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Getting Aunt Ruth

1965-11-22-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

I am writing this in Wilmington. I have come to get Aunt Ruth. We plan to go back to Kentland in the morning. Mark & Shirley & children and John will come home for Thanksgiving and incidentally Dad’s birthday. I hope you remember to send Dad a remembrance. Mark & Shirley will go back home Friday but I think Aunt Ruth will stay and go to Clay City with us next Sunday. The High School is having an Alumni Tea and Dad said he would like to go. We haven’t been down to see any of the family this year so if we get to go we’ll visit relatives besides attending the Tea.

Yesterday we attended the open house for the parsonage and as I am on the Commission of Worship, took a part in the

[page 2] ceremony. Dr. Baily was in attendance. He asked me if you are attending Yale and of course I told him you are at B.U. and also assisting a history professor at Emerson—I think I put it this way, “he is attending B.U. and also teaching at Emerson.” Dr. Bailey complimented our congregation on the fine parsonage we have secured (and paid for). He said it was one of the best in the district—this is for our size church.

I asked Mrs. Myers to spend Thanksgiving Day with us, after Doris told me they were going to be out of town that day. She was a little hesitant about it, but I thought if she is able to come she shouldn’t be alone. She is a little discouraged about her recovery. I stopped to see her Fri. & Sat. and she was wearing her pjs & robe.

1965-11-22-gry-p-2-3[page 3] She did get dressed the day she had her hair washed and set. She still complains about not having any strength. At her age, that asthmatic attack didn’t do her any good.

Aunt Ruth has a very nice apartment with living room, kitchen, bath & 2 bedrooms. The heat is electric, which is very convenient. She as a good view, being on 2nd floor. I think she is quite settled here—she lives just across the street from Methodist Church but of course you know she attends Presbyterian.

Mark called us last night. Kirk had an ear infection and they took him to the Dr. They promised him he wouldn’t have to have a shot but the Dr. said the infection was so bad he should have a shot of penicillin. Kirk told us over the phone he had a shot.

1965-11-22-gry-p-4[page 4] Mark said he insisted on having a band aid on the place where he had the shot.

Aunt Ruth has color T.V. but there is something wrong with the aerel (sp.) and she doesn’t get the best reception.

We are going to see the local movie—if we decide it is worth seeing.

Love Mother

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Jealous of Kirk

1963-04-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Sat. the 9th, 1963

Dear David:

Just finished writing to John so thought I had better dash off a line to you.

We went to Chicago Thursday to visit some more travel agencies. I think Dad thought last night when we were spending the second night of going over travel folders that we had too much and it was beginning to get a little confusing, but I think we will be able to get something on paper before long. We found a travel agent we think is pretty good, so I think I will call her – she said to call her collect any time – and tell her what we want and have her fix a trip for us. Dad would like to go part way by ship. Except for the relaxation, I would rather go by air all the way, but since he likes sea travel I think we should go part way by sea.

We stopped to see Shirley and the children. You won’t know Kirk the next time you see him. We hardly knew him ourselves he has grown so much in the past month. Becky definitely does not want grandma to have anything to do with Kirk. When I would hold him she would insist that either her mother or poppa hold him, but not grandma. I don’t want her to be jealous of Kirk so it looks like I may have a problem on my hands until she gets a little older. She had a puzzle that she worked in a flash. Of course it was the most elementary kind, but she knew exactly where every piece belonged.

I presume you have heard from Dr. Bailey about a meeting you will have to attend to get your preaching permit – or whatever it is you have to attend the meeting for. I haven’t talked to Rev. Fields recently about you, but will try to see him tomorrow about when you will have to come home for the Board Meeting.

We are still in the grip of winter. The two days of balmy weather just served to melt some of the snow down and now we not only have snow, but ice and snow on our driveway and on most of the streets around town. Chicago was the dirtiest place I think I have seen this winter. There were still piles of snow, but it looked more like piles of coal. Kentland looked so clean when we got back here late in the afternoon. We had intended to make our trip to Chicago a little vacation outing, but one of Dad’s baby cases didn’t cooperate, so we hurried up there and back. We did stop at Tiebels long enough to eat on the way home.

Love Mother

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