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Please Excuse Writing Paper

Letter transcription:

[Late April 1967]

Please excuse writing paper, but am in a bit of a hurry. We went to Marks Sunday and took the Motorola TV we had in Kentland – we have a color set now – an RCA. I wanted to get this tax form to you for your signature. Send it back to Kentland to S. E. Carlson – E. Carrol St. (He is trustee) by May 1st. I spent the night Sunday at Marks, so I could stop at optical shop to have my contacts polished. Came back on the bus. Bus riding hasn’t improved as far as I am concerned. Hope I don’t have to do that again. We are going to attend a Rotaryann dinner tonight at the Morris Bryant Smorgasbord restaurant. I am to go to S. Bend tomorrow and be there Thurs. also for Conference meeting. This week is going to be a little short since we will go back to Kentland again Sat. Will write more later.

Love Mother

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Office Hours

Letter transcription:

April 13, 1967
12 Sharon Drive
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

Dear David and Bonnie:

The enclosed came and I should have forwarded it, but thought it might be a statement for the Bible Dictionary which was received in Kentland and which I gave away. You know your Dad has definite ideas about people (firms, etc.) sending you something whether you want it or not and I didn’t think I wanted to pay the postage to send that book back. Well I suppose they figure they will get enough people to pay for them that they can afford to send them out and lose one or two. If they do send an inquiry I may pay for it. I think it was $6.75.

Mac and Louise appeared at the District Meetings and were a great success from all the reports I have had. I heard them at Fowler. They spent the night here before going to Fowler. We invited the minister of Trinity Church and his wife out that evening and went over to Morris Bryant and feasted at the smorgasbord. We came back to the house and had a nice visit. We are supposed to go to Centerville the 20th of May to visit. The Trinity minister here was in Lebanon several years and knows Floyd and Ruth quite well. He also knows Clarence and his wife told me they attended a picnic at St. Peters one time and met quite a few of the Yegerlehners. We feel we know them.

We are still talking about the house down the street. It is on Juniper Court – just about two blocks from here. It is small, but we plan to add on a room or two. The lot is quite interesting. The back of the house overlooks a wooded ravine. There isn’t much front yard, so there wouldn’t be much grass to mow – just enough to look right in front of the house. There are dogwood trees around the patio – remember how we tried to get dogwood trees to grow in Kentland. We finally succeeded in getting one to live. There is even an outdoor fireplace on the patio. It is quite secluded, so we could even entertain there if we wanted to. The square footage isn’t enough in the existing house to afford 3 bedrooms, but the original builders put three in it. One measures 9½ x 9½. I was measuring the roll away cots which we have in one bedroom here and in that small bedroom there wouldn’t be enough room for a baby bed and the roll aways. I think we will probably take out some partitions and make two good bedrooms on that side of the house. We are contemplating building on an addition which will include a generous size bedroom for our own use (convert the existing garage into a family room) and a garage. We will get possession June 15th, then we will have two houses. I just hope the Colonel will let us out of the lease which we signed for this place. If he doesn’t we will have two houses to use. Dad intends to do a lot of the work on the remodeling himself, so he will have plenty of time if we have to keep this place until Mar. 1 ’68.

Dad is planning to go to Kentland the 15th and 22nd to have office hours. We are trying to get someone to come in and take the office, but if someone doesn’t show up pretty soon, he says he is going to close the place out. He is too well satisfied with his hours here and doesn’t like the idea of being tied to that place. However, so far the girls have made enough to make expenses. They, of course, would like see the office stay. However, they said they wouldn’t work for another like the one we had. He must have given them a bad time. I plan to go to Kentland also Saturday and will see Mrs. M. The last time I was there – Apr. 6th, she seemed to feel good and had been to the foot doctor in Watseka the day before.

I tried to get you registered, but was told you cannot register now until after May 15th. We got in the last day ourselves – a week or so ago. We almost didn’t make it. We had been quite busy with moving and it didn’t occur to us we had to register. One day a woman called and said she would send someone out, but we managed to get to the court house and take care of it ourselves. I went yesterday and tried to get cards for you and Bonnie, but was told you would have to wait now. Doesn’t make sense, but the woman who talked to me said she would mail the cards you have to sign which you will return to her.

