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Enough Gasoline (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Mon. afternoon – David took an early nap and woke up grouchy – I was taking 40 winks myself when he demanded attention. His nose is a little runny today, but with all of us with a little head cold more or less I am not surprised. I am just having the usual sinus drainage and J. & M. are about over theirs. Under Dr. Cole’s instruction I gave them sulfamerazine and the colds got better. They have started on Vi Delta and of course David has had his oleum percomorph continuously since 5 wks. old. I let David loose but that didn’t work because I wanted to write and do a few other things and when he is loose he has to be watched. I put him back in his bed and it is by the window so he can look out. I gave him a lot of toys but one by one I have heard them hit the floor. He is now shaking the bed. When the coast is clear he can move the bed over the room by shaking the side. He says kitty & dog quite plain now and notices the squirrels out in the yard. I am afraid squirrel will be a little hard for him to say. He is more like John about the chattering and talking early. In some ways he isn’t like either J. or M. – must be just David.

It snowed last night and there is still snow on the ground. It is grey today with some snow falling. It has been so dry and this snow is melting, so the shrubbery will get some moisture.

[page 2] I have watered our new shrubbery this fall because if the evergreen that was replaced doesn’t hold up they won’t replace it. I thought they never would get around to replacing it at all.

I haven’t heard from Floyd & Ruth since we saw them Nov. 1. I don’t know whether he has been reclassified or not. It may depend on how scarce men are to answer the draft quote in Clay Co. Pauline Hiestand thinks Joe will soon have to go because his number is low and the single men are all taken from here. About Paul & Earl – they are on deferments so may have to go in time if the demand is great enough – however Paul was rejected I believe for some cause or another – I couldn’t say for sure what is was. There was a lot said about Ellsworth W. but he is still around – some people think military discipline might do some good in certain cases.

I have had enough gasoline. When I had to make so many trips to the hospital I had to have much more than an A card allowed but I was taken care of by friends. However the ration board here is very generous and when Jim was home he got gas to drive back to T.H. and Glen got special C tickets without any trouble at all to go back to Nevada. I get 3 gal. a week and in ordinary times is all I need.

David is raising a howl so must go see what I can do about it, if anything. He still sucks his thumb but J. & M. keep working on him to stop him. I put a thumb guard on him but he usually gets it off. He isn’t so bad about it unless he hasn’t anything else to do – he is working on it rather strenuously now – he makes a little noise in his throat sometimes when he is sucking his thumb.

Love Mother

P.S. Finances aren’t so good, but I think I can make it O.K. Not much surplus but am keeping bills pd.

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A Letter from Sis (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Nov. 9, 1943

Dear Mother,

A letter from Sis came today informing me that your Mother had passed away. I’m very sorry and feel badly that I couldn’t be there to assume the responsibilities with you but that just was not possible. From your letters I knew pretty well what the final outcome would be. As I wrote before you must be very careful now because you have been going on nerves and the let down will have its affect.

Ruth praised you highly in the way you are carrying on. All of which I felt sure of, but it sure makes me feel good to hear it from others. I think I’ve written that before but I don’t mind repeating on a subject of that type.

I hope Jim could come home and help you but Ruth didn’t say if either Glenn or Jim were there. You probably have written all the details but the letters just haven’t made the rounds. Her letter was dated Sept. Oct. 17 and it does seem strange that that should come thru and none of yours. Perhaps you didn’t have time to write as often as you wished.

It seems that D. is still a favorite with

[page 2] his aunt Ruth because she described some of his doings while she was taking care of him. Of course Mark & John came in for their share and she also said that people around there said she looked like me. How terrible for us both!!

I’m glad my Mother could come and be with you for awhile. I know she must have felt badly because I believe she thought lots of your Mother. I suppose we were very fortunate in having the mothers we had and I cannot sympathize with you because mine is still with us even though we have been miles apart for some time now.

Glenn surely picked a very good time to come home because he was able to see his mother before it was too late and I’m sure she was very much pleased with his visit.

Don’t worry about finances, etc., because they will be taken case of as time goes along and worry will only make thinks more severe for you.

I’m very anxious to receive your letters of the past few weeks for I know you have written as often as possible.

All my sympathy Dear and
Lots of Love


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Fall Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Nov 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but hoping I’ll get Oct. 24 & 25 tomorrow. Oct. 26 came yesterday. Sometimes those missing letters contain a lot. It was cloudy all day until late in the evening or rather afternoon. The boys (J. & M.) raked leaves for Zell’s. Mr. Zell cleaned out our eave troughs. The leaves have about all fallen. The grass is so heavily covered we will have to rake some of them off. Smoke fills the air with so many people raking & burning leaves.

I went to Stunt night last night. The Seniors & 7th grades won. The little theatre was full. The stunt that won first (Senior) was “Teachers in Retirement” & the teachers at A.J. Kent were imitated – It was very good and somewhat original.

