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David’s Diary – December 3, 1970

Thursday, 3 December 1970

Up about 9:00; the first thing I did after breakfast was to work on the bread—the bulk of the recipe had to be added, plus mixing, kneading. I put the dough into 2 bread pans to allow it to rise, then went off to other matters. I was concerned to get the letter to the Selectmen written—the one concerning the Project NUVA petition. When this was finished I turned my attention to getting the letter ready concerning pledges. I shaved after lunch. Peter Haskell came by to pick up the petition, and by midafternoon his mother came by with it—with a total of 50 signatures. I then took it down to the Selectmen’s office. Then I came home again and worked on the pledge letter. It was after 4 o’clock that I was finally ready to take it to the P.O. Debbie went with me. When we arrived home, Beck Bussey was also arriving—she stayed only a brief while. I had to go back to the P.O. in search of my fountain pen—which luckily was there. I helped with supper when I got home. Worked at my desk after eating—until 6:30—watched CBS news then. About 8:00 we went over to Lewis’s—wanted to show Carol the bread, which I’d baked between 1:00 and 1:45—we watched Ironsides + Odd Couple—shortly after 10:00 we headed home; desk work, also read a while in various things; OBLO 12:05.

Friday, 4 December 1970

Up at 9:00. After breakfast was finished, Bonnie prepared to go shopping, I got to work on my sermon, i.e., revising one that is 2 years old. Debbie played in her room. The mail man brought a letter from David Watson, and the pictures, black + white, which I’d mailed in last Sunday afternoon. The bulk of this roll is to be sent to Esther Norwood in California. I made some progress on the sermon by the time Bonnie got home, shortly after noon. We had lunch, then she left for work. Debbie went down for a nap, I returned to work on the sermon. It was my main concern for the afternoon. I finished it in time to work on the bulletins; late in the afternoon I alternated working on the bulletins and working on supper. I finished them by the time Bonnie came home, and we ate as soon as she arrived. After supper I worked at my desk. I’d taken a break in the afternoon to write a letter to David Watson. I included 3 photos in it. After watched CBS news etc, I returned to work at my desk. Bonnie went off to visit with Carol Lewis and practice songs. She was gone til after 10:00. I got caught up on paper work and got my desk put in order. I also started another batch of bread—read some in Fanny Farmer about making improvements; bathed about 11:00. OBLO, read: LO, 12:10.

Saturday, 5 December 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved (2 days worth), went to the post office with the letter to David Watson. When I got back home I turned my attention to the bread—the sour dough was rising during the night. I finished the recipe, kneaded, put in bread pans, put it on radiator. Then I turned to desk work—had several things to do—had to finish preparing the service, write comment re: stewardship and pledges; write Mrs. Myers; prepare for my presentation at Medford; prepare a quiz for my Sunday School class. I spent the afternoon working on these things—and into the evening. I put the bread into the oven about 3 o’clock—two more beautiful loaves. I worked on supper about 5:00—we had a delightful steak—and we introduced Debbie to eating by candlelight—she though that something was wrong. She made comments about the light being broken and pointed to the switch. We have angel chimes which tingle when the four candles are lit—so we ate most of supper with these going. During the evening we watched the Peanuts Christmas Special—and for most of this she sat watching the TV—Bonnie did some sewing (a cushion for the deacons bench), I work[ed] on Medford presentation, revised sermon ending; bathed about 11:00; OBLO c. midnight.

Sunday, 6 December 1970

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast, prepared to greet my class—4 girls showed up. We had a quiz on the Matthew Christmas story, then read it. I headed for the church at about 10:30. Had a moderate sized crowd—preached on “Christmas According to St. Matthew.” I couldn’t spend much time hanging around after the service was over. By 12:30 I was on the road to Medford. Got there just before 1:30—ate my lunch in the car. Lawry Reid greeted me; I led one small discussion group—a part of that congregation’s Advent preparations. The group was small (5 including Lawry) but most of them were really very perceptive and on the ball in their thinking. The discussion was over at 2:45—and I was on my way home by about 3:00. Got home about 4:00. I didn’t try to work, I just climbed into bed—no sleep however. About 5:00 I got up—we had supper shortly thereafter. After supper I did some desk work. About 7:00 we took Debbie to Patriquins, then went to Lewis’ for play reading; we read Ring Around the Moon[1]—rather mediocre—although this might be an unfair judgment based on one reading; home about 11:30 after picking up Debbie. Snow fall this morning—“What happened!?” I asked Debbie—thus she referred to the snow as “happen,” bathed; OBLO 12:25 Θ+

