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New Life in Lafayette

Letter transcription:

Monday March 20, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Enclosed find check ($4.18) from Bankers United Life for the balance due you from the stock exchange. I will put your new stock (30 shares – in the Bank in Kentland the next trip we make – which will be the 28th). For your own records it is BANKERS UNITED LIFE ASURANCE COMPANY Stock certificate CU 5801 – 30 shares – David A. and Bonnie Ruth Yegerlehner jt tn.

We are slowly getting our house put in order. D. Schuh is making a couch over for me and we can’t buy carpet until that couch arrives. We are also going to bring the living room furniture to the family room so we can’t do much until he gets the couch delivered. We have the bedrooms just about finished. Dad has to make a headboard for the beds. I bought a new dressing table and chest of drawers and he is going to make the headboard to match. He has finished the shelves in the family room and I have most of the books in place – however not where I want them permanently. Some I am going to give away and if you want the ones I don’t want, you can have them. Dad is at present making a new stereo cabinet. Our living room is so small he is building a cabinet around the piano. Will send you a picture when he gets it finished. The living room is just about 12 x 17. The carpet we buy for it can only be 12 x 14 because of an offset where the piano is placed. We also have to get something else for the kitchen and I haven’t yet decided what I want. The Welcome Wagon caller was here today and told me about a place where rejects from National Homes are sold and that one can furnish a kitchen from the salvage store. We will go take a look (tomorrow I hope).

The McClures are coming Wednesday to attend the I.U. presentation of Parsifal. They are coming at 5 and we are going to have dinner early because the performance begins at 7 PM. I know that is a lengthy opera, so it will be pretty late when it is over. You used to attend it at I.U. did you not? As I understand, they give it in two parts – before dinner and after.

We went to Kentland last Sunday and attended a dinner at the Church given in our honor and a program at the gym in the afternoon. After the program refreshments were served and we stood in a receiving line and it seemed like we shook hands with everyone that attended, some say 300 others 500. I don’t know what the actual count was, but there was a large crowd. We received many well wishes and a beautiful bouquet of red roses from the Funks. The centerpiece was given to us after the affair was over and I took it and gave it to Mrs. Myers. She was ill that day and couldn’t attend. The Church gave us a plant. All in all it was a very nice and I have written twenty or thirty thank you notes. Bob Batton furnished me with a list of people who helped with the program at the gym. I asked Rev. McClure to put a thank-you note in the bulletin.

We are attending church at Trinity. After we decided to go there Floyd (he and Ruth attended our party – also Aunt Ruth M) told us the minister here at Trinity used to be in Lebanon and they liked him very much. His name is Jim Morin. We went to Trinity the first Sunday we were here – Dad, John, Lea and myself. It is an old church but has a large congregation. You remember several years ago when you went to open house for the new parsonage for Trinity – in Vinton Woods? You went with Michels. Rev. Luke (minister at that time) would not live in the parsonage furnished by the church and persuaded the congregation they needed a new one. The old parsonage was torn down and a new educational building – where all the Sunday school classes are now held – was built. It is just across the street. The only difficulty we see about going there to church is parking. We had to walk 2 ½ blocks after we had parked. Sunday that was not bad, the weather being fair, but in weather not so good – well draw your own conclusions.

Dad just called and he is going to be late – something new for here. He has had a student in the hospital who has been quite ill with mono (or complications) and his parents are coming. I think Dad is going to like this new routine. He has so

