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More snow (Gladys)

1943-02-13Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is cold, the sun is shining & it’s snowing if you can feature all that. Can’t see very far away because of the white haze but once it a while the sun comes thru – Now the snow is flying all ways. I am getting a box ready to send today. Mrs. Plummer wanted to send something so gave me a dollar to get something – I will just use it to pay for what I put in. Dorothy gave me the can of chicken bones. I am leaving them in the can so they will get to you intact. Betty & Buddy are here this afternoon. M & Buddy are working on airplanes. John & Betty listening to opera. Irene asked me if they could borrow your big desk to use at the factory until they can buy one. I told her if she could get it away from Newell Lamb – but I wouldn’t sell it. David bumped his head against my glasses and broke the temple piece off, but I have them glued with Mark’s airplane glue. I think they will last a while. Sorry you have missed so many letters. Didn’t keep copies so haven’t any idea what I wrote. As I have repeated several times Agnes M talked to a Fed. Man about our 41 taxes and he advised not to pay now. She wrote in when she sent in the form for the last payment and had an answer so you needn’t worry about it. I’ll send you the info about the ’43 next week. I told you before Mrs. James hasn’t been very well this winter. Has just had the flu. She has been taking liver shots all winter but doesn’t seem to pick up much. I hope we have had all the colds we will have for this winter. All fine now.

Love Mother

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Eight letters this week (Gladys)

1943-02-04Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- No letter today but have had eight this week – the last dated Jan 27. Can’t say much about the weather today – not bad but may get cold by evening. I got the figures down on paper to give to Agnes and also the tax blank came today for the Federal. After Agnes gets it figured will send you the am’t. I am not paying the bal. of ’41 as I have told you before but have bought bonds to take care of it if and when – Just paid bills and with Feb. check deposited have a balanced of a little over 200⁰⁰. There is nothing to be paid now and your next Hancock which comes in Apr. Mailed our pictures registered letter today. Found some sardines (4 cans) and if I can find two or three more will send a box. Mrs. Plummer wants to send something in this time. I saw Mrs. Tobias and she said Marvel Byfield is talking about going into some branch of service. Geo & the other brother are both in – back to finance – when your uniform money comes I will pay the Ins. loans – but can’t pay much on them unless I get the uniform money. I don’t want to get too low with the bank bal – besides our monthly bond (I have bought one for each month) and the boys each have one I bought 6 – $37⁵⁰ and that took some of that surplus. I have repeated this several times. Had the piano moved out of the den – and none too soon – after taking up the rug I noticed the floor bulged in front of the piano – evidently the piano’s weight sagged the floor where it sat. There is a definite slope to the floor now. We are all feeling good. John is practicing sax and Mark is looking at airplane model books and David is asleep. Mother piecing quilt. Boomershine is in Navy now. Lt (jg).

Love – Mother

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Re-read your six letters (Gladys)

1943-02-01 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Re-read your six letters rec’d today so I could think a little better in answering. Don’t worry about the taxes. I am buying bonds – besides one each month have 6 – 37⁵⁰ – so they can be used to pay any taxes that have to be paid after the duration – but I will repeat – Agnes M. talked to a Federal man and he said not to finish the ’41 payments now – and if it has to be paid will have the bonds to take care of it. I was glad you prescribed but in case you don’t get some of my later than Jan 7 letters – I tool sulfathiazole drops – but had been taking the “diazine” and use the “thiazole” drops and I began to itch and nose was worse. I was so stopped up I could hardly breathe – I then used Glucofedrin and that opened me up – but I was careful about using drops because I knew it would irritate. Dr. Ade washed the left sinus out. I didn’t seem to get any better so quit all treatments and it seemed to leave finally. David did have a cold and I was I suppose over anxious about him but I was afraid it would develop into something serious. He is fine now. Has a coming appetite and gains an ounce or more a day. Now gets Pablum and vegetable soup – 1 can carnation – one egg yolk (dextri M & water) Vit C tablet & oleum (6 drops) every day. I tried giving him a drink of water from a cup today. I think he will learn easily. He holds on to things and rolls around in his bed, got turned around today and had his feet against the head of the bed. He won’t stay in a basket anymore. Took the bed upstairs so will have to put him on the studio couch downstairs now. Your J.A.M.A. is still coming and I save every one. I also save other medical magazines. If you don’t want them when you come back can chuck them. John & Mark are bathing. I am getting sleepy so will have to quit due to space.

