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More Christmas Greetings (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Just finished a letter to Uncle W. thanking him for the atlas. I didn’t give you a very good accounting of all the things you sent. We did get rid of some sardines last night. I used some of the misquito cream before the show and we have the calendar up on the wall in plain view of all. I don’t know if you knew it or not but one of those papers had an article in it about the mail to the boys outside of U.S.A. Hope more articles like that are written and results are obtained, because it is now 7 days since any new mail has arrived and that makes things sorta draggy as far as the mail is concerned (I mean new). Got the package of course and some Christmas greetings

[page 2] mailed way back in Dec. The Christmas season has sure lasted long this year as far as the greetings are concerned some of those earlier ones came about 2 wks before and the last one came 2 days ago from Dolores. I still have hopes of getting another or two – don’t know who from but just expecting I guess.

We have had rain most of the day after a deluge last night or rather 5 AM this morning. It really sounded like it was coming right thru the tent top, but it didn’t.

John and Mark, circa 1942

John and Mark, circa 1942

I always keep forgetting when I write to John or Mark. Are they still keeping the scrap book? And if not why not? And I still think it would be a good idea – Maybe one item each week or

[page 3] one per month. I think each should do that. Particularly of things that happen in the South West Pacific. Those things might be interesting to talk about when I get home. That’s just a suggestion and if I thought it a good one made it I would say it was a good one but I really don’t want to brag – modest. I remember John was saving some before I left.

The films you sent weren’t exactly for the camera. There were 16 exposures and the camera only shows eight – So one my first roll every other spot was vacant. There isn’t any hole in the camera to show the extra ones. Don’t know if I’ll be able to figure how to use them all. The pictures were pretty good but small. There weren’t any pictures just the developed films. I tried to develop a few but didn’t do so hot. Will try again soon. In time I’ll get some to send home – If not I’ll send the films. If you are allowed to send packages – you might send 2-3 rolls. We have to be a little careful where we take pictures and when but there are times when good pictures would be of great value.

Silvester Schiele, 1939 Portrait given to his nephew Roscoe S. Yegerlehner

Silvester Schiele, 1939
Portrait given to his nephew Roscoe S. Yegerlehner

Later. Mail

Got 5 letters from you – postmarked – one Dec. 21, two on Dec. 28, one Jan 7 and one Jan 8. Mark’s Christmas greeting came. Mrs. Plummers greeting and letter. Geo Tilton’s letter and calendar another letter from Uncle Wess and a letter from Dave Burns. His letter (Daves) was the oldest – Dec. 10 (4). Mark’s greeting was Dec. 10 Mrs. Plummers was Dec. 20 and Geo Tiltons Dec 4 (10). Notice the correction. Anyway things looked

[page 5] up. In your last letter you said your sinus was better and Dr. A. thought it looked better – sure hope you are both correct.

I’ll answer just a question or two of your letter today and read them over more carefully before the next – First I can’t offer anything on the piano – Have John talk to Miss Smith – She could give more advice than I. If you can see your way clear financially and she thinks it better than the old one it is perfectly OK with me. What will you do with the old one. Make them take it away for I don’t want to have to push it around the garage when cleaning time comes.

Well, I must write other letters and will re-read your before tomorrow’s letter. When you get my letters just mention the dates written no particular reason just curious. D’s picture was pretty good –

Lots of Love

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The 7th day of the New Year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Jan 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

On the 7th day of the new year and I wonder what I have done with this first week – nothing much it seems. This afternoon is a little on the gloomy side. It has been snowing and it is foggy. Not so cold but not the kind of weather to get out in after a throat infection. I am going to welcome spring with open arms. I believe I am getting tired of winter and Jan & Feb yet to go. I feel pretty good toady. My throat feels better but I am going to be careful about going out for a while – Will see Dr. Ade again tomorrow. Maybe another treatment will clear things up.

