Margaret Reilly was knocking at the door. She didn’t stay, she just wanted to pick up Alan Federicks letter which she’d left for me to read; Fred was with her. I then got to work, writing the final form of my sermon. I didn’t get it all done by suppertime. Bonnie got home early, and we debated about what exciting thing we could do for the evening—but there were no good films. So after supper and CBS news etc, she read; I went downstairs and listened to the first two sides of Mozart’s Magic Flute—with the headphones. Then bathed; 9:30–10:00 watched The Odd Couple—then Θ+ —happy days are here again—Bonnie’s infection past. LO c. 10:30.

[1] https://obittree.com/obituary/us/maine/augusta/plummer-funeral-home/rev-richard-bamforth/2816028/  Turns out that Rev. Bamforth survived until 2017.

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Baez  Her relationship with David Harris, including marriage and divorce, is mentioned in this article.

David’s diary, 26 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/26/davids-diary-24-march-1971/

David’s Diary – 21 March 1971

Sunday, 21 March 1971

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, greeted my class at 9:30. We got to Jesus Christ Superstar this morning, i.e., part of side one. Got to the church about 10:40. This morning I tried something new—lead the first part of the service from the middle aisle; preached on The Servant Church—mentioned the rock group practicing in our church—and some of them even turned out to church!—I had to depart from my prepared text to avoid embarrassing them. Got home about 12:30. I relaxed while Bonnie fixed lunch—after eating I had to leave for a meeting—at 1:30 had to be at St. Mary’s for JYF steering committee meeting. I left before it was over—about 2:45 to get to the Den-Mar. Picked up Kay, Winnie, Vicky, then went to the nursing home. Saw Esther Longley briefly before the service began. Then when the service was over—about 3:35 came right home. Kay took Debbie, and Bonnie and I went to the Congregational church for a program of brass instruments, 16th–17th century. We met the Fisks as we [were] going, so we sat with them. It was an opportunity for nice chat with Ann. The program was late starting—so we didn’t get out til shortly after 5:30. We picked up Debbie at Patriquins, then came home—exhausted. We prepared supper—but I didn’t have energy for anything afterwards. Til about 8:00 we were in bed—but not napping. I made a trip to the church to check if everything was in order for tomorrows WSCS meeting (i.e. band instruments out of the way)—read for a while when I got home; we bathed together about 10:00. OBLO, c. 10:35.

Monday, 22 March 1971

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I got to work reading in John Bright’s History of Israel. The main thing on Bonnie’s agenda for the morning was to take Sully to the vet. He has been urinating and having movements various places in the house—and obviously is having difficulty doing it—i.e., his behavior is quite abnormal. So she took him in—and the verdict was cystitis—he got two shots and has to have pills. I read while Bonnie was gone—and while Debbie was tied up with Sesame Street. Long letter from my mother—Lea is planning to come out to help when the baby arrives. We had lunch during the noon hour. Margaret Reilly arrived on foot to be given a lift to the hospital where she does volunteer work. Debbie napped most of the after[noon], and I read in Bright—although there was one major interruption—a young man called here, wanting money—a story about a lost wallet. I sent him to Rev. Bamforth who has a discretionary fund. And I let Bamforth be the judge as to whether it was a legitimate case or not. I was in the process of getting supper when Bonnie arrived home. After eating I helped with bathing Debbie—During CBS news, etc. I worked further on the window in Debbie’s room. We gave Sully his pills. Bonnie went to chorus rehearsal—I read in Bright after putting Debbie to bed—and after chatting on phone with Margaret about a letter she’d received from Alan several days ago; snack when Bonnie got home. Wrote to Mrs. Myers (carbon to folks) bathed; read OBLO 12:50.

Tuesday, 23 March 1971

[First day to study at St. Mary’s]

Up about 8:00; shaved, 2 days worth. Had a glass of juice, but had to get down to the church about 8:45 to show off the banners: i.e., the 4th grade from the Tarr school (there were 28 youngsters), for their art class. This took only a few minutes. About 9:00 I walked down to St. Mary’s. I had told Dick Bamforth a long time ago I might want to study there sometime—and so I went specifically to find out about that. He had a nice cozy little place to offer me. I came home, had breakfast. But Bonnie wanted to go to the Building Center, so I was delayed in my departure. And even after she got home there were several delays—so I didn’t get to St. Mary’s until about 10:45. I read til about 12:10. Stopped at our church on the way home to turn on the heat for the rock group. Had lunch when I got home. In the afternoon, after Bonnie left for work, Debbie napped most of the time. I read the C.O.C.U. assignment for tonight, also I. F. Stone’s BiWeekly which arrived in the mail this morning. But I also napped a while. But most of the afternoon was devoted to Bright’s History of Israel. I didn’t start supper til Bonnie got home, because she brought the meat. During CBS news I clipped old New Republic articles. The C.O.C.U. group met 7:30-9:00—after the[y] left I set up the recorder by the TV. Read for a while, then 10:00–11:00 taped CBS documentary rebroadcast, The Selling of the Pentagon—ran out of tape, so couldn’t record Laird, Atair [???] or Agnew—too bad! Watched news (part), snacked, read Bright briefly. No bath OBLO  c. 12:35.

