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Gladys – April 12, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
April 12, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie-and Debby,

Thanks for sending back the tax statement. We are not even supposed to receive that statement, because we pay our taxes through the agency where we make the loan payment – insurance and taxes are included in our monthly payment. I can’t imagine why it was included in your envelope, because we received a statement for our personal property. Someone was “asleep at the switch” I suppose.

This weekend we are keeping four young women who are attending a Baptist Youth Meeting at Purdue. I asked them how far reaching this meeting is and they said it covers the entire state of Indiana. This group (here with us) is from a little town in the vicinity of Terre Haute. They just spend the nights here and are at Purdue the rest of the time. The only meal we furnish is breakfast.

Last week John, Bob and Lea, Mark Shirley and children were her for Easter. We hid eggs on the patio and the children had a lot of fun gathering them. I had made up baskets for them and I am still picking up the artificial grass. A lot of it came up with the sweeper, but I suppose I will be picking up bits and pieces for a long time, but the children had fun, so what is a little grass on the carpet. We talked about our 40th wedding anniversary which is next month. They are all coming back to help us celebrate – wish you could be here also – . We are going out to eat, because they said they thought it wouldn’t be right for me to cook a meal for all of them on my anniversary. I agreed with them. We decided just to make it a family affair. We haven’t been here long enough to hold open house for people here in Lafayette – I suppose enough from Trinity would come – but Dad seemed to think it was too far to ask people to come from Kentland – and besides I would just rather have the family.

After reading your last letter, Dad seemed to think you might get a Rotary scholarship, but it would be too late to get it for this year. I think the one granted this year has already been granted. I think you have to apply several months – maybe a year in advance.

Dad has gone to see an eye specialist – about the condition I mentioned to you some time ago. I think it is nothing serious, but the Dr. said for him to come back. I went back a little more than a week ago to have a check-up and was found to be in good condition. Have to have one lens in the glasses I wear after I take my contacts out stepped up.

The weather here is beautiful and we are enjoying every minute of it. Dad has built a fence where the canvas sheets used to be to give us privacy on the patio. He is also going to make a gate – to keep out the neighbor’s dogs – on each side of the house. We would rather the stray dogs would not come and disturb our wild friends. Last night the raccoons came to be feed while we had company. The Baptist girls got quite a kick out of seeing them eat. Dick and Nancy (the couple who stayed here while we were gone last summer) were here last night to bring us some grapefruit and oranges from Florida. That is where they spent their spring vacation. They borrowed a camper from Nancy’s parents. They also enjoyed seeing Al and Gwendolyn come begging.

[page 2] Received a note from the Loan Company today asking us to send them the tax statement, if we have received it.

Have much work to be done on my desk – would rather be out in the yard to enjoy the sunshine – so must get at it.

Love Mother

P.S. Last Sat. afternoon John & Lea cooked a Chinese dinner for us. Very good. We watched Peter O-Toole & Richard Burton in Beckett and fed the raccoons. Lea made egg rolls which were very good. They came for lunch and I had one of their favorite meals – beans & cornbread. I can just see Bonnie droal (?)

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Gladys – March 25, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
March 25, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

When going through my papers found I had brought some of your things home with me – Senator Kennedy’s letter, etc. Sorry about that. Have been very busy since returning. The following weekend we went over to Champaign. John had an Indonesian dinner for us on Saturday evening. Lea helped him prepare it. On Sunday we had dinner at Lea’s. We attended the Wesley (on campus) service on that Sunday morning and heard Rev. Richard Hamilton from Bloomington, Indiana, preach. In this month’s Together Magazine there was quite a bit about (in our Indiana section) about the Fund for Reconciliation and how the two Conferences are going about the job of raising the funds. Rev. Hamilton is in charge of the South Indiana Conference fundraising and Rev. Bjork is in charge of the North.

Last Monday a week ago I had to go to Plymouth to attend a meeting of the Division of Christian Outreach. Have another meeting next week with the Section of which I am Chairman – Social Witness – to get what we have to say ready to go into Conference Minutes. As I said to our associate minister’s wife – I wonder if it is worth all the effort – I set the meeting at Logansport – that is some closer than Plymouth. There will only be four of us so only two of the four will have a long way to drive – one from Mishawaka and one from Gary. The other member lives at Peru – just a short distance from Logansport.

