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Mother Isn’t Well Enough (Gladys)

1943-06-28Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I missed writing yesterday (Sunday) but took John & Mark to Wilmington to spend the week. Mother isn’t well enough to travel so Mrs. Zell & their girls went with us so I would have company coming back. I took Mother to Dr. M. and he is having her take sulfasuxadine and continue with Bepron. He is giving sulfa for her bowels. You know her condition and now it’s worse, with pain when she has a B.M. Your Mother would like for us to come down but I can’t plan to go visiting while Mother isn’t well. David is trying to go to sleep. We took him yesterday and he is tired from the trip – Sat. P.M. we had a windstorm that took more branches down and a part of one of Statons’ trees. Yesterday when we passed Bert McCartney’s place we saw one of those large trees in their front yard had been torn apart. I think it was the largest tree. I sent you a picture of David by Air Mail Saturday. Sent your Mother one and one to Dave & Marie. Haven’t had any mail for several days but had up to June 12 last week. I had to get a new battery for the car. Cost $12.95. With the ins. that has to be paid in July and counting July 1 check I should have a balance of about $150.00 (counting all bills pd including house payment) so maybe I can squeeze out a bond again, but would rather pay off the Ins. loan on my policy. Will let you know what I do.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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7 months old (Gladys)

1943-04-24Letter transcription:

4-24-43 [4-23-43]

Dear Daddy – Yours of Mar. 27-28-29 & 30 came today but last week I had some Apr. letters – up to 6th – but was glad to get these even if they weren’t so new as last week’s. You had added a P.S. on the 31st letter about the seed and it good thing you did because you asked me to send them in the 30th letter and it came today and as it is I sent them out more than a week ago. David is 7 mo. old today and weighs 18 lbs. Quite a load to carry around. I took him out in the yard yesterday while I worked on the shrubbery. He got a good sun bath and to be sure he did he pulled off his bootees and got his legs tanned good. He has had his bath & breakfast and is about to go to sleep. We went to the Jr. band concert (Clara M. stayed with D. as he goes to bed soon after 6 P.M.) Mark did very good. I am going to try and get him a better horn. I think he would do better. The H.S. band is having a concert next Thurs. nite. John will play the sax but I think he will soon have the oboe mastered enough to play in the band. I will send a regular letter with some pictures today but you probably won’t get it as soon as this. Mr. Wittenberg is in the Navy now and has been sent to Camp Peary (where Jim is now) He is a Lt – Bob Tilton was sent home due to ill health – I think his trouble was allergy. Quite a lot of changing & moving is going on. Luelles sold their place to Chas Dienhart and have moved back to the farm. Dave Beaver is manager of the Monticello store and they live there now.

Love – Mother

From the Baby Book:

March 23, 1943 – David is now six months old, weighs 17 lbs and measures 27″ in height.

Apr 1 – David went with Grandma and me to Wilmington to get Aunt Ruth and Romaine. The next day we all went to Clay City to see Grandma & Grandpa. That was the first time Grandpa had seen David. While visiting Grandma & Grandpa we visited Uncle Ralph and Aunt Fay, Mrs. Steiner and Inez Ley. When we returned home stopped to Visit Uncle Dave and Aunt Marie in Brazil.

Apr 21 – Had first shot for whooping cough and diphtheria

April 23- 1943 – David is now 7 months old and weighs 18 lbs – measures 28″ in height. Sits alone, Sings da-da, tries to snap fingers – He has watched me snap my fingers trying to get his attention while feeding him. David doesn’t like to eat his food from a spoon and sometimes he crys when I feed him

May 13 – Had second shot for whooping cough and diphtheria.