[page 2] Tomorrow is Mrs. Plummer’s birthday & I have a cake ready to decorate & take to her. I rec’d a card & 1⁰⁰ from her the day after my birthday. She came out & brought David’s & John’s gifts on David’s birthday. John’s was belated.

I took David in this his Taylor Tot this afternoon to town to go to the bank & do a few odd errands. We have to get our paper now at Bonnies. No more home deliveries unless mailed. David makes quite a hit wherever he goes. I went to pay the light bill & Rita Diedam played with him a while. She works at the Light office now. I walked down to Lucile’s but Jimmy Ed was asleep. David played in J.E.’s pen and liked it better than his own. Lucile is having trouble keeping J.E. in it but just let him cry this a.m. Said he cried himself to sleep.

Sid Lee is back home – Has an honorable discharge from the Navy. He was in action & was injured. Said he was in a hospital in New Caledonia several weeks.

Our Ind. Coal is burning O.K. so far. If it keeps on like this maybe it won’t be so bad. I just hope it works better than what we got from Elmer MC when we first moved here.

John & Mark are both doing home work and I can hear the pencils fly. Now that Stunt night is over the school routine can be resumed. Bob Schurtter had to go into service – his number was up so I understand he enlisted in the Navy. He thought he could possibly get Ensign commission. They keep taking them around here. Mr. Zell got an inquiry about his dependents. Ellsworth was supposed to go but I haven’t heard anything lately. I suppose your Mother told you Harry Adkins had to go. I leave C.C. news up to her. I have all I can do to care of Kent. I sometimes miss news items around here, but do try to tell you things you are interested in.

[page 4] My checks came today and it was about time. I haven’t had time to figure what comes out of this month’s but will try to have it figured out by next letter. I think we will get along – all the ins. is paid now for a month or so.

I must write to Glen & Pauline and do a few thinks to this desk. It looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Love Mother

P.S. Dr. Van K. is back to stay.

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Pumpkin Pie (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Nov. 2 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 26 came today – The 24 & 25 are still enroute – and will be glad to get them so I will have all up to date. Sometimes those back numbers contain things you don’t repeat, that I would hate to miss. Again I rec’d flowers via Lt. Palmer. He wrote Bergens & they gave me the letter. His address is Portland, Ore. I think I shall drop him a thank you note.

It is cloudy & chilly this afternoon. The sun was shining & I should have taken David out but had quite a few things I wanted to do in the house so I missed the

[page 2] sunshine. It really looks like it will snow. The leaves have all fall – about all I mean. The yard is covered but won’t rake because they will probably blow away & if not make good fertilizer.

Tonight is stunt nite and I should go but haven’t anyone to stay with David and unless I get someone soon (it’s 3:30 now) will definitely stay home. I would just as soon stay home and catch up on a few things but should go because John is in the 8th grade act.

I made a batch of cookies and 4 pumpkin pies this a.m. I promised Bud yesterday when I gave him a shot that I would bring him a pie. John gave me a very large pyrex pan. I sued for one pie & I am going to take it to Bud. You probably wouldn’t care for any because I was out of cinnamon & used extract of cinnamon.

[page 3] The boys said it was good but tasted a little synthetic. I noticed it didn’t keep them from seconds. I got 21 qts. of pumpkin out of the 5 we cut up. I gave Arlene a qt. – having one t. more than could be cooked in 3 batches (8-8-4).

I heard yesterday that Louise is coming back to stay with Arlene until after the baby comes. Dean thinks he will be sent out and Louise is going to have a baby and will have to come home anyway.

David is taking a nap. He gets so tired since he roams all over the house so much. I was trying to clean & he wanted to follow right after me. I couldn’t get much done so put him in bed & he went to sleep. He jabbers so much & gets a word out now & then. He wants to feed himself but can’t quite make it. Also tries to hold his glass which is a little better done. Still says Da-da & Mom-mom a lot.

[page 4] Mrs. James told me yesterday that Irene went to the Presb. Hosp. in Chicago & stayed 10 days – They found a thyroid condition & are giving her iodine. I do not know the Dr. she went to but someone Mr. Davis knows.

Art Kenny is home & told Dorothy he was coming out to see me. Jack Byrnes said yesterday he hadn’t seen Art yet so he must be pretty busy seeing his relatives. If he comes & I find out anything – I mean if he knows what he is going to do, will let you know.

I must write to Jim & Glen & others. Seems like I spend a lot of time writing, but sure is nice to get letters, especially from you.