Dad is making a headboard for our beds – since the one in Kentland was built in, we couldn’t bring it along. I bought a new dressing table and chest of

[page 2] drawers, but couldn’t find a headboard to match.

We went to Indianapolis Sunday after church and spent the day with Mark and family. David got acquainted with us. The last few times we had been with him he wouldn’t let me touch him. We went out to see Shirley’s parent’s new home. They have a very nice new home a few miles north of where they used to live. A huge lake and dam is going into the area of Traders Point. David is going to have crooked teeth. I just hope his permanent teeth are better. If not, he will have to wear braces. Mark and Shirley are looking for something to buy before fall. Virginia Zell Gale lives not far from the apartment complex where Mark lives and since the Gales are going to build a new home, Mark and Shirley are considering the house the Gales now have. There is also an apartment complex which they may buy into. It is a cooperative affair and very reasonable. We are supposed to go back Sunday and take the old TV set. Dad has been wanting a color set, so when we got to a place where we can get cable TV the new set had to come. The old one is still good, so we have told them they can have it. The children wanted to know if the set we are giving them is color. – sorry about that.

This neighborhood should make us feel young. There are children in every house, I am sure, but ours. There are no alleys, so all the back yards come together and so do all the children. Easter Sunday when Mark and Shirley were here Becky and Kirk wanted to do something in the afternoon and I told them to go find someone to play with. They did without any trouble. In fact I think they would have stayed and they could have because Becky was having spring vacation, but Grandpa said we had too much to do and he was right. They will probably he here sometime this summer for a visit while their parents take a vacation. They said something about vacation last Sunday, but didn’t follow it up, so I have no idea when Mark will get off. We won’t be going any place, except to places close, this summer, since Dad won’t get his months vacation until after Mar. 1, 1968.

Love Mother

P.S. The Janssens have been transferred to La Porte – Garnette is to be store manager there. They will move late in May. They were here and had lunch with us Sat. (over)

About Ins. We will pay the premium on your Bankers life policy this year – we will send you some information about the difference in Ins. policies. I think you have been talking about Term insurance which isn’t the same as the policy you have with Bankers.

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Less Than A Month

Letter transcription:

Monday Apr. 3, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing the tax form for you to report your intangibles. You do not have to report your earnings in Indiana for 1966, because you did not earn enough. I have paid your local taxes (in Kentland) which amounted to $13.08 for the first half of the year. Don’t bother to send us the money, we will count that toward an anniversary gift and if you don’t get anything else, that will be it.

The young MD left our office. He was there less than a month, but made enough to buy a second car for his family and pay off some debts he had. We know what he took in since Edna kept account of it (that was part of her job for him). He has quite a sizeable accounts receivable for one month and he said when he collected all he has out on the books he will pay us our 2%. He had paid one month’s rent $100.00 plus a portion on the insurance. He told Bob Batton ne knew he was leaving a gold mine, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He got his job back at I.U. (and I don’t think much of the student’s chances for good health care – and Bob Batton shares my opinion). He said he knew he wouldn’t make much at I.U., but that in three years he would be “top dog.” If we had good looking for someone as opposite as possible from your Dad we couldn’t have found one. Bob Batton told me that he told Kathy to find a good MD in Bloomington and not go to the Health Center. Now the Health Center at Purdue is just the opposite. Dad knows the Dr. who heads this Health Center and he is building up a very reputable place for the students. It seems at I.U. that anyone who comes in for health care is goldbricking. It is just the opposite here. If someone comes in, they need medical attention and they get it. Dad has had one very serious case, a young man with mono and encephalitis. He was so ill, he was unconscious several days, but is now on the mend. I used to think I.U. was the school, and it may be as far as courses offered, but they are still in the woods in one department. I know I.U. and Purdue and two different kinds of schools, but never thought Dad would wind up here, and liking it. He says he would hate to go back to Kentland. He is so glad to get away from the telephone and I am glad to get away from it. Last night the bridge club came here and the telephone rang once – it was for Bill Ross.

Bob Batton III is going to be married in August, so we learned last night. One of the Vinyard boys is going to marry Ginny Thompson. He is going to Purdue and she took a beauty course and is running a shop in Kentland. She intends to commute. Do you get the Kentland paper? If you do I am probably wasting my time telling you all this.

