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Holiday vs. School of Mission

1966-03-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

March 7, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie: Vas gipts zawnst?

Dad is getting a new Buick and he still has the rest of this month to use the rented Cadillac, so my car is in the garage this morning to have the door opener taken off and put on the new car. My car will sit out now until Apr. 1. Dad said he wanted to keep the new car in our garage until he is ready to use it. Just before Apr. 1 we will have to have door opener taken off the rented car and put on my Cadillac.

Mrs. Staton passed away Friday night and the funeral is this afternoon. She was 88, which is a pretty good age to attain even in the space age. Mr. Staton says he is going to stay where he is. He doesn’t look too good and I think at times he is a little fuzzy, but I suppose he will remain in his home as long as possible. I think he is about 95.

I was asked to take an office on the Conference level (Christian School Relations) but since we have already planned to leave here July 16 to go to Switzerland, I couldn’t see how I could attend School of Mission July 10 to 15. I am not that fast. I couldn’t get ready for a 5 ½ week holiday in one day, because that would be what I would have to do. Also there is so much running around connected with the Conference office. I would have to go to Madison, Wisconsin, one week in June (I wouldn’t mind that, but hate to leave Dad alone) but from past experiences I know I would be expected to attend more meetings than I think I want to attend.

Mrs. Myers didn’t have to have any teeth pulled. Dr. Limp said she just needed a filling in one and that the rest were solid as rocks, so she was quite happy about that. I stopped to see her Friday. I usually stop once or twice a week. I think she is feeling as good as can be expected, for one at her age and with her disability.

We are still in the air about our stereo. A field man is supposed to come and give it a look over sometime this week, and if he can’t find the trouble Sears is going to do what we want done. Sears sells a Fisher stereo under the name of Virtuoso and if the one we have can’t be made to sound right, we will get the Virtuoso. According to ratings Fisher makes the best.

I wrote to the McGraws some time ago, but haven’t heard from them. I thought we might be able to make some kind of connection while travelling.

The garage must have my car ready, so must get along and do my errands, etc.

Love Mother

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Golden Anniversary

1962-02-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Kentland, Indiana
February 19, 1962

Dear David: In your last letter you mentioned having a sore throat, but that you were taking some antibiotic. I hope you were able to get rid of it. I heard there was a lot of Flu in Bloomington. Sara told me that one day the temperature got up into the 70’s, but fell drastically the next. We are still having all kinds of winter weather. The Statons celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday and when I was ready to go we were having a freezing drizzle. I waited a while, but it wasn’t much better. The reception was held in the Pythion building. In spite of the weather, there was a large crowd.

Yesterday there were several accidents near Kentland. Dad was in the hospital all morning taking care of patients from the accidents. Last night there was another one and since I had intended to go to the hospital to check stock this morning, I went along last night. The roads were slick. The highways are in terrible condition from all the ice and snow we have had this winter. 16 is one continuous series of holes. I hope the highway dept. gets busy in our area as soon as possible.

The Jr. MYF is going to have a chili supper Saturday night (tournament time) to raise some money. I gave Mary Dye the chili receipt I had saved from the last MYF supper. Mary is going to be in charge of the supper. There are only 12 members in that MYF group.

I went to the church last night to a Bible study class. Several weeks ago Rev. Fields started a class and used The Unfolding Drama of the Bible. We had finished that one last week. He said if the class wanted to continue he was willing. At first there was a large group – 35 or more, but it has dwindled down to about 1/5 of that. There was 7 present last night besides Rev. Fields. We are not using a book now, but following an outline made by our teacher. A few people have learned that we have a good Bible teacher. Of course, a lot of our congregation aren’t interested.

We watched a program on TV last week that we thought very interesting. Mrs. Kennedy gave a tour of the White House. I do think they are doing a fine thing in trying to restore pieces that were in the White House years ago. Mrs. Kennedy has a committee working on the project and if they are only in the WH four years, her committee should be able to accomplish a lot. She told one thing which I thought had been a good idea – they got a law passed that thinks cannot be sold from the WH, as has been done in the past. So many of the pieces they are reclaiming now, which they think should belong to the WH were sold by different past presidents.

Dad got the shelves built in the work area and our bedroom. He still has to build shelves over the new washing machine and a cabinet around it. He thought he should get the lawn mower ready to roll, so worked on that Saturday night. He will be rolling the lawn at the first opportunity. Geo. V. asked me recently what kind of tree I would like to have. He is getting himself some magnolia trees, so I think I will tell him to bring one to us.

Let me know when to put $ in the bank for you. Did you know your National Homes has gone up. It had a bid last Friday of $10.50, which makes your stock worth $100 more than you paid for it. I don’t think you should sell just yet. Wait and give it a chance to climb some more. The new bucket shop is in operation. Dad visited it last Thursday. We haven’t been able to buy anything this year – that is on the market, since we bought 50 shares of bank stock. I think we are going to pick up a note at the bank for an individual here in town, so that will take all our ready cash in the near future. We will also need some money to do the remodeling on the office, as soon as weather permits.

Love Mother

Jeptha B. and Eva J. (Stockledger) Staton celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on February 21, 1962. Read the newspaper article here.

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