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Happy Thanksgiving 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

One more year your birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day. Hope you cards have caught up with you by this date. Mark said “life begins at forty.” I said that may be true for Daddy, only I am hoping yours will begin again for your family soon after 39. That may be put crudely, but I think you will get what I mean.

It’s after 4 P.M. and David and his mother slept from 2 till 4. I kept him out in the warm sunshine until he got cross, then decided he should have his nap. He used to take a nap after his bath, orange juice & oil at 10 a.m. but won’t go to sleep any more at that hour so we wait until afternoon now. It has been sunny the past few days so in order to get him out during the best of the sunshine take him out right after lunch. He will stay in his Taylor Tot a while then wants to get out & walk around. His 8th tooth is almost through.

[page 2] I didn’t want to go into the locker because of my sinus & throat condition – which seem pretty good today – so Link said he would be going over. We wanted a chicken for dinner but Link forgot all about going. He had told me he had to go for them. So we had beef roast instead. I made dressing, baked potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, raw carrots, celery, pumpkin pie and tea. I think we fared well enough. J. & M. kept referring to the meat as turkey. The Zells ate with Shirks. Chafee won a 16 lb. turkey at the raffle and couldn’t find anyone to dress it, so Mr. Z. dressed same then Shirks invited Zells to dinner. The Shirks & Zells used to live in Brookville at the same time. Johnsons also won a turkey and dressed it and put it in our locker for Christmas. So far I haven’t planned much for Christmas. I don’t want to plan on going to C.C. I think that is too far to go with D. in cold weather. We may possibly go to Mutch’s or have them come over here if Earl can get the gas. If not we can just remain home. I suppose R. & F. will go to C.C. If it gets as cold this year as it did last I would much rather stay home than try to go visiting. After all with the four of us we can make merry right at home. Of course we would

[page 3] enjoy being with the family, or having a part of the family come here.

I’ll mention again in case those other letters do not reach you – I rec’d two bouquets of flowers. Lt. Palmer wrote a nice letter to Bergens and they passed it on to me. He was very complimentary about you. But why shouldn’t he be – you deserve it.

I rec’d a letter from Dolores. She sent me some pictures of her & Steve. I think he is a nice looking young man. She didn’t mention his present location. He must have had several days off when they were married – she said in her letter she went back to work the day after Steve went back to camp.

I have to make another trip to Laf. to get the lenses for my glasses. I had planned to go Tues. but Mark was home and I couldn’t get Clara to come and stay with Mark and David, so was going to have Arlene get the lenses for me, but they have to have my frames to drill the holes in the right places, so we plan to go tomorrow. School being out J. & M. can take care of David in the car. I will try to do a little Christmas shopping but I know I won’t do much. The stores are jammed and the stocks are low.

[page 4] There seems to be three or four persons to any article for sale. The stores are short of clerks. I don’t like to buy anything I don’t have to. You can hardly imagine the change in business conditions. I want to buy gifts for Jimmy, Bobby, Donald, & the Zell girls and frankly I am “stumped.” The prices on toys are high and the toys offered this year are nothing compared to former years. I am not complaining. It’s just a natural condition arising from circumstances – Just wish I could find something to give that would do as good as toys. I suppose I will if I think hard enough. I told J. & M. I am going to give them money. Of course I will get something else – probably some clothing & wrap it to put under the tree. They have been wanting to know what to get me. That is as much a problem as any, but we will solve all these by Christmas and try to have a Merry Christmas.

Last Thanksgiving was a week earlier than this year and it turned cold and stayed cold all winter. I remember we hung clothes out on the line & they froze. We didn’t hang clothes out today but it was nice & warm.

It’s five o’clock and I have rambled on without saying much but hope it will take up a little of your time
“Love – Mother”

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Lt. Palmer’s Flowers (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

You will note the date – Nov. 1 – Your flowers via Lt. Palmer came today – just a few minutes ago in fact and he wrote a very nice letter to Bergens and Mary brought the letter out and gave it to me. I will drop him a thank you note – He wrote such a nice letter about you – said Kentland was fortunate to have such a fine Dr. – My mystery Pal left a package on the front steps this morning with a dish. Nick & Dorothy gave me this stationary and a scarf. I was down town this morning & got Nick’s

[page 2] gift & a card – I gave him about the same things as last year – Shaving material but didn’t have much choice since I hadn’t been out of town to shop.