Love Mother

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I’m not scolding (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

I’ve re-read and I believe most of the things are answered so maybe just some comments here and there. In the first place instead of getting only your letter of Jan. 14, I got both 13 & 14 in the same envelope. Maybe that is something only what if the 14th hadn’t gotten here. I’m not scolding just kidding. Your writing every day either hits the mail as it comes or my box where ever it is gets so full the postal clerk has to get rid of some any way that was about the latest yet of any around here. Even the V-mail was later than most other mail.

If Agnes M. hasn’t written about the tax I wish she would because I didn’t know she had written in about the 1941, but I guess you have that all fixed by now. I’m sorry if I asked the 1941 to be paid after she wrote in

[page 2] and everything. You probably had written me of hat in some of those letters which haven’t arrived. And if you have any surplus buy bonds because after all that is the best and maybe it will help in a small way also.

Was your mother just coming for a visit or to stay permanently? She just as well plan on leaving Terre Haute for good for she would have it so much nicer in Kentland I would think.

All the boxes you sent have arrived, and I now have lots of chewing gum. It is OK but even inside the wrapper etc. it is just a soft mass and has to be “walled and lolled” quite somewhat before it gets into a chewable mass. We can occasionally get peanuts here that are canned and if eaten right away they are still fresh but it they stand overnight they get tough and moist.

Sorry Bart got the address twisted

[page 3] because other people might write also. Taylor’s greeting had only the Naval Base and New Caledonia but it got here OK. No San Fran. or anything.

The Chaplin hasn’t reported on the progress of John’s song as yet because after all we don’t have many piano players along since playing pianos isn’t our main purpose for being here.

Got my watch back and it does pretty good – gains only about a minute in 24 hrs. Didn’t cost anything – That isn’t this fellows work but I treated a bunch of boils for him and got him a hundred Vit – B tablets so he returned the favor. He told me however the watch had seen better days but don’t send one because there really isn’t any need for a watch here and this hot damp weather is hard on watches.

Don’t know what the show is tonite yet but the weather looks favorable.

[page 4] The show is over and so is the last mail delivery. Scored big – got each of the Christmas letters the boys wrote and a letter from Dr. M. and a V-mail letter from you dated Jan. 16. That is the latest by two days. So my idea of the V-mail was correct only you didn’t say a word about how you were and since you didn’t mention yourself I assume you are better at least l hope that is the case.

I can’t understand your mother but I do think it will be fine for both and really she don’t need to figure on going back when I come home unless she wishes because I know we can get along. She and Mrs. James should be able to hit it off in pretty good style – by the way I don’t believe you have mentioned her since I left home – how is she? I haven’t had any word from home so am

[page 5] very much in the dark about Duane, but I guess I’ll hear from there sooner or later I hope. The latest letter I had from there was from Sam & E. and it was written Jan. 4. Mom’s letter was Dec. 30 I believe, but I guess I will be hearing soon. I’m just 15 days behind now.

If you can get any dope on the new victory tax I wish you would send it. Just so I could read it over. And maybe – worry you with it. No I’ve washed my hands now of all taxes for I believe I’ve made a mess of things – so I’ll keep out. Unless the exemptions are cut way down I don’t believe we will have much to pay next year because my base pay is only $2000 per year and that is all that is taxable so we probably won’t have to worry with that.

Well, it’s good to get even a V-mail letter. Thank the boys for me – and give each a kiss for me and lots of love from me to you. Daddy

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Don’t exactly know why (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

This P.M. while reading a little I fell asleep and was out for almost one hour. Don’t exactly know why because I was reading one of Daymon Runynon short stories, but I will confess I don’t remember much of the story even though I did finish it.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Hasn’t rained any today as yet but the wind blows hard – we are looking forward to a show tonight to help the Eve. pass by. The name of the show is The Queen of the Yukon. Sounds very exciting.

Dr. Loop was in a short time this P.M. Just long enough to say Hello and was gone again. I thought he had gone because it had been some time since he had paid us a visit.

[page 2] Just 6 mo ago today I took my wild airplane ride across the country from Chicago to San Francisco. That was a very hard day’s ride and if you ever want to relax don’t travel so far in a plane because it is very tiresome. I really have to go back a long time to get something to write about but that’s the only way I can think of enough to write. There are lots of things I could ask about but I know you have the answers in the mail that is coming but mail coming doesn’t mean a thing – only that that is here is any good or as an old Yegerlehner saying – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or maybe that is somebodys else’s saying.

Dr. P. just got a Christmas greeting and a V-mail dated Dec. 26 but that doesn’t

[page 3] help very much – we still have a possibility of mail at 5 P.M. but I think there is no hope for much – but in time things will come along again I hope. Will finish later.