John is working on the music I told you about some time ago. He forgot to copy it off and so did I but he is doing it now and will mail it – his version of Star Spangled Banner. I don’t know whether his vacation from exams is going him much good. He had to wash dishes and take care of two washes of clothes for David. He is going with us to Laf. tomorrow so maybe that will make up for his work today. He doesn’t seem to mind. Mark decided he wanted some oysters so he went to town & got a pint. I didn’t know how

[page 2] much they were and when he told me I almost swooned (.55¢). John doesn’t care for them so Mark & I will do the pint justice. I feel like I should make several meals out of them at that price. The last time I priced creamery butter it was about .60¢ lb so I just stick to G.L. I don’t know what meat costs in the stores but know it is very high. Oranges are 45¢ dz and sometimes more. So much for the high cost of eating.

Mark tried to skate yesterday but he didn’t have his shoes laced tight enough and he couldn’t do much. Some of the children made fun of him and he was in a bad mood but I explained to him that he would have to lace his shoes very tight so he thinks maybe he will do better this evening. It is cold enough that the pond is well frozen over. Now that exams are going the children who are exempted are skating – some of them. John wrote you that Angus Washburn, Ina May Walkup & he were the only ones entirely free from exams – Betty Lou & Carol Josserand were here on their way to the pond. Betty L. had to take all but Arith. I must change the subject or you will think I am being a proud mama.

I started adding egg yoke to David’s formula today. 1/8 tsp a day until he gets a whole yolk a day. I see he has his

[page 3] covers kicked off. He has found his hands and spends much of his time looking at them. –

As usual no local paper today (Thurs) so can’t scan over for local news, which probably wouldn’t be much anyway. I worked on the bank statement last night, I mean I checked with my balance and with no taxes or ins. (except mine) paid we have a bal. of around 500⁰⁰ – I bought 6 37⁵⁰ bonds last week – but after I decided to get a coat thought I had better go slow on further investments until after Ins & taxes, car license, etc are all paid. I have a chance to buy a piano for $100⁰⁰. It is a studio, about the size of Ruth M’s. What do you think about getting it? It is about 3 yrs old and is a Wirrletzer. It isn’t a first rate brand but about the same kind as we have, only it is practically new and would be much better for John to practice on. Let me have your opinion if you get this letter.

I think I told you about Amal Taylor giving me a check for $9⁰⁰ and that it “bounced” – I just took it back to the bank and left it in case he deposited any money, so on this month’s statement – I mean Dec. statement it came thru. That is $9⁰⁰ I didn’t have much hope of getting.

[page 4]The uniform money has not come. I think I told you your policy came but it hasn’t yet – there was a slip advising me it would come but as yet it hasn’t. This slip is to take the place of the policy until it is written or sent out. I would think it would be issued by this time. I am enclosing a calendar for Jan. I cut it off a blotter. If you get Geo Tilton’s letter you will get a full year’s calendar – also if you get one of the boxes I sent you will get one (Rexall).

I have given you Jim’s address several times but here it is again – Ship’s company Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va – James L. Foster S.K.C. Thelma got a release from her job in T. H. and is working for the Army in Norfolk.

David has had a nap and is now awake and John seems to think he needs his mother’s attention, so will have to see if dry pants are needed. The boys have tried to do that for him but are a little awkward and I am afraid they might hurt him. When he gets a little older they will learn to handle him but they seem to think he will break if they try to pick him up.


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We went to Lafayette (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 3 -1 1943

Dear Daddy –

I missed getting a letter out Sat, but we went to Laf. and when we came home was too late. I wanted to go see Dr. Ade about my throat – it wouldn’t get over being irritated. I also wanted to take David down for Dr. Cole to see but he couldn’t see me Sat. and I am planning to go tomorrow morning. That sounds like a lot of travel but Dr. Ade wants to see me again tomorrow. My throat feels much better since he worked on it and hope another treatment will fix me up. I feel better generally too. I am going to have a blood count made because after taking so much sulfa I probably need some shots. Clarice kept David for me yesterday but of course I’ll take him along tomorrow. She said he was very good while she had him. He is that way most of the time. He is on the bath table now kicking and looking around.

[page 2] When we came home Floyd & Ruth were here to spend the week-end. They have been traveling around so much hadn’t been able to get any laundry work done so they brought their washing along and did it. Floyd is to take his physical and if he passes will be in the Army. They will probably write you if and when.

I told you about the bed Mary Parttens loaned us for the baby. They brought it in yesterday and Floyd set it up. We have it in the den and it looks like the piano will have to go to the living room because it makes the den too crowded. I think I’ll make a real nursery out of the den since David has to have his things downstairs.