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Home Again (Gladys)

1943-04-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Monday and home again. We stopped in Brazil on the way home to see Dave & Marie. It was a grand day – we were home about 6:30. We can’t drive so fast now so can’t make it in 2 hrs. Ruth & Romaine stayed here last night then took a bus into Chi [Chicago] this a.m. Romaine wanted to shop in the Loop today. They can get a train out of Chi this evening. We had a very nice visit but no family dinner. Faye having just come home from the hospital and then Fri Ralph had a back injury and was unable to be up so we just visited with everyone and dispensed with the usual dinner. Ruth & Floyd were down for the week-end and they were with us for Sunday dinner, but none of the rest. We went into Town. Sat and saw several people. Everyone was anxious to see David and he had a nap just before we started out and was at his best. He stood the trip fine and seems none the worse for the long ride today. So far John hasn’t taken measles so will hope he won’t. Was afraid he would take them before we could go to C.C. or while there. Mr. Zell told us when we came home we missed a show – a troop of colored soldiers camped Sat. nite in the pasture across the road – I said I was glad I was away but I know Mark would have enjoyed seeing them. It is very sunny today but windy. Mother is going to visit in T. H. a while then come back to stay. We got to see Dolores while home. She goes back Thurs this week. No mail from you today.

Love – Mother

2 letters came Fri.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Clay City (Gladys)

1943-04-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Writing from your old home town. We are getting ready to go to town – Ruth, Romaine & I. The two grandma’s are going to stay with David. We stopped in Brazil yesterday & saw Marie but David was down at his mother’s farm working so I intend to go back past their place tomorrow so they can see David A. Ralph hurt his back yesterday and is down in bed, unable to move. Faye is just getting over her operation, but Dolores is home and that is a help. Haven’t seen all the family yet but intend to before we go back. Clarence & Duane came last night – Wilma & Clara came today – Wilma had to attend the high school banquet last night. The boys are with Duane today. Your Mother had Carolyn’s baby bed set up for David. We brought one along but didn’t have to set it up. Floyd & Ruth are here this week-end too. They showed the pictures they took of us in Jan. The baby took [?] are good. They are going to take more tomorrow. By the way the uniform Mark had on is supposed to be a Navy uniform – so if it doesn’t look like it I can’t help it. I must get this finished so we can go to town.

Love – Mother

Modern view of Yegerlehner farm

Modern aerial view of the Yegerlehner farm (Image courtesy of Google earth)

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Two More Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Two more letters came from you today but they were back, Jan 1 and Jan 4. I suppose now there won’t be any more mail for days again – Even now the oldest letter is 19 days. That isn’t so bad if we could just keep it coming with any regularity. There is more to it than that but I can’t tell just now why we have difficulty.

You asked questions about the money. I’ve already written that but my advice is to buy bonds. The Bldg. & loan is OK but those are taxable so in the long run bonds are better. About the piano – See what Miss Smith thinks, and I don’t recall any further questions, but there are comments – Sure wish I could have been present at the little

[page 2] party at Funks. I can just see Bill passing the drinks. Tell Ellsworth I have gained some weight but he still has me bested by a large poundage. I hope this new necklace gets there in A-1 condition because I believe you will like it better. There are upward of 200 shells in it and there are 2 holes in each shell. My thumb and index finger are still numb – The color of these may not be right for you but as you said a new dress will have to be bought.

I was surprised and I wasn’t at the Dye family. I think I told you before that you she came to me about him being so hard to get along with and he always seemed so sarcastic with her and I think she was more or less sensitive by nature – and they used to sleep in different rooms. I shouldn’t write that – but I did. You

[page 3] had written me that before and I also had seen it in the Newton Co. E. Don’t write out the last word in any more of your letters because there is a ship by that name and someone might censor it. So refer to it as I have above. Gosh I wish I could remember what I wrote in that letter to Bart – because if it comes back out here I might blush if Dr. P. or Fred read it. I’ll censor the whole letter out before they have a chance to read it.

I hope you and D. are over your troubles entirely but there are several month of cold weather yet and one can expect things like that during those months.