Well things are better – had two shows tonite, and also had mail. Your V-mail letter of Jan 12 came, air mail Jan 14 also air mail Dec. 29, Dec 26 Dec. 24. Your letter of Jan 14 wasn’t too good but I really think now that you have had that washed out it will be OK at least I hope so. I believe if that had been treated often early that wouldn’t have happened – but you can’t get that type of treatment at home unless things have changed since I left there. I truly hope and pray things are better for you now. My mail is at least 6-8 days later than others due to you writing every day. The V-mail is later than most others but this Jan. 14 is the later – keep dropping a V-mail about once each wk.

[page 4] The picture of D. was pretty good – he begins to look as if he is filling out pretty rapidly.

Most of your letters were old and the old ones told of your condition leading up to this last affair but like a continued story all your letters end in critical points. The one on Jan 8 said you were better. The V-mail of Jan 12 said one side was Ok, but the other was acting up. Yours of the 14th said you had a washing out and there is the end. I suppose the next will be 4-5 days later and it probably won’t get here for several days. So I’ll just have to wait worry & sweat until I get the next. Your suggestions about the hospital is fine and I hope you go if things are too bad. Surely someone will take care of J & M in case you have to go.

I’ll be waiting for Agnes M. letter about the taxes – do what you want. Just so you keep me out of Jail & buy bonds

[page 5] to cover the taxes. And Don’t renew the J.A.M.A. I told you that before but just in case the word didn’t get there.

Along with your mail came a V-mail from Allgoods and a Christmas greeting from Guess Who – Amel Taylor. And it was censored – wasn’t that a Joke. The only letter that has even been censored. Really I’ll write them a reply – They I think mean well but their finances are not the best so I’ll answer just to be nice.

I’ll re-read your letters tomorrow and maybe have something more to write but it is now time to turn in so I’ll say solong and hope you are better, much better, by now

Love Daddy

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The Necklace Broke (Gladys)

1943-01-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy-Yours of 1-17 Rec’d today. We are having sunshine today – there was a heavy frost last nite. It isn’t as cold as yesterday – but still cold enough to keep the stoker busy – Mr. Monroe oil it yesterday and aired the radiators. My sinus seems some better today – and I quit doing anything about it – it kept draining whether I had it washed out or not so thought I would quit doing anything – Maybe that doesn’t make sense but having it washed out every other day didn’t seem to help any. There is some drainage today but lots less. I am figuring up taxes. Have to pay gross this week. Agnes is going to write you and explain in detail about ’41 Federal. I am going to give her the figures for ’42 and she will file a report. Now please quit worrying about the taxes – we will take care of things “OK.” David is asleep. He took his pablum without a fight this AM. As soon as we get all our photographs finished will send you another box and put the pictures in the box. I believe you will get it that way as soon as by letter. The reason you haven’t been getting letters is due to shipping space shortage. Maybe the V-mail will be speedier. The necklace broke but I think I’ll have Mr. Reinard restring it. I had my picture taken and then the string broke. The picture didn’t turn out very good and I had it taken again but couldn’t wear the necklace.

Love Mother

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Groceries are high (Gladys)

1943-01-25Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- I am sending a regular letter today so you might note which get there first. After the balm of yesterday the weather today is like a slap in the face. There is a little snow but not enough to cover the ground and is it cold – Wouldn’t mind mixing some of your warm weather with this. But surely we will have a good spring then we can forget all about this wintry winter. Mark has just come in for lunch. John hasn’t arrived yet. David is asleep – after he takes his 10 a.m. feeding he sleeps a lot until 2 P.M. He is feeling very lively today – has been kicking a lot and laughing. If your uniform money comes I will pay off the ins loan on your pol. I will anyway if I have enough after paying taxes etc. I am going to give Agnes figures this week then after she figures will let you know the “answer.” Our expenses aren’t elaborate but groceries are high and I think the boys should have good food. So far have bought 100⁰⁰ coal and as the weather is going will have to get more. I think I’ll get Mark a coat for next winter because the material is better now than it will be. He has been wearing a short coat but will get a ‘finger-tip’ next. He is waiting to mail this –

Love Mother

Yegerlehner, Gladys (Foster) - Birth affidavit, 1943I do not specifically know why at this particular time Emma or Gladys needed this affidavit. It survived, and was found amongst all the papers and letters. Since it was dated 25 January 1943, the same day as this letter, I felt it added to the narrative.

Transcription of Birth affidavit:


This is to certify Gladys Ruth Foster Yegerlehner was born Nov. 1st 1905 in Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana and that I was then and there present.