[1] Ring Around the Moon

David’s diary, December 6, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 29, 1970

Sunday, 29 November 1970

What a full, full day! Up about 9:00, had breakfast, shaved—left for the church shortly after 10:00—got things set up for the baptism, arranged banners—fair sized crowd turned out—Baptized Jennifer Lee Sullivan; preached on “Forgive Us Our Xmases.” Home about 12:45; mom had lunch all ready. After eating I dashed off a letter to Mrs. Myers—then took mom + dad up to the garden. After I brought them back I set out to finish taking the roll of black + white film that was in the camera—took photos of areas Esther Norwood would be interested in seeing. I got back in time to take the film out of the camera, re-load with color and take two pictures of mother. We left here shortly after 5:00. Drove to Logan airport—traffic rather heavy at times. We got to Logan about 4:15—I left everyone off at American Airlines, then parked the car—then rejoined them. We stayed with the folks until they boarded the plane shortly before 5:00. Debbie was very upset to have them go. We then drove down to Avon to see grandma—again through heavy traffic—she hadn’t been able to come up for Thanksgiving, so we wanted to see her. Merle was there; we had a small supper, and then visited for part of the evening. But by 9:30 we got on the road again; traffic had subsided substantially; we got home about 11:15—then OBLO 11:35.

Monday, 30 November 1970

[Top panel:  one photo of Debbie asleep in her room on the floor, called treasurer in Boston]

Up about 9:50. After breakfast I worked on preparing my article for the Eagle; when the mail came I spent some time with it—there was a long letter from Pat Harry in England—a very chatty and cheerful letter—it was good to hear from her. After reading her letter I took the article to the Eagle office, then stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit—I found two insurance inspectors there looking over the building. I got home shortly after 12:00. We had lunch, Bonnie went to work, Debbie played in her room til she finally ran out of steam and fell asleep. I became involved in figuring out the 1970-1971 figures for apportionments and benevolences—finally called Terry Thomason in Boston for enlightenment. About 3:30 Margaret Reilly came by—I’d been expecting her; she read Pat’s letter, we had tea and she did me the favor I’d asked—gave me her opinion of the rental value of the parsonage (which I have to include in a report) $300-350 per month. Shortly after she left I put supper in the oven, read the paper til Bonnie got home, then we had supper. After which relaxed, watched CBS news. Bonnie left for Chorus rehearsal, I put Debbie to bed, spent some time on the phone, then spent the evening reading on OT problems. Trying to get into the swing of concentrated study again; bathed about 11:00; read more  OBLO, midnight.

Tuesday, 1 December 1970

Up about 9 o’clock after Θ, did desk work, then set out on some errands. I went to St. Mary’s—left off COCU pamphlets, then went to Ed Nutting’s office—gave him pamphlets too—and he signed the petition re: money for project NUVA. Came home, Bonnie then went off on errands, then when she got home about 11:45 I went back to St. Mary’s; Bamforth was out of conference, so could sign my petition. From there I went to the Dangerfield residence on Marmion way; she’s involved in the League of Women Voters and will help get signatures on the petition—several league members at her home at the time signed. Came home, had lunch—Debbie played in her room, and I turned to studying after attending to other details. Yesterday I read the article by C. R. North on Pentateuchal criticism in Rowleys OT and Modern Study volume. I’ve been concerned with rereading it with great care, taking notes today. About 4:45 I stopped with this and worked on supper. We ate when Bonnie got home; then from about 6:00–6:30 I read again; 6:30 watched CBS news. At 7:30 I went to see Roger Smith re: apportionment figures; home about 8:15; worked on reports to be given to DS tomorrow. Then turned again to reading. Bonnie found enough energy to bake a squash pie, which we had as a snack; bathed about 11:00; read a while; OBLO 12 midnight.