We didn’t have a show last night – too much rain – It’s still cloudy today but not

[page 4] much rain so our show should go on. The Evenings are very long when we don’t have a show. WILL FINISH LATER

After show and mail – Your letters of Dec. 22, 18, 23, Jan 4, Dec 5 and Dec 19 came. I just gave you those as I have them laid out on the table and tell Tony Schub his postmarks of Dec 18 & 19 were incorrect. They were Nov instead of Dec. Your letters are getting pretty well up to date now. That is up to Jan 8th you were better in that letter hope you are continuing so . The picture of the three boys was good and the snow pictures were good. Those small ones must have been taken by Mr. Zell I believe. I still believe I’ve answered all the questions. You say taxes. Do you mean 1941 Federal? That amounts to 80⁰⁰. I believe – The last two installments. I still wish you would

[page 5] pay that or put that much extra in bonds, because I know that that will have to be paid. And possibly interest. So I’d rather it be paid. But don’t pay 1942.

Letters also came from Ruth M. Sam & Esther – Dave & Marie and a Christmas greeting from Berdie Steele. I’ll make out a list of your letters up to date in a day or two and you can see how many are missing. Lots of your letters have the same date post marked on the outside. Must be early in A.M. and late P.M.

I’ve gotten so many letters from you in the past 2 days that I’ll have to re-read and rewrite but for today I’ll say Lots of Love – and thanks for all those letters. I know it’s a burden for you to write as much as you do as often.

Love again

Mrs. Fred Williams
1012 Root St.
Flint, Michigan} Fred’s wife’s address

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Protected: Heard they are not going to slice bread (Gladys)

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Another Red Letter Day (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 19, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just got back from the show. It was one of those fast moving mystery stories which kept one out on the edge of the seat most of the time. I mean that box I have to sit on. Didn’t rain one bit but the dust sure flew in our eyes. It’s right here in the middle of the summer and at night it gets so cold that even with a windbreaker on one nearly freezes before the show is over. Not that bad but it is real chilly.

Edward J. Funk & sons, c1960s

Edward J. Funk & sons, c1960s

Today was a red letter day in some respects. No late mail and I really don’t expect much until after the Christmas rush is over for you know how things are always jammed up this time of the year. What I meant was I got greetings from John Ley – Junior and Sr. No got Sr. yesterday. Well, I got one from Ed. J. Funk and Sons. One from Carl Funks. One from Sam Yegerlehner and a greeting and

[page 2] box from Dave and Marie. That was a real surprise – Maybe they have told you what they sent. I’ll just enumerate them in case – There were several Brazil papers – 26 air mail stamps two packages of air mail stationary. 3 cans of smoking tobacco one Kaywoodie pipe. Lots of pipe cleaners. Two suits of underware and a sack of candy. The candy was soft but each piece was individually wrapped. These toffie bars etc. Even though it was soft it wasn’t mixed. I was really surprised and very much tickled. That will do me a long time on the underware and tobacco also. I really was glad to get it because I’ve been smoking too many cigarettes with them being given out the way they are. Maybe that will help me slow down. The tendency to smoke too much is really great because one gets to thinking that is about the only mode of enjoyment and away goes another cigarette.

I’ll repeat the figure I gave you last nite

[page 3] about the taxes. The amount that I am taxable on since I joined the Navy is $1317.79. Now I can’t take any travel expenses from that. I mean since I joined the Navy. The $110 to Calif. it cost me to cross the country is not deductible because I didn’t add what I got for travel. And the same goes for food and rent because that amount is not added. This is only on base pay plus 10% which is added for foreign services so there isn’t much that can be deducted from that but deduction before May 10, can be made pretty high. I wrote most of that in last night’s letter but our mail as I’ve told you before may be slow in getting there so I’ll repeat things in several letters.