Thanks Bonnie for sending the cuff links. They made quite a hit with one or two of the men – but the women all thought they were quite unusual and wanted to help choose for their husbands – saying if they didn’t wear them, the wives would. I gave each one a card telling what Beach Glass is.

Last week I watched the hearings on TV about the ABM and thought Fulbright got a load off his mind when he brought in Vietnam. Heard Proxmeyer from Wisconsin this morning telling about the enormous amounts being spent by the Defense Dept. which he thinks could be cut drastically. The Today Show has been talking about the subject of “Poverty and Hunger” and said that so many people have no idea how widespread hunger is in this “the most affluent country in the world.” I was in a meeting last week and was a little bit “shook up” when I heard some of the comments made. One woman was not in favor of the Fund for Reconciliation. She couldn’t see turning over all that money to an agency. Her argument was, “How do we know how they will use the money?” I thought about calling her this week after reading the Together Magazine and if she doesn’t take it, send her my copy. However, when people are like that, no doubt one article won’t change their thinking. Heard on the Today show this morning that the President of South Vietnam has finally consented to include the Vietcong in the peace talks. Wonder what kind of threat was used to bring about that sort of about-face. Also have been hearing former Sec. of St. D. Rusk on the Today program. After listening to him I thought, how could anyone in his position be so far removed from facts. He said this morning he thought the Peubolo (sp.) incident should just be forgotten as something that was unfortunate. In other words – when he was at the head – they goofed.

Love Mother

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David’s Diary – January 6, 1969

Monday, January 6, 1969

ISN before arising. Another day of relaxation. Up late—just visited—and commented on the severe weather. Bob + I had big breakfasts. I continued reading in Mrs. Moore’s book. We had lunch, listened to one of Bob’s comedy records. I finished Mrs. Moore’s book. –and started on the autobiography of Marion Anderson. Got sleepy, so took a nap. When I woke up, John was here. I got up, feeling pretty groggy. We had supper, then watched TV: the Laugh-in. The others worked on double crostic puzzles. I read in Marion Anderson. Later we watched more TV. About 12 John went home—we said our good-bye. Lea, Bonnie and I stayed up talking until quite late; finally decided to go to bed; lights out about 3:30 (Eastern time)

Tuesday, January 7, 1969

Don’t recall when we got up—but it was in time to see Bob off for work. We had a leisurely breakfast, I shaved, packed the car—John came over to see us off. We left Champaign about 12 noon Eastern time. Highways were mostly clear and we had tail winds, so we were in Lafayette in a little over 2 hours. Mother was here alone. Rest of the day was spent relaxing; I called Helen Correll to arrange to visit her tomorrow. Watched some TV in the evening, an interview with the Smothers Brothers, but I got more reading done in Marion Anderson autobiography. I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I’m pretty sleepy tonight, since we were up so late—and I didn’t have any luck trying to nap in afternoon. Off to be around midnight.

Wednesday, January 8, 1969

ISN before arising. Another leisurely day for the most part. By late this evening I had finished Marion Anderson’s autobiography—and had made slight progress in Kathleen Kenyon’s book Beginning in Archaeology. We had planned to go up to Wolcott this evening to see Helen Correll, but an ice storm began late this afternoon, so I called to cancel plans. Got some of the reading done, and watched TV. Had a very sound nap this afternoon after taking Mom to the church. I found Miss Anderson’s book very rewarding—I found some good excerpts—I might do a sermon on her soon. And I must get some of her recordings. Bonnie + I read after the folks had gone to bed. Off to bed ourselves after 12:30.

Thursday, January 9, 1969

Around 8:30 or 9 Mother called us out of bed. The temperature had dropped during the night to about 5º—and our car had to be started—I doubted that it would go, but it did. I took Mom to the grocery store and then took the car for the state inspection. The mechanic suggested it needed a brake job to pass inspection—but he also suggested we skip it since we were going back to Mass. Home for lunch; changed license plates on car. Took Mother to the bank, came home, shaved, picture taking. Mom + I went to pick up Edna Wallace—dad’s former secretary—she had supper with us. After supper—watched TV. About 9 took Edna home, more TV—this has been a relaxing vacation; after 11, had a snack. Bathed, off to bed about 12:20.