We are corresponding with an MD from Brazil, Indiana, who is presently working with a drug firm in Pa. He said he was definitely interested in Kentland. We sent him a copy of the contract we had with Dr. H., but haven’t had time to hear from him. Dad and I went back to Kentland last Tuesday and he had office hours in the afternoon. He went back Saturday and saw people all day. I stayed here, because I was getting ready for bridge club last night. Dad has promised to go back the 22nd, but not every week.

The McGraws will be here Wednesday evening. They have five speaking engagements in Indiana this week. They will come here from Terre Haute and go to Fowler from here. I plan to attend the Fowler meeting. We have the four poster bed all ready for them with a good thick foam rubber mattress. Ihope they like a firm bed. It is firm.

The David Hamiltons bought our home in Kentland. There is no accounting for some people’s tastes. They papered one bedroom wall. We were out there last Tuesday for a short while and Carolyn’s parents – the Jim Berrys came while we were there. When her dad heard they had papered one room, he said they had lowered the price of the house $5,000. Her mother told him to keep still, it wasn’t his house. We are looking around now for a place to buy. Dad thinks it is too risky to live in a rented house, because the Colonel might come back – he was here at Purdue at one time – or he might decide to sell. There is a house not far from here that will be for sale July 1st. One of the Doctors at Purdue is from the East Coast and is going back. Dad is going to inquire about his house. We like the location a little better than this location. This house is fairly nice, but lacks many features our house in Kentland had – such as central air conditioning – and adequate storage space.

When it is time for your son to be born (which may turn out to be a daughter) and Bonnie has to wait two or three weeks, you let me know how you figured out when your child will be born.

Love Mother


P.S. One of the committees for Dad’s farewell party made a scrapbook with pictures of babies he had delivered out of the more than 1,500, the book contains about 150. Even getting that many pictures together was no small task.

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New Life in Lafayette

Letter transcription:

Monday March 20, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Enclosed find check ($4.18) from Bankers United Life for the balance due you from the stock exchange. I will put your new stock (30 shares – in the Bank in Kentland the next trip we make – which will be the 28th). For your own records it is BANKERS UNITED LIFE ASURANCE COMPANY Stock certificate CU 5801 – 30 shares – David A. and Bonnie Ruth Yegerlehner jt tn.

We are slowly getting our house put in order. D. Schuh is making a couch over for me and we can’t buy carpet until that couch arrives. We are also going to bring the living room furniture to the family room so we can’t do much until he gets the couch delivered. We have the bedrooms just about finished. Dad has to make a headboard for the beds. I bought a new dressing table and chest of drawers and he is going to make the headboard to match. He has finished the shelves in the family room and I have most of the books in place – however not where I want them permanently. Some I am going to give away and if you want the ones I don’t want, you can have them. Dad is at present making a new stereo cabinet. Our living room is so small he is building a cabinet around the piano. Will send you a picture when he gets it finished. The living room is just about 12 x 17. The carpet we buy for it can only be 12 x 14 because of an offset where the piano is placed. We also have to get something else for the kitchen and I haven’t yet decided what I want. The Welcome Wagon caller was here today and told me about a place where rejects from National Homes are sold and that one can furnish a kitchen from the salvage store. We will go take a look (tomorrow I hope).

The McClures are coming Wednesday to attend the I.U. presentation of Parsifal. They are coming at 5 and we are going to have dinner early because the performance begins at 7 PM. I know that is a lengthy opera, so it will be pretty late when it is over. You used to attend it at I.U. did you not? As I understand, they give it in two parts – before dinner and after.

We went to Kentland last Sunday and attended a dinner at the Church given in our honor and a program at the gym in the afternoon. After the program refreshments were served and we stood in a receiving line and it seemed like we shook hands with everyone that attended, some say 300 others 500. I don’t know what the actual count was, but there was a large crowd. We received many well wishes and a beautiful bouquet of red roses from the Funks. The centerpiece was given to us after the affair was over and I took it and gave it to Mrs. Myers. She was ill that day and couldn’t attend. The Church gave us a plant. All in all it was a very nice and I have written twenty or thirty thank you notes. Bob Batton furnished me with a list of people who helped with the program at the gym. I asked Rev. McClure to put a thank-you note in the bulletin.