[page 2] more time at home and can you believe, he will stay in bed until 8 o’clock when he doesn’t have to be at the Health Center until 9. I was afraid he had such a habit of getting up at 6 it might be hard to break that habit. At any rate we are beginning to enjoy more leisure time and enjoy some of the fringe benefits. We attended a special Easter Convocation at the Music Hall yesterday afternoon. We also have a color television set. A new store had a special offer for their opening and we probably got a $600 for $500, or maybe we didn’t. At any rate, we have seen several good programs so far on it. This house is not air-conditioned, so we bought a room air conditioner for next summer when we get one of those mid-west heat waves. John said he tried to get one last summer when a heat wave set in – we were in Europe at the time – and he couldn’t buy one – there wasn’t one to be had anywhere in Urbana-Champaign. We thought we would just buy one now and have it. We may not need it, but this is a frame house and I can imagine it gets pretty hot in the summer. One little tree out in front. This is a new addition to the city of West Lafayette and all the houses were built by a company that sells pre-cut houses. Some are rather nice looking. Ours is one of the rather plain looking types and the owner hasn’t done much to add to its charm. We are comfortable enough, but I still would like to have a house on one level. We haven’t discovered yet how to make the floor warm in this family room – this is one the lower level. We have signed a lease for one year, so we may be looking for something to buy by next March. However, prices are terribly high here and we may be just as well off in the long run to stay here and pay $165 a month. At least we don’t have to pay any taxes or insurance. We sold our house in Kentland. The Harris family has moved to Portsmouth, Ohio. John is going to stay in Kentland until school is out. They haven’t sold that property, or hadn’t when we were in Kentland a week ago Sunday. Mr. Harris is the manager of a Sears store – six stories high. Quite an advancement from the Kentland store. The young MD who took over our office (from what information we get from E & A) isn’t too happy with the situation. He told someone there was more work than he thought there would be. Edna receives payment for us every day and once or twice a week sends us the deposit slips and any information necessary. She and A. are both quite disturbed about (now don’t write about this to Mrs. M. or anyone – we think it is best for us just to keep quiet about things for the time being) the way he is doing things. He is slow, which is just the opposite from RSY. He also has to get acquainted with people and won’t let the girls dispense medicine like they did when Dad was there. I can see his point of view on that, but he is butting off quite a tidy little income when he quits dispensing. He has to see everyone who comes into the office and he won’t let Arvella go ahead to take off people like she used to do. We get a little note from Edna every time she sends deposit slips. Her last note was to the effect that Arvella was about ready to quit. He cut their salaries back to about half of what we were paying them. They may both quit and I wouldn’t blame them if they did. When Dad interviewed him he seemed to be quite intelligent, but some of the things he has done since taking over the office makes me wonder about his good judgment. He told the girls he followed Dad around several days and that everything he did was right, but he seems to want to change everything in the office. Edna seemed to think he was not going to stay. Of course, he signed a lease – which he can break, but he can’t set up in practice within 25 miles of Kentland. Edna seemed to think he was trying to get his job at the Health Center at I.U. back. However, she may just been imagining things on that score. He was in the Air Force several years and has been with I.U. since last July so he has not really had any real experience in General Practice. Will let you know further developments as they develop.

Write when you have time and let us know what your situation will be this summer. Of course, you know we would like for you to come back to Indiana for the summer, but if Bonnie gets a job other than school teaching, we know you won’t come back for the entire summer. The McGraws are coming here to spend the night April 5th. They are speakers for the District meetings. They have 5 meetings to attend from the northern part of the State down to near Indianapolis, to Terre Haute, then to Fowler and last to Hammond.

Dad won’t get a vacation (one month) until he has been here a year, so we won’t be taking any trips until 1968. We are planning to go to Switzerland again and probably to Lebanon. The Georges are in Beirut and we want to visit them.

John is coming home next Friday (just before Easter) and I think Mark and Shirley and the children are coming. Mark’s whole family has had stomach flu and he called here one day for Dad to give a druggist a Rx for him and the children. I talked to Shirley and Mark one day last week. I had to attend a meeting in Indianapolis. I was with a group and riding with someone else, so couldn’t go see them. At that time Shirley hadn’t gotten the bug, but that day all three children were down with it.

Write when you can find time.

Love Mother

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Sometime in June 1966

Letter transcription:

Dear David & Bonnie:

I have been so occupied with myself and Dad I didn’t have time or presence of mind to get this in the mail in time for your anniversary. Dad is better – hasn’t had any temperature since Friday – and then very little. He says he is going to the hospital tomorrow morning. I told him the minute he leaves the house his vacation is over. This afternoon he is watching a ball game on T.V. He had said earlier he was going to burn trash this afternoon, but so far hasn’t made a move in that direction. I told him since he has never been ill he doesn’t know how to take care of himself while recuperating. I think he is beginning to believe he will

[page 2] have to go back to work at a little slower pace. I took the apt. book and marked no more across the top of each day (unless an absolute emergency). He has been in the house since last Wed. I have been answering the telephone and today for the first time he talked to anyone – gave Art a Rx for a patient. She called here and I relayed the symptoms to Dad and he prescribed. Mark and Shirley with their children stopped here yesterday on their way to Wards. Little David is growing and is developing much faster than either Becky or Kirk. Shirley said he could crawl. I put him down on the carpet and he did crawl. He is quite an eater. Shirley filled a bottle for him and had it ready to feed him when they

[page 3] left. She said he would take that without any coaxing. He also likes his vegetables, etc. Becky & Kirk make quite a fuss over him and he is a very good baby. They are coming back here tomorrow for lunch.

Here is a little anniversary gift. I thought you could probably find a place for it in your budget.