We had a little surprise here tonite also had a table cloth and plates to eat out of. The first in ever so long. We had been eating out of tin trays up until now didn’t hardly know how to act. Our of our original 42 there are now 5 left. Two dentists. Dr. Huth & Gardnier and Fred, Porterfield and Myself. I believe if we can keep certain ones from snoring and others from

[page 4] waking them up we will get along swell. Four of us – Huth Gardinier Fred and I live together while Dr. Porterfield lives by himself.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Dave’s box also had in it a comic book a cigarette lighter and the story White Christmas by Fanny Hurst. Some of the things I haven’t read as yet. I hope I haven’t bragged Dave & M. box up to highly after what I said about yours. Especially the candy was funny. And how did you know that the weather was damp and warm down here, and as yet my laundry hasn’t arrived. Maybe it will come in time I hope.

We have had to censor mail lately. I’ve been on the board for some time but didn’t do much work as long as other Dr’s were here but it was thrown into our laps. Most of the letters, of course, now regret not being able to be home for Christmas and some are just plain mushy with the girl friends. Well, I must answer some of these Christmas greetings and write Dave & Marie a letter –

So Solong
Lots of Love Daddy

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Just a week until Christmas eve (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 17 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Just a week until Christmas Eve. Seems like it is getting here rapidly and I still have some things to do. If we don’t go to C.C. (which I doubt our going) I will have to make some preparations for Christmas dinner, etc. Since Ruth & Earl can’t come here & Ruth & Floyd are going home we will probably have no company. I had a letter from Mother today and she said Thelma is going to Norfolk for Christmas. I haven’t heard any more about Jim coming home in Jan. I sent him two gifts last week and one to Thelma. I rec’d two boxes from her today. Jim’s came last week. We have been getting boxes every day and since the mail is so heavy we have to go to the P.O. to get packages. I couldn’t imagine where the two today were from. I didn’t expect any from Thelma since Jim had sent each of us gifts in his box.

The weather I wrote you about

[page 2]  this morning changed somewhat. The blizzard stopped and by noon the sun was shining and all was quiet. This afternoon the snow began to thaw and I went to town in the car and the streets were getting very slushy. There is quite a wind now but I think it isn’t a cold wind.

Arlene called a while ago and said she was coming up for a little visit. I went to town this afternoon and did a little shopping for her. Louise wasn’t there and she couldn’t leave. She said Donnie weighs over 16 lbs now. David weighed 11 – 4 today.

John is taking his turn being sick. There wasn’t any school today due to the blizzard this morning and the boys were home. By noon John said he didn’t feel so good. He was hungry and ate quite a good lunch. After eating I waited a while and took his temperature. It was 100 – I gave him ½ and at 6:30 ½. His temp. went up to 101 but he doesn’t seem to feel so bad. He drank a glass of orange juice for supper. I hope I can elude that little “bug.” I am trying to be careful so maybe I will be able to get by.

[page 3] I took a roll of pictures of the baby to try and get one to put on Christmas greetings. Out of 8 I got one that will do. I found some greetings at the variety store that the picture will fit in so will send a few to our close friends, Maces, Watsons, Mutch’s, Dolores, your Mom & mine and one to Mrs. P. After Christmas I am going to have the photographer make a picture of David and also one of myself for you as you requested.

Fri – John is much better but I didn’t allow him to go to school today. He is getting restless and that is a good sign. He is hungry so that is another good symptom.

The pictures are the ones Mrs. Zell took the morning I wrote about how beautiful & scenic it was. I was out of film that morning so didn’t get any with our camera. To get the full beauty one would have to take pictures with a movie camera.

The papers came today but have been too busy to read. Hume Sammon’s funeral was this afternoon. The Puetz have a baby boy – born Dec 13 – weight 6-9.

[page 4] After all the varied weather yesterday there was a little freeze and it was slick on streets where there isn’t much traffic. I went to town but drove very carefully and slowly. There wasn’t many cars on the streets so didn’t have much traffic to encounter.