Friday, January 10, 1969

Up after 9. Had small breakfast, was occupied with getting the car loaded. Did some cleaning in it as well. We had a steak lunch as a send off. We left Lafayette about 1:15. Stopped in Wolcott to see Helen Correll, but she was in school as we suspected. We arrived in Gary about 3:30 our time. Paul + Marty were still in school; we had to wait for them in the cold cold car for 1 hr. 45 minutes. We got warmed up when they finally came, visited a while; decided to go out to supper; had a very good supper, came back to their apartment—spent the rest of the evening talking, about family, about politics—about the woes of teaching in Gary. About 1 o’clock our time decided to get to bed.

Saturday, January 11, 1969

Up about 9:30. Had a leisurely bath, shaved, had breakfast. It was a short morning, since we were still on Eastern time, but Paul + Marty were on slow time. We finally got all our things together and got on the road shortly after noon—our time. We got up to I-94 and were able to make good time—I was able to maintain 70 MPH much of the time. We had a flat tire about 75 miles west of Detroit. We arrived at the Kings about 5 pm. We had a nice visit and a pleasant supper. About 8, Levon and I went to a service station to have my tire fixed—didn’t take too long; we came back + put it on the car—the rest of the evening we spent visiting. Mattijane seems to be coming along well after her mental collapse. Off to bed about 12:30.

Sunday, January 12, 1969

We got up reluctantly just after 7 this morning. We had breakfast with the Kings and were on the road by 8:30. By 2 o’clock we had reached Buffalo, N.Y. We didn’t make any extended stops. I drove 150 miles east of Detroit, then Bonnie took over until we were on the NY Thruway. I took over again. But she got us to Schenectady, where we stopped for an hour + a half with the Stoners—had supper. Arrived there about 7:30. Left about 9:05. We stopped then only twice and arrived in Rockport at about 1:20. We had driven just 800 miles. Jim Tanner was here when we arrived, he hadn’t gone to bed yet. There was a huge pile of mail which I must attend to tomorrow. It was good to see the cat again. We unpack partially, read some mail—and got to bed c. 2:30.

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David’s Diary – December 30, 1968

Monday, December 30, 1968

Up around 8 or 8:30. Had breakfast, loaded the car, said good-bye. We were on the main highway by 10:20. We made very good time; no head winds today, so we could achieve a speed of 70 mph. Arrived in Lafayette about 12:45. Debby was in a good mood to meet her grandparents. We had lunch + visited. Paul + Marty arrived about 3. We had our gift exchange—more visiting. A slow afternoon; I became very tired—reclined on the bed for a few minutes before supper. Supper about 6:45. After supper we watched TV: “The Laugh-in.” Then Bonnie got the slides out, put them in the trays, and we showed all our slides. After this, Dad + Mother began heading for bed, so did John. Paul + Marty + Bonnie and I sat talking about the Gary experience.[1] Too tired to bathe. Off to bed at about 12:40.

Tuesday, December 31, 1968

A leisurely day. Up about 9. Sat around doing nothing much and visiting. John went home to Champaign in the morning. We have arranged to go over there this weekend. I called Mrs. Myers  to tell her we’d be up on Saturday. We took a lot of pictures this morning of Paul + Marty + Debby + Bonnie + mother and myself. I called Gary Myers’ [2] parents to get his address: South High Gardens, Apt. #12. Rural Route #4, Shelbyville, Ind. 46176. After lunch Paul, Marty and Bonnie + I played cards—we also had a chance earlier (in morning) to talk further about Gary schools. Supper was marred by an argument about the Israeli-Arab problem. Mom + Dad siding with Israel—the rest of us arguing for the Arab cause. After supper Marty + Paul left for home. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV. Bonnie sewed. Bathed; off to bed a few minutes after 12. Celebrated the New Year’s with ISN; lights out by 12:30.


Wednesday, January 1, 1969

Got up around 9. Another wasted day. Didn’t do much of anything this morning. Mark, Shirley + family arrived about 11 AM. The kids are really wild; we ate about noon. Some attention was paid to the Rose Bowl Parade on TV. Floyd + Ruth + Steve arrived early in the afternoon. I found it a dull day. Tried to avoid Mark + Dad, since they inevitably get into arguments. – didn’t care to sit all afternoon watching football. Wrote letter to Gary Myers. Spent the afternoon chatting with Ruth, Shirley, Bonnie + Mom—took more pictures. About 5:30 we had supper and then all the visitors headed home. I napped briefly. Mom + Dad went to an open house. Bonnie worked more on my sports coat—I slummed=watched TV all evening. Called Bob Geiselman + Mrs. Myers to arrange Friday trip; bathed, off to bed at midnight.