I am still going to Lafayette for therapy. Since I will be going to Evanston the 13th my trips to Lafayette will be over by then. I think I will be ready by then – that is have the correction my arm needs.

Bonnie, thanks for the itinerary of your parents. I am sorry we won’t be able to see them. Our time in Damascus will be about one week later.

Love Mother

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Mrs. Myers Fainted

Letter transcription:

Sun. Oct. 9, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Will see that your applications gets to Clerk’s office. Will also send you the Enterprise. Last night Mrs. Myers fainted and was on the floor for some time—how long I have no way of knowing. I had taken her a dinner in a corning dish and told her she could reheat it on a burner with low heat. When I stepped into her apt. I could smell the dinner and could tell is had been on the heat too long. She had her coffee pot connected and asked me to disconnect it. That was the first thing I did and while on that side of the kitchen turned off the gas. She was lying on the kitchen floor with her head toward the living room. She has a telephone in her kitchen and I don’t know whether she called from that phone, but she must have. I didn’t have time to question here since the ambulance arrived shortly after I did and I was busy getting things ready for her to take with her to the hospital. She called here shortly before 10 o’clock and Dad asked me if I wanted to go down and help her get ready to go. He didn’t go because he said it wasn’t necessary. He called orders into the hospital and made a routine call on her this morning. She said she was nauseated and fainted. Earlier in the week she had an attack of asthma and he had given her a shot. He said this morning she didn’t have any asthma or trouble with breathing. She did say this morning she thinks she injured her hip when she fell, so he has ordered an x-ray for morning. That was one of the arguments I had against her staying along, but she was so opposed to giving up her apartment that I gave up trying to convince her she would be better off in a nursing home. I think perhaps it won’t take any arguments now. She should not stay along.

Mark and sons will be here for dinner. Mark will go on and the boys will stay. Shirley and Becky will come Thurs. evening and spend the night then go to Indpls. Fri.

Herewith returning the enclosures. No comments (will discuss when I see you). Have you saved me your sermons from this summer? Will be glad to attend S.S. with you. Also think it will be interesting to visit the Adams home and also visit with Dr. Beck. I think the idea of having tea with them is quite nice.

We will have to leave Boston on Sunday around 2 p.m. Will arrive on Wed. the 26 at 11:20 if plan is one time. Will let you know the flight no. when our tickets arrive, which should be around the 17th.

Love Mother

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Missionary Required

Letter transcription:

Oct. 5-1966

Dear David & Bonnie –

Last Thurs. I went to Madison, Wisconsin, to attend a Jurisdictional meeting. Came home Sunday. I called Bonnie’s mother (your Dad wasn’t home) about meetings for next April. We need a missionary for 5 District meetings. I told the committee I knew a team. They have promised to speak, so don’t plan anything for them April 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Mark got T.W.A. tickets for us (Wed. Oct. 26). We will have to fly to N.Y. and change planes there. We won’t arrive in Boston until about midnight, but that will give us Thurs., Fri., Sat., and part of Sun. I haven’t learned yet just when the return flight leaves Boston. We will be using Indianapolis as a terminal now instead of Chicago.

I have just been to see Ruth M. She was beginning to have an attack Monday. She is better now and I am going to take her some supper when I go to the office at 5. She didn’t want to go to the hospital and any way it is so full now there are beds in the hall. She is much better and I think won’t need the hospital.

Mark and Shirley are going to move to Indianapolis next week and I am going to keep the baby and maybe Kirk. Mark is going to bring them down as he goes back to Indpls. on Sunday. I am supposed to attend a committee meeting Monday & Tuesday at Battle Ground but won’t get to take in any of it unless I can get a sitter for one day. Could take the baby along. He is so good he wouldn’t mind, but if Kirk is here I think that would be a little too much. Will let you know later what develops.

[page 2] I think Dad has spent most of today in the hospital. He was over then when I went to get the mail this a.m. and the car was not by the office when I passed this afternoon.

Did you keep those sermon copies for me as you were supposed to do? I had loaned two of your sermons to Norma Z. and she just returned them.

Love Mother

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Time to Write

1966-04-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 14, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This morning there was an area hospital meeting at our Geo Ade and since it was so close I attended and was asked by the President to ask the blessing at the meal (I was asked to do that several days ago, so it wasn’t a surprise). This afternoon there was a tour of the hospital, but I didn’t stay for that since I have been around the place a few times. This afternoon I have been working on the books and tonight while trying to finish the task at hand and put the put the books away I discovered I had paid your taxes ($19.40) which is due before May 1. In running the amounts we paid, but in sorting out the different tax categories discovered yours had been paid. We have to list the tax on house and furniture in one place on the big return and tax on the office in another place. Don’t bother to send me a check, I think I owe you something for the pictures and I may have you get me a book or two. Get me Contemporary Continental Theologians. Let me know how much I still owe you.

