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Building a New Garage

Letter transcription:

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
118 Juniper Court
July 4, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Have been intending to write to you since before I went to Evanston (June 12 to 16) and here it is about time for me to go to Greencastle to School of Mission. I came home from Evanston one day and we started to move the next. Many people had said it was harder to move across the street than across town, but since I had so much help didn’t get as tired from the move to 118 Juniper. John and Lea and Mark helped all day on Saturday. Mark went back to Indianapolis Saturday evening. John and Lea stayed until Thursday morning. They had intended to stay until Friday, but Lea’s uncle Henry passed away Wednesday, so on Thursday morning John took Lea to Brook to be with her family. By that time they had done so much for me that the rest was things I had to do myself. On Saturday Dad went to Kentland to have office hours and in the afternoon I went to bed and got myself rested. On Friday after we moved on Wednesday the contractor came and got the place dug out for the garage. One day last week the block layers came and got the walls for the garage erected (concrete blocks). They worked not quite two days and left and we are just sitting waiting for the men to come and begin the framework. According to our contractor, when the carpenters come they will stay until it is finished, but that I doubt. I just hope they get finished so we can be straightened up before you come home. We have quite a few things stored on the patio and I hate to have our nice patio so cluttered, but it is all we can do for the present. As soon as the garage floor is poured and usable, we will get the things stored in the garage.

Last week Joyce FitzRandolph (Irene’s sister) came to Purdue to attend the Presbyterian Women’s Association meeting. We brought her out here for dinner one evening and Ruth and Floyd came. Believe it or not, we had dinner on the patio. We aren’t equipped to have cook-outs, so I prepared things that could be carried out and we had a perfect day for eating out of doors. As close as we are to our woods – some of the branches hang over the patio, we were not bothered with flies, mosquitoes or any kind of bugs. I have found in sitting there, the few times I have had time, nothing bothers me. We do intend to get some spray and give the immediate surrounding area a good spraying. Sunday afternoon we went exploring and found our property goes down very steep. We found a turtle, but left him in his little nitch. Joyce brought some slides which she took when she visited the relatives in November. We were in Switzerland in July and everything looked so green, she was quite glad to see our slides. She said the fog closed in after she reached the farm and she couldn’t get any pictures out of doors. We had quite a nice visit with her and Ruth and Floyd both enjoyed being with her. She wanted to know when we were going to visit her in Williamstown, N.J. She said it wouldn’t be too far for you and Bonnie to pay hera visit some time. She had been to visit Irene since her visit to you.

There was a refrigerator here when we moved into this house. It was so old, it had only a place to make two trays of ice cubes, end of freezing unit. We gave it back to the former owner (he furnishes apartments as an investment). When his wife heard me say we were going to give it to a charitable organization she immediately said they would like to have it. They live next door and are very friendly. We were glad for him to haul it away. We bought a new Co-op from Floyd. It is made by the Amana Co. with the Co-op label. One side is for refrigeration and one side freezer. We have nearly half a beef in the locker in Brook which we intend to bring home Saturday. Dad is booked to have office hours Saturday and I am going along to take care of a few things and attend a shower for Karen Johnson who is going to marry Fred Morgan (and go into the Catholic Church). I will also plan to see Mrs. Myers – and read all the letters which have accumulated since we were there the last time.

Tomorrow is the 4th, but we are not planning to do anything other than the usual things around the house. Since I will be gone all next week – School of Mission from 9th to 14th and Purdue to attend Ecumenical Assembly of Church Women United the 15th and 16th, I feel I have to make every day count this week. If the workmen aren’t watched I am afraid they won’t follow instructions. I just happened to be hanging out some drip dry shirts on the patio one day last week and saw a solid concrete block wall where they should have been a door. I had to tell them and it had to be done over in the door space. Bonnie’s parents said we could keep one of their teakwood chests, but after this building got started, we didn’t think we could get away to get it. We just feel better about it if we are here to keep an eye on things.

[page 2] We have had two letters from two friends in Hong Kong. You remember the Bylers we visited at Greencastle? They will not be in Hong Kong when the McGraws will be, but Bonnie Byler wrote to tell me who would be in charge of guests during their absence. Also the Chinese boy, William Yue who attended Purdue the past year (we entertained him after coming to Lafayette) wrote to us thanking us for our hospitality and also said he would meet the McGraws if he knew their arrival date and flight no. I sent the information on to Centerville.

Love Mother

The enclosed insurance information may be worth reading.

