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Calcified Tendinitis

1961-10-24-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]
October 24, 1961

Dear David:

I had an appointment with Dr. Ferguson yesterday. He said I had injured a tendon in my right arm and he called my injury “calcified tendinitis.” I am taking x-ray treatments – have to go to the Home Hospital in Lafayette every other day this week for 3 ½ minutes of x-ray. So far the hospital here isn’t equipped to give x-ray treatments. I am also taking cortisone (35₵ a tablet). We had some samples. Since we had intended to take a vacation this week and next the appointment book didn’t have much in it and Dad hasn’t been very busy so far this week. Dede went to the hospital last Fri., but nothing happened so Dad sent her back home and so far she is feeling fine and as far as I know hasn’t given any indication of being ready to have her baby. Since I am having to take these treatments, it wouldn’t have been much of a vacation for me this week.

We received word today that Mr. Shirk passed away. He and Sarah had been in Florida on vacation. He had a heart attack last week, but the last word we had was that he was so much improved that he was about ready to start back home.

I hope you received your gloves. Julie talked to me after Sunday school and said you wanted me to send you some. Arvella gave me the same message and I sent you a package last Monday.

The way my arms still feels, it looks like I am going to have to try to find a cleaning woman. Dr. Ferguson told me not to try to wash windows or do any painting.

We had shelved our vacations plans for the time being. I don’t know what we will do about Edna. She was to take hers when we take ours. She has moved and is living across the street from the office.

Dad has been working on Mark’s record player and thinks he might get it fixed.

Love Mother

Newspaper article published on Chafee Shirk’s death can be found here.

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Christmas Greeting (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 12 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Thought I would dash off a note to slip in with my greeting. I went to the Church tonight to hear a Christmas cantata sung by the choir. Mrs. Z. drove her car and I went with her. She had intended to walk (but I hadn’t because of a slight sinus condition) but a lively snow had started and she thought she had better drive. There is such a flu epidemic around now I didn’t want to walk that far thru the cold and get my nose stopped up. So far we haven’t entertained this present flu bug. David still has a little cough from his cold but doesn’t run any temp and so many people have after coughs that hang on. After the service we stopped at Shirks – Sarah is in bed and quite ill with a sinus infection. Terry had the flu and she got it from him. We didn’t see either of them but talked to Chaffe. We wanted to help some way – I thought I could do the washing in the Bendix and Mrs. Z. could help with the ironing, but Mr. Shirk had gotten

[page 2] someone to do the washing and they are getting a school girl tomorrow to help in the house. Before I came back Ruth M. called. She wants to know if we will come there for Christmas. I wrote her we would rather they come here. The way this coal works in the furnace it has to be stirred several times a day or it breaks a pin – We have had three broken pins since using this coal. It seems it clogs up the retort more than the other. At any rate I can’t promise her anything yet. It is colder now than it has been so far and the colder, the more often the furnace needs attention.

The snow tonight was very pretty – the kind we would wish for on Christmas eve. One day this past week we had such a pretty snow – it clung to the trees & shrubs for a while until the sun melted it. I would like to catch a scene like we have around here with a movie technicolor, over on the Kent grounds the snow really makes a beautiful picture. Hope all this snow talk doesn’t make you feel too badly about not getting some under your feet.

It is getting time for us to go to bed. John is practicing. Mark & David are both in bed, and I could use a little extra rest myself – David has such a habit of waking me before I am quite ready – but after all he goes to bed several hours earlier than I do so wants to get up earlier.

Love – Mother

P.S. Mon. Morn – 5 above –

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