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Monday morning (Gladys)

1943-04-19Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Monday morn and no letters – but got five Fri & Sat – and one I had been looking for – about the yard. (Mar 25 & 26 – Apr 4-5-6) We spaded up more flower beds, but the space between the garage & tree was a run way for the children and that kept the grass from growing so I decided to do something about it. I wanted to work out in the yard today but so far it is cloudy & cool. When it is warm I put D. in his buggy and I can go outside and work but don’t like to leave him inside alone. I’ll be glad when Mother gets back so I can dash out when I want to. We took a long walk yesterday – it was so nice out – We made several calls, stopped at Plummers but Mrs. P. was in bed with a touch of flu – coming home to this chilly weather gave them both colds – so we didn’t stay long there. We called on Jimmy Ed – I wish you could do something for him – his skin is like sand paper and the back of his head is a mass of dry scales – his red hair (and he had so much) is all gone in the back. Lucile said they were thinking about going to someone else with him but Dr. M. thinks when he gets old enough to take foods other than milk he will get better. Dr. M. changed him to lactic acid sometime ago but it doesn’t seem to do much good. Mrs. Zell, Lucile & I went to an Easter Cantata at the Methodist last nite. J. & M. stayed with D., but he sleeps so they weren’t bothered with him. I must send Wilma a graduation gift. She is going into nurses training at the union.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The Gopher Hole (Gladys)

1943-02-19 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just finished cleaning the “gopher hole” – that’s what we call J & M’s room. One day John came downstairs and said “Mother, a self respecting gopher wouldn’t stay in our room” – The reason was Mark’s airplane mess and mess in general – So I cleaned it this evening and Mark has a corner in the dormer – that is the dormer is his. He is up there now at work – and should be practicing on his horn. John has done his practicing for today and is now lounging on the davenport. It is warmer but still rather a sharp wind. Mother has a quilt ready to start quilting. We showed it to Mrs. Plummer. She admired it so much we are going to give it to her. They are going to Fla for the mo. of March. Servies were here and hadn’t seen David since before Christmas. They both thought he had grown very much. Mrs. S. says he looks just like you – as so many people do. Irene said I am in the “Nursery” with D. when they come and go to work and we wave and that is about as close as we get. I told you we had Christmas dinner there – Thompsons were there too. I told you before about her asking to use your large office desk but Newell wouldn’t let her have it. I didn’t enter into the thing only I told Irene she could use it if n. would let it go. They can’t get a new one. There are so many things can’t be bought now. Arlene needs a new bed for Bobby but can’t find one to buy. Fortunately Mary P. loaned me one for upstairs and Harold’s sister loaned one for downstairs. I will be looking for a letter with your suggestions about the lawn. Will send you pictures of the yard after things start growing. Mark is starting to practice horn.

Love Mother

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Band Mother’s Dinner (Gladys)

1943-02-16Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another cold day – 5 above below this a.m. This can’t last many weeks more because Feb. is over half gone. I took Mark & Zell girls to school – I wouldn’t just for the weather but Mark has a slight head cold – nothing serious but I thought the cold air wouldn’t do any good. I got the unicaps and have been taking 6 a day and it hasn’t been a week yet and I am feeling better – I think I’ll give Mark some to see if he can get over his cold. He is more susceptible than John to colds this winter. He hasn’t any temp, or I would keep him home. We went to the band dinner last night and it was much nicer this time – served buffet style and we all ate at the same time. I took a dish of baked beans. Mary Parttens took chicken & noodles and gave me what she had left over, so you can guess what’s our menu today. Just finished bathing & feeding D. He weighed 15 ½ – I got some Pabena for him – he wouldn’t take Pablum without a fuss. I am going to vary his cereal with cream of wheat etc. He is feeling extra good now with his tummy full. He feels that way most of the time – – About your blue uniform – you had better air it once in a while or it might molder in that humid climate – I have all your suits saturated in moth fumes. Plummers are going to Fla. in Mar. They got your letter and she said to tell you hello. Mrs. Tom Murphy was at the supper and said Tom wishes you were here. They are living in Kent. in Voglund’s house. Art is in a camp in Calif. Vivian is out there too. David chews on the rubber bone you got for Mark – Love – Mother

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More snow (Gladys)