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Less Than A Month

Letter transcription:

Monday Apr. 3, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing the tax form for you to report your intangibles. You do not have to report your earnings in Indiana for 1966, because you did not earn enough. I have paid your local taxes (in Kentland) which amounted to $13.08 for the first half of the year. Don’t bother to send us the money, we will count that toward an anniversary gift and if you don’t get anything else, that will be it.

The young MD left our office. He was there less than a month, but made enough to buy a second car for his family and pay off some debts he had. We know what he took in since Edna kept account of it (that was part of her job for him). He has quite a sizeable accounts receivable for one month and he said when he collected all he has out on the books he will pay us our 2%. He had paid one month’s rent $100.00 plus a portion on the insurance. He told Bob Batton ne knew he was leaving a gold mine, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He got his job back at I.U. (and I don’t think much of the student’s chances for good health care – and Bob Batton shares my opinion). He said he knew he wouldn’t make much at I.U., but that in three years he would be “top dog.” If we had good looking for someone as opposite as possible from your Dad we couldn’t have found one. Bob Batton told me that he told Kathy to find a good MD in Bloomington and not go to the Health Center. Now the Health Center at Purdue is just the opposite. Dad knows the Dr. who heads this Health Center and he is building up a very reputable place for the students. It seems at I.U. that anyone who comes in for health care is goldbricking. It is just the opposite here. If someone comes in, they need medical attention and they get it. Dad has had one very serious case, a young man with mono and encephalitis. He was so ill, he was unconscious several days, but is now on the mend. I used to think I.U. was the school, and it may be as far as courses offered, but they are still in the woods in one department. I know I.U. and Purdue and two different kinds of schools, but never thought Dad would wind up here, and liking it. He says he would hate to go back to Kentland. He is so glad to get away from the telephone and I am glad to get away from it. Last night the bridge club came here and the telephone rang once – it was for Bill Ross.

Bob Batton III is going to be married in August, so we learned last night. One of the Vinyard boys is going to marry Ginny Thompson. He is going to Purdue and she took a beauty course and is running a shop in Kentland. She intends to commute. Do you get the Kentland paper? If you do I am probably wasting my time telling you all this.

We are corresponding with an MD from Brazil, Indiana, who is presently working with a drug firm in Pa. He said he was definitely interested in Kentland. We sent him a copy of the contract we had with Dr. H., but haven’t had time to hear from him. Dad and I went back to Kentland last Tuesday and he had office hours in the afternoon. He went back Saturday and saw people all day. I stayed here, because I was getting ready for bridge club last night. Dad has promised to go back the 22nd, but not every week.

The McGraws will be here Wednesday evening. They have five speaking engagements in Indiana this week. They will come here from Terre Haute and go to Fowler from here. I plan to attend the Fowler meeting. We have the four poster bed all ready for them with a good thick foam rubber mattress. Ihope they like a firm bed. It is firm.

The David Hamiltons bought our home in Kentland. There is no accounting for some people’s tastes. They papered one bedroom wall. We were out there last Tuesday for a short while and Carolyn’s parents – the Jim Berrys came while we were there. When her dad heard they had papered one room, he said they had lowered the price of the house $5,000. Her mother told him to keep still, it wasn’t his house. We are looking around now for a place to buy. Dad thinks it is too risky to live in a rented house, because the Colonel might come back – he was here at Purdue at one time – or he might decide to sell. There is a house not far from here that will be for sale July 1st. One of the Doctors at Purdue is from the East Coast and is going back. Dad is going to inquire about his house. We like the location a little better than this location. This house is fairly nice, but lacks many features our house in Kentland had – such as central air conditioning – and adequate storage space.

When it is time for your son to be born (which may turn out to be a daughter) and Bonnie has to wait two or three weeks, you let me know how you figured out when your child will be born.

Love Mother


P.S. One of the committees for Dad’s farewell party made a scrapbook with pictures of babies he had delivered out of the more than 1,500, the book contains about 150. Even getting that many pictures together was no small task.