Five letters came yesterday which brought your mail up to Christmas Eve. I am so glad you found the batteries. Also glad you rec’d as many boxes as you did – since that was all you could have for Christmas. Now maybe you will get the other boxes I sent. It’s odd you have never received any letters from Funks. I know they have written to you and sent you a box for Christmas

[page 3] Just had a caller – Eleanor Towers – she came to see David – and the rest of us. So many came after we came home from the hospital but this was her first visit.

The weather seems to be changing some. It has been raining & warm but the wind is blowing and I believe it is getting cooler. Floyd was wishing for sunshine today. He brought his movie camera along and wanted to get some good indoor pictures. We have some photoflood bulbs we used so maybe they will be good. He took some of the boys out in the yard and some of all of us in the house. He had some developed that he had taken down in C.C. He has a screen & projector so we got to see some scenes from the farm with your Mother, Dad, Clarence, Ralph Glendon & Kenneth and one of Bob. I don’t know when we will get to see these he took today, because if he goes in the Army can’t tell where he will be sent. Dorothy Salter’s husband and Herschel Steiner are in the same C.B. camp

[page 4] in Rhode Island. I think Hilda said Ed was being sent to a camp in R.I.

We have eaten so much candy – received some nice boxes for Christmas. Floyd & Ruth brought the boys – John & Mark each a can of peanuts and then opened them and we have been eating them – I would much preferred to send them to you. Hope you get the ones I did send in your birthday box.

Our radio is getting a little off – I think it needs a new tube. It blurs and hums sometimes. Dorothy said theirs had gone out entirely – you remember they got theirs when we got ours. I’ll see Geo T. about it. Maybe he will have some new tubes. Just wish I could send you a radio but they aren’t for sale any more.

The boys are listening to Gildersleeve and it is about time for David to get a bottle so must get this finished.

– – Just stopped to put the bottle on to warm and from the sound of the thumb being sucked I think he is ready for supper


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Shooting the bull (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lt. (jg) Yegerlehner
Receiving Station
U.S. Naval Advanced Base
Noumea, New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O.
San Fran Calif.

Dear Mother,

Wrote the Folks this A.M. and just finished a letter to Uncle Wess so if there is anything funny about this letter it’s because I haven’t gotten out of my frame of mind – shooting the bull.

This has been a sort of dull day but still I can’t tell why or how it has differed from yesterday. It did rain at times and that is a little different because it hasn’t for several days. The days do pass rapidly even at that – guess it is because we are busy most of the day and look forward to the show at night. It doesn’t make any difference

[page 2] if the show is good or bad we go just the same – generally get there 15-20 minutes early to get a good seat and wait for it to get dark enough for the show to start. It’s pretty dark here at 7:15 so the show is scheduled to start at 7:30 but doesn’t often until around 7:45. At 7:30 when the show starts here on Sunday night. It is 3:30 AM on Sunday morning. It’s a kind of a game to compare times. At 12:00 noon here on Sun. it is 8:00 P.M. there on Sat. etc. We often say what the folks are doing at home when we are going so & so here. I think I’ve gone over all that before but it just happened to hit me as I was writing.

We’ll be glad to get the calendar from Geo T. and was surprised to hear that you had collected $23.50 from Gilmans

[page 3] that must have been a surprise to you also. Hope more people get the Christmas spirit. We must have about 12 bonds by now give me the number the next time you write – I just sorta would like to know.

I did write the sisters of St. Francis and thank them for their kindness and consideration given you while in the hospital. I had thought of writing them long ago but just kept putting it off.

A letter came today from Joe R, a greeting from the Smith’s in Lafayette and your letter of Dec. 4. Dr. Joe’s letter was written on Dec. 22 so you see it wasn’t as old as yours. He didn’t say anything about his location so if you haven’t told Mrs. R.

[page 4] she doesn’t know. I talked to a Dr. yesterday who had seen him and the place I wrote long ago is still correct but things can change as has happened to so many of us.