Wednesday, 2 December 1970

Up about 7:00—ugh! Shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly after 8:00—picked up Jim Bussey outside Wesley Church in Gloucester. We went to Broadway Meth. Ch. in Lynn—for a pastors’ meeting with the D.S. Had a chance to see Don McGaw for a while. The D.S.’s main concern was to communicate “bread and butter” issues—i.e., info about pensions, insurance, church matters relating to money. There was an opportunity for a lot of discussions and questions. This meeting didn’t break til almost noon. He also covered special matters which he wants us to pursue, and the upcoming charge conferences. From there I went to Christ Church U.M.—Don gave me some pledge cards—then Jim + I headed back to Cape Ann. I left him at his house, then went to Norman office supply for envelopes. Came home, relaxed had lunch. Then I set off on errands; delivered envelopes to Mrs. Cooney for addressing; spent a while conferring with Homer + Sadie, then went to see Carol Lewis—she gave me the sour dough starter. Came home, worked on pledge letter, looked at paper. Had supper after 5:00—worked some on pledge letter finished it before 6:30 watched CBS evening news and other TV until 8:00. Took stencil of pledge letter to Homer, then to Roger Smith for signatures; picked up NUVA petition from Mrs. Dangerfield. Came home, made—or began process—sour dough bread; bathed, then tried to study for a while; too weary; OB, read; LO, 10:45.

David’s diary, December 2, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 25, 1970

Wednesday, 25 November 1970

Up by 9 o’clock. Had breakfast—my cold was still with me—in the mornings the congestion is worst—so I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. After breakfast the folks and Bonnie were interested in going grocery shopping. I made a quick trip to the church to turn on the heat for working there in the afternoon. When I got home they left, Debbie stayed here—played in her room. The mail man arrived—but not much of interest. When Bonnie and the folks arrived back I helped put the groceries away. Then I spent some time in my study. It was sometime in the morning that I hung the color print of the painting by Hans Hoffman that I bought at the Harvard Coop yesterday: “Song of the Nightingale” —I put it above my desk. After lunch I stretched out for a while, then about 1:30 went down to the church—the afternoon was spent making banners for Advent. About 2:30 3 of the girls in my Sunday School class joined me. Got home about 5:00—helped with supper. Shaved before eating; after supper I worked on the prayer for this evening’s service. Got to the Baptist church about 7:45; Dean Geo Peck from Andover Newton gave a fine sermon. We picked up Debbie [at] Lewis’ afterwards—folks got to meet them; came home, showed slides; had snack; Bathed about 11:00. Read in bed for a while. OBLO, 12:30.

Song of the Nightingale by Hans Hoffman (Image courtesy of http://www.wikiart.org)

Thursday, 26 November 1970

Up after 9:00. Had breakfast; put the turkey in the oven. I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—the notice about the Joint Sunday School had been on it for weeks, but now I wanted an announcement about Jennifer Lee’s baptism which is coming up this Sunday; while I was at the church I did a little more work on the banners. When I came home I retreated to my study, did some reading in Playboy and Newsweek. We had our Thanksgiving dinner about 1:00—very delicious. Then I retreated to my study again and spent a good part of the afternoon working through one section of Eissfeldt’s Introduction on Deuteronomy. As I was about to finish with it, Bonnie and the folks went out for a walk. Debbie was in her room—we didn’t know whether she’d been sleeping, but we weren’t prepared to get us all together for the walk—so I stayed with Debbie, played with her for a while in her room. When Bonnie and the folks got back we fixed some supper—just snacked on leftovers from noon. The evening was spent watching the tube—News—then for the major part, 8:00 to 11:00 we watched “Oklahoma”—I’d seen it on the screen several years ago, but it was fun to see it again; watched news; OBLO c. 11:40.

Friday, 27 November 1970

[Top panel: Black + White photos of RSY, Bonnie, church]

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved (2 days worth)—I first of all put some thought into preparing the petition to the selectmen re: an article in the town warrant for Project NUVA money. When the mail came I spent some time with it—a letter from Bishop Mathews to the effect that he can preach at a Sunday morning service on March 14—great news! Also a box of slides came. Right before lunch I went to the church to turn on the heat and to take a few photos. When I got home we had lunch; at 12:45 Mom and I took Bonnie to work, then we stopped in Gloucester to get mimeo-paper—also I did some browsing in Browns. Came home, then I went to Ornes to confer on various items of church business—and to take their picture. (These photos are for a packet to send to one of our elderly members in California who hasn’t been in Rockport for years). From the Ornes I then came home briefly—left for the church to work on banners. Jim Bussey came by about 5:30 to take some of the banners to his church—he helped me put some new ones up. Came home; had supper, watched CBS news; watched a UNICEF program on TV—dated + numbered the new box of slides; we viewed them; most of the evening I helped mother type genealogy stencil—then ran it off; OBLO c. 12:30  Θ