We went to Wilmington yesterday for dinner & spent the afternoon. Mom & Dad came home with us, but Ruth & Floyd stayed & came over for dinner today then they all started for C.C. soon after dinner. This a.m. we went to town & shopped and got 200 lb. coal in sacks to try in the stoker. Mr. Monroe came out this afternoon to adjust the air on the hopper for the new (Ind.) coal. Your Dad shoveled the coal we have to one side so if I get Ind. coal it won’t be mixed with what is there now. It can’t be mixed – wouldn’t work in the stoker.

Besides washing two washer fulls we cut up and cooked 5 pumpkins. I have 8 qts. in the oven. Mrs. Zell has 8 qts. in Mrs. Zell’s her oven and 4 qts.on top of the stove. I didn’t use the pressure cooker – it

[page 3] has to be watched and I thought the pumpkin would keep without pressure canning.

Your Dad had never seen the Bendix work so I took him down with me & showed him how it operated. He said if he would have had brains enough to invent something like that he wouldn’t have spent his life farming. I don’t believe he really meant that. He didn’t get much time to visit with Earl. They got over there Fri. afternoon, went to Chi. Sat. to see Uncle Wes. & back to Wilmington for Sun. but Earl worked all day Sun. until 10:30 Sun. Eve. Their mine came out on a strike today. There is a new order restricting the delivery of more than 1.2 ton hard coal at a time – but there isn’t any of that around here so the dealers won’t have to worry about violating any such orders.

David is walking alone now. I was lying down a few minutes & watched him. He would turn loose of anything and just stand, then walk a few steps

[page 4] to something. He was having very good time all by himself. He was walked yesterday until I was tired for him. Everyone wanted to have him & wanted him to walk. Romaine borrowed a stroller from a neighbor so we took him for several rides around the neighborhood. I had to give Bud Kruman a shot toady. Dorothy had come out to give me my birthday gift so she took me down to Servies. She said she would take David a while so she kept him while I worked in pumpkin. He jabbers a lot & sounds like “greek or something.” Floyd took a movie of him sitting on the toilet today.

Mark is waiting to take this to the P.O. & get the paper – no more home deliveries. Mark gave me a cute little card & a package of v-mail for my birthday.
Love Mother

[Editor’s Note: Bud Kruman has been mentioned several times in the letters, usually for needing a shot. He suffered from  Landry’s Paralysis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. Here is a newspaper clipping from February 1943 from the Hammond Times which talks about Bud:

Hammond Times - 1945-02-22 (Bud Kruman), p. 8, col. 2-3

“Patriotism Plus,” Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana), 22 February 1943, p. 8, col. 2-3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.org : accessed 16 May 2015).

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Not Much Longer (Gladys)

1943-10-10 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Ruth M. is here for a few days. I called her last nite. I talked to Dr. Cole yesterday and he said Mother couldn’t last much longer. I was down yesterday & again today. She can’t keep her teeth in now and has a sore on her left side that gives her a lot of pain. She is suffering more from that than her abdomen. Earl, Romaine & Jerry brought Ruth over. She doesn’t know how long she will stay or how she will go back. She said she had her work planned so she could get away most any time. Romaine said for her not to stay too long because she (Romaine) might get hungry. I told Romaine she could live on her reserve – and she has gained enough since her appendectomy to do that. She is a good looking young lady and thinking about what college she will attend next fall. Is thinking some about Purdue, but nothing certain about it. Statons were gone today so Mrs. James & Jimmy rode to Laf. with us just for the trip. Mark & David went along and John stayed home. One of the Sisters at Earl Park rode back from Laf. with us. She held David and he slept on her lap until she got out. It’s getting late and I am sleepy so will call this a letter – Have yours up to Oct. 1. I just learned that Cracker & Gerald are divorced & she is working for Allison in Indpls. & her mother is keeping the baby. Gerald had an affair.