Thursday, January 2, 1969

Another true “vacation” day; got up around 9—in the middle of the morning we all decided to go downtown to get the auto licenses for this year. We went downtown and did some shopping too; mailed letter to Gary Myers. I got some gloves at army surplus. We got home about 12. –I had carried Debby on my back. I napped in the afternoon, listened to records, read in Jenny Moore’s The People on Second Street. We had supper around 6. The listened to TV news + to Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight. During this Levon King [3] called from Detroit inviting us to stop through there on our way back to Boston—which we shall do. Watched more TV, had a snack, then back to reading in Jenny Moore’s book; also started Marion Anderson’s autobiography.

Friday, January 3, 1969

Up around nine. Put off breakfast to make it an early lunch. Read for a while in Mrs.  Moore’s book. Had lunch, packed suitcase. Tried several times to get the car started—with no luck. Had to call tow-service to have the car started. Bonnie, Debby + I left for Kentland shortly after noon. About 1 we arrived at Mrs. Myers’ home. We had a nice visit until about 4 o’clock. We left town about 4:25. We headed west—toward Champaign. Strong headwinds—so we didn’t make good time. Arrived at John’s about 6:30—went over to Bob + Lea’s. Had supper there, visited during the evening; played password too late—had a very good time together. Finally off to bed at about 2:45—our time.

Saturday, January 4, 1969

In view of the time of retirement, I slept late; did awake when Bonnie fed Debby and got up herself, but was able to get some more sleep. Finally got up around 11 o’clock. Had juice for breakfast; shaved; at about 12 we all went over to John’s for lunch. Lea + Bob left—But Bonnie, Debby + I stayed with John for the afternoon. We relaxed, visited, listened to records; we came back over to Bob + Lea’s for supper. After supper, watched TV; Bob, John + Bonnie worked on a very difficult cross-word puzzle. Lea + I watched TV: movie starring Cary Grant: “Father Goose.” Lea had to leave for work about 10. Bob, John Bonnie + I visited until late; about 1 John left and we all went to bed. Lights out about 1:20.

Sunday, January 5, 1969

Again slept late. This was another day of relaxing and goofing off. Lea had worked the night shift last night, so she slept all morning. Bob + Bonnie + Debby + I went over to John’s for lunch. I read some in the afternoon in Mrs. Moore’s book—I did done in the forenoon also. Napped in the afternoon. About four we headed back over to Bob + Lea’s. Lea was up. We watched TV and visited. We then got ready and went to eat—went to a Chinese restaurant: the Tea Garden. We were home in time to see the Smothers Brothers. Turned TV off and spent the rest of the evening playing password. About 1 AM we decided to quit—and discovered that a howling snow-storm was going on. John got home alright, however. Off to bed about 2:15 (Eastern time).

[1] They lived in Gary, Indiana—or had at one time—and we had visited them there.

[2] My college roommate at Indiana University.

[3] He was the pastor who married us, along with I.U. Prof. Harold Hill.

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Gladys – November 24, 1968

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906

Nov 24, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby,

Yours received. We were more than pleased that you will be coming home after Christmas. Dad has 16 days off during the holidays and we were contemplating going south for a few days, but we would rather stay home and baby sit (if necessary) with Debby. I know John and Bob and Lea and Mark and Shirley and the children will all be very happy about your decision to come home. I talked to John via phone yesterday and we are both agreed that your idea about camping on the way home is a very poor idea for this time of year. I wouldn’t say a thing if you and Bonnie wanted to do that to yourselves, but I think you shouldn’t try that on Debby at her tender age, so here is what I am suggesting. I will pay for your night’s lodging – since you will have only one night at a motel – you will be at the McGraws the second night – then you get home. Now I will not give you the money otherwise – that money is earmarked for a motel room for you, so please do not plan to stay in a camp coming or going back. We have had a very mild fall, but who knows it may be very cold by that time and who knows, Debby might smother in a sleeping bag, so please don’t think about doing such a thing. Next summer in Europe is another matter. You won’t be travelling in such cold weather.