Saturday, 28 November 1970

[Top panel: pictures of Debbie in her room—deacons bench]

When I looked at my watch this morning it was 10:10—we got up immediately. After breakfast the mail came—another qualifying book arrived. About 11:30 Bonnie and mother set off shopping. Dad, Debbie and I stayed home. He read, went for a walk; Debbie played and I worked on my sermon, i.e., copying and revising slightly my sermon from 1968 on the 1st Sunday in Advent. About 12:30 Dad + I had lunch, then I shaved, went back to work on the sermon. About 2:40 Bonnie + mother arrived home (Bonnie had a new winter coat), then I went off on my errands for the afternoon. Had to take photos of Bertha Wicky, Esther Longley, Esther Swan. Went from Bertha’s home to the Den-Mar. From there I went to Jerry + Carol Lewis’—bought the peace medalion for mother which Jerry had just finished making. Stayed about ½ hour there, then went to see Rip Hannibal, and on to see Lucy Patience from there; I took her picture too. Came home—we then very shortly had supper. After supper I spent the evening working on tomorrow’s service. Had to do bulletins and prepare for the baptism of Jennifer Lee Sullivan—baptisms are few and far between. Also had a chance to visit some with the folks; bathed; practiced sermon. OBLO 12:50

David’s Diary, November 28, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 21, 1970

Saturday, 21 November 1970

Wasn’t able to get to sleep last night; I got up about 1:30, read until about 2:30—then went back to bed—although I still didn’t get to sleep immediately. So I was [not] too enthusiastic about getting up this morning, although I was up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved. We wanted to get down to the church for the W.S.C.S. Fair. Bonnie + Debbie were ready before I was, so they went on—I followed a little later. I took my camera along to the church, to photograph the 2 new banners in the sanctuary—then I mailed the film away to be processed. Came on home, spent some time with the mail; Bonnie went to Gloucester with Debbie to do errands. About 11:30 I went back to the church to have lunch at the Wesleyan Fellowship Luncheon. I also wandered around a lot—then did a little to help clean up. But I came home about 2:00. With so little sleep last night I was pretty tired—so I slept. Bonnie, Debbie + I—we were all out, until about 5:00. Then we slowly came to life again. We fixed a simple supper. Then I went to my study to work at my desk. We also put Debbie’s room back to normal, i.e., we’ve made enough progress with the pottie training to put back the carpet + the big bed (D. has been sleeping in the crib); I spent the evening working on the service, clearing away desk work, phone calls; had snack too; bathed about 11:00; relaxed, read; OBLO, 11:41.

Sunday, 22 November 1970

Up shortly before 8:30—quick breakfast, shaved, practiced part of my sermon before my Sunday school class arrived—had 5. We finished the story of Ruth, then read the story of Abigail. I got to the church about 10:40—had a good sized crowd, almost 40. I preached on the theme, “Thanksgiving for Things Unseen”—we were home by about 12:30. Fixed lunch, then relaxed—I also wrote a letter to Mrs. Myers. Mother suggested that I begin again to write her once a week. I also put a copy of this morning’s bulletin in the envelope. I took the letter to the P.O.—came home and gave in to the temptation to nap. Slept until about 5:00. Then I read briefly on Deuteronomy. Bonnie expressed a desire for Sweet and Sour Pork—so we called up Drue to ask about a Chinese restaurant—the closest one is in Gloucester—China Port at Grant Circle. So we went over there—had a marvelous meal, altho the atmosphere was hardly “chinese” —pretty Americanized. We got home before 7:30. Relaxed, gave Debbie her bath. About 8:00—after putting Debbie to bed, we started trying to reach Paul and Marty—but no success all evening—either no answer or all circuits were busy. Finally gave up about 11:15. I worked on Deuteronomy all evening—in von Rad, Weiser, finished rereading Deut itself; no bath; OBLO, 11:37.

