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Mark’s New Job

1962-03-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana, March 19, 1962

Dear David:

I am sending the picture of Becky I promised. I think it is the cutest one I have taken of her. The last bunch didn’t turn out as well. When they were here over the week-end of the 11th I took several, but none as cute of this one. Mark has taken a new job with Beck Oil Co. He was very unhappy with his situation at APECO. In the first place they didn’t give him the job he was promised and from the accounts he gave us of the place no one seemed to know what was going on. He gave them a two weeks notice, which they told him they didn’t need – he quit that day – and started to look for something else. The job he now has was one he secured thru the placement bureau. I do hope this one turns out better than the last. He called us Saturday to tell us he had secured the new job, and he seemed very happy about it.

At last it looks like spring is here. The sun is shining and I think all traces of snow are gone. Dad keeps looking at the lawn and says he thinks it will need to be raked. Aren’t you glad you can’t help? Dad had the mowing equipment ready to roll. I thought he was going to use the roller last Thurs., but he said conditions weren’t right.

Last night my S.S. Class had a party at the church. Rev. Fields is having Lenten services every Sunday night. Our class met a t6 and had dinner, then we went up to the service, then back to the basement for recreation. It helped the size of the congregation to have our class attend. The attendance isn’t too good at the Sunday night meetings. Yesterday Rev. Fields started an adult class in membership training, for membership in the church Palm Sunday. Three were from my class. I think more will join before the training is over. I have heard some rumors of dissatisfaction over Rev. Fields, but I think he is doing more than some of the grumblers know about. There was a large crowd at the MYF last night. They met in the MYF room, since our class was using the basement. Some of the girls were in the kitchen putting pizzas in the oven when we were getting ready to eat. They were having their refreshments during the church hour, so they didn’t attend the Lenten service. Rev. Fields works with both MYF groups. He records his sermon every Sunday morning and takes the record to a shut-in every week, which takes more than an hour for every one of those visits. We received a letter about the progress of the parsonage. To date $21,264.00 has been pledged and $4,398.75 has been deposited in the bank. According to the letter the present amount pledged will not take care of the carrying charges and the study to be built on, but I think the extra will come in time. Some people who wouldn’t pledge will pay as time goes on, and of course, some of those who did pledge won’t pay, but I think it will be taken care of.

I haven’t been out yet this morning, so must get going, to pick up the mail, etc. Dad had to go on a baby case early this morning, so I don’t know whether he is back in the office yet. We gave our plans to a contractor for the office, but haven’t heard from him yet. Of course, nothing could be done yet because of the weather, but I hope he gets to work on the office soon. I am anxious to get the thing done and get it over with. I know we are going to have a mess and inconvenience while the work is going on, but that can’t be helped.

Love Mother

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No Mon, No Fun, Your Son

1962-02-08-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Postmark Feb. 8, 1962 Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Thanks for sending the paper.

Dear David:

When I dropped in to visit Mrs. Myers and she showed me your letter I was about to disown you because we hadn’t heard from you since you had returned to school and I remember you promised to write weekly. I was reminded of the little “joke” I had once heard – it goes like this – A young man was in college and having such a good time he didn’t have time to write until he ran out of money and this is what he wrote – Dear Dad: No mon, no fun, Your Son. The reply was: Dear Son: How sad, too bad, Your Dad. But since we have received a nice long letter and you made the Dean’s list, we won’t have to resort to such measures. We have marked off May 2nd and plan to visit Bloominton that day and attend the Ceremonies. You know we used to do that when John was in school. Mark and Shirley and Becky were here Sunday (I was showing Mark how to do the book work) and they were quite pleased that you had made the Dean’s list.

Becky was cut as a bug Sunday. Mark and I were back here at my desk trying to get something done and she kept wanting me to hold her. Usually she doesn’t want to be held, but Sunday she just wouldn’t leave us alone. Finally Shirley put her to bed for a nap. They came down at just about 12 o’clock and we went out to the Nu-Joy for dinner. They stayed for supper and we had a few thinks I had on hands, like ham, eggs, etc. I don’t think anyone was really too hungry, because we all had such a huge dinner.