Yesterday Purdue played I.U. and it was a cliff hanger. Purdue won in the last 7 minutes of the game. By the half we thought I.U. had it all tied up since the score was 10 to 28, or a similar difference. We had thought Purdue had a good team, but on the way home Dad says they have about four good players. They played a very poor game and by all odds I.U. should have won. Dad had the duty until 7 AM, so he got all the repercussions – at least his share – all night long. One man with a heart condition died shortly after the game was over – I suppose the excitement was too much. The Purdue fans were wild in those last few minutes. And what a waste of energy. If we could get people steamed up about the injustices in this world, perhaps we wouldn’t have so much wrong with the world. (A little sermon there) Dad was in and out all night long. Finally when he came home to have breakfast, I said, “Why didn’t you just stay at the Health Center all night, instead of driving back and forth?” He replied, “I wondered about that myself.” He had surgery (and this has nothing to do with football) for a student with bleeding ulcers. He is wishing the student will decide to go home and have his own Doctor take care of him, but I rather think he will stay here. They have such a good hospital here and any surgeon in Lafayette they want will come over and do any kind of surgery necessary (except maybe a heart transplant). I just hope Dad gets to spend the afternoon on the couch sleeping – he will need it.

Dad got Lea’s shelves installed and now we are making plans for the ones in our own living room. John hasn’t gotten his plan drawn up yet. We are going to Champaign Wednesday evening and spend Thanksgiving Day with John, Bob and Lea. We will come home Thursday evening. I want Dad to get as much done on my shelves as possible. I have another unit in the planning for my office. This room has been like a stepchild, but I want to get it made over, since I do spend some time in here when I need to do book work or type.

I liked the article in the Gloucester paper, but I would bet a lot of people won’t agree with you. The picture looks just like you.

My next door neighbor is going to church with me this morning. Dad is over at the Health Center.

Love Mother


Your Sussannah Wesley has been used four times and booked for another meeting.

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Summer Trip

Letter transcription:

Saturday morning April 27, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie:

Dad ripped this letter open before he realized it was addressed to you. He has been busy this morning working on his walk around the garage. He ran out of gravel. As much as we had piled around I didn’t think it was possible. We are going out to a farm in this community to look for tocks for our rock garden when he gets through for today. He tried to get someone to come and put up guttering on the new part, but when they didn’t come he decided to do it himself. He will probably be all summer getting the things done he wants to do, but he will enjoy his work.

As I mentioned in my last letter I may not come to Boston on the trip to N.Y. for the workshop June 4 to 7, since we will be coming the middle of July.

Saw Mrs. Myers at the hospital yesterday. She was feeling very good and anticipates leaving the hospital May 3rd. We have invited her to come here for a day or so before she goes home. I have the sweater set = seat, cap and booties (didn’t make the little mittens) finished and Lea is making a carriage robe (or blanket) from several different colors of yarn. She is crocheting and had all the squares finished and was putting them together when she came here last week. We will bring all the things when we come including the outfit (stereo) John is giving you. I don’t know where we will carry out luggage, since we will also be bring the baby bed and a roll away bed. That buick should be able to hold what we have to bring.

Love Mother

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Pat Oliver Hyman

Letter transcription:

April 25, 1968
118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906

Dear David and Bonnie:

29 years ago today we moved from Clay City to Kentland. I just happened to think of that when I looked at the date today. As you know, it has been a little more than a year since we moved to W. Laf.

We are having a little set-back in weather. It has been so very warm. Lea and Bob came Friday evening and we gave them a steamboat dinner – William calls it Hoko – that is the name of the pan you sent us which means fire pan. Mark and Shirley and children came Saturday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The children wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz Saturday evening and it worked out just right. Since they were late in arriving Saturday, we didn’t have lunch until after one o’clock, so didn’t plan an early dinner. We set the two older ones – David Ward had been put to bed – in front of the TV set with trays and they ate there while we adults enjoyed another steamboat dinner. Becky and Kirk said they didn’t think they would like a Chinese dinner, but that is what they got and they were so engrossed in watching the movie, I think they would probably have eaten anything we would have given them. All the adults said they enjoyed steamboat and we finished it off with an apricot dessert which I will show Bonnie how to make when we come in July.

