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Dear Brother (Clarence)

Letter transcription:

Clay City Ind.
Nov. 8, 1943

Dear Brother,

No excuse for not writing now since weather conditions won’t permit gathering corn. Have cribbed about 360 bu. and most of balance is to[o] moist. The fall season has been pretty good at that. Wheat looks good but some soy beans are still to combine.

Well how are you getting along by this time? O.K. we hope. The reports concerning the war on all fronts are sure sounding good and let’s hope they continue. Kenneth has started flying a few weeks ago and seems to like it fine. He only weighs 190 lbs now. He is located at Springfield Mo. Wilma likes her work in nursing. At present she gets to come home Saturday noon until Sunday 7 P.M. However, I don’t think it will last very long as they are rushed quite a bit.

You can see that you are getting a new writer so it rather deprives me of some news. No need telling it twice. I’ll try and not put off writing so long next time. I was so busy this summer that I just couldn’t find time to write even to Kenneth. The girls had to do that. (over)

Pa & Ma are feeling good. They were at Kentland, Wilmington & Chicago last week while Floyds were here. They visited Uncle Silvester. He had been very low but is pretty good I guess now.

It is 9:00 o’clock now so I guess I’ll have to go to bed. May try a little duck or goose hunting in the morning since the snow blizzard has set in. I killed 8 ducks a couple days ago, & sure would like a chance on a goose. Well here’s hoping that the strife will be over very shortly and all can return to civilian life. Write when you can.

Your Bro

This letter was delayed until we got your new address until Nov. 10. Ground froze a little but I think it will warm up a little now. The sun is trying to get thru.

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Uncle Roscoe (Duane)

[Editor’s note: Duane was Roscoe’s nephew, son of his brother Clarence. In 1943, Duane was 12 years old. He makes a statement which made me cringe as it is clearly racist to the modern, 21st century ear. However, in 1943, remarks such as these were commonplace. We cannot rewrite history but accept it for what it was. This letter was included with one that Clarence wrote on November 18th.]

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Indiana
November 7, 1943

Dear Uncle Roscoe,

Mark never had such a time in his life when he was here about 2 weeks ago. We went shucking corn. He started to shuck an ear. It was emp There wann’t any there & he said “Aw shucks an empty one.” He was at Uncle Ralph’s the day before & they gathered pumpkins. Mark said he wanted this one, theyed come to another & Mark said he wanted that one until had had about a dozen. I guess (over)

[page 2] he finally got one picked out.

Say, did you ever hear the tale of the frog. – He didn’t have any. You probably aren’t up to date on this one. Why don’t Hitler have a Suit Case. – He lost his “grip” in Russia. The only bags he’s got are under his eyes.

We don’t have such a good basketball team this year. I don’t know so much about it yet cause we have just played 1 game. We lost 18-31 to Switz City.

Boy it’s raining pitchforks & negro babies here. It’s been raining about all day today & yesterday. Carolyn don’t feel very well. She has sore throat. Daddy says she ought to

[page 3] have her tonsils taken out. I think she’ll have them taken out next summer. This

This fountain pen writes better after it was filled.

I am collecting post cards. I have from 15 different states including from District of Columbis. 37 post cards all together. I would like very much if you could send me one. I have just started this lately.

As ever
Duane Y.

P.S. If it isn’t to much trouble.
P.S. I didn’t get my this letter mailed. It’s Mon. evening & there is a snow blizzard. Over the radio they said 2 people had fro died in the northern part of state.

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Fall Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Nov 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but hoping I’ll get Oct. 24 & 25 tomorrow. Oct. 26 came yesterday. Sometimes those missing letters contain a lot. It was cloudy all day until late in the evening or rather afternoon. The boys (J. & M.) raked leaves for Zell’s. Mr. Zell cleaned out our eave troughs. The leaves have about all fallen. The grass is so heavily covered we will have to rake some of them off. Smoke fills the air with so many people raking & burning leaves.