We enjoyed your last letter, but know you don’t have time to write that much very often. You are so right in your conclusion that people say one thing and do another. However, we must keep our own eyes on the right goal and practice what we preach. In spite of the way things seem to be going, we have to keep believing in the right. I am sure we know foreign policy can be so far off. I agree with you on many things and it is a puzzle at times as to how our foreign policy can be so far off. Our might doesn’t seem to be making much right.

Dad worked in the yard this afternoon and then went to the hospital and delivered a baby. He was home by 8:30. He had trouble with the riding mower, so had to do half of the yard with the walking type. He is very healthy looking from his afternoon out of doors. He finally got the go-ahead from me to dig up some of the shrubs along the south side of the yard. He has started another row about five feet further to the north and will in time take out the larger bushes that have been encroaching on the evergreens. He divided and says good, so two weeks ago I got some replacements while in Lafayette. I have another appointment with Dr. Ferguson May 9. My arm is some better. It doesn’t give me much pain, but I still can’t bend it certain ways. I have trouble getting my arm around back to run up a zipper.

Mark and Shirley and the children, John and Lea and Bob were here for Easter. Shirley’s parents came in the afternoon. Little David is such a good baby he stayed in the bed most of the time they were here. Shirley said she knew it much have been strange for him, because he is used to sleeping in a basket at home. We took some pictures and when I get some back will send you some new ones of him. Kirk is so possessive about David, he tells everyone who may be interested that they cannot have David. Becky thinks he is pretty cute, but I rather think Kirk is more interested in the baby.

Mrs. Myers has a dental appointment next Tuesday. She called me today to ask me if I could take her to the dentist. She was rather annoyed with Dr. Limp. She seemed to think he wasn’t as concerned with her case as he should have been. I think she wanted me to suggest that she go to Dr. Logan, but he is booked so far ahead I don’t know when she could get an appointment and I really think she should stay with Limp. She probably will have to have that tooth pulled. When I talked to her today I promised her I would stop and see her tomorrow. So far this week I haven’t had an opportunity. She doesn’t get up until noon some days and when I go to the office in the evening I usually don’t leave home in time to stop—due to one cause or another. Monday this week I had to go to Lafayette (had an eye appointment with a Dr. at the Clinic). I may get contact lenses, if he says yes. I am to see him again the 21st. It is a little closer to go to Lafayette than Hammond.

1966-04-14-gry-p-2Next month our W.S.C.S. will celebrate the 25th year (one year late) and I have been elected to give the program. I am in the process now of going through records of the past 25 years to get some data. Some of our secretaries left something to be desired in keeping records. At Christmastime Ruthie wrote to me about a friend of theirs who lives in Boston—Barbara Schrier (Mrs. R.W.) her husband is in Harvard Med School and their address is 849 Mass Ave, Arlington, Mass. She thought Barbara would be happy to know you, since she knew the Yegerlehners in Lebanon. If you have time and want to look them up, you have the address after all these months.

I must get back to my research.
Love Mother


I had such a nice letter from Dr. Beck, but haven’t had time to answer. I will get around to it soon. I want to thank him. I certainly wish we could have planned to go when he will be there (Holy Land).

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Injured Tendon

1966-03-31-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Mar. 31, 1966

Dear David & Bonnie,

Yours received. I will send your intangible tax in and get your assessment on your car corrected. I am sure you have overestimated it. That is done by a descending scale and I am sure your VW has descended to less than $1,100.00. Clarice Hufty is going to take care of it this morning.

I have another injured tendon—my left arm this time. I am having to go to Lafayette for x-ray treatments. Dr. Ferguson saw me last Saturday at the Home Hospital and I took my first treatment. One more trip Apr. 6. He thinks it will not be necessary to do a manipulation. Bonnie probably won’t understand what I am referring to, but David should remember. In getting ready for our trip I had a smallpox vacc., and it took. I had smallpox 39 years ago and I suppose my immunity from that just expired. I am getting quite a reaction. My left arm hurts and my right arm itches. Ordinarily I would have had the vaccination in the left arm. Mark called last night. He was having some difficulty with neck pain. Wanted Dad to tell him what to do. Seems he had a sudden attack and couldn’t get relief from just pain medicine. I hope the treatment helped (what Dad prescribed). They are planning to come Easter. So is John & maybe Lea & Bob.