We are attending church at Trinity. After we decided to go there Floyd (he and Ruth attended our party – also Aunt Ruth M) told us the minister here at Trinity used to be in Lebanon and they liked him very much. His name is Jim Morin. We went to Trinity the first Sunday we were here – Dad, John, Lea and myself. It is an old church but has a large congregation. You remember several years ago when you went to open house for the new parsonage for Trinity – in Vinton Woods? You went with Michels. Rev. Luke (minister at that time) would not live in the parsonage furnished by the church and persuaded the congregation they needed a new one. The old parsonage was torn down and a new educational building – where all the Sunday school classes are now held – was built. It is just across the street. The only difficulty we see about going there to church is parking. We had to walk 2 ½ blocks after we had parked. Sunday that was not bad, the weather being fair, but in weather not so good – well draw your own conclusions.

Dad just called and he is going to be late – something new for here. He has had a student in the hospital who has been quite ill with mono (or complications) and his parents are coming. I think Dad is going to like this new routine. He has so

[page 2] more time at home and can you believe, he will stay in bed until 8 o’clock when he doesn’t have to be at the Health Center until 9. I was afraid he had such a habit of getting up at 6 it might be hard to break that habit. At any rate we are beginning to enjoy more leisure time and enjoy some of the fringe benefits. We attended a special Easter Convocation at the Music Hall yesterday afternoon. We also have a color television set. A new store had a special offer for their opening and we probably got a $600 for $500, or maybe we didn’t. At any rate, we have seen several good programs so far on it. This house is not air-conditioned, so we bought a room air conditioner for next summer when we get one of those mid-west heat waves. John said he tried to get one last summer when a heat wave set in – we were in Europe at the time – and he couldn’t buy one – there wasn’t one to be had anywhere in Urbana-Champaign. We thought we would just buy one now and have it. We may not need it, but this is a frame house and I can imagine it gets pretty hot in the summer. One little tree out in front. This is a new addition to the city of West Lafayette and all the houses were built by a company that sells pre-cut houses. Some are rather nice looking. Ours is one of the rather plain looking types and the owner hasn’t done much to add to its charm. We are comfortable enough, but I still would like to have a house on one level. We haven’t discovered yet how to make the floor warm in this family room – this is one the lower level. We have signed a lease for one year, so we may be looking for something to buy by next March. However, prices are terribly high here and we may be just as well off in the long run to stay here and pay $165 a month. At least we don’t have to pay any taxes or insurance. We sold our house in Kentland. The Harris family has moved to Portsmouth, Ohio. John is going to stay in Kentland until school is out. They haven’t sold that property, or hadn’t when we were in Kentland a week ago Sunday. Mr. Harris is the manager of a Sears store – six stories high. Quite an advancement from the Kentland store. The young MD who took over our office (from what information we get from E & A) isn’t too happy with the situation. He told someone there was more work than he thought there would be. Edna receives payment for us every day and once or twice a week sends us the deposit slips and any information necessary. She and A. are both quite disturbed about (now don’t write about this to Mrs. M. or anyone – we think it is best for us just to keep quiet about things for the time being) the way he is doing things. He is slow, which is just the opposite from RSY. He also has to get acquainted with people and won’t let the girls dispense medicine like they did when Dad was there. I can see his point of view on that, but he is butting off quite a tidy little income when he quits dispensing. He has to see everyone who comes into the office and he won’t let Arvella go ahead to take off people like she used to do. We get a little note from Edna every time she sends deposit slips. Her last note was to the effect that Arvella was about ready to quit. He cut their salaries back to about half of what we were paying them. They may both quit and I wouldn’t blame them if they did. When Dad interviewed him he seemed to be quite intelligent, but some of the things he has done since taking over the office makes me wonder about his good judgment. He told the girls he followed Dad around several days and that everything he did was right, but he seems to want to change everything in the office. Edna seemed to think he was not going to stay. Of course, he signed a lease – which he can break, but he can’t set up in practice within 25 miles of Kentland. Edna seemed to think he was trying to get his job at the Health Center at I.U. back. However, she may just been imagining things on that score. He was in the Air Force several years and has been with I.U. since last July so he has not really had any real experience in General Practice. Will let you know further developments as they develop.