I went to Stunt night last night. The Seniors & 7th grades won. The little theatre was full. The stunt that won first (Senior) was “Teachers in Retirement” & the teachers at A.J. Kent were imitated – It was very good and somewhat original.

[page 2] Tomorrow is Mrs. Plummer’s birthday & I have a cake ready to decorate & take to her. I rec’d a card & 1⁰⁰ from her the day after my birthday. She came out & brought David’s & John’s gifts on David’s birthday. John’s was belated.

I took David in this his Taylor Tot this afternoon to town to go to the bank & do a few odd errands. We have to get our paper now at Bonnies. No more home deliveries unless mailed. David makes quite a hit wherever he goes. I went to pay the light bill & Rita Diedam played with him a while. She works at the Light office now. I walked down to Lucile’s but Jimmy Ed was asleep. David played in J.E.’s pen and liked it better than his own. Lucile is having trouble keeping J.E. in it but just let him cry this a.m. Said he cried himself to sleep.

Sid Lee is back home – Has an honorable discharge from the Navy. He was in action & was injured. Said he was in a hospital in New Caledonia several weeks.

Our Ind. Coal is burning O.K. so far. If it keeps on like this maybe it won’t be so bad. I just hope it works better than what we got from Elmer MC when we first moved here.

John & Mark are both doing home work and I can hear the pencils fly. Now that Stunt night is over the school routine can be resumed. Bob Schurtter had to go into service – his number was up so I understand he enlisted in the Navy. He thought he could possibly get Ensign commission. They keep taking them around here. Mr. Zell got an inquiry about his dependents. Ellsworth was supposed to go but I haven’t heard anything lately. I suppose your Mother told you Harry Adkins had to go. I leave C.C. news up to her. I have all I can do to care of Kent. I sometimes miss news items around here, but do try to tell you things you are interested in.

[page 4] My checks came today and it was about time. I haven’t had time to figure what comes out of this month’s but will try to have it figured out by next letter. I think we will get along – all the ins. is paid now for a month or so.

I must write to Glen & Pauline and do a few thinks to this desk. It looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Love Mother

P.S. Dr. Van K. is back to stay.

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Lt. Palmer’s Flowers (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

You will note the date – Nov. 1 – Your flowers via Lt. Palmer came today – just a few minutes ago in fact and he wrote a very nice letter to Bergens and Mary brought the letter out and gave it to me. I will drop him a thank you note – He wrote such a nice letter about you – said Kentland was fortunate to have such a fine Dr. – My mystery Pal left a package on the front steps this morning with a dish. Nick & Dorothy gave me this stationary and a scarf. I was down town this morning & got Nick’s

[page 2] gift & a card – I gave him about the same things as last year – Shaving material but didn’t have much choice since I hadn’t been out of town to shop.

We went to Wilmington yesterday for dinner & spent the afternoon. Mom & Dad came home with us, but Ruth & Floyd stayed & came over for dinner today then they all started for C.C. soon after dinner. This a.m. we went to town & shopped and got 200 lb. coal in sacks to try in the stoker. Mr. Monroe came out this afternoon to adjust the air on the hopper for the new (Ind.) coal. Your Dad shoveled the coal we have to one side so if I get Ind. coal it won’t be mixed with what is there now. It can’t be mixed – wouldn’t work in the stoker.

Besides washing two washer fulls we cut up and cooked 5 pumpkins. I have 8 qts. in the oven. Mrs. Zell has 8 qts. in Mrs. Zell’s her oven and 4 qts.on top of the stove. I didn’t use the pressure cooker – it

[page 3] has to be watched and I thought the pumpkin would keep without pressure canning.