David’s diary, 23 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/25/davids-diary-21-march-1971/

David’s Diary – 18 March 1971

Thursday, 18 March 1971

Waking up between 9:00 and 9:30. Phone got me up at 9:00, but I wasn’t ready to get up—I sat up in bed finally and read for a while. Then about 10:00 I went downstairs, got something to eat, then returned to reading. I got to the stopping point that I had intended in Milik’s book. About 10:30 I turned my thoughts to the window again. I went to the Building Center for the necessary wood pieces, also bought a window catch. Came home, worked on this. But about 12:00 I cleaned up the mess and fixed myself some lunch. Then tried to relax. Shortly before 1:00 I shaved, then prepared to leave for the Congregational church. Stopped by our church first to turn on the heat, then to the Cong. Church. I spoke to the women’s group—gave my slide-lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Generally favorable response. Got home about 4:00—very weary. I just got all stretched out for a nap when Bonnie and Debbie got home from Avon. They had all sorts of interesting items purchased on shopping sprees. The most important of which was a tricycle—which I put together immediately. Then relaxed with the paper for a while before beginning supper. After supper I went to the church to turn off the heat. Came home, watch CBS news. I had planned to work on the sermon tonight, but I was utterly exhausted—so just vegetated in front of the TV—Flip Wilson, Ironside—after which I took my time reading and getting a bath. Read briefly  OBLO  11 o’clock.

Friday, 19 March 1971

Up about 9:15. My main concentration today was on the sermon. After eating, about 10 o’clock, I got to work on it. I had made a good start by noon, in fact about half way done. About 11:30 I let Debbie play out in the driveway on her tricycle. We ate shortly after noon, then I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—i.e. put up my sermon title—I’d taken the letters off a couple of days ago. After I got home Bonnie left for work, Debbie retired to her room for playing and napping—mostly napping. I made good progress on the sermon. Finished with the rough draft by about 3:00. I made a selection of records (5) from Pub. Central Bureau catalogue. The latter part of the afternoon was spent writing out the final draft of the sermon. When I stopped to work on supper I was a little over half-way done. Bonnie got home, we ate. Between 6:00–6:30 I went to see Virginia and Aimee briefly (Aimee hasn’t been very well lately), stopped at the P.O. with my record order. Went to Richdales for milk, picked up a copy of Playboy at Cooney’s market. Home by 6:30. About 6:45 the Lewis’ arrived with Chris—we kept him while they went to an organ concert. After CBS news, etc, I looked through Playboy, then returned to working on the sermon. 9:30–10:00 watched The Odd Couple. Then baked a cake and did further work on the service. Jerry + Carol got here about 12:30. We chatted for a while before they departed. I bathed; OBLO c. 1:25.

Saturday, 20 March 1971

Hard time getting up this morning—didn’t make it up til about 9:30. Shaved the first thing—two days worth. Had breakfast. After looking through the paper, I went to the church—to check on how the boys left the place—went then to Tucks pharmacy to buy a new jack piece for the headphones. Was home again about 11:30. Shortly thereafter the Sestos arrived. We visited, had lunch, listened to records—mainly Jesus Christ Superstar. About 2 o’clock I took the tape recorder down to Virginia and Aimee, along with the tape of Bishop Mathew’s sermon. I left it with them. I then went to the leather shop on dock square and purchased some houseshoes or slipons—$11.00. Came home shortly before 3:00—then Bonnie and I left the Sestos and went to the garden meeting at Lewis’—we came home about 4:30. Just relaxed with them for a while, then we had supper about 6:00. Debbie and Ezra bathed together—one moment of excitement when Esten fell into the tub with them! After supper and baths were all taken care of, we viewed 4 boxes of slides. Then the Sestos prepared to return to Brookline. They left here about 8:30. I then went to Virginia’s and Aimee’s to pick up the tape recorder. From there to see Jerry Lewis. He repaired the jack piece on the headphones for me—stopped briefly at the church, then came home; worked on details relating to tomorrow—a busy day coming up. Today was rather hectic with 3 kids underfoot. Bathed—read sermon.  OBLO c. 11:53.

David’s diary, 20 March 1971

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