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Purdue Music Hall (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 7 came today. This has been a full day. I took John and four other 8th graders to Purdue Music Hall to hear the Indpls Symphony Orchestra. It was a special children’s concert and well attended by school around Lafayette. After the concert we went over to Laf. and shopped. Lucile kept David and I was to get Jimmy a pr. of shoes, since Lucile stayed home. I went to every store I could think of and finally got two pr. of white shoes – one pr. for D. One pr. was too large for D. and the other is the same size that he is wearing now and the new shoes are 5 and his present shoes are 4 ½. Both pr. I bought today were 5’s and one pr. is a size or more larger than the other. Lucile kept the larger pair and if she decides they are too large for Jimmy now will keep them for later. It is so hard to find white baby shoes now it’s best to hang on to a pr. once you have them. Some of the stores had brown shoes and some places had none at all. I also tried to get some material to make David some play suits and found nothing I cared to work on. Cotton is being used for the Army and Navy so extensively

[page 2] there is very little for civilian use. I tried to buy sheets today but none to be had. I did get some new dishes but couldn’t get at all what I wanted. However what I got is nice and will break as easily for me as the more expensive. After shopping we started back to Kent a little past 5 P.M. I distributed our passengers to their several stopping places then John & I stopped at Johnsons to get David & Mark. The Johnsons were having dinner and asked us to eat so John & I ate our supper there too. After trying baby shoes on both boys we gathered our several belongings and came home. I gave David his bath and he got happy and started to splash water and by the time he got thru I had to mop the kitchen. I was hurrying because I wanted to go to the Class meeting at Nesbitts – and in walked Floyd. He was on his way home from a meeting in Chicago. He said he is about ready to quit the Co. He talked a while then went down to Nick’s for a steak.

I used a little cold cream & powder then dashed off to the party. I came home about 11 o’clock and having eaten refreshments thought I could write a while to let my lunch settle. Now I don’t go this pace every day, but there are days like this. I noticed at the party that Evelyn Beekman is about ready to have another baby – her last one is younger than David. I’ll write another letter tomorrow & mail together.

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Haircuts (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d five letters Mon. but none yesterday or today. It always helps to write the daily when mail had been rec’d. I am sitting on the couch and so is David – He likes to tease me by getting close to the edge. I’ll say, “David, you will fall” – and he just looks at me and grins. I talked to Lucile and she is going to bring Jimmy Ed out after his nap and I am going to cut his hair. She went with Ed to Monticello Monday to visit a few days but came back home. There are a few typhoid cases there and quite an epidemic in Peru and surrounding country. As close as Reynolds there is eight cases and has been one death. If it gets closer I am going to talk to Dr. M. about taking shots. I think Mrs. Roberts said they there were

[page 2] taking shots, so it must be around there too – I suppose if it gets worse or closer the school will take some action.

I didn’t know how cold it is out of doors until I started out with D. The wind was so sharp I came back in. He didn’t seem to mind. He usually is glad to ride but I think the wind took his breath a time or two. At present he is throwing things on the floor. Something just hit my poor leg. I don’t know how I am going to break that habit of his. His impulses seem so spontaneous and he enjoys throwing things. I know the last isn’t any excuse for allowing him to continue. When I started to write I had a few things in mind I thought would make an interesting letter but the interference on the couch with me has broken my train

[page 3] of thoughts. I brought a bunch of books up from the basement and have been trying to read to him. He likes the pictures but reading doesn’t interest him yet. He likes to play with roller skates. I tied a heavy cord to one and he pulls it around.

There is some kind of program children’s concert at Purdue the 18th that John wants to hear, in fact a number of his class want to go so I promised to take our car and take four besides John & I. I think I’ll let them out at P. and go on into town and shop. David will soon need a new pr. of shoes & other things. He is growing so fast. The little suits he had last fall look like he is poured into them. I have a few I thought he could wear in the spring but I am afraid they won’t do. I believe I’ll try my hand at some sewing, if I can find the right materials.

[page 4] Paul Yost is back. He and Betty Barce are being married. I don’t know many of the details except he flew back to have more time with his bride. I knew she wrote to him but didn’t know it was this serious. She has been working in Laf. since the family moved back to Fowler. I haven’t heard anything about Ed recently. I don’t believe he gets much publicity from here – either paper.

Lucile has been here and gone. I cut Jimmy’s & David’s hair. They both squirmed a lot but D. was worse than J.

It seems to be getting colder today. We are wishing for a good snow but it doesn’t look very promising now. It has been so dry a good snow would be very welcome.

I must get this finished and go get a few groc. & paper. No paper delivery now so we get ours from the drug store.

Love – Mother

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Where’s Daddy? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters since Wed. If I thought it meant one thing I wouldn’t care but am almost afraid to build upon that idea. I will hope just as I have been all along.