Monday, 23 November 1970

Up before 9:30, had breakfast. One of my errands was to take 200 Thanksgiving bulletins (blank) over to Ernie Bailey, who’s in charge of the Community Thanksgiving Service. After I got home I did some reading on Deuteronomy before the mail arrived. The post man brought New English Bible—OT and Apocrypha, plus several hundred pamphlets on COCU. I then read, until Bonnie got home from shopping. We had lunch. I had to take Bonnie to work—so Debbie went along. Then when we got home we had about 45 minutes before having to leave for the garden. I tried to rest; Debbie used the pottie chair, with toys in it! —so that had to be cleaned up. We got to the garden about 2:15—huge pile of manure had to be spread over the garden. I was joined by Carol Lewis and Barbara Cornell. —and later Ann Fisk. It was hard work, but good exercise, or so I tell myself. It certainly aggravated my head cold. I’d suffered mainly from some congestion—but after getting home really had runny nose. Grandmother Fisk took care of Debbie during the working. We went directly to the hospital. When we got home we fixed supper, then relaxed, watched CBS news—Bonnie went to community chorus rehearsal. When she got home we wrapped Christmas presents for the folks to take back to Indiana for everyone; bathed about 11; OBLO 11:45.

Tuesday, 24 November 1970

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Had breakfast, then turned to working at my desk, played with Debbie for a while. I had hoped to get some reading done, but my head cold was leaving me rather weak and lethargic—and I felt more like resting since I had so much ahead of me today. I spent some time with the mail when it arrived—Nat’l Geographic. Then about noon we fixed lunch. Margaret Reilley arrived about 12:40 to take care of Debbie. Bonnie and I left about 1:00. I left her at the hospital, then headed for Boston. I arrived at BU just about 2:00. I went to the bookstore, bought a copy of Playboy, went to the BUST library, did some xeroxing, got a mail box, then headed down to the Copley Square area. I had called ahead to a bookstore and they had 2 books of I.F. Stone which I wanted. I picked them up, then headed to Cambridge, to Harvard Coop. Found one book of interest for Carol Lewis for Christmas—about 4:45 I headed back to Boston—to the English Room for supper. From there I went to Logan airport, arrived about ½ hour before Folk’s arrival time. They arrived just about on time, we headed for Rockport, got here about 8:15. Visited, ate, told them about Bonnie being pregnant. Played with Debbie, visited; OBLO, 11:50.

David’s Diary, November 24, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 17, 1970

Tuesday, 17 November 1970

Up about 8:15; had breakfast, shaved off a 2-day beard; we had to be ready to greet visitors at 9:00: Homer Orne and Lawrence Swan came over to work on the kitchen faucet. I didn’t let them keep me from working; they were in and out a couple of times to get supplies. During the morning I went down to St. Mary’s to confer briefly with Richard Bamforth—I proposed his congregation joining with the Congo’s + Methodists for a COCU union Sunday morning service in the spring, with Bishop Mathews as speaker. He was willing. Other than this one trip out, I tried to get reading done in Deuteronomy. We had lunch during the noon hour and Bonnie left for work. After a while Debbie went down for her nap and I read until I got drowsy—napped a while. About mid-afternoon I called Bishop Mathew’s office; I discovered that he doesn’t have a free Sunday morning until 1972! However, his secretary suggested a Sunday evening in May—and perhaps a Sunday morning in March if some switching can be done. The rest of the afternoon I spent on Deuteronomy—I had supper [ready] when Bonnie got home; we ate, watched CBS news; at 7:30 I went to St. Mary’s for the Joint Church Committee meeting—had a good meeting, we were out by 9:30. Came home, relaxed, had a snack. Bathed about 10:30. OBLO 11:04.