Love Mother

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An Officer’s Salary (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran Calif.
Aug. 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

Yours of Aug. 2, 4 and 6th came yesterday – The one with the financial statement was missing but you repeated a little so I have a fair idea. I don’t believe I would pay Ruth & Earl anything now that you have bought the bonds, etc. better keep a small reserve on hand – buying a bond once per month if you can. That was a false rumor about our pay so I couldn’t send any if I wanted to. If I were you I’d pay off the piano and then buy one bond per month unless of course it cuts you too short. We can always turn the bonds in and pay Mutch provided the our tax isn’t more than the bonds. So it’s just what you might call dealer’s choice.

I got a letter from Wayne W. and he was complaining about the amount of work he had to do and also said he hadn’t gotten away for a vacation as yet. Poor boy. No doubt people are working harder and trying to do more but they just can not forego the pleasures and vacations they once had with out some amount of complaining. I’m not feeling

[page 2] sorry for myself because an officer’s life isn’t so bad but it’s a 24 hour job seven days per week and it’s really tough on the boys that have to work hard. Of course that is true not only in this area but on all fronts – so it is a little “vexing” to hear one complain about not having a vacation.

Sacky has been was on the verge of being drafted when I left according to him and probably is still a little alarmed but maybe the hot breath of the draft board is finally blowing on the back of his neck. Officer’s salary does sound pretty good but I just have a $130 board bill to pay and what board especially in the beginning. Of course in the States there is also room & board – an enlisted man has none of that to worry about so there isn’t so much difference in the pay as one would expect.

My total salary now runs around 4000 but that is not all taxable and as I said above there is a deduction for food.

Well this letter has been more or less on the complaining side but I’m not that way all the time. I’ll try to be different next time.
Love Daddy

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Hard Beds (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 6 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of July 26 came today. Had the 27 & 28 yesterday – so that brings my mail up pretty good. It is cooler but the sun is warming things up today. It was cool enough to have the windows & doors closed yesterday – Mark has been sleeping with me since John has been gone and last night he helped keep me warm – but you know me – covers for the first cool breeze. John got to go to the picnic – I had a letter from him yesterday and he said he would try not to get sick – you remember what happened to Mark one year. I don’t know whether Mark knows John got in on the picnic or not – but I don’t believe he will care because he is so built up on the 4-H outing the 16th to 19th. He runs errands for Arlene and I am trying to get him to save his money as he earns it so he will have some spending money when he goes to camp but money in his pocket seems to bother him. He always fins something he thinks he has to spend it for.

[page 2] Mother had a restless night. I wanted her to take a sleeping tablet but she didn’t want to. I gave her some potatoe soup yesterday noon and she threw it right up. She has been taking strained foods like I give David and keeps them down. Dr. Cole said she has a colitis condition and her recovery would be slow. She isn’t making any progress. If it weren’t for the hard beds in the hospital I would take her back down but she says she doesn’t feel she could stand the beds there. I am going to talk to Dr. Cole about her when I take David down Monday. He wants to see his cast again Mon. He sure gives that cast a beating – the way he rolls around out on it. Mark has him out in the buggy now. He is so “wiggly” it’s hard to keep him satisfied. Dr. Cole said the cast being on 4 weeks would retard his walking but I doubt it. He pulls up and gets around his pen & bed pretty good. He certainly has been good about it. He doesn’t fuss – just seems to take it for granted –

Ellsworth brought the policy out this morning. He said to tell you the baby was in for a – of a disappointment when he sees you. He said “you write & tell him I said that.” He said something about you being toothless & bald to David – E. is all hot & bothered about having to go. He said

[page 3] how’s my wife going to live on $50 – a month. I think a little military discipline might do him some good. I imagine the Army has tamed wilder ones – don’t you?

I paid my Ins. policy loan yesterday and groc. bill. We have a bal. of $233.55 – and a few other small bills to pay yet – water 4.80 – Geo. Monroe 4.75. Geo. has come every 60 days & oiled the furnace and looked things over. I will pay Ruth & Earl 100⁰⁰ if you think I should – we have a bond a month now for this year. I have 185⁰⁰ yet to pay on the piano (as previously stated). The car Ins. is due after the 11th and your Laf. life in Sept. I haven’t been paying any Gross this year – Agnes Molter said I shouldn’t and as I once before told you the 1942 Gross paid on Service salary is to be refunded – or so the Indpls Star stated. I am enclosing a funny I clipped out of Colliers. I you have seen it I am sorry, but I thought it might amuse you. Since you folks get a kick out of reading about local black-outs I thought this might amuse.