It is windy today but not very cold. However it may get cold. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of the year. Some days the grey overhanging sky seems very bleak and I long for sunny days and to putter around in the yard.

David just awakened from his nap and Mark took him to the bathroom. He doesn’t show much tendency toward helping us train him. If we take him to the bathroom at the right time we save a diaper, otherwise it has to be washed. Mark & I were in the nursery with him and Mark said, “Where’s Daddy?” David was on the couch and got down as quickly as possible and went to the living room I such a hurry we followed to see where he was going.

[page 2] He went to the table and tried to get your picture. I gave it to him and he pointed to it and said “Da.” His picture & yours sit side by side but he seems to know which one to get when we say, “Where’s Daddy?” He understands so many things we say, we have to go around spelling things that concern him. I suppose he will soon catch on to the spelling.

John is listening to the opera and doesn’t want to be bothered. Mark and I are keeping David in the nursery, because you can’t concentrate on much when he is bothering around. Mark is entertaining him while I write. Now it isn’t as bad as it sounds, but he is a live wire.

Mark was so afraid he had been exposed to Rabies he was ill. Fri. morning he said he didn’t feel like going to school so I let him remain home. I tried to tell him he couldn’t get rabies from just touching Sammon’s dog, but he was too scared to

[page 3] be convinced. Buddy & Betty are having to take shots because their dog died from Rabies. Fortunately Mark hadn’t been around Krull’s dog recently. Tommy Britton seems to [be] very glib in telling stories. He was telling that Buddy had rabies. Dorothy was so angry with Tommy she said he was a little so and so and she would like to slap his face, etc., etc., etc.

– My nurse maid ran out on me and D. is up on the couch climbing around me and how long I can write before I stop and put him down is a question.

I saw Nick’s car pull in down at his Mother’s. I suppose he was bringing her back from her mother’s funeral which was held this morning in Rensselaer. Mrs. Ramp was visiting here with Mrs. K. when she died Thurs.

Dorothy Cobb Stevens’ husband is in the Navy and at present is in Base Hosp. #5. She doesn’t know where he is except in the S.W. Pacific. He had an operation recently for hernia.

The sun is shining faintly so think I’ll put D. out in his buddy and let M. watch him. Mark is out skating with Virginia.

[page 4] We baked a cake and cookies this A.M. – John mixed the cake before he went to take his music lesson. It is chocolate. That isn’t good for John’s pimples – he still has a few but we go lightly on the choc. most of the time. The Gym Class took some new exercises this week and John was sore for a day or two. They took a hike around Kent Pond. I told him it was a good thing for the class to do something like that, otherwise he wouldn’t and I think he needs more exercise than he takes.

Zells are still working on the upstairs. They are going to put a dormer in the front where that little decoration on the roof is. They will have quite a nice room when they get it finished. Mr. Z. had to take a physical but doesn’t know whether he will have to go because Purdue says the Co. Agents are to be deferred for occupation. However it is known that he has taken the exam and the stories are circulating. One story Dorothy told Lucile for positive was he had enlisted in the Navy. Lucile said she didn’t think he had but D. said it was so. Well the truth is he hasn’t enlisted and didn’t have any intention of doing so. When

[page 5] he talked about enlisting he was told he should remain on his job as it is considered very essential. He isn’t taking all the “gossip” very well. He says he wishes he had gone to Brookville and gone with that group and no one here would have known anything about it. He is registered at Brookville.

I haven’t seen Art Kenny. He has been home several days. His mother is very ill and he probably is spending most of his time with her, because he is on his way “out.” He says he will be in the South Pacific.

I haven’t heard from Jim but once since Christmas. I wrote him not long ago and told him to let me know if he is sent out. In that event Thelma would return home and I am sure would let me know.

I must get this finished so it can be mailed.
“Love Mother”

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Dear Dr. Yegerlehner

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Dr. Yegerlehner,

We planned to send you a Christmas greeting, but lots happened around here about then and mothering but mere essentials got our attention. Although we have not met, it seems I know you fairly well by knowing the rest of your family.

Mark and I do some swapping of work. Not long ago we cleared off and burned the gardens one evening after school. Another evening he burned brush and helped me saw up a maple top on Rinehearts lot to the North of our lot.

Ed Johnson and I had fun fixing up the electric train. Ed did some soldering and I got a new screw for the engine. Last Sunday all of us had dinner with your family. While the women decided some big problems, Mark and I put the train in operation here. He said he had some trouble this week but changed transformers and all is OK.