“Love Mother”

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The Day After the Funeral (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Oct. 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Oct. 5, 8, 9 & 10 came today – one picture – Thanks and reminds me to tell you I haven’t any film and can’t get any for our camera. I will keep trying. Maybe I can find a roll in time for Oct. 23 – (13th month). David is now sitting in his high chair chewing on a crust of bread – he seems to like to eat just plain bread. I cut his hair today and I like it very much. He jabbers like John used to do. Lucile kept him yesterday until after the funeral and she said he was very good. Slept from 1 pm till 3 – Floyd & Ruth brought him home after we came back to the house for all the family to see. Your Dad, Ralph, Faye, Glendon & Clara came yesterday. Your Mother went back – She had intended to stay but J. & T. stayed so she went home. I am to take them to T.H. Wed and go on to C.C. The boys will be out of school from Wed. noon (teachers convention). Which reminds me – Mark brought his card home with 3 A’s, 1 A-, 5 B’s, 1 B+. John didn’t get his card today. The band teacher had to resign due to a heart condition.

[page 2] As yet I haven’t received the autopsy report but know there was carcinoma of Pancreas & gall stones. I’ll send it as soon as I get it. I asked the Red Cross to get a message to you so hope you got it. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole since last Thurs. I thought he might be able to explain things fully after the O.M. but the report will no doubt do that.

Jim addressed cards to people who sent flowers, pallbearers, Mrs. Knowlton & Rathburn & Rev. Servies. We both signed – I got a wire for $10⁰⁰ from Glen this a.m. for flowers. Of course I had taken care of the flowers for all the children. Jim had a pd. up pol. for $100⁰⁰ and one for $315⁰⁰ I have here. I paid the hospital bill in full Fri. – The total was $248⁰⁰ but I had kept it paid every week. If I figure correctly I have a bal. of $23 – now in the bank but have no outstanding bills except the drug store and it isn’t much. There isn’t anything I can think of I’ll need to pay before the first. The Ins. is taken care of now until Dec. J. & T. are out right now. Mark is in the yard – John is trying to entertain D. and I must get this finished so it will get mailed. I still think you could write a book. I have your letters to prove it when you come back.

Love Mother

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe's parents, c1946)

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe’s parents, c1946)

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Tonsil Advice (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Oct. 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your v-mail letters of 9-28 & 10-4 came yesterday and your air mail of 10-3. That made the v-mail one day later than the air mail – That is the last v-mail. They were both printed or pictured on the same day. Too bad Glen had to go home but finances are an important thing in this day & age.

I can’t give you any advice about your tonsils because I don’t know what the condition of your throat was after your illness last winter. So you will just have to rely on Dr. Ade and yourself. I do believe this however that if removed in the spring you will have less trouble with raw irritation during the winter but maybe just raw irritation wouldn’t be as bad as a full blown sore throat all winter long.

I don’t believe I mention or commented on the new great grandchild – no doubt

[page 2] the whole family is proud and even more so since a female turned up at that time.

Your finances were more depleted than you stated in your previous letter but if you had all bills paid up to Oct. 4 maybe you can skimp along until Nov. 1 when your regular checks come in – and maybe by that time I’ll be able to send a little again.

The boy is here cleaning and he keeps mumbling and I’m trying to write in between. He wants my Jeep this P.M. and I have to think of a good excuse because he drives too reckless. The colored boys around here are have wrecked a few so they can’t be trusted to far. I’ll just have to send a driver but they don’t like that.

Well, I have to go treat the natives again this A.M. and it is about time.
Love Daddy

P.S. We heard Sat P.M. football game between Navy & Penn. State a direct broadcast this A.M. at breakfast time – figure that out.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Farewell Emma (Gladys)

[Editor’s note: Gladys did not write a letter on October 17th as she was likely too busy with the funeral and all the visiting relatives. Emma’s obituary appeared in the next edition of the Newton County Enterprise. The paper announced that the funeral had been the previous Sunday (10/17).]

016 - Newton County Enterprise 1943-10-21 (Emma Foster Obituary)



Emily Foster, Adda Watkins, Florence Archibald and Dr. Cox Succumed

Mrs. Emily H. Foster

Final rites were conducted from the Hufty-Crane funeral home here for Mrs. Emily H. Foster, 71, Sunday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. V. B. Servies in charge. She died at the St. Elizabeth hospital in Lafayette Friday after a three months illness.

Born at Robinson, Ill., she was married to James E. Foster, in 1894. Surviving are three sons, Jesse, of Arkansas; Glenn, of Nevada, and James, USN, at Norfolk, Va., a daughter, Mrs. Gladys Yegerlehner, of Kentland, and a sister, Mrs. Minerva Metcalf, West Union., Ill. She was a member of the Methodist church.

“Rites Held For Four Recently,” Newton County Enterprise (Kentland, Indiana), 21 October 1943, p. 1.

Foster, Emma (Lawhead) - tombstone

Emma was buried at the Fairlawn Cemetery, Kentland, Indiana. You may visit her memorial at Find A Grave.

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