We have tickets to The Lion in Winter with Walter Slezak (sp?) for tonight and tickets for Oliver for Saturday night. Dad has been doing some work on the walk around the garage, so I think a night out will do him some good. He is building up the area around the garage which we had to leave for the winter so the dirt would settle. He said this AM that about two more working sessions and he will have it just about finished. He has seeded the front lawn and the new grass is showing very beautifully. It has to be watered every day or so while it is so young and tender. We have had some good rains since the grass was sown and that has helped. Also all the warm weather helped.

Easter weekend John came and we also had William Yue come Easter Sunday and had steamboat. William seems to enjoy eating here – our second time to have him for that kind of meal. He says it tastes so much better than dorm food. John is getting ready for a Linguistic Institute at U. of I. this summer, so he will be teaching instead of taking the summer off as he did last year.

Mrs. Myers is still in the hospital, but getting along just fine. She is taking cobalt treatments and is going to remain in the hospital until probably May 3rd when she will get her last treatment. She will return home. I haven’t said anything about nursing home, since that seems to disturb her so much. She has come through the surgery and the treatments much better than I thought possible. She looks fine and since she is in bed most of the time and on a salt free diet (she doesn’t know that) she has no swelling in her legs. She was able last week to go to the beauty parlor in the hospital and have her hair washed and set. I go to see her if not every day, nearly every day.

I am to attend another workshop in New York June 4th to 7th. I was hoping your graduation would come at a time when I could come on to Boston and attend the ceremonies, but in your letter received Saturday you stated that your graduation is May 19th. I am afraid that would be a little too long for me to be away, in view of the other places I have to go this summer, such as Bloomington Illinois June 15th to 21 and Greencastle July 7th to 12th. I also have a meeting in Terre Haute May 9th & 10th. I hate to miss this graduation. We were quite pleased that you will receive the honor of Magna Cum Laude. I took your letter to the hospital and read it to Mrs. Myers and she was quite pleased also.

Pat Oliver Hyman’s parents were quite disturbed with her appearance about a month after her wedding. They had a large church wedding, with all the trimmings – reception in the church and a dinner for friends and relatives at their home after the reception. They came to the conclusion that Pat had been pregnant for some time before her wedding and they didn’t know anything about it. She was with her mother at the hospital one day last week and she looked then like she wouldn’t go much longer. She was married Nov. 25 (Dad’s birthday) and told her mother finally on being questioned by Doris that the baby was due in August. After Doris and Patty left that day, Mrs. Myers asked me what I thought (she had told me all about Doris and Harold’s upset). I said if she went until August she would have to be in a wheelchair, because she wouldn’t be able to walk. I also told Mrs. Myers I thought Harold and doris should not make a fuss over this and she said that is what she told them.

[page 2] Monday when I was to see Mrs. M. she showed me a letter she had received from Pat. Pat said her Doctor had told her no more long trips, so she was bemoaning the fact she would not get to go home any more until after the baby comes. Her husband is in school in T.H. Mrs. Myers thought it was strange that she has been limited to trips in the car this soon (presuming the date is August) when Bonnie makes the trip to Boston four times a week.

We have had a lot of fun watching our bird feeders since last fall. When the children were here Saturday and Sunday they got quite a thrill seeing the different birds come for feed. David Ward would get so excited he would stop anything he was doing to watch. Today we have had the cardinals, jays, nuthatch, titmouse, brown headed cow birds, grackle, sparrows, and maybe a few others I haven’t mentioned. We usually have the woodpeckers and the black and white warblers every day also.

It is about time for the mailman to come, so must get this out to the box (to save a trip to the P.O.)

I asked the clerk to send you an application for voting. I am paying your taxes and will count that as a wedding anniversary gift – a little early.

Love Mother

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August in Rockport

Letter transcription:

Dec. 22, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

David please sign the enclosed form and return in the enclosed envelope to Bankers immediately. This is the investment policy (one on you, one of John and one each on Becky and Kirk) and we have decided not to pay any more on them and have taken paid-up insurance. This policy has nothing to do with your life insurance, but you will eventually get the amount stated as paid-up insurance (or your children will get it).