1943-02-13Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is cold, the sun is shining & it’s snowing if you can feature all that. Can’t see very far away because of the white haze but once it a while the sun comes thru – Now the snow is flying all ways. I am getting a box ready to send today. Mrs. Plummer wanted to send something so gave me a dollar to get something – I will just use it to pay for what I put in. Dorothy gave me the can of chicken bones. I am leaving them in the can so they will get to you intact. Betty & Buddy are here this afternoon. M & Buddy are working on airplanes. John & Betty listening to opera. Irene asked me if they could borrow your big desk to use at the factory until they can buy one. I told her if she could get it away from Newell Lamb – but I wouldn’t sell it. David bumped his head against my glasses and broke the temple piece off, but I have them glued with Mark’s airplane glue. I think they will last a while. Sorry you have missed so many letters. Didn’t keep copies so haven’t any idea what I wrote. As I have repeated several times Agnes M talked to a Fed. Man about our 41 taxes and he advised not to pay now. She wrote in when she sent in the form for the last payment and had an answer so you needn’t worry about it. I’ll send you the info about the ’43 next week. I told you before Mrs. James hasn’t been very well this winter. Has just had the flu. She has been taking liver shots all winter but doesn’t seem to pick up much. I hope we have had all the colds we will have for this winter. All fine now.

Love Mother

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A tooth filled (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

To begin with I had my tooth filled today and after all that has to be done now is to polish it and then all will be OK again. The thing the dentist put in the other day was a shock absorber. It didn’t hurt very much when he drilled because it was fixed so soon after the damage was done.

Just got to wondering today if you ever got a sugar ration card for D. and if you ever turned mine back. Then too I was wondering how the meat rationing was taken care of. The coffee and our today’s news said shoes were on the list – Maybe you have written those things but I haven’t received the

[page 2] complete dope as yet. Really doesn’t make any difference only those are things we wonder about. I suppose you often would like to know about things here that we don’t even think of writing – if so ask. If your questions can’t be answered I’ll let you know. I don’t believe you ever did acknowledge the picture (airplane view) I sent – possibly you have but the letter hasn’t arrived as yet.

Last night I wrote the Plummers and Ira Dixon – I’m trying to catch up a little. I was about half asleep when writing Ira’s so if he should mention that I was writing sorta funny – That was the reason.

On the show last night there was a Donald D. and a Feature Speciality

[page 3] both were short but rather amusing.

I suppose you have read lots and hear lots over the radio of Flinn the movie actor and his troubles. We get little sketches of the proceeding – Rather a musty affair if you get what I mean. We have had several of his pictures here and I wonder how they will go over at home. Anything will go over out here although the show “They Won’t Forget” was a flop with a Double P. even though it was rated a 4.0 picture.

After the show and mail – show not much good – mail better. You v-mail letters of Jan 20 (2), 21, 23 and 25 came today and Mark’s of Jan 19. I suppose you have my word on the taxes. Don’t pay them only

[page 4] enough to keep out of jail – I’m afraid you won’t get all the deductions. I can deduct for the office equipment depreciation the same as last year as I understand it. Probably you have my letters about that by now anyway drop the whole thing.

Your last letter by ordinary air mail was Jan 14. So the v-mail is faster but keep writing air mail. I wouldn’t take D. out in the cold weather – leave him in until Spring – would be better for both of you to stay inside most of the time.

Got a box from Bill & Jewell today – smoking tobacco and the several Indianapolis Stars. Will have Sunday Star for Jan

[page 5] to write them in a day or two.

Baby D. must be some boy weighing that much in his 4 months. I don’t even want to offer any suggestions to his feeing schedule because I might be extremely incorrect now. However, it should not make the slightest difference in the canned milk used. Just so it is a standard brand.

Well, keep writing both kinds of letters and I surely will be glad to get the pictures. I wish I would have had you had yours tinted – etc. Anyway it will be better than any I have of you. Hope to get more mail tomorrow but it probably will be another 10-12 days now

Love Daddy

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Eight letters this week (Gladys)

1943-02-04Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- No letter today but have had eight this week – the last dated Jan 27. Can’t say much about the weather today – not bad but may get cold by evening. I got the figures down on paper to give to Agnes and also the tax blank came today for the Federal. After Agnes gets it figured will send you the am’t. I am not paying the bal. of ’41 as I have told you before but have bought bonds to take care of it if and when – Just paid bills and with Feb. check deposited have a balanced of a little over 200⁰⁰. There is nothing to be paid now and your next Hancock which comes in Apr. Mailed our pictures registered letter today. Found some sardines (4 cans) and if I can find two or three more will send a box. Mrs. Plummer wants to send something in this time. I saw Mrs. Tobias and she said Marvel Byfield is talking about going into some branch of service. Geo & the other brother are both in – back to finance – when your uniform money comes I will pay the Ins. loans – but can’t pay much on them unless I get the uniform money. I don’t want to get too low with the bank bal – besides our monthly bond (I have bought one for each month) and the boys each have one I bought 6 – $37⁵⁰ and that took some of that surplus. I have repeated this several times. Had the piano moved out of the den – and none too soon – after taking up the rug I noticed the floor bulged in front of the piano – evidently the piano’s weight sagged the floor where it sat. There is a definite slope to the floor now. We are all feeling good. John is practicing sax and Mark is looking at airplane model books and David is asleep. Mother piecing quilt. Boomershine is in Navy now. Lt (jg).