I am going to the class party tonite and Dorothy is coming out to stay with the family. It was her suggestion. I wouldn’t ask anyone to do that but she offered her time. I have Clara M. engaged for Mon nite – the band concert – Arlene is having a party Sun nite so will have to get someone to come then – I haven’t been out much and it seems like everything is coming together. After Christmas there won’t be much going on so will stay home. I am going to take Bobby Funk to the concert Mon. nite. Arlene’s bridge club meets and she can’t take him so I told her Mark & I would take him. John of course will play in the band. It is about time for Mark to come home so will get this ready for him to take to the P.O. Helen W. Knollin has been here but is leaving Sun. She & her husband are in Chi. Now but will be back here tonite & tomorrow.

Love Mother

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Real Winter Weather (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 1 [2] – 1942

Dear Daddy –

We are enjoying (?) real winter weather. After the snow there has been an icy wind. I took David out for a walk – I know he was warm enough but my hands got so cold I decided I would have to get some woolen mittens to wear when pushing the buggy this winter. The boys had to get their money orders cashed and have written you letters of thanks. Mark went right to town and bought my Christmas gift and gave it to me. He got such a thrill from giving it I accepted and nothing said about giving it so soon. It is a cake saver and very nice one too. While in own got the sardines, crackers and mosquito cream. I will get a calendar and anything else I can think of and get the box sent out this week, maybe tomorrow.

When Jim was home he had brought Thelma a Navy Insignia pin. Mother thought it was just the thing and I thought Jim would get her one but

[page 2] when I wrote and asked him about it he said he was going to give her money for Christmas and for me to get the pin. I looked around but couldn’t find one, then asked Mr. Reinard if he could order one and I think it is just like the one Thelma has. It is a little difficult to get Mother something because she has everything she needs and I know she wants the pin. Maybe I should get one for your Mother too – give me your opinion. I thought I would send a year’s subscription to your folks of Reader’s Digest for their Christmas gift.

John has ordered his present from the Foster Shop and I am going to get Mark’s from Sears so my shopping this year is going to be simplified. I think I will get David a bond and a few little odds & ends, since he should have a $10⁰⁰ gift from the check.

It is 10 – and time to go upstairs. Just happened to remember – Tomorrow is the Plummer Wedding Anniversary and I ordered an African violet delivered to them tomorrow. Will write more in the A.M.

Wed morn – and it is cold – I don’t know how low it got but Eleanor Towers called me about Jr. choir practice and said it was 8 below early this morning. Mrs. Zell was going to take the children to school but got

[page 3] stuck in the snow trying to back the car out of the garage, so Mark walked. John had gone on but he doesn’t have so far to go. Bob Schurtter called a few minutes ago and said he would go get Mark & Virginia Zell. The 6-yr old Zell girl has been sick. Mr Z. said she is susceptible to chest cold. So far we have all been well. The boys are still taking the oral cold shots, and they must be effective. When David & Marie came up to see the Baby and the rest of us I told them about those cold tablets. David said he wished he could get some so I ordered a bottle from Sherman and sent on to him. Had a letter from Marie and said they were both taking them as prescribed. You probably will chuckle at my dispensing medicine – but I wouldn’t do that for just any one.

I got three letters today dated 23 – 24 – 25 and one back the 10th. I thought I had all but looking back thru my file of your letters don’t have one postmarked Nov 10 – so guess I slipped on that one. I always look at the dates before opening so I won’t get ahead of your news.

Now about those pictures – I’ll admit some taken when I first came home from the hospital weren’t so “hot” but I did send several I thought were good. Maybe by now you have some

[page 4] better ones. I have a roll in the camera now and will finish it and send any good ones that turn out. We took several of the baby we thought should be good.

About that tax business. I wrote this before but again Agnes advises not to pay it, that after the duration it may be cancelled – and if not there won’t be any interest to pay on it.

Rec’d my checks today, your 4 letters, one from Mother and one from Ruthie. Also there was a birthday letter came from Iroquois Hospital and a notation to please forward. I’ll send it in the next letter. I have these things I mentioned yesterday, sardines, etc. but it is too too cold to go to the P.O. today – Will try to get them in the mail this week tho.