Emma H. Foster [her signature]

This is to certify that Emma H. Foster appeared before me Jan. 22th 1943 and acknowledged the execution of the forgoing instrument. Personally.

Geo Wᵐ Wolf notary
My commission Expires

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With Love Jeanette McDonald (Roscoe)

Jan 22, 1943

Dear Mother,

Noon chow over and Sick Call over – so now for a period or relaxation. I’ll repeat what I said about the taxes. Pay the last two installments of 1941 and forget about 1942. If there is money on hand buy bonds and those can be cashed in to pay the taxes, when the time comes. Just keep all figures. If you haven’t paid those two installments – do so with a note signed by Agnes M. that the lateness is due to my being out of the states. However, if it isn’t paid and they don’t charge interest for that – I mean 1941 – Just skip it also. Now I’m going to

[page 2] stop talking about taxes.

It’s clear today but we have a rather strong breeze and our tent flaps and bangs and sometimes we wonder if it’s going to stay or go – so far it has stayed.

I got the pictures of Funks OK. and wrote them thanking them for the same. Guess Arleen has told you about it by now. I found out about the Johnson baby several days sooner than about D. I knew about their baby on the 20. And it took at least one full month for D. arrival to be sent to me. Really seemed longer than that.

I still haven’t found out what I wanted to know about the first letter. When did you get mail from me first? The first letter you I wrote you said

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

[page 3] arrived on Sept. 22. Now on what day did you first receive mail? It isn’t important only curious. Dr. P. got a package from home this A.M. with air mail envelopes, stationary a large candle, pictures and newspaper clippings. I got the C.C. news & Fred scored a blank. Dr. P. got letter pictures of his children of the boys’ girl friends and of his Dad and dog. And also one of Jeanette McDonal on which his wife had written – with Love from Jeanette McDonald. He got the joke but also swore a little too because I think he would rather have had his wife’s picture. It was in a folder with the rest. The folder was about like the one you sent me.

We have plenty of stationary etc so don’t try to send anymore. In fact I think you

[page 4] won’t be able to send anything unless I give you a written order signed by the commanding officer and since I don’t particularly want anything the order won’t be sent.

I’m going to try to write to the boys today. Answering John’s letter I don’t know if Mark wrote or not but I’ll write just the same – he may have written V-mail or his letter might have been waylaid as others have been coming this way.

Everything I’ve sent you you have received except the last package which was sent along the latter part of Dec. It was before Christmas probably you have that by now. If I can find a suitable box I’m going to send the next stuff tomorrow. I’ll describe those things in a later letter after I definitely mail them.

Last night’s show was Carolina Moon

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

[page 5] not too good. Night before last Joe Penner in The Boys From Someplace. I can’t remember – It was pretty funny. Martha Ray was in it.

Later after the show – got a Christmas greeting from Fischers at Clay City. Your letter sent on from the Sisters and a V-mail letter from Sykes. Sykes letter was dated Dec. 30. So that V-mail is still not as fast as your air mail. I wish some of that Dec. mail would come in of around Christmas time and just before.

Well, it’s way past bed time so must hit the hay –
Lots of love
P.S. I’ve written both the boys so if one gets mail and the other doesn’t they will understand.

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Pretty well up to date (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 22-1943

Dear Daddy –

Have been writing V-mail this week but thought I would try this again. As far as my letters going by air in the past I am sure most of them didn’t the way you haven’t rec’d them. I wish I could do something to speed the delivery at your end of the line. I have gotten 7 letters this week – The last dated Jan 12 so that makes mine pretty well up to date.

It is sunny this morning and the boys are back in school after being out due to blizzard Tues & snow drifts making travel uncertain. Three days this week school was out. I suppose they will have to make that time up somehow, but school was started early last fall so they could get out earlier in the spring. We still have snow. I started to run the car in the garage and got stuck in the snow – Had to

[page 2] shovel the snow away from the tires. The first sow we had was Sept 25 while I was in the hospital. Clara M. said we would have 25 snows this winter and I am beginning to believe it. Last night the moon was full and it made the snow look beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the front yard Wed. after the wind Tues. The snow was blown in drifts and it looked like rock formation. Then the mail man came along and walked across it and spoiled the scenic effect. There are tracks over it in every direction now and it isn’t very pretty. It has been so cold and so much firing there is a lot of soot on it now.