Love – Mother

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Last day of this month (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

I got some letters a week before the first one you wrote came.

Kentland Ind
Jan 31-1943

Dear Daddy-

The last day of this month and more weather. It is very gloomy – rain – There is a little snow left and it isn’t very picturesque. I don’t know how cold it is but looks very uninviting out – like a person would rather stay inside. I called Mrs. Plummer this morning and asked her if she would come over this afternoon – I am going over after her in a few minutes – in the car of course. – – a few hours later

Have had our guest and taken her home again. We had a nice visit. She hadn’t seen the baby since before Christmas and was so glad to spend an afternoon with him. Said he looks like you. She had a “snapfolio” Ruth Padgett gave her to send to you. It has two pictures of the Padgett baby – you remember him. The photo holder

[page 2] was just what I was wanting to send our pictures in – Ruth wanted you to have it to keep David’s pictures in. She told Mrs. Plummer she used 100 cans of S.M.A. – amounting to $100⁰⁰ for “Tommy.” At 10 months he weighs 24 lbs – and wears 3 yr old size suits. He is a baby like Donnie Funk – however our David isn’t so slow. He weighed 14-7 this morning – 4 months & 1 week old – gets Pablum, egg yolk & vegetable soup in addition to 1 can milk every day. He seems to know when to behave just right. He was as good as could be while Mrs. P. was here. He usually is but has his days.

The wind is blowing this evening – You know how it can blow around here – as well as there – The boys – (John & Mark) – came in from Youth Fellowship and John said it’s not so good out. It was freezing when I took Mrs. P. home. There were snow flurries about 5 o’clock – but they didn’t last long.

Bought car & drivers license yesterday $9.75 altogether. Have a bal in the bank now of 296 – but have the Jan bills to pay – coal 28.64 – The boys ins next month & David’s new policy

[page 3] Our new 1943 license is a little plate that is attached to the old (rear) but a new number 541-198. The balance I quoted has the Feb rent deducted – and the Feb check hasn’t been added yet. – Also I have to pay for my coat yet. – Maybe I’ll still have margin enough after everything taken care of to play your ins. loan – then mine. I think those two paid off would be the best investment because of the 6%. I bought those 6 – 37⁵⁰ bonds I mentioned several times before – and about that 1941 tax again. The Federal man advised not to pay it – because it won’t have to be paid – if at all – until six months after the duration and there will be no interest – and we have our bonds to use for payment later on – now does that sound like a wise play or not? Since we are being urged to buy more bonds all the time – and the bonds will be ready for use when you (we) need them to pay taxes, etc., when you are ready to start up again. If this plan doesn’t suit you you can write and tell me to go ahead & pay said taxes.

[page 4]  This is the first regular letter I have written in about a week – Have been using v-mail. There is another campaign on for people to use it. I never feel like I get it all said when I use v-mail but since it should be quicker than this will use it most of the time. The P.O. Clerk told me I could send 3 a day but I try to get by with one. At least it will help some if you get a v-mail once in a while – if not all. If you could get one a week you could keep pretty well informed about us here at home. My sinus trouble seems to have cleared up and my throat is well too. The sinus drainage made the throat irritation. John & Mark are on the well list too and David is fine – gains about an once a day – sometimes more. It seemed like we did have a long siege – starting early in Dec and one or the other of us having colds in some form thru most of this month. John having stiff neck two days & missing school. Mark got a cold Mon. last week from the cold school room but he is over it now. – They have gone to bed and I am tired and it’s time to take David up & feed him. Have to move his bed upstairs. He is much too active now for the basket. Will have to fix something for him to be in downstairs. It if were warm weather could put him down in a play pen but since it is cold will have to do something else. Didn’t get a letter Sat. so am looking for one tomorrow –

Love – Mother

P.S. as of this date uniform money hasn’t come

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More Christmas Greetings (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Just finished a letter to Uncle W. thanking him for the atlas. I didn’t give you a very good accounting of all the things you sent. We did get rid of some sardines last night. I used some of the misquito cream before the show and we have the calendar up on the wall in plain view of all. I don’t know if you knew it or not but one of those papers had an article in it about the mail to the boys outside of U.S.A. Hope more articles like that are written and results are obtained, because it is now 7 days since any new mail has arrived and that makes things sorta draggy as far as the mail is concerned (I mean new). Got the package of course and some Christmas greetings

[page 2] mailed way back in Dec. The Christmas season has sure lasted long this year as far as the greetings are concerned some of those earlier ones came about 2 wks before and the last one came 2 days ago from Dolores. I still have hopes of getting another or two – don’t know who from but just expecting I guess.