I have been so busy this week, it seem like I have been on a tread mill. Monday I attended a meeting in Lafayette that last from 10 AM until 3 PM. Monday night there was a Bd. of Education meeting at the church and since I am Chairman of that Commission I thought I had better attend. I think things are not going so well in the MYF on Sun. mornings. Rev. Fields told us that the MYF’ers are thinking about going back into the worship service with the rest of the S.S. in the Sanctuary. I really think it is due to their leader not being equal to his job. Rev. Fields has intimated to me that the young people do not care for him. Incidentally Rev. Fields did have a bone broken in his ankle, and Dad put a walking cast on his leg yesterday. Now that I have mentioned it, you didn’t know about his fall. One day when Joan drove for me to go to Lafayette to get an x-ray treatment, he fell on the back step at the parsonage and Dad thought he had sprained his ankle. He kept walking on it and how he could do that is more than I can figure. Tuesday night there was a meeting at the Church for the solicitors for the parsonage fund to report on their work. The week before Dad and I both attended the meeting to get our assignments. We took 8 names and of course, I did the soliciting. Out of about 120 names 76 cards were returned this week with the result of $14,700.00 pledged. We need 23,000.00, but since all the contacts haven’t been made we feel sure the balance will be met. Twenty-five persons at least have been working on the project and at least 65 families have made pledges in spite of the fact that Nev. did a lot of talking against it. Some of the workers thought she influence some people against it, but I don’t think she did too much damage (except showed a few people what she really is) since we have accomplished what we have so far. The WSCS is going to do something on the project, since we have about $2,000 in the bank. We gave $1,000 before Christmas to get the think going and pledged $1,500 for the next three years ($500 a year). Ours, I am sorry to say was the only one that large. Rus A. had hoped to get several $1,000, but so far the only one next to ours is $750. Dad said with our initial $1,000 and the additional $1,5000 making more than a tenth of what they need, he thought they should be able to raise the rest.

Dad got one set of shelves built in the work area for me – on the west wall. We have taken out the old washing machine and dryer (temporarily they are stored in the garage) and as soon as the new combination comes and we get it installed, Dad is going to build a cabinet around on the wall above it, so when not in use, will look just like another cabinet. He at present is working on shelves to be built on the east wall, just under and south of the wall safe. I said I wanted to get rid of this desk, because I want to get a new unit to use back here, but Dad thought you might want to keep this desk, so I won’t do anything about it at present.

1962-02-08-gry-p-2Next Thursday we are going to have the annual smorgasbord at the Church and I am ticket chairman, so have a few tickets to get distributed today. I sold tickets amounting to $31 yesterday, but have to sell many more than that to make the thing a success. I am not going to do much more selling myself, but put them out for others to sell for me.

I had to have the car worked on again and they couldn’t get it finished the day I took it in, so drove a Buick for an evening and morning. I have my car back not and had a wash job done and it looks pretty good again.

Love Mother

Keep up those good grades, and don’t forget to write, Rec’d a long letter from John yesterday & he described a Muslim wedding he had attended. Let me know when to deposit for you again. I have love track.

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Vacation Plans

1961-10-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Dear David,

We bought 50 shares of National Homes B – (an over the counter stock) at 8 ½. With the comm. the total was $434.25. You had 400 so as of today you have a part of your Christmas gift. I think you will realize something from this stock. It doesn’t pay a cash dividend but stock, which we consider better than cash. In the long run I think it amounts to more.

Dad is working on Mark’s record player, but so far he hasn’t been able to do it much good.

I made a trip to Valparaiso yesterday. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the Valpo campus. I drove – went by way of 16 and then thru Rensselaer. The strain on my arm must have been too much – I had difficulty in getting to sleep

1961-10-19-gry-p-2-3[page 2] last night because of the pain. I read until 2 p.m. Finally with the aid of the heating pad I got quieted down and was sleeping beautifully when at 9 a.m. Rev. Fields called me. If he hadn’t disturbed me I might have slept all morning. We are having a typical Indiana fall day with rain and much lower temperature. I went to the office this morning and took a diathermy treatment on my arm.

We (several different organizations) are getting ready for a UNICEF drive (instead of trick and treat) – Oct. 30. I am getting the thing organized but hope we are always on vacation when the 30th rolls around. Dede hasn’t had her baby yet. According to the schedule she was due the 6th. Another one is past due. I hope they cooperate. We plan (if they have their babies) to go to Indpls. Monday to the convention.

[page 3] There is a meeting at the high school gym tonight – a Dale Carniege meeting and all Rotary members are supposed to take guests. We have planned to go and have asked Janssens to be our guests. The new land bank building is having open house today also and we are planning to go there before the day is over.

Due to the change in weather Dad isn’t mowing today. This is the first week since you have been away that he hasn’t had to mow. He got the sodding done around the house and I will agree it looks better than the flower bed around there.

We may come to Bloomington but can’t promise anything for sure as of now.

Edna has the Johnson apt. across the street from the office.

1961-10-19-gry-p-4[page 4] (Richard & Janet moved) and she thought her brother would get some of her things moved today. Jo Wenger said since Esta wound’t have enough work for her this winter she wanted another job where she would have a steady income.