David is now raising a fuss to go out – I have fed him since starting this letter. He sure has a good appetite and likes potaoe. Ate a whole one today – That is I mashed one whole potatoe for him.

I must get this finished so Mark can take it to town. –
Love Mother

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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Check Received (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 28 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of July 17-18 & 20 (Thanks for all the compliments I need a few) so you can relax now about the ck. I’ll deposit it this a.m. and figure how to spend it to our best advantage. I think I’ll buy an $18.75 bond for each month so far and pay off the loan on my ins., then put keep enough on dep. to keep our bal. up to 100⁰⁰ and may yet try to buy the piano – I mentioned several times before. However I would like to start paying Ruth & Earl off it I can manage it. Rest assured I’ll try to be sensible about it and not spend any foolishly – I have thought about this piano business for a month and can’t decide what to do – if I could only get a word one way or the other from you. I wrote you about it some time ago so maybe an ans. will be coming thru one of these days.

[page 2] I got your first reply on Mother’s condition. She has decided she will go back to the hospital if it’s necessary – however I am hoping it won’t be necessary. She had a good night last night and it’s cooler today. We had a hard rain and hail that cooled things off yesterday. We were needing rain. The sun was so hot yesterday before the rain the flowers in the yard wilted. I hung sheets out to dry & they were ready to bring in in a short time – It was like an oven out in the yard.

I called your folks last nite & they are coming up Thurs & bring Ruth & Romaine this far. I also called Mrs. R. She doesn’t know yet where Joe is. I shudder to think what my telephone bill will be next time. I must have 8 or 10 calls on it and you know what they mean.

I have hit the jack-pot in letters from you this week – what makes me feel good is to hear you have our letters. I am anxious for you to get the last pictures I sent. Glad you finally got the box I sent in Jan. or Feb.

I must study-up something Mother can eat for lunch – that’s a problem now. Also it’s about time to take care of David

[page 3] Just in case my letters haven’t reached you I’ll repeat again about David’s leg. The femur at the angle was broken – not all the way across and he is in a cast up to his hips. Dr. Cole said he wouldn’t be able to sit but we found him sitting once yesterday. We were eating supper & he was in his bed – we kept running in to look at him and once John went in and he was sitting up in a corner. I don’t think it will hurt the bone but I imagine it wasn’t too comfortable. Hope you have my letters explaining all the details about the fall. David is doing fine and doesn’t mind the cast – he crawls around his bed or pen and plays as before.

John wants to go home with the folks for a week – Mark is booked to go to 4-H in Aug. & John thinks he should have another week too – He said Mark could do a little work around here if he went – I think I’ll get a lot more out of Mark if John is gone – Mark is a lot to “let John do it.” John’s voice is changing – Jim & Thelma noticed it while they were here. There has been so much going on around here I haven’t had time to keep up on outside news.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-07-26 - Gladys and boys

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Boy Joins Navy (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

July 17, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.

Dear Mother,

Five letters yesterday from you – The latest July 1. Another was a v-mail along the last few days of June, and one with the picture of D. I’m inclined to agree with John. In comparing this with previous pictures I don’t believe it is a good picture. It was under developed or over exposed or something. As usual there are letters missing because you mentioned Dr. M. being mad at Parttens for taking Ruth to a specialist but didn’t say what was the trouble – but I just know you wrote that in a previous letter.

Needles to say you will find the several times mentioned check enclosed. That should be enough to pay off the Ins. loan and buy a few bonds. If you

[page 2] wish and think it worth while you might even start paying Mutch & Ruth a little now and then. That is providing it doesn’t run you short. I’ll be able to send some home from time to time but I’m keeping around 200 on the books just so I’ll have enough for transportation in case I should need it. I’m hoping! – when I get an accumulation over that amount I’ll send it to you and you can use it as you see fit.

I didn’t know about your mother was having bowel trouble and it’s hard for me to suggest. Does she have diarrhea all the time with blood? You went a little indefinite about the symptoms etc. She should be on a bland diet. The sulfa drug is OK for a time and a little Metamucil would not be out of the way. A blood count

[page 3] and hemoglobin are very essential. The sugar in the urine may or may not be important but worth keeping in mind. All those things are merely suggestive and things I would do if I were there. Of course a rectal exam would come first. That is about all I can think of not knowing the circumstances and a 6,000 mile consultation isn’t good so you will have to use your own judgment which I know you are capable of doing.