We have had rain most of the day after a deluge last night or rather 5 AM this morning. It really sounded like it was coming right thru the tent top, but it didn’t.

John and Mark, circa 1942

John and Mark, circa 1942

I always keep forgetting when I write to John or Mark. Are they still keeping the scrap book? And if not why not? And I still think it would be a good idea – Maybe one item each week or

[page 3] one per month. I think each should do that. Particularly of things that happen in the South West Pacific. Those things might be interesting to talk about when I get home. That’s just a suggestion and if I thought it a good one made it I would say it was a good one but I really don’t want to brag – modest. I remember John was saving some before I left.

The films you sent weren’t exactly for the camera. There were 16 exposures and the camera only shows eight – So one my first roll every other spot was vacant. There isn’t any hole in the camera to show the extra ones. Don’t know if I’ll be able to figure how to use them all. The pictures were pretty good but small. There weren’t any pictures just the developed films. I tried to develop a few but didn’t do so hot. Will try again soon. In time I’ll get some to send home – If not I’ll send the films. If you are allowed to send packages – you might send 2-3 rolls. We have to be a little careful where we take pictures and when but there are times when good pictures would be of great value.

Silvester Schiele, 1939 Portrait given to his nephew Roscoe S. Yegerlehner

Silvester Schiele, 1939
Portrait given to his nephew Roscoe S. Yegerlehner

Later. Mail

Got 5 letters from you – postmarked – one Dec. 21, two on Dec. 28, one Jan 7 and one Jan 8. Mark’s Christmas greeting came. Mrs. Plummers greeting and letter. Geo Tilton’s letter and calendar another letter from Uncle Wess and a letter from Dave Burns. His letter (Daves) was the oldest – Dec. 10 (4). Mark’s greeting was Dec. 10 Mrs. Plummers was Dec. 20 and Geo Tiltons Dec 4 (10). Notice the correction. Anyway things looked

[page 5] up. In your last letter you said your sinus was better and Dr. A. thought it looked better – sure hope you are both correct.

I’ll answer just a question or two of your letter today and read them over more carefully before the next – First I can’t offer anything on the piano – Have John talk to Miss Smith – She could give more advice than I. If you can see your way clear financially and she thinks it better than the old one it is perfectly OK with me. What will you do with the old one. Make them take it away for I don’t want to have to push it around the garage when cleaning time comes.

Well, I must write other letters and will re-read your before tomorrow’s letter. When you get my letters just mention the dates written no particular reason just curious. D’s picture was pretty good –

Lots of Love

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The first letter this year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first letter this year. It is a cloudy, warm day. We haven’t done anything except eat breakfast and take care of David. He seems to have a coming appetite, so I keep giving him more – an extra tsp of Pablum this morning. Now that he has started eating he seems as hard to satisfy as he was the other way when we came home from the hospital. I am afraid he has had so much attention from the boys this week he will miss it next week when they are back in school. Mark is working on some model airplanes Aunt R. M. sent him for Christmas. He has his work on the kitchen table. He wanted to stay up last night but John & I wanted to go to bed. He stayed

[page 2] down here alone until 11:30 then decided he would go to bed. I was too sleepy to stay up with him and since I had the throat & sinus infection feel like I should get lots of rest. If we get enough steam up today will take down the Christmas tree. It is a rather pretty tree – wish we could set it out but I am afraid it wouldn’t do much good. We can have a nice fire in the fireplace with it. Bill said he was going to bring us a load of wood but he has been very busy so hasn’t brought it. I think Louis Funk had to go into service. I think Carl had been deferred. I suppose for occupational reasons. Rosemary is going to have a baby but I don’t think that would keep him out.

I promised John we would go to Lafayette tomorrow. I need to do some shopping for David and John wants to see about his album of records

[page 3] he ordered for Christmas. We haven’t been down since in Nov. The month of Dec. wasn’t so good for travel but the roads are not slick now. I told you in yesterday’s letter I bought 6 – 37⁵⁰ bonds. The bank only pays 1% on deposits and the Bldg Loan 4% – but since we are urged to buy more bonds thought I should use some of the surplus for bonds. What do you think about putting some in the Bldg Loan? Or put all in bonds? I have quoted last year’s income in two previous letters but here it is again just in case – To May 31 – $3120.45 – collections for June 260.65 – July 253.78 – Aug 33.75 – Total 3667.73.