Write when you have time and let us know what your situation will be this summer. Of course, you know we would like for you to come back to Indiana for the summer, but if Bonnie gets a job other than school teaching, we know you won’t come back for the entire summer. The McGraws are coming here to spend the night April 5th. They are speakers for the District meetings. They have 5 meetings to attend from the northern part of the State down to near Indianapolis, to Terre Haute, then to Fowler and last to Hammond.

Dad won’t get a vacation (one month) until he has been here a year, so we won’t be taking any trips until 1968. We are planning to go to Switzerland again and probably to Lebanon. The Georges are in Beirut and we want to visit them.

John is coming home next Friday (just before Easter) and I think Mark and Shirley and the children are coming. Mark’s whole family has had stomach flu and he called here one day for Dad to give a druggist a Rx for him and the children. I talked to Shirley and Mark one day last week. I had to attend a meeting in Indianapolis. I was with a group and riding with someone else, so couldn’t go see them. At that time Shirley hadn’t gotten the bug, but that day all three children were down with it.

Write when you can find time.

Love Mother

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Letter from Switzerland

Letter transcription:

This is a copy of letter received from Fritz Jegerlehner

Aetzlischwand, March 19, 1967

Very Dear family Jegerlehner!

Soon a year will have passed since your dear visit here. Even if a bit late, I want to express my sincere thanks for the cards from your wonderful trip, as well as for the photos that turned out so well. Since your visit, we have thought of you often and wished that you return home safe and well from your long voyage. We all are very proud of you, that we have relatives in America who so well represent our name overseas.

When in the fall our dear aunt from America, *Mrs. Joyce visited us, we had a few happy, even gay days together. Since her last visit, Mrs. Joyce has learned to speak German quite well.

Life goes on as usual here. We were already able to work in the fields in February and in the beginning of March. Now winter has returned and today we have 50 ccm of snow.

I want to close with the most friendly greeting to you, your children and your family. Have a Happy Easter. With the hope to hear from you again soon, I remain

Signed, Fritz Jegerlehner

Also a friendly greeting

From family Senn Bigler (?)

*”Die Tante Von Amerika” is a book in German.

Above note made by translator.

The letter was written in script and Dad took it over to school and a woman who works in the Medical Library did the translating. She is German and had no problem reading the script. In fact she said it was very good.

Joyce Fitzrandolph visited with the Jegerlehners in November, after we had been there in July.

We plan to go back again next summer. We will have to get our bid in pretty soon, as to when we get our vacation. We are contemplating having the Librarian help us with our German. She is going to write our next letter to Fritz in German for us. The Senn referred to in the letter is the innkeeper who does the translating of our letters for Fritz.

[Editor’s note: Joyce FitzRandolph was Roscoe’s first cousin on the Yegerlehner side of the family.]

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Sometime in June 1966

Letter transcription:

Dear David & Bonnie:

I have been so occupied with myself and Dad I didn’t have time or presence of mind to get this in the mail in time for your anniversary. Dad is better – hasn’t had any temperature since Friday – and then very little. He says he is going to the hospital tomorrow morning. I told him the minute he leaves the house his vacation is over. This afternoon he is watching a ball game on T.V. He had said earlier he was going to burn trash this afternoon, but so far hasn’t made a move in that direction. I told him since he has never been ill he doesn’t know how to take care of himself while recuperating. I think he is beginning to believe he will

[page 2] have to go back to work at a little slower pace. I took the apt. book and marked no more across the top of each day (unless an absolute emergency). He has been in the house since last Wed. I have been answering the telephone and today for the first time he talked to anyone – gave Art a Rx for a patient. She called here and I relayed the symptoms to Dad and he prescribed. Mark and Shirley with their children stopped here yesterday on their way to Wards. Little David is growing and is developing much faster than either Becky or Kirk. Shirley said he could crawl. I put him down on the carpet and he did crawl. He is quite an eater. Shirley filled a bottle for him and had it ready to feed him when they

[page 3] left. She said he would take that without any coaxing. He also likes his vegetables, etc. Becky & Kirk make quite a fuss over him and he is a very good baby. They are coming back here tomorrow for lunch.

Here is a little anniversary gift. I thought you could probably find a place for it in your budget.

I am still going to Lafayette for therapy. Since I will be going to Evanston the 13th my trips to Lafayette will be over by then. I think I will be ready by then – that is have the correction my arm needs.