Wednesday, 18 November 1970

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast—Homer Orne and Lawrence Swan arrived to do further work on the kitchen faucet; I occupied myself writing to the Bishop asking him to come to Rockport for a union worship service in the spring. When this was done I went to the Post Office with it; I also stopped at the church and turned the heat on—so that I could work on the banners in the afternoon. After I got home I had to go out again. I took Debbie for a brief walk; we went down to Mrs. Cooney to give her the Thanksgiving envelopes to address, then we went to Richdales for milk, then home—Debbie went right to bed for a nap. The mail had arrived, and while I was looking at it the mail man also delivered a box of books from Cokesbury, the ones I’d ordered for Christmas gifts—only one was missing and is to be shipped later. After lunch I went to the church and spent the afternoon working on two banners (based on the themes “Thanks Be To Thee O Lord” and “I Am the bread of Life”; got home shortly before 5:00. We had supper, then vegetated before the TV—we are being fond of The Storefront Lawyer; at 9:00 I went to Lewis to pick up sticks for the banners which Jerry prepares. Home shortly after 10:00; relaxed. Bathed  OBLO 11:15  Θ

Thursday, 19 November 1970

[Top panel: called Whittemore]

Up by 8:30—we were again paid a visit by Lawrence Swan and Homer Orne—finally, after 3 visits the faucets in the kitchen seem to be working properly. I shaved before they arrived, had breakfast. I was concerned to get my Thanksgiving Letter out today. Mrs. Cooney came by with the addressed envelopes. I wrote the letter, typed the stencil, ran it off. Then I got most of them signed. We had lunch at the noon hour. I finished signing them; about 1:00 I went to pick up Carol Lewis. She came over to help finish up the banners; I finished work on the letters, however, before we did that: folding, stuffing, stamping. We went to the church, did what painting and finishing touches were necessary—then we put them up. We had a cup of tea with Bonnie when all was completed. Then I took Carol home about 4:30. Came home—exhausted; I stretched out for a few minutes before beginning work on supper. After supper I relaxed. My call to Mac White was returned; he’ll be able to preach for me on Feb. 7—the day of Charge Conference. We watched CBS news. At 7:30 went to Patriquins. I had a brief session with Drue and Sully re baptism of Jennifer; watched Ironsides—then we had mug-up together; it was a very enjoyable evening. Home about 10:15. Relaxed; bathed; OBLO  11:15

Friday, 20 November 1970

Up about 9:30 after Θ—the first thing that I did was write the first paragraph of my sermon, since I’d been thinking about it before getting up. After breakfast I turned to upstraightening in my study—and I spent some time with the mail when it arrived, i.e., Life magazine. Bonnie did some housework in the morning, but it left her utterly exhausted, so I got lunch together—she left for work about 12:45—Debbie played in her room for a while before dropping off to sleep. I relaxed, read some in the Reader’s Digest—then got to work on my sermon in earnest—this was my main concern for the rest of the afternoon, and I finished the rough draft just about the time supper needed to be started. I had it ready about the time Bonnie got home. We ate, then relaxed, watched CBS news. About 7:30 I got back to work on the sermon, i.e., writing out the final copy. I finished with this shortly after 9:00—then did the bulletins, which I had done by 10:30. Debbie is coming along very well on the toilet training; she now has the idea that she has to pull her pants down before using the pottie. Her vocabulary continues to grow; yesterday she said “paperboy” very clearly—and she chanted it today when we reminded her about it. Bonnie’s grandmother called tonight; they’ll try to make it for Thanksgiving. Bathed; read  OBLO 11:45.

David’s Diary, November 20, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 13, 1970

Friday, 13 November 1970

Up shortly before 10:00. Had a hearty breakfast, then turned to reading—in von Rad’s commentary on Deuteronomy. I spent some time with the mail when it arrived. I didn’t eat any lunch when Bonnie did about 12:30, because I’d had such a large breakfast. Debbie went down for a nap and I settled down to write my sermon. This took the afternoon, but I had it finished by the time I had to start supper. I had supper almost ready when Bonnie got home. We ate, relaxed, watched part of CBS news. But we left before it was over—we took Debbie over to Jerry and Carol, then went to Gloucester to see “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”—a movie of just plain slapstick—but loads of fun—pure escapist entertainment. We got back to Lewis’ about 10:30 and spent about 45 minutes with them. They now have Carol’s loom set up in the basement and she has been weaving for the last couple of days, making scarves. Jerry and Carol are really two very talented individuals—he rebuilt the loom—is quite skilled. Carol also gave us some tips on making bread. We headed home about 11:15—relaxed, got our baths; stormy night—high wind, heavy rain. OBLO, 12:20.