If you should start taking hypodermic liver you have a Dr. give you the first shot or two because you might do like Irene S. did when I gave her the Vitamin B so be sure and do that. Try to keep going on oral liver. Did Sherman send you the bill for the oral cold tab. Give them to the boys twice per week. And if they should develop a bad cold 6 per day – 2 before each meal – for only one day – If D. get a cold grease him with camphorated oil and watch his temp. It won’t bother if he does rattle if he has no temperature Take per rectum.

Well, I’m out of time & space
Lots of love Daddy

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Did OK with the mail again today (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Did OK with the mail again today. That is in a way, got 9 letters today but they were all old. That is older than the previous ones from you. Only two of the letters were from you. Dec. 2 and Nov. 30. The rest were from outsiders – Mom, Clarence, Ruth M., B. Walkup, Allgoods, Uncle W. and Barry the drug salesman. Quite of variety wouldn’t you say? In your letters you mentioned the collection. I believe I told you to see Geo. Tilton. See if his method sounds good. Maybe a little law – but Cliff is too easy and no one bill is big enough unless it is the Reed bill. I suppose whatever you do you won’t get much. So don’t worry too much about the whole thing.

I wrote you in yesterday’s letter about the tax. Again pay 1941 tax, and whatever you think best of

[page 2] the past year. But send me the figures on this year (1942) if you have them.

I was all caught up on my writing last night didn’t owe anyone a letter then all these came today and now there are several again – Drop me a V-mail now and then as I said last night and for they may be faster. I don’t like to write or receive them but they are better than nothing. I’ve gotten lots of mail but none of it very recent. Dec. 12 was the latest.

Fred & I went shelling for about ½ hour today but the tide was so high we didn’t do any good. We’ll have to try some other time. I’ve managed to collect a few but none very nice. We really don’t have much time to get away now that all the other Drs. are gone. I mean

[page 3] those I spoke of leaving before. We three are still here.

I just stopped for a little trip over the hill to an urge of nature. It’s a long distance over there but I made it OK. That is one thing I’ll appreciate when I get home. This hill climbing gets old for things like that.

I suppose I have all the pictures you have sent up to now and really get a kick out of them. Walkups sent me pictures of their family and snow banks. Those must have been taken about the same time you took the ones you sent. Again that snow looks good.

Well. I’m not newsy tonite so I’ll try to do better next time

Lots of Love

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Protected: The last letter in 1942 (Gladys)

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A Christmas party (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Dec 21 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Mon noon – I missed writing yesterday – seemed like I couldn’t get around to it – being Sun I should have managed but I was a little on the tired order from Sat. and tried to sleep in the afternoon while David slept, and last night I went to Funk’s to a party. I had started to Clara Moulter’s in the morning to ask her to stay with the children and met Bob & Dorothy (Vanscoryck) Schurtter. They asked me where I was going and I told them. They said Bob would stay with the children and I must have looked at them funny because they said he stays with Zells’ children sometimes when they go out, so I said, “O.K.” and that would keep Stevie for them sometime. They still live up at Kent. He said he used to take care for children while in college to help pay his expenses. I am going

William E. Funk family - c1960

William E. Funk family – c1960

[page 2] to the band concert tonight and Clara is coming to stay with the baby. He goes to sleep after his 6 P.M. bottle and doesn’t wake up until we take him upstairs to bed. Most of the time I have to wake him at 10 to feed him. If Bill can’t take Bobby tonight Mark and I are going to take him. I am sleepy today because I didn’t get home till after 12 and that was a little past my usual bedtime. The baby slept till almost 5 this morning but by getting to bed late didn’t help me much.

Had a letter from your Mother. I had written her about the contagious diseases, if there were any around. Floyd & Ruth want us to go down Christmas eve & stay till the 27th but I was afraid there might be something catching as your Mother had mentioned Judy Rae having whooping cough, but she said in her letter there wasn’t anything around now but colds. I haven’t decided yet but think we will stay home. I would have to get some one