Your Dad had never seen the Bendix work so I took him down with me & showed him how it operated. He said if he would have had brains enough to invent something like that he wouldn’t have spent his life farming. I don’t believe he really meant that. He didn’t get much time to visit with Earl. They got over there Fri. afternoon, went to Chi. Sat. to see Uncle Wes. & back to Wilmington for Sun. but Earl worked all day Sun. until 10:30 Sun. Eve. Their mine came out on a strike today. There is a new order restricting the delivery of more than 1.2 ton hard coal at a time – but there isn’t any of that around here so the dealers won’t have to worry about violating any such orders.

David is walking alone now. I was lying down a few minutes & watched him. He would turn loose of anything and just stand, then walk a few steps

[page 4] to something. He was having very good time all by himself. He was walked yesterday until I was tired for him. Everyone wanted to have him & wanted him to walk. Romaine borrowed a stroller from a neighbor so we took him for several rides around the neighborhood. I had to give Bud Kruman a shot toady. Dorothy had come out to give me my birthday gift so she took me down to Servies. She said she would take David a while so she kept him while I worked in pumpkin. He jabbers a lot & sounds like “greek or something.” Floyd took a movie of him sitting on the toilet today.

Mark is waiting to take this to the P.O. & get the paper – no more home deliveries. Mark gave me a cute little card & a package of v-mail for my birthday.
Love Mother

[Editor’s Note: Bud Kruman has been mentioned several times in the letters, usually for needing a shot. He suffered from  Landry’s Paralysis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. Here is a newspaper clipping from February 1943 from the Hammond Times which talks about Bud:

Hammond Times - 1945-02-22 (Bud Kruman), p. 8, col. 2-3

“Patriotism Plus,” Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana), 22 February 1943, p. 8, col. 2-3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.org : accessed 16 May 2015).

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Flashback! (Roscoe)

[Editor’s note: I recently discovered a letter from June 1943 misfiled in the binder of October 1943. The postmark on the envelope was difficult to read so that might be why it was in the wrong place. The letter also seems somewhat relevant, considering his next destination. Since Roscoe was incommunicado on October 28th and 29th, I figured I would use this letter to fill in the gap. On October 28, 1943, Roscoe arrived at Navy 131 at 1100. He remained there for several days. Navy 131 was Roscoe’s old post at Noumea, New Caledonia. So far on his journey, Roscoe has left the Russell Islands, stopped at Guadalcanal, continued on to the New Hebrides/Vanuata, and landed at Noumea.]

Oceania Map annotated

Letter transcription:
June 27, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

It finally happened Joe R. caught up with me however it was just for a night because he is returning to a little different place than he was before. It sure was a pleasure to see someone from so near home – after he came we just sat around and chewed the fat – each giving his experiences in rel succession. His Dad keeps him pretty well informed of the Drs. around Watseka that I know. We’ll probably be able to write notes back and forth now that we have proper connections.

Yesterday I received 2 issues of the Clay city news and a letter addressed from The Walkups at Earl Park. Your latest is still June 11, received about 3 days ago. Just saw a two ton truck pass by pass by our place stacked full of mail bags. Maybe they dropped off a few bags at our place. I’m not certain but I sure hope they do.

I thought when I started this I’d have lots to write but on further analysis of what Joe and I talked about I find most of it is not writable. His wife writes him all about you and the boys. In fact he knew about Mark’s tonsillectomy – so his mail must be about as late as mine. I believe in

[page 2] your last letter you wrote of her visit to Kentland.

Last night for chow we had fresh apples and fresh potatoes and this A.M. we had a whole apple as our fruit – Sure did taste good. I think the food situation is much improved and will continue with of course a meal of spam etc. thrown in now and then. That was one thing – Joe has had pretty good food ever since he has been out and mine has been pretty bum. Joe also said he didn’t want to go back to New Zealand – said he didn’t like cold weather. That wouldn’t be my reason for not wanting to go there – The cold weather would be swell but I’d rather have it in the Northern Hemi. Somehow I believe the cold of the south wouldn’t fit like that in the North.