Is Glenn married again or is that the wife he had? If it’s the same onee they must have bit a spark not visible before in order to reproduce after this long a period of married life. Yesterday I found myself being drawn into another one of the love struggles. Boy married to girl 8 years – Boy joins navy – find himself on a South Sea Isle – girl’s letters

[page 4] become fewer and fewer – one come 3 days ago – without date – 4 pages and then stopped in the middle of the sentence – later another started – whole new page – and it ended in the same way – not signed an both letter about 4 pages each and both ended in the middle of the sentence and no signature. The whole thing is beyond me. He seems very much discouraged and I can’t seem to blame him either, but why write you that stuff.

The regular weekly inspection is due now most any minute so I’ll try to put a finishing note at least I’ll try not to end in the middle of the sentence.

Inspection done and I must say things aren’t in as good a condition as they should be. Guess more bearing down in necessary.

Hope your mother is feeling better and that the hot weather isn’t too hard on you and the boys –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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To Wilmington and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

July 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I left a letter for the mail man to pick up then learned the P.O. was closed today so it didn’t go out – Thought I would add a line – I went to Wilmington to get J & M. Took Betty & Buddy along. They seemed to enjoy the trip. Buddy took his cap gun along and could buy caps there so had fun making a noise. Mark and Earl had gone fishing about

[page 2] 3 a.m. and got back a little while after we arrived – (10:30). I was able to buy some sardines so will send you a box as soon as I can get some other things to put in. Ruth is getting some things collected to send too.

Going back to the fish subject, Mark & Earl had luck and brought in 10 bass. Earl cleaned them and we brought home several. I put them in the frost chest until tomorrow. Mark had a grand time as well as John but Mark overdid his and is a little nervous again but I think I can soon get him calmed down. I am sure with proper rest here at home he will soon be

[page 3] over it. He won’t rest away from home so I’ll just have to see that he does. They enjoyed their visit & I know Ruth enjoyed having them and does so many things to help them have a good time. She took John to one of her neighbors to play for her. The woman used to play the organ but hasn’t been able to play much for a long time – so she enjoyed John’s playing for her. Mark has lots of friends there and has been there enough that he looks to seeing them all.

Clara M. came up three times today to see about Mother. I am going to see Dr. M. tomorrow

[page 4] again about her and if she isn’t any better I think I’ll take her to the hospital for some checking over.

We drove home thru a hard rain from about Donovan on to Kent. We could see the black clouds in the east when we were coming south of Kankankee and finally got into the rain.

David had a good time. I thought he would be so hungry, because he went half an hour over his supper but he wanted to play and it took about half an hour to feed him.

I am so sleepy think I’ll go to bed –
Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Staycation (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 4 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another 4th and traditionally hot. It was cool this morning after a good rain during the night but this afternoon the heat was so intense and the humidity so high, Mother was all in. She went to bed early. She thought she would go with me to Wilmington to get J. & M. but thinks now the trip would be too tiring. I went down to Clara Molter’s and asked her to come stay with Mother. She can’t come all day but is going to come up several

[page 2] times during the day and come at noon & fix her lunch. Mother has been taking sulfasuxadine a week now but is thru with it. Is still taking Bepron. She said today her stomach & bowels feel better. If she could just get her strength. She ate a pretty good meal at noon. If she doesn’t improve next week I think I’ll take her down to St. E. for a thorough check-up and glucose if necessary.

It is thundering and lightening some. May have rain and storm before morning. It hadn’t rained for a week when it rained last nite. Things were getting dry. A few days like this & Indiana corn sure will grow.

[page 3] Bun Walkup brought Iva Jean & the girls out this evening. Iva Jean had never seen D. I took her upstairs to see him – he was asleep but not too soundly – he woke up and was so hot I brought him down and we compared babies. He is 4 hrs 14 minutes older than their Carolyn. She weighed 8 ½ at birth & D 6-11 – He now weighs more and is quite a bit taller besides having more tan. Susie is a cute little child with curley hair. David’s hair curls when it’s damp but Carolyn’s is definitely straight. She has six teeth to David’s two. However, I think he will have more before long. He was so hard to do anything with today. He misses J. & M. (and so do I). They help so much in taking care of him.