We want to tell you how much Virginia appreciated your letter last fall. She has faithfully kept it. It seemed to ease her. All of us regretted the whole incident so much.

You probably know Al Cast is going into Prairie Realty at the end of this school year.

[page 2] “Socky” is reported to be due for service soon, so I suppose Al will take over. Al and I were closely associated last summer on Farm Labor work. He is tactful and can put a lot of “fire” in the job when he wants to, so I think he’ll make good. The back porch “chorus” will be short at least one voice when Wilson leaves.

Sometimes I’m doubtful about being in the good grace of your family, especially you, after hearing reactions to other specimens known as county agents. I do work though and even get dirty at times. We are trying to do a lot of 4H club work including livestock and cropwork. Much of our time in the past 2 years (even before I came here) has been spent in helping farmer with labor and production efforts. The favorable weather, and the fact that farmers know no hours have done the job. Better seeds and methods have helped some I hope.

Speaking of active service, I passed my final physical last Tuesday. When I am called will depend upon how my Employer’s policy works out with Selective Service. Purdue (my Employer) has been requesting that experienced men stay on, but I know nothing except Army-Navy Doctors say I’m healthy.

Our office often helps organize “Drives.” Attended Red Cross planning session today. County Quota is $11,500, 150% of last March. Ira Dixon handles publicity. I know he would appreciate any story of Red Cross activity you have thought outstanding.

All of us join the members of your family wishing you a speedy return to the States.

Russell Zell

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Open House (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

This being Sun. evening, we are all sitting in the living room listening to the radio – Charlie MC is on now. John and Mark are studying, in a way – but I believe the radio has the most of their attention. We had the Zells come to dinner today. I was going to have them remain for some supper, but they had company come and had to go home before supper. Mr. Zell has to go to Indpls. Tues. for his physical. He has to go thru all the formality but he may not have to go. Purdue is trying to keep their county agents home. You know P.U. is really “boss” of the agents and should have enough to say about such matters to carry weight. We will see. Mr. Z. will go if he has to – he isn’t the kind to try for deferments, but if is kept home thru his employment, that is another matter. Lucile says Ed won’t ask for deferments but the company has had him deferred so far. His last one is about up and

[page 2] he may have to go. Lucile said she thought she would stay on here for a while even if Ed does go. She was out a while today with Jimmy Ed. He and David are about the same size. D. is just about an inch taller and a lb heavier. David at present takes everything away from J. Everything J. gets D. wants. I think in time J. will correct that situation.

Dorothy & Nick came out for a while this P.M. Since they have their Sundays off are at liberty to go out together. I think they do a lot of sleeping on their days off.

Mr. Z. and Ed Johnson worked on Mark’s train and got it in running order again. They set it up in our bedroom this afternoon (Mr. Z. & Mark) and we had a lot of noise until David’s bedtime then Mark had to quit for the evening.

I told you about taking Sulfa for my throat. I am allergic to said sulfa and this morning I noticed

[page 3] my right hand was a little swollen and thumb showing a few water pimples so the sulfa is out and my sinus is still draining like a sugar tree. No need to worry as long as it drains, just so it doesn’t get worse. If it isn’t better in the morning I’ll go down and have Dr. M. give me a treatment.

The warm weather last week brought the tulips up so I’ll have to get out and cover them up because Feb. will surely bring colder weather. I knew it was very warm for Jan. but didn’t think it would bring the tulips up.

I sent you some more pictures taken around David’s 16th month. They are all very good of D. and not bad of the rest. I just reflected when I looked at those pictures about David’s smile. He is smiling in most of his pictures. We were discussing the difference between J.E. and D. this afternoon – David is so spontaneous with his smile that he will smile or laugh at

[page 4] most anything but J.E. is more conservative and sober most of the time. They had some pictures made of J.E. last week and Lucile said they couldn’t get him to smile in but one picture.

Irene was here a few minutes – Jimmy came over to see Mark’s train and she came to get him. I didn’t get to talk to her much. Dorothy & Nick came before she left. She did say she went to see the Dr. in Chi. Yesterday, but I didn’t ask her any questions. I don’t know whether she is working at the factory or not.

It sounds like we had open house today. I don’t know when so many different ones have been here in one day. Don’t suppose it will happen again for days.

Will write again tomorrow and since no mail goes out on Sun. will put both in one envelope.
Love Mother

YEG1944-01 David

David, January 1944

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