My garden is rapidly becoming a flop. Even the lettuce doesn’t look as if it’s going to amount to anything, can’t tell for sure yet nor can Judgment be passed on the onions or carrots.

I’ll have to write the folks again today – Just one letter from there this week and the two C.C. papers so will have a little to write about. The thing in the paper that gave me a laugh was the practice dim out they were having at Clay City. Then To them it just be serious but from our point of view it doesn’t seem that way at all.

Well must get going –
Hoping you are the same
Love Daddy

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Back in Kentland (Gladys)

1943-10-24 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just home from C.C. about 2 hours. Four letters were here of Oct. 13-14-15-16. As soon as we got home had to feed David & put him to bed. He wouldn’t stop crying so I went up to see about him. I brought him down to let him eat some toast while we ate supper. I found the reason he wouldn’t go to sleep – he couldn’t get his thumb for his long sleeper sleeve. I took him back up & he went to sleep. We stopped to see Dave & Marie on the way home. Dave isn’t very well. Goes to the Clinic in T.H. for treatments. They found a spot on his back that was causing neuritis. He will have to write you the details. I think he doesn’t look very strong. When we got home Mr. Zell had our fire going so the house was warm. He told me we had lost three citizens since Wed. Judge Cummings, Willard Sprawl and Shorty Virgin. Floyd showed all his movies last night. The ones he took in Apr. were in Technicolor. They were fine. The colors were splendid in all of them. The pond across the road from Ralph’s house made good background for the pictures taken there. They were going to take pictures of David Sat. or Sun. but they said it wasn’t light enough Sat. & today we left before they came out and it was pouring down rain. We had dinner at Clarence’s today and left as soon as we could after dinner. I wanted to get an early start for home.

Love – Mother

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Thirteenth Month (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Ind.
Oct. 23, 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today is David’s 13th month. We are visiting with Esther & family today. When Leanna was ready to come Imogene, Ruthie, John, Mark, David & I went down and brought her & Linda. Linda is a very healthy looking young lady. Is on pasteurized & Karo. It seems funny for them to go to town and buy pasteurized milk since I have been here but your Dad just milks one cow and she is a Jersey and since David is sensitive to rich milk I thought it would be better to get the pasteurized. However I boil it – remember you said to boil it until the baby is old enough to boil his own. Ruth & Floyd brought their movie camera & want to take some pictures tomorrow if it’s sunny. It is raining now. Ruth took some of J. & M. & Sam’s new dog but David was taking a nap & didn’t get in that picture. They (R. & F.) are coming out tonite and show all their movies. Mom asked all the families to come tonite & see them so we will probably have a house full. After dinner Imogene showed us their wedding gifts. Her brother is in Hawaii and sent her a luncheon set from there.

– – – We have been to town, stopped at Clarence’s on the way home & now back home. J. & M. stayed to play monopoly with Dwane. Clarence’s went to T.H. today to get Wilma. She gets every week-end off so far. She likes her work. I asked her when she would get her cap and she said Feb. We are to go to Clarence’s for dinner tomorrow, then start home soon after dinner. I want to stop in Brazil on the way & see Dave & Marie. So far we have visited all the relatives (except Clarences & them tomorrow). Everyone thinks David is quite the boy. I saw several people in town – I thought I would see more but we were too early today & it was raining.

[page 2] Dot Salter Hoffman had a roll of 116 film she sold me so now I can take some more pictures of David & the rest of us. Ruthie said she would try & get me some so maybe I can manage pictures once a month now for a while.

David is in the baby bed playing with two sauce pans grandma gave him, having quite a time & jabbering like he really is saying things.

I must get this finished and get busy – Have to get David’s milk boiled for supper,
Love Mother

YEG1940 - Sam, Esther, Earl, Paul & Leanna

Samuel Yegerlehner with his wife, Esther, their sons, Earl and Paul, and Paul’s wife Leanna, circa 1940 (Photograph courtesy of Don Yegerlehner)

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