Love Mother

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Sprained Muscle

1961-10-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]
146 W. Graham Street
October 10, 1961

Dear David:

So much has happened since I last took time to write to you. I can’t remember where to begin. The last week in Sept. I attended four meetings in Veedersburg, Oxford, Stidham and Delphi. I would leave home between 7 and 8 o’clock each day and be home by four or 4:30. Two days I left the meetings after the morning sessions and was home a little earlier. One day Clarence and Clara came at about six o’clock. They were going to attend the Progress show at Rensselaer the next day and couldn’t find a place to stay, so came here. I had just opened a can of soup and was thawing some hamburger, but changed my menu and had steaks and a few other thinks that made a fairly decent meal. We showed John’s pictures after dinner and since they wanted to get away early the next day went to bed early. Dad had to leave to go to the hospital, so he left just as we were ready to go to bed. Clarence & Clara got up so quietly the next morning, I just heard them as they closed the front door (5:30). Last week I was getting so much done on Monday and Tuesday (had taxes to figure, month-end book work to do, etc.) getting ready to take care of Becky from Thurs. to Sunday. Tuesday evening I unfortunately sprained the muscle in my right arm and had a rather painful time – couldn’t sleep because of the pain – for several days. I was so happy to have Becky with us, but was sorry I had to feel so uncomfortable while she was here. Sunday I decided to stay home because it was too hard on my sore arm to try to get in and out of the car with Becky. Putting her in the car seat was more than can be done with one arm. Rev. Fields took my S.S. class. My arm felt much better yesterday morning and I did a little too much in the way of using my arm and last night had a bad time again. I didn’t sleep very well after 4 o’clock. I am going to get another diathermy treatment this morning. Jo has quit working for Esta. She is working for Mingles at their factory in Goodland. Mark and Shirley got their moving done and took their refrigerator. The apartment they now have isn’t new and required a lot of cleaning and painting. Becky has a room of her room now. Mark thinks he will be able to get an accounting job by the end of this school term – February. They don’t particularly like the apartment they have now, but their rent is just about half what it was on N. Kenmore, so for the difference they feel like they can put up with less. I asked Mark how long he intended to live there and he said “one year” – that is now long their lease runs. He thinks by that time he will have a job that will pay him enough to afford a better place. We plan to go see them as soon as we can get the baby schedule cleared. Dad delivered a 2 lb. baby one day last week. HE thought it might make it, but last night he had a call from the hospital that the little fellow wasn’t doing so well. I haven’t heard yet this a.m. I find myself writing in the same style I use when writing to John – without paragraphs. We are waiting on the baby schedule to make our vacation plans. Had thought we would take the last week in Oct. and first week in Nov., but now we are just waiting for the babies to be delivered and plan from that time. I must get this finished and get to the office for my heat treatment. I saw Audrey Jackson last night. We were both attending a meeting of the Hospital Auxiliary at the Presbyterian Church. It is still so warm and we have had enough rain, the grass keeps growing. Dad has had to mow every week and sometimes more often since you have been gone. I have decided to give up the flower bed around the north side of the house, so he is sodding that space. It really looks a lot better and will be a lot less work for me. He says he is going to fill in the place where the violas are, since it is too low. He said he is going to take over that project next year, but won’t tell me what he is going to put there. Probably geraniums. At least every year he asks me why I don’t put geraniums there.

Love Mother

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New Parsonage Movement

1961-02-06-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 513 – in David’s handwriting]
Kentland, Indiana
February 6, 1961

Dear David:

Yours received this AM. I put $80.00 in the bank for you today. Be sure and put that on your check book balance.

We entertained the Polks last night with a supper and bridge. After we finished playing we sat and talked for a while and Dad decided to show them some of Becky’s pictures, along with his baby picture to see if they could see any resemblance. Speaking of pictures, I finished the roll in the camera yesterday morning. After a fog Saturday night, the temperature dropped and made Kentland look like fairy land Sunday morning. I sent the roll in this morning along with the negative of Dad and Becky you want enlarged.

I attended a meeting with a few members of the Finance Committee last week one evening and the thinking has gotten around to the place that we think we will have to take care of Capital Funds. We are also going to make a drive to get enough money to buy a new parsonage. There is to be a special board meeting Wednesday night to get a vote to give the Board of Trustees the power to proceed with a New Parsonage Movement. There is a medical meeting at the hospital that night and I am planning to go with Dad to that. I talked to Rev. Fields this morning and he seemed to think there would not be any opposition to the “Movement” and that I would not be needed at the Board Meeting.