[page 3] to take care of the furnace and since we are having a real “old fashioned” winter don’t like to venture away from home that far. I sent your folks a year’s subscription to Reader’s digest. Your Dad sent each boy a dollar. Your Mother had left John & Mark a book she bought in Joliet and sent me a table cloth & David a pr of bootees. I rec’d a very nice desk calendar from Prairie Realty. Geo Tilton said he sent you a calendar. I sent you one in the last box I mailed. After all the Christmas greetings come I’ll send you a list from all received. There were two who remembered to send greetings, who still owe us quite a bill. Maybe I shouldn’t think of things like that while reading a greeting – but it does seem a little farfetched – or does it? We received one from Mrs E. in Norfolk – and while remembering Norfolk, Jim’s address is James L. Foster SK2C, N.O.B Ship’s Company, Camp Bradford, Norfolk. I think I sent it before but can’t be sure. You mentioned my writing to Mrs. Walsh – Well I never did get a letter written, kept intending to then you wrote and told me he had been sent on. I really intended to write to her but I write to you and your Mother & mine and to Ruth M.

[page 4] & Ruth Y. so maybe all those will excuse me for not taking on another.

The sun is shining today but if we have more snow it won’t surprise me. This is three weeks we have had snow on the ground without a thaw. I have lost count of the layers but seems like every time the snow gets dirty there is a clean cover falls. I didn’t get the glad bulbs taken up and don’t expect to now. I shouldn’t put out anything that has to be taken up in the fall.

Washburn, Ursula - c1960

Ursula Washburn, c1960

Washburn, Howard C. - c1960

Howard C. Washburn, c1960

The guests at the party last night were Howard & Ursula Washburn, Ellsworth & Doris Wilson, Coke & Red Foulkes, Link & Irene and myself. We played bridge. All but Bill and he served drinks and filled in when Arlene helped the girl get the refreshments ready. It was too late to eat so much and I was careful because I didn’t want to lie awake the rest of the night. They served chicken salad, baked ham etc., celery, olives, pickles, potato chips, nuts & coffee. Of course mention was made about “Doc” liking olives & celery. They all asked about you and I wore the necklace which got a lot of attention. So you were much in our thoughts & conversation if not present – By the way Ellsworth wanted to know if you are taking on weight.

Love – Mother –

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Isn’t much doing (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 20, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun P.M. and a little lazy at that. There isn’t much doing this P.M. so I’ll try to answer a few more Christmas greetings and presents. The one from Rotary etc. came today. It was real nice had a number and variety of things all very useful. I imagine they had a campain [campaign] for Reader’s Digests for I got one in my box dated Dec. 1941. That of course I had read but I passed it along to the boys in the hospital maybe someone will read it. There were razor blades, tooth paste. And this is some of the stationary I’m writing on. Some cigarettes, two combs etc. All will come to use in due time. The Clay City news also came today, but no first class

[page 2] mail.

A long time ago you said Geo Tilton said something about helping to collect the bills. I always forgot to mention that he offered to help the morning he went with Nick & I to Chicago. You said something about that one time so you might see what he has in mind. Don’t seem as if Cliff had much affect. If you fill feel real ambitious some day you might send me a few of the names with the bills amount they owe and I’ll look them over – don’t send any with less than $2.00.

There is one question I’ve asked several times but never yet received an answer. You possibly have sent it but I haven’t that letter. On what date did you receive the first letter from me after

[page 3] we landed? No particular reason only just wanted to know.

It will be past Christmas when you receive this so I can ask you if you had any surprises and what you did Christmas day and how the weather was etc. I doubt it we will know which day is Christmas because it will be like all the others as far as we know now. Maybe we will have turkey or something and maybe a snifter or two if any can be found. Just had an idea might go swimming on Christmas – wouldn’t that be something to tell the folks in Indiana – your grandfather went swimming on Christmas once upon a time. Fred suggested we go on New Year’s day also. (Pop) Porterfield as we call him

[page 4]might have something to say about that, but he’d say yes if we asked him to do most anything.

We’ve had a few sprinkles of rain today but the sun hasn’t shone much. In fact it been one week now since the sun has been out good and bright for any length of time. It’s OK too because it doesn’t get so hot as usual.

Well, I have several letters to write and this is the day for the letter to the folks at home. I’ll save some space in case the P.M. mail delivery is good.

So Solong Love Daddy

P.S. The envelope is one you sent not the sweetened edges

P.S. again – I was going to eat that Baby Ruth candy bar this P.M. and found two flash light batteries. That was a surprise. Hope I didn’t throw anything else out in the gue.

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