Bill brought us a load of wood on his wheelbarrow. He said he would keep us supplied. He called me Tues night and said he was writing you a letter. They were so glad to hear from you. Arlene is going to review the article in

[page 3] Nat’l Geographic for Literary Club and has asked me to help her out some. I am going to loan her the shells & necklace for display. I gave your Mother some of the shells you sent and gave Betty & Buddy a few. We still have a dish full that we show off when anyone comes who hasn’t seen them. I haven’t mounted the coral yet but have been trying to get an idea how to do it.

In your letter rec’d today you wondered what rationing is like. So far it hasn’t bothered us because I get all the coffee I need and 4 gal gas a week in winter is more than I have used – due to so much snow haven’t traveled much. The meat situation hasn’t bothered us due to the locker and Parttens have promised us another quarter from one they are fattening now. Zells got 300 baby chicks and they are getting almost heavy enough to fry so think I’ll buy a few and put in the locker – if they aren’t too high. I don’t believe

[page 4] the price will be any lower in the spring. I told you before they have a chicken house directly north of their house. He is more like a farmer than any Agent we have had here in the last three. I said something about them living on a farm and Mrs. Z. said the farmers in this county don’t want their agent living on a farm for competitive reasons. Mr. Z. says he is going to have the entire back part of their lot in garden this summer – I think he is inclined to be a little “hot headed” but they have been good neighbors and have gone out of their way to help us. They aren’t the card playing, drinking kind. In fact they don’t even play cards. They have 3 girls and the Mr. wanted a boy so bad he was almost reduced to tears when the last girl was born. Hope I haven’t bored you talking about the Zells but I got started and kept on rambling.

Irene was over Sat. afternoon. She is still talking like she did before you left about working. She seems to be developing a nervous

1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, David 1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, Gladys (Foster) with David

[page 5] complex and can’t stand to be in crowds. She went to see Dr. Cole and he told her if she didn’t get better she would have to rest in the hospital. She said she wrote you a letter – Maybe she told you about her symptoms. She doesn’t look sick but that doesn’t always mean anything. We took some pictures in the den and the one enclosed shows the baby pretty good. He will be 4 mo old tomorrow and if the weather permits we are going to Hubertz and have some pictures made – of all of us. The pictures I took with our camera do very good for indoors but aren’t as good as in the sunlight. If I had a speed Kodak I could do better, but it will be warm enough before long and we can go out in the yard for pictures.

As yet the uniform money hasn’t come. I am going to see Agnes and get the taxes figured out. Have the figure you sent. She says we should file separate returns but I don’t know all about that – Have only talked to her on the phone so far. Will

[page 6] go to her office and get it all straightened out next week.

Florence Puetz called me yesterday. Their baby boy born Dec 13 is growing too. He weighed 6-9 at birth and now is over 8 lbs. She said he is growing faster than Rita did. She goes to Dr. Cole. Said Ray had the flu and both children had had colds. There seems to be a lot of sickness around but that is to be expected this time of year with the weather as it has been.

Going back to rationing subject – what seems queer around here now is the filing stations closed at night – most of them – and John Krull’s restaurant closed. Also Boonies little place by Standard is closed temporarily. Dorothy says they have all the noon trade they can take care of. I suppose they would get some increase from the other two places.

The papers came today but I haven’t read them yet. David is taking a little nap before his 2 P.M. bottle – then he will be awake most of the afternoon – Will be glad when I can take him out again.


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10 Below Continued…(Gladys)

1943-01-20 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I am writing 2 of these today. They told me at the P.O. I am allowed 3 a day and I felt like writing more today than one holds. In case you didn’t get the other it is 10 below today. Blizzard yesterday and no school. I am quoting again figures I sent several times you asked for. To May 31 – #3120.45 – June 260.25 July 253.28 Aug 33.75 – total 3667.73. Agnes and I will get all the tax business taken care of so don’t worry about it. The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The last box you mentioned hasn’t either. Some of your Rotary friends asked if all you had to do was make a necklace – I told them you do that on Monday evening since you can’t attend Rotary. No letters today but had 5 Mon & 1 Tues. If you get all my previous letters hope you don’t worry about our colds. They boys are all over theirs and as full of pep as ever. The last time John started to sneeze I gave him the oral vaccine as you instructed – six in one day and it worked – cold all gone. I still have a sinus condition but I am able to be up – tho I am not trying to do anything unnecessary – Mother is here and takes care of the kitchen work. David is now taking 13 oz. carnation 16 oz water – 2 ½ tbsp Dextri-Maltose – 1 egg yolk – in formula – 3 tbsp pablum. He has now doubled his weight – at 3 mo 3 wks – is good. Holds on to things now and responds to attention. Took some more pictures today – Will send them if they are good. Will write a real letter next time – so I can ramble more.

Love Mother

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