We went to Kentland yesterday and did what should have been done months ago – cleaned out the files. We have given the contents (furnishings, etc.) to Project Concern after exhausting every effort to get a Doctor into our office. Dr. James Turpin has several missions around and thinks his Project Concern will open one in Chicago for Indians – and from what I have read Chicago has one of the largest Indian reservations in the country – that is, so many Indians have gone there to live and some do not have it much better there than other minority groups. So if our equipment can be used for a clinic or in a hospital for such a group, we will be very happy.

While in Kentland yesterday I delivered our Christmas gifts to Mrs. Myers. She was in bed – not that she was ill, but there had been an electrical storm and so much rain that basements in Kentland were flooded and the furnace for her apartment had been shorted and she had no heat from the furnace. When I went back the second time (we were in Kentland most of the day) she had the oven going (gas) so her place felt very comfortable. She had opened your package and was quite pleased with her gifts. She seems to feel very good – that is she wasn’t complaining about anything. I had forgotten, but she spent last Christmas in the hospital. We left for California last Christmas day. Would have gone this year had we known Indiana would win and go to the Rose Bowl. So many people we know are going – among those Ruth, Floyd and Steve. We are in a “spot” (sort of) here. I hold up for I.U. and that is unheard of around here. You just don’t say a good word for I.U. In fact the Purdue fans are hoping I.U. will get beat by a large score. I reminded one group that Purdue barely squeaked through to victory last time. I’ll bet they wonder what kind of creep I am.

David you should have received two books. If you haven’t already received them, you will after Christmas and those are for a Christmas gift.

I hope your relationship continues to be pleasant with your congregation.

From present plans, we intend to spend our vacation in and around Rockport next summer and we hope we will manage it in August.

Love Mother

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Closing the Office

Letter transcription:

[October 1967]

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your correspondence cards have been ordered – 200 and they will read Rev. and Mrs. David A. Yegerlehner, and it is a good thing there wasn’t another letter, because that was as many as could be printed on this type of card. You can consider that part of your Christmas from us. I ordered and gave them your address, so the boxes (2) will come directly to you.

John came over Friday and spent the weekend with us. He had an appointment with the eye specialists on Saturday. Saturday night we attended a play at Loeb’s Theatre – The Miser. It was quite interesting (have you read the play by Moliere?) and we thought the Purdue players executed it very well. One of Dr. Schoonveld’s sons – Mike – had a bit part. He is a freshman this year. John left after breakfast this morning. Said he had so much work to do he should not have come Friday. We attended church this morning and have spent the rest of the day relaxing. Dad is watching TV now, but the program wasn’t very interesting, so I decided to catch up on my writing.

Last week I attended a meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which for all practical purposes took most of the week – Tues. thru Friday. That was the week of Oct. 10 and this immediate past week I entertained the Vesper Circle from Kentland and on Thursday night a bridge group – Johnsons, Fords and McClures. Everyone was quite interested in seeing our place. We are bit by bit getting things finished, but still have quite a few things to do. We did finally get the driveway and retaining walls finished. Now we want to get our Japanese gardens completed, but it seems we don’t make as much progress as we would like to make – between Dad’s work and my running around. Last weekend we went to Kentland late on Saturday afternoon – and I had just returned from C.R. the day before. We had dinner with Florence and Ray. Jim and Mary Ann and Tom were home. Jim had just returned from his tour of duty in the Air Force. He had been to Japan and had some very beautiful pictures. He is out of service now, but since he took communications while in service is trying to get some kind of job in that field. Mary Ann is going to college in Indianapolis and is wearing a diamond. I think her boyfriend is a medical student. Rita R. is teaching school in Indianapolis and I think Florence mentioned a man one time, so no doubt Rita will become engaged also. Tom is going to St. Joseph College. We then went to LaPorte to visit Janssens.

I have seen Mrs. Myers twice recently. She was out of the hospital the last time I saw her – last Friday and seemed to be feeling

[page 2] well enough to be up. However, she was wearing her robe and said she wasn’t feeling quite as well as she would like to. We have closed the office and Saturday was Edna’s last day to work for us. Arvella is working for Dr. K. She says he is very nice to work for, but so slow. Some evenings she doesn’t get away from the office until 7:30. She doesn’t go to work until 10 AM and does get every Thursday off (all day). Edna is seriously thinking about going to Memphis to live since Betty Joe is now living there. She said she was not going to look for work for a while. She is working on her own now making records for people who were too late to get in on the record bit while we still kept her working for us. We told her she could work making records for people if she wanted to do it, but to make a change, so she is charging $1.00 per person. That won’t bring in what we were paying her, but it will be some income while she decides what to do. We are going to sell the office building and give the equipment to a charitable organization of some sort…