Bonnie, thanks for the itinerary of your parents. I am sorry we won’t be able to see them. Our time in Damascus will be about one week later.

Love Mother

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Going to the Hospital

Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Here is your tax return (intangibles) opened in error by Dad. I am trying to get ready to go to the hospital tomorrow and it seems I still have much to do (that won’t get done). Dad’s shirts, sox, underwear, etc., and the refrigerator are ready for my departure, but so far I haven’t done a few other things I did intend to do. I don’t think I told you about Mrs. Myers. She fell Tuesday evening in her kitchen and it took her a long time, she thought about 2 hours to inch into her bedroom and call for help. She called Dad and when he got there the doors were locked and he had to crawl in the window. I stopped to see her this evening and she said her arm (right) was still sore. She had used it to drag herself into the bedroom. She said it was so sore the next day or so she couldn’t use it. I told her she should think about entering a nursing home, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Dad said this evening if she wants to stay there he thinks that is the thing for her to do. He knows when a person of that age has to make a change against their will, it isn’t good. He has seen so many cases where persons have been dissatisfied when a change has been made. I just mentioned it to her, but after I talked to him this evening, I have decided not to mention it again. I told her I hadn’t mentioned it to you, but now I have.

[page 2] Your letter received today. I agree with you, but how can the powers that be, be made to see what seems to plain to us? It seems strange that after all the changes Morse has gone through, that we would agree with him now, but he does seem to make sense. However, I rather think he is not going to be listened to. I have so much to do, I think it would be better for me to try and get some of those things taken care of I have been trying to get done today, so I won’t have so much to look forward to (unhappily) when I come home.

Love Mother

What are you going to do with your furniture?

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The Doctor is Sick

[Editor’s note: While organizing more of Gladys’ correspondence, I found a envelope of letters from the spring of 1966.]

Letter transcription:

Dear David & Bonnie –

11 a.m. Thurs. After running a temperature for at least 24 hours, the Diclomycin must have chased the bugs away – at 10 o’clock the temperature was normal. I had called Dr. Gery this morning and we were ready to send Dad to a hospital in Lafayette, but after the temperature break we decided it wasn’t necessary. However I am to take a specimen to the laboratory when I go for my therapy in the morning. The cause of his trouble is a kidney & bladder infection. He had not told me he was having any difficulty, but I learned all about it when I got home yesterday and found him home and in bed. He isn’t going to do anything until next Tuesday – all appointments have been cancelled for the rest of this week. I went to bed late – got to sleep at about midnight and was taking temp and getting him some breakfast by 6 – which as you know is a little early for me – so now by 11 o’clock I feel a little done in, so think I will have myself a little siesta to restore some of my (pep – vigor – you name it) so called strength. Arvella is going to bring mail, etc., to me at noon. So I should get an hour in if the telephone doesn’t disturb me. Dad has not answered the telephone so you know he doesn’t feel good. Will keep you informed as to his progress. Save that article, and when you translate the letter return to me.

Love Mother

Letter from F. Ryser [translated via google translate – errors are my own]:

Dear Mrs. Yegerlehner,

Thank you for writing from March 19, 1966.

I am glad for them that they have succeeded in doing a European trip. I will gladly meet your wishes and provide you with supplemental brochures such as hotel price lists of Basel. I hope you will enjoy it in Switzerland.

With great respect
F. Ryser

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Last Day in Kentland

Letter transcription:

[Postmark – February 28, 1967]

Dear David & Bonnie –

I mailed Bonnie more thyroid gr. ½ – It is the same as the brown – just “uncoated.” The hospital had a “This is Your Life” party for us last Thurs. Quite a surprise for your Dad. He was quite pleased I am sure. The town is going to do something “really big” March 12. We, of course will be coming back, since we will be living in W. Lafayette by Fri. This is the last day in 103 N. 2nd St.