I sent to DuPont for a booklet called “The story of World Trade.” I am going to prepare a program for club. I was put on without my consent and given the subject, International. I decided World Trade is about as International as anything can be. I wish you could help me draw some maps, but I rather think you won’t have time. This booklet has a lot of maps and information I am going to use and since this is Feb. and I don’t have to give the program until April I should be able to get it done myself.

Some new books came from Book of the Month. I ordered the January selection which was “The White Nile” and “Shadows on the Grass” (both about Africa) and with them came a dividend, “Gibbons Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” I have started to read “Shadows on the Grass” which is quite interesting. This afternoon, however, I have some book work to do, so must forego reading until tonight. Also have my Getty work to do.

Just been listening to the news and about the storms on the East coast. Sounds very wintry. We are supposed to get more here. So far we haven’t been snowbound. We have a lot of snow in the driveway, but we can get in and out.

I have lots of work to do, so must get busy.
Love Mother


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John is OK

1960-12-08 (GRY), p. 1Letter transcription:

[to Wright Quad 513 – in David’s handwriting]

Dear David –

Just read your letter. Do you want me to send your jacket? You didn’t specify. I just called the bank and your balance is $0.33. Maybe I had better put some in for you. I will deposit $30.00 this morning. When we ate dinner at the Nu-Joy Sunday Cele gave me a menu they had made the day after election. I was going to send it to you but I am writing this at the office and the menu is out at the house. There were such items as roast rump of elephant, etc. The bags (3) were stolen out of Dad’s car, right by the office last Sat. afternoon. We did not have the kind of insurance to cover the theft. We estimate the loss at around $500.00.

I haven’t finished taking the pictures in the camera but Mark & Shirley are coming Sat. so I will finish the roll. I am as anxious to see Becky as you are. I finished the cap and sent

1960-12-08 (GRY), p. 2[page 2] it to her. I have knitted another and also have a sweater started. I dress the doll. I am wrapping Christmas gifts and will wrap the teddy bear if I can find a box to put it in.

I am having the neighbors in for coffee next Thurs. afternoon. Mrs. Fields is having a cookie party this afternoon. She & Rev. Fields are going to entertain my S.S. class Sunday nite at the parsonage.

We received a letter from John. He is OK. I think he just gets too busy to write – or maybe he feels like he doesn’t have anything to write about.

I also clipped an ad from the paper – “an abacus” – I thought if we can find one we would give it with the ad to Mark for Christmas.

Love Mother

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Winter Came Today

Letter transcription:

1960-10-19 (GRY)[to Wright Quad 521 – written in David’s handwriting]
Kentland, Indiana, October 19, 1960

Dear David:

Winter came today. I suppose it has turned colder in Bloomington also. Since we will be leaving Saturday evening, I called Mark this evening just to talk to them and to know about Becky. Mark says she is growing and getting along fine. He took your telephone number and his address is 6107 N. Kenmore, Apt. 1-C, Chicago and telephone is Holleycourt (HO 5-4673), so in case you might need to talk to him while we are away. We told him we would be calling you from time to time and if they need to get in touch with us while we are gone, they can call you. We will call you Monday Oct. 24 evening at about 7 o’clock, so plan to be in your room when we call.

Yesterday was a full day. There was a club convention at the Church and I attended most of it. Last night I had the ABC class party. I was a little tired when the guests had all gone home, but my committee washed the dishes and helped me straighten the house, so when I went to bed everything had been taken care of. I slept a little late this morning, and didn’t feel any after effects. I have been getting some housecleaning done before we leave.

The open house at the parsonage Sunday was quite a success. They received 150 guests, so felt quite happy about everything. The Fields came to the party last night and brought Mark and his pen. He was good most of the evening, but by the time Miss Kitsmiller had finished her talk about her trip to Europe and had shown her pictures, Mark was getting pretty sleepy, so they didn’t stay for refreshments.

It has turned so cold I rather think Dad won’t have to mow the yard until spring. As cold as it has been all day I rather think all the flowers will be finished tonight. It has rained most of the day and those nasty worms are all over the front patio. I heard on the news that it had snowed in Chicago today. Since it has been such a warm fall this weather doesn’t seem to be right, but here it is the latter part of October so it must be time for it. It should be nice for us to head south now.

Did I tell you that Edna and her mother are going to stay here while we are away? We thought it would make it easier for her – so she won’t have to make that trip to Brook every day.

We will be leaving Saturday evening as soon as we can get away from the office and hope to get as far as Kentucky before stopping. If there is anything you need to talk to us about, call us before Saturday evening.

Love Mother

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