Our Enterprize didn’t come yesterday but they must have missed sending it because Mrs. Zell said you letter was in it this week.

– – – Stopped to get lunch and feed the baby and then I took a nap but David woke up so I got up too. John’s giving him some water now but he is getting so he doesn’t care so much for his water bottle.

[page 4] Bob Hufty called me and invited me to Rotary Monday evening – Ladies night – He asked if you had received the box the clubs sent you for Christmas, so I am hoping for some word from you before Mon. evening that you have rec’d it.

I called Mrs. Plummer this afternoon to see if she could come out a while but she had company. I was going over and get her. She wants to see the Baby and as I have told you about this weather we haven’t been out much. We will be glad for spring and you would be glad for a little cooler weather.

John is playing with the baby and he is making some loud noises, which delight both boys. He now plays with his hands a lot – when he doesn’t suck his left thumb.


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Just a week until Christmas eve (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 17 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Just a week until Christmas Eve. Seems like it is getting here rapidly and I still have some things to do. If we don’t go to C.C. (which I doubt our going) I will have to make some preparations for Christmas dinner, etc. Since Ruth & Earl can’t come here & Ruth & Floyd are going home we will probably have no company. I had a letter from Mother today and she said Thelma is going to Norfolk for Christmas. I haven’t heard any more about Jim coming home in Jan. I sent him two gifts last week and one to Thelma. I rec’d two boxes from her today. Jim’s came last week. We have been getting boxes every day and since the mail is so heavy we have to go to the P.O. to get packages. I couldn’t imagine where the two today were from. I didn’t expect any from Thelma since Jim had sent each of us gifts in his box.

The weather I wrote you about

[page 2]  this morning changed somewhat. The blizzard stopped and by noon the sun was shining and all was quiet. This afternoon the snow began to thaw and I went to town in the car and the streets were getting very slushy. There is quite a wind now but I think it isn’t a cold wind.

Arlene called a while ago and said she was coming up for a little visit. I went to town this afternoon and did a little shopping for her. Louise wasn’t there and she couldn’t leave. She said Donnie weighs over 16 lbs now. David weighed 11 – 4 today.

John is taking his turn being sick. There wasn’t any school today due to the blizzard this morning and the boys were home. By noon John said he didn’t feel so good. He was hungry and ate quite a good lunch. After eating I waited a while and took his temperature. It was 100 – I gave him ½ and at 6:30 ½. His temp. went up to 101 but he doesn’t seem to feel so bad. He drank a glass of orange juice for supper. I hope I can elude that little “bug.” I am trying to be careful so maybe I will be able to get by.

[page 3] I took a roll of pictures of the baby to try and get one to put on Christmas greetings. Out of 8 I got one that will do. I found some greetings at the variety store that the picture will fit in so will send a few to our close friends, Maces, Watsons, Mutch’s, Dolores, your Mom & mine and one to Mrs. P. After Christmas I am going to have the photographer make a picture of David and also one of myself for you as you requested.

Fri – John is much better but I didn’t allow him to go to school today. He is getting restless and that is a good sign. He is hungry so that is another good symptom.

The pictures are the ones Mrs. Zell took the morning I wrote about how beautiful & scenic it was. I was out of film that morning so didn’t get any with our camera. To get the full beauty one would have to take pictures with a movie camera.

The papers came today but have been too busy to read. Hume Sammon’s funeral was this afternoon. The Puetz have a baby boy – born Dec 13 – weight 6-9.

[page 4] After all the varied weather yesterday there was a little freeze and it was slick on streets where there isn’t much traffic. I went to town but drove very carefully and slowly. There wasn’t many cars on the streets so didn’t have much traffic to encounter.

I am going to the class party tonite and Dorothy is coming out to stay with the family. It was her suggestion. I wouldn’t ask anyone to do that but she offered her time. I have Clara M. engaged for Mon nite – the band concert – Arlene is having a party Sun nite so will have to get someone to come then – I haven’t been out much and it seems like everything is coming together. After Christmas there won’t be much going on so will stay home. I am going to take Bobby Funk to the concert Mon. nite. Arlene’s bridge club meets and she can’t take him so I told her Mark & I would take him. John of course will play in the band. It is about time for Mark to come home so will get this ready for him to take to the P.O. Helen W. Knollin has been here but is leaving Sun. She & her husband are in Chi. Now but will be back here tonite & tomorrow.

Love Mother

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