It is about time for the noon rush so will finish this so Mark can take it to the P.O. on his way to school. It really is too cold to take David out. He doesn’t have any cold but he has a “rattle” in his head – Mrs. Roberts said their children sounded like that too, so since he eats, sleeps, has no temperature, and has only the sound in his breathing I mentioned I suppose there is nothing to worry about. Thanks again for the money –

Love Mother

The boys have written thanking you too

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Halfway Point!

Yegerlehner, Roscoe & Gladys - Wedding picture with attendantsAt the end of this last week, my blog hit a quiet milestone. With this post, I have been posting for 184 days, just over half a year. I can hardly believe that I have been at this for six months. Yesterday (May 25th) was my grandparents’ 84th wedding anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has been following their correspondence for the last six months and to welcome those who have recently followed their story. Here’s to the next six months!

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

Another day and no letters from you but maybe they will come tomorrow. There were two Mon and this Thurs so still Fri & Sat.

Our weather has changed a little. It was raining so hard this morning I took ours & Zell’s children to school. John had tow horn cases to carry and books so he could hardly manage walking. He brought the large saxophone home yesterday and had to take both horns back this a.m. He likes the regular sax much better than the straight one he had. David is sleeping now. He seems to like the 4 hr schedule as well as the 3 hr. He didn’t wake up until 3:30 this am for the 2 am bottle. I think maybe he will soon sleep right through although I don’t mind feeding him at 2 until he is some heavier. He weighed 7-9 on Dr. Coles’ scales Monday and will no doubt be

[page 2]past the 8 lb mark by Sat. He takes his cod liver oil & orange juice every day and so far both agree with him.

If you ever get the letters I wrote while in the hospital and letters others wrote, you will know we tried to send you a cable – well in your letters to me you said you hadn’t had any news for so long, so Bob Hufty contacted the Red Cross field man and he said he would get a radiogram to you if it was possible – I suppose by this time you will have received it and know why it was sent. I would have done that in the first place had I known we couldn’t send a cable – and that you wouldn’t get our letters – but we all thought you would surely get our letters in at least two weeks. After they told us we couldn’t cable you I thought the only thing left was a letter and when your letters kept coming and you weren’t getting your mail Bob decided it was high time something should be done.

Mrs. R called me this morning just to talk and wanting to know if I had any late news. She rec’d a cable three weeks ago

[page 3] but no news since then. Before the cable he had written three letters on board ship. He was detailed to the Southwest Pacific fleet, so she hasn’t the faintest idea where he is other than the S.W. Pacific.

There is a high wind today and we had a casualty. The west storm window in the boys room blew off and broke the bottom pane. I hadn’t gotten them all fastened and that particular one seems to be in a current that flips it off. Link is coming over this evening and help me get the rest fastened. I can’t even get some of the windows up. Joe should have fastened those the day he put them up but he was in a hurry to finish by noon and I haven’t felt strong enough to wrestle with the windows – but will get it done before any more blow out.

John has filled two stamp books so I am going to buy him a bond (as pledged) and he is going to get

[page 4] it at school so his grade will get credit. Mark still has a few stamp to buy before he fills his book but I will get him a bond before the year is over. I should buy David a $5⁰⁰ stamp with his gift from D. Mace.

I see in the paper that Bethel Wilson has been sent to Daytona Beach, Fla to a new camp. The Mullen boys are being sent to Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Harlan’s had Chuckie operated on for his eyes. They took him to Indpls but I don’t know who did the operating.

John Byrne is the man operating Art’s drug store. I knew his face but not his name. His family will occupy the Ross property on West Carroll St. (if you know which property that is – I don’t).

Mother had a head cold – started yesterday evening – so I made her take some Rhinitis – all I had was the child size so have her 4 last night – got a bottle at the drug store this morning and gave her a full size one – her cold is better now.

I must sign off-
Love Mother

©2013, copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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