Saturday, 14 November 1970

Up about 9:15—shaved (2 days worth) had breakfast—I had intended to put my sermon into final draft this morning, but I got side-tracked ordering some things concerning Planned Parenthood. But I finally got to the sermon about 11:00—and worked on it straight through til after 1:00. Then we stopped to get lunch. This was finished about 2:00, at which time I prepared to go calling. I went to see John Wicky—for about an hour—as usual had a pleasant visit with Bertha. From here I drove up to Hannibals, but no one was home, so I went to see Lucy Patience. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so I stayed an hour and a quarter. Then I came home and helped Bonnie prepare supper. Debbie hadn’t had a nap all day, so she went to bed right after supper. I turned to working on the bulletins. When I finished with this I tended to work on my desk, then went downstairs to prepare and rehearse the whole service. Practiced the sermon. Then Bonnie and I had a snack together. We decided to get to bed early; I read through the book of Ruth (as preparation for my Sunday School lesson) while she bathed; then I got my bath—then we headed to bed; OBLO 10:50.

Sunday, 15 November 1970

Up about 8:15. I practiced my sermon, shaved, dressed. My class of 5 arrived about 9:30. We read most of the book of Ruth. Then about 10:40 I left for the church. A miserable day, rain fog drizzle cold, but we had a moderate crowd—I preached on drug abuse, part III in the series “a Trilogy of Crises”; the Marrs were back from Scotland last Sunday, but they weren’t there today. We wondered why. The banners? The announced topic? Who knows. We got home from church about 12:30, prepared lunch. Debbie was exhausted from a morning [at] play at Sunday School, so she went down for a nap immediately. I immediately started writing letters after lunch. First I wrote to Bonnie’s folks, with the news that she is pregnant; then I came in to nap for a while; Θ; after a while I got up, wrote a letter to David Watson. Then we began to think about supper. Then I went down to Richdales for bread, milk and a pie. I fixed supper when I got home, i.e., put part of it in the oven. Then I began a letter to Mrs. Myers. After supper I continued on this letter until about 7:00—I then left for Gloucester, picked up Virginia Bate on the way—we went to Concerned Citizens Annual Meeting—home about 10:30. Bonnie and I had a snack, I worked further on the letter to Mrs. Myers. Bathed; OBLO 12:55.

Monday, 16 November 1970

[Top panel: mailed letters to Mrs. Myers, Bonnie’s folks, David Watson.  Several photos of Debbie 2¼ years old today]

Had a difficult time getting to sleep last night, so getting up this morning wasn’t easy. Breakfast wasn’t over with until after 10:00. I then turned to getting my letter to Mrs. Myers finished; also wrote my brief article for the Eagle. About 11:45 I went over to see Ed Nutting to confer on tomorrow evening’s Joint Church Committee meeting; also wanted to get his feelings on a union service sometime in the spring with Bishop Mathews as preacher. From his office I went to the Eagle office on South Street; then came home in time for Bonnie to get to work. After she’d left and with Debbie playing continually in her room, I had my lunch, tried to give some thought to two more banners to make for next Sunday on a Thanksgiving Theme. After eating I got my desk straightened up and organized a box-full of bulletin inserts which arrived this morning in the mail. Finally I got around to reading Deuteronomy. About 4:30 I began working on supper, read the newspaper. Not long after Bonnie got home we ate; finished in time for CBS news—about 7:30 Bonnie left for Chorus rehearsal; I put Debbie down for the night about 8:00, then returned to working on Deuteronomy. Bonnie got home about 9:30; we had a snack, then I returned to studying, no bath; OBLO 11:20.

David’s Diary, November 16, 1970

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David’s Diary – November 9, 1970

Monday, 9 November 1970

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved. The first item of business was to get my article written for the Eagle. Then after the mail arrived, I went over to the Eagle office. From there I went to the Town Clerk’s office to find out the procedure for getting an article in the town warrant re: funds for Project NUVA—came home, conferred with Jack Roberts on the phone. It was then about noontime, so I helped with lunch—i.e., I got it Bonnie still feeling lousy—she’s got cold, cough, sore throat—plus nausea. After eating, I took Debbie with me down to Tucks—we for prescriptions filled for cough med + nausea pills. I relaxed briefly after getting back, then at 2:00 Hazel Brady arrived; we then picked up the Ornes, drove to First Methodist Church in Melrose—got there shortly after 3:00—Bishops Day on the District. This was over about 5:00—the Bishop talked a long while, then answered questions. Got home about 6:00. Had supper—Bonnie had eaten before I arrived. Watched CBS news—had to clean up the dishes. My evening was spent on desk work and getting Debbie to bed. About 10 o’clock I went over to Busseys to get their vaporizer—for Bonnie. We had a snack when I got home; Bonnie went to bed, I read the newspaper; OBLO c. midnight.