[page 4] I would take him out in the yard & put him in the buggy – most of the time he was standing or trying to hang out head first. Maybe I am a little indulgent with him, but he seems to have such an urge to climb it seems out the question to hold him down. He knows what no-no means – when he want too. If he is in a good mood he laughs at it – if not he trys to cry – and if in a bad mood crys with all stops open.

I called Ruth M. to tell her I would be over to get J. & M. – Earl & Mark are going fishing tomorrow. Both boys said they weren’t ready to come home but I don’t want them to wear their welcome out and I need them here. Link left a $1.25 for John to mow his lawn next Wed. Statons went to Monticello today for a week. I think I’ll spend my vacation at home.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Very Quiet Around Here (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 30, 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of June 21 & 22 came today and you had rec’d mineo f June 2 – 4 – & – 5 – The one of the 3ᵈ was air mail and I wrote it while Mark was coming out of the ether. I mailed it at the hospital. I stated the bank balance in a letter a few days ago, but after I get the Hancock ins. paid, rent, etc., I should have a balance of 150⁰⁰ – which will take the July 1 check – I have a balance now of about 90⁰⁰ – tomorrow or next day will get the 200⁰⁰ allotment. The rent will come out (48³³) and groc. bills – which are somewhat higher than they used to be, due

[page 2] to increase in price in about everything – so unless something comes up I haven’t counted on should with everything taken care of have a balance of around 150⁰⁰.

Had a letter from a music shop in Laf. that they have used grand piano for sale. If I get down there soon will go look at it. I really am not enthused about buying anything but do feel it is a shame for John not to have a good piano to work with. He took his music and Mark’s too along to practice on while they are at Ruth’s. Earl said they were on vacation but I told him it would do Mark good to settle down a little while each day and rest. Mark seems

[page 3] to be all over any nervousness but when he got over there Sunday he was so excited about seeing all his “friends,” I wonder if he won’t play too hard.

I hear David. He has had a nap and in good mood. Dorothy & Ruth played with him so much yesterday I was afraid he would be spoiled today but he seems as good as ever. He gets harder to handle every day. He is always reaching for something. If he keeps on at this rate I am afraid he will have to have plenty of love taps to keep him out of things – – Had to stop and fix lunch – Just put David down in his pen and he didn’t like the idea – He has been saying

[page 4] da-da for a long time – now he says mom-mom.

It is cool enough today to have heat turned on. Such a drastic change from Monday. It was cool yesterday too. Floyd came for Ruth about 6 P.M. yesterday. He didn’t have to go to Brazil after all so they were returning to Bluffton, but are going to C.C. for the 4th – I don’t know yet whether Mother will feel like going any place by Sun. If not I’ll have to get someone to go with me to get the boys in Wilmington. The grass isn’t growing so fast now that it isn’t raining so often and not so hot so maybe the grass won’t need cutting before John comes back. Had the lawn mower worked on so it isn’t so hard to push.

Love Mother

[page 5] P.S. I just looked up the old policy & it was issued Dec. 24 – 1923 so this payment I will make in July pays it up. I rec’d the cancelled note today. The amt. of prems. Due in July on all three that are due amounts to 77.28. I have to buy an auto stamp today (last day) and that will be 5⁰⁰ – Also last day for meat stamps (red) and I have a few left. I bought 3 frys last week and still have enough left for several meals. I am going to try and get salmon with my meat stamps today. That & sardines are scarce articles. The only place I know of to buy canned chicken would be Chicago – Ruth Mutchler said she saw canned pheasant at the Stop & Shop in Chi. at $3.50 a can.

[page 6] If I can find suitable articles will send out another box – but hate to send them if you don’t get them. We can’t register letters or insure anything – at least I was told at the P.O. that registering didn’t insure delivery so quit doing that.

Zells have gone away for a week – John & Mark are gone – Statons are leaving soon and Bill & Arlene are talking about going to Wisconsin – I don’t know if all these vacations are going to be at the same time, but with the Zell girls & our boys gone it is very quiet around here. Irene had 5 moles burned off Sat. She asked the Dr. if she could go in swimming – She went to a Dr. in Indpls. She was afraid of skin cancer. Mary is having a baby & Mrs. James is going there to stay two weeks –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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