We have been attending all the home football games and believe it or not I am learning to follow the game. Of course, I am not an expert, but can follow what is going on (most of the time). We have tickets to attend the game at Champaign Nov. 4th. John said he and Bob and Lea want us to come on Friday and spend the entire weekend. They are going to celebrate my birthday which will have passed, but it will be a celebration anyway. If the weather is good I plan to drive to Champaign Tuesday evening to attend “Falstaff.” Bob said I could use his ticket since for some reason he is not going. Bob and Lea have bought a new home and from all descriptions from Bob and John is quite a nice place. Much larger than their present home. They are trying to sell their place at 1608 Rosewood and plan to move to the new house Oct. 28th. I said I was sorry I couldn’t help, but we have promised Mark and Shirley we will keep Kirk and David (I call him roadrunner) while they take Becky and go to Chicago. The last time I kept David he wasn’t still except while eating. Dad has the duty next Saturday and the play we were to see has been cancelled, so it just works out right for us to keep the boys.

I haven’t checked yet on transportation in December, but will fly to New York the 6th and probably to Boston on the 9th. I think we are to be finished with our meeting by noon on the 9th. Will let you know definitely when I know more.

Love Mother (over)

I paid your fall taxes – another Christmas gift. Also notified the proper authorities here of your change of address to 118 Juniper and you should receive your ballots.

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New Drapes

Letter transcription:

Sept. 8, 1967

Dear Bonnie and David:

I hope this finds both of you much improved. Sorry to hear your trip to Expo wasn’t what you would have like it to be. But that’s life. I remember one time we were in Kentland and David came down with chickenpox and Dad was in Liberty, Mo. He drove all night to get us and then we started back as soon as we could load into the car. I felt like I had been cheated out of a vacation that year. Imagine having a child come down with a contagious disease in the home of friends and them with a child about a year old. I had on a new knit jersey dress and having to hold David all the way home, by the time we had traveled that far, my dress had a permanent sag in front and had to be discarded, and in times like those, one didn’t lightly discard clothing.

We are gradually getting things done. I finally got the living room drapes hemmed and now have the drapes in the room where you slept pinned, but haven’t had a day to get them finished. Brought home some drapery hooks to finish hanging the small drapes (the one you stole the drapery hooks from so we could hang the living room drapes) and found I had bought a different kind, so had to take both drapes down and re-hang them. We are having counter tops made to order at National Homes. We bought a new sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and hover from Sears. I am waiting for the things from Sears to be delivered this a.m. (I hope). When we bought the things, we could not be given a definite time for delivery – except Friday.

John has an appointment at the Clinic this afternoon for his eyes. I am going with him because he will have his eyes dilated and will need me to drive for him. Mark and Shirley came last Saturday. They took Kirk to the Clinic to have some warts burned off. I kept Becky and David. David had a big time on the patio – as did Becky. He thought it was great fun to pick up the acorns, pea gravel and anything that he could lift. Becky suggested that we take him and go to the bottom of the ravine. She was vetoed immediately by grandma. She also enjoyed playing on the patio. She kept trying to find a good hickory nut. We finally found two that were not rotten, but they were green, so she couldn’t have a feast. Saturday is Becky’s birthday. We took her to Sears and got her a new fall coat. It has a zip-in lining and can be used as a rain coat or for not too cold weather. Their selection wasn’t too good, so we decided to wait until the more expensive winter coats go on sale. The one we bought was about $12.00. I looked at some at Ayres one day this week and the prices for a girl wearing 6X (her size now) were $34.00 and up.

I am sending the magazine you wanted to give to Dr. Beck. I won’t send it first class, so it may be a week before you get it. I think you left a pair of shorts, but I won’t bother to send them. Dark blue – light weight material. Yours?

We have our bathroom just about completed. We got tired waiting for the cabinet (which the Company sold that was in stock when we put in our order – and then they had to reorder) and found one we like better at National Homes. I help Dad mount it and after the electrician got the lights hooked up – it contains 6 60 watt bulbs – you can imagine how much light we have in that little room.

Love Mother

P.S. Credit card received.

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