Love Mother

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Winter Storm

Letter transcription:

Sunday January 29, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

It happened at about 5 am on Friday. We were without lights for 27 hours. Also power to keep our gas furnace running. Dad couldn’t get out of the driveway. We finally managed with the help of Herb Schultz and Harold Oliver to get Mrs. Myers out here. We kept a fire going in the fireplace – and incidentally I didn’t burn all of the things in the corner – and kept half way warm. We made the folding couch into a bed and put Mrs. M. by the fireplace and heaped her with covers and she said she was warm as toast. We kept the fire going until nearly 11 o’clock. The next morning we got up early and started the fire again and the outside temperature was 12. We were able to cook with my old iron chicken fryer in the fireplace and I had stocked up on groceries on Thurs., so we had plenty to eat. I heard the grocery stores ran out of several items – like bread and milk. There were many people stranded in Kentland – all traffic was halted from all directions. All motel and hotel rooms were taken and about 100 people stayed in the gym and as far as I know some are still there. No traffic is allowed to go north, except people like Dad who went to the hospital Saturday and today. The National Guard brought in an auxiliary electric system and food so the gym was warm and food was provided for the stranded. Dottie McClure helped cook. I didn’t ask her who else was on kitchen duty. She told me she had stayed in the gym until 3 am Saturday to help service coffee, etc., to the National Guard and others. Dad says he thinks the guard brought in cots, so there was some provision for places to sleep. Even if there were no cots, at least the people there had warmth. I think probably every fireplace in Kentland was in use with more than one family gathered around. The Janssens have a camper and it is equipped with gas, so they slept in it. John spent the night in Hensley’s house keeping their fireplace going. They have been out of town for the past 3 weeks. Our John called and there was the same situation in Champaign – a breakdown in the electrical system. His house was cold, but he has a gas stove, so he could stay by the range with the oven turned on. He said the grocery store where he buys his supplies has an electric eye door, so he couldn’t get in there. He said he had enough groceries to last a day or so. We haven’t talked to him since Friday. During the time the electricity was off here, telephoning was limited to emergency calls. One other thing so when the electric power was off and the water tower was emptied, that was it. We had been told to prepare, so we had a few containers of water – so we could flush the toilet if the water did run out. I got up at 2:30 and looked to see if Mrs. M. was asleep – she was – and I put some more covers on her – and then I tried to get a drink – no water. We set up a card table by the fireplace and with three chairs in a semicircle kept fairly cozy during the emergency. It was awfully cold going to the bathroom. We thought we wouldn’t care to go back to the “good old days” before modern conveniences. I didn’t try to go to church this morning. Dad said there were paths through the town, but no place to park. The temperature has risen, but not above freezing since the storm hit. The sun did shine yesterday, but today we had more snow. Our TV aerial bent over so all we can get is Champaign. We have listened to the radio – WGN – and had heard this is the worst storm of the century. The expressways in Chicago are still jammed with stalled cars and trucks. People just have not been able to get their cars away from where they had to stop during the storm. O’Hare has been out of business for several days. The word was flights might be resumed today, but nothing definite. We had been told that the electrical repair job might be temporary, so we have kept Mrs. M. two nights and she is staying again tonight. Something happened to her apartment and it was (the furnace) cold until late this afternoon. Dad said he thought she had better just spend another night here to be sure the heating system is fixed properly. I have made the prediction that the town of Kentland will acquire an auxiliary system to take care of pumping water into the town tank in case of such another electrical failure.

I am planning to go to Lafayette again Friday and see a house for rent. We were called about it – the agent called us Thurs. We had just about decided to get a small apt., as we told you, but if this house is suitable, we probably will take it. Dr. Hensley is coming Thursday to talk business and possibly sign contract. He has been released from his contract at I.S. and will be here to take over the office Mar. 1. He also plans to come on Feb. 28 to be here a day or so before Dad leaves. Everyone here who has said anything about the change say they hate to lose us, but don’t blame Dad. They think it is time for hime to take it easy. Many of Dad’s patients say they are going to stay with Dr. H. Several of the OB have told Dad they are going to stay. I think Dr. H. knows he is getting a good thing. Dad told him if he would sit back and let the girls run the office they would make a living for him. It isn’t

[page 2] quite that simple, but I think he knows they will be a great help to him.

Love Mother

P.S. I will get your pills & spansules mailed next week – that is tomorrow – if I can get out of our driveway. I thought you might want the tax receipts. We saved some of the things you had in the corner – but did burn quite a bit. By the way, you had some of “my” books stored in there. That package from bookshelf was a bible dictionary and was sent to you so you could take advantage of the low price. I think I will just keep it for a while to see what they do next. I may write and tell them to send me postage if they want it back.

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