Tuesday, 10 November 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast. Today it was hard to get going—I was scheduled to begin study again on the Qualifying Exam—but I lacked ambition. When the mail was delivered I read I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly. The mail man also brought Vol II of R. H. Charles Apocrypha + Pseudepigrapha—I ordered both volumes—the other one will probably arrive soon—they came from Blackwell’s in Oxford. Bonnie did some work in the early morning, then rested the latter part. We fixed lunch around noon—the news carried the report of the death of Charles deGaulle. Bonnie was feeling well enough to go to work—after she left Debbie went down for a nap—I napped briefly too. Then finally I turned to studying—although it was hard to keep at it. Late in the afternoon I turned to work on supper—and Bonnie got home early. We ate about 6:00—watched CBS news. About 7:30 the Administrative Board arrived—i.e., 7 of them—nothing unusual or dramatic happened. Jean Crowell reported the dollar figure on the Fund for Reconciliation—$1571.50 has been collected, i.e., about 58½% and the half-way point chronologically won’t be reached for about 4 or 5 months yet. The meeting was over about 9:00; after everyone had left we relaxed, then I turned again to studying for a short while; bathed; relaxed; OBLO 12:07.

Wednesday, 11 November 1970

A rather non-productive day—up about 9:30—did a little studying in the morning, but for the most part greatly bothered by lethargy. We had lunch about noon. Then early in the afternoon we went over to Gloucester—one of Bonnie’s colleagues at work has a humidifier he wants to sell, and Bonnie would like one—to help her avoid sore throats. So we went to his home, picked it up—spent some time talking about and looking at his aquariums. We then came on home—a huge fire was burning out of control several blocks away—we could see the huge column of smoke. When we got home we were all exhausted—so we celebrated the holiday by sleeping—sacked out until about 5:00! Then I fixed supper—since Bonnie thought she’d get nauseated if she tried to. After supper we relaxed, watched CBS news—Storefront Lawyers[1] Then I got to studying; I’m working on Deuteronomy. I have selected 6 or 7 areas of OT study to concentrate on in the next few weeks, preparing for retaking the exam: Deut; Pentateuchal criticism; Daniel; prophets; Ezra-Neh; Psalms; Qumran. I kept to studying—except for coffee break until about 11:00; then I made out orders to Cokesbury + Whittemores—my Christmas shopping; bathed about 12:30. relaxed, read, OBLO 1:22.

Thursday, 12 November 1970

Didn’t get up til about 9:30—after Θ. Shaved the first thing—2 days worth, then had breakfast. Slowly proceeded to studying—after going to the post office to mail my orders to Cokesbury and Whittemores. The mail man brought vol I of Charles Apocrypha + Pseudepigrapha—vol II had arrived on Tuesday. I went through all the mail, and went about putting my bookplates in the Charles volumes—also wrote a check to Blackwells. We had lunch, then I did some photographing of the Charles set—took 3 slides to incorporate into my Dead Sea Scroll talk. Then Debbie and I went out shopping. Bonnie was exhausted—needed a nap—so I decided to get Debbie out of the house. We went to Mals, then to Stop + Shop. Came home, put the groceries away, then Debbie and I went up to see Rip Hannibal. When we got back from there I tried to get back to reading, but there were distractions. About 5:15 I went down to Richdales for bread + milk. At 5:45 Dick Bamforth picked me up—we went over to Gloucester to the Gonzaga retreat center on Easter Point [2]—a dinner for Protestant Clergy. We had to leave the discussion early—about 7:30—when I arrived home Bonnie went to a Sund.ay School Teacher meeting—I watched TV, we had a snack when she got home—then I read. OBLO  c. 11 o’clock.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storefront_Lawyers

[2] Named after St. Aloysius Gonzaga: https://easternpoint.org/?page_id=792

David’s Diary, November 12, 1970

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