1966-03-31-gry-p-2[page 2] We should get some good pictures of little David. They tell us he is growing quite fast, so I know he will be changed since we saw him at 6 days of age.

The last time I talked to Mrs. Myers she mentioned going to a nursing home. I told her I would get her the information about Wesley Manor if she is interested. She didn’t seem to think she wanted to go that far from here—at least that was the impression I got from her. I will try and stop this a.m. to see her. I think she hasn’t felt so well this time—I mean since her return from the hospital.

I have several errands to take care of this a.m. so must get along. Marge Janssen had eye surgery last week and is home. I must stop and see her a minute.

Love Mother

I am without a typewriter. The office is using mine while one there is being repaired.

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Bitte Post Wort Buch

1966-03-10-gry-p-1March 10, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie: Bitte, post wort buch. Danke schon.

I was opening letters and discovered when I had finished I had 3 checks from GM and in examining the checks saw I had opened your letter. We had our stocks divided (according to advice from legal authority, so we now get two dividend checks from each company). You won’t need to divide yours yet for a while, but in time you may need to.

Send me copies of your translations if you have time. I think I answered your question about Mrs. M. in my last letter. Also this week two pictures of the children were mailed and I hope you have them by now. They should be coming down for a weekend before long. David is now five weeks old and I know he has changed a lot.

The Sears store was able to get a field man from Dayton to look at our stereo. It is much better and also the amplifier for the hospital has been put in working order again, so maybe now my radio will be brought back home. Janssen sent a cabinet (combination stereo, FM & AM) set so I could listen to the opera last Saturday and there was such a frying noise it almost ruined the reception. I have the radio turned on now and the same sound is coming through.

Something is going to be built on the corner across from Williams and Lynch Ford. Most of the trees have been pulled up and burned. I have heard a restaurant is going to be built. That corner looks so much different now that those trees are gone.

For your information, we will be in Rome almost a week, so we should be able to see a few things. I am reading a book about Petra now. Have finished Crime & Punishment. Some story. It really had a happier ending that I thought it could have.

I talked to John recently and he evidently recovered from his teeth pulling. He seemed to think it didn’t bother him.

1966-03-10-gry-p-2The new Buick was delivered today and Dad and I went to Morocco this morning and got the new license plate. Dad is going to continue to drive the leased car until Apr. 1. I have to have some painting done on my car, so will get to drive the new car one day next week.

Love Mother


M. Harris has been in hospital for back surgery, but is home. I haven’t been to see her but plan to go tomorrow.

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The Saga of the Stereo

1966-02-27-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 27, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Was ist los? Denken Vater und Mutter nein sprechen zee Duetsch? Ihr meinung ich versteche nicht.

Don’t worry about our German. So what if we can’t speak it perfectly! Cousin Joyce took her dictionary along and said she forgot about grammar and had a wonderful time talking to the relatives in her own way. They seemed to enjoy her visit. We have decided to fly to Zurich and rent a car and take about two weeks in Switzerland and just see the country in our own way. Floyd and Ruth were here today (Floyd was taking Ruth back home). Floyds, the two Ruths and Helen (Ruthie’s sister) went to Florida together for two weeks. He was telling us about a friend of his in Lebanon who went to S. and rented a VW and had a good time seeing the country. He said he found that there is a lot of English spoken. He didn’t have any trouble. I think we will know enough by the time we go to get by very well.

There has been someone or more than one perhaps in Kentland driving around town shooting at windows. Several windows on Main Street had been hit. One evening last week Mrs. Myers’ living room window was hit. I stopped in to see her Friday (after attending the funeral of Mrs. Van Kirk) and saw where the shot (we think it was a bebe) hit the window. It sent glass across the room—not much, but some. She was pretty well shaken. She called the Prongers and Harold and they went to her apartment. She called here and Dad told her to call the sheriff. I think it was reported to the authorities, but as Dad says, it is hard to catch someone like that. They will eventually get caught I hope.

There are meetings at our church tonight—Lenten services, to be conducted by Rev. Watson, McClure and Stevenson. Watson is going to teach Ephesians and McClure Tests of a Living Church. I think Stevenson has a topic about Your God is Too Small. I haven’t decided yet whether I will sit in the Watson or McClure class. I would like to hear Watson, because I listened to his Lenten lectures last year. I would also like to hear what McClure has to say about the Tests of a Living Church. If it wasn’t so much trouble I would get Watson’s lecture on tape and sit in McClure’s class. However, I have my Interpreter’s and can read what it has to say about Ephesians.

The story of our stereo is long and complicated. We are not satisfied with it at all. The amplifier we had when you were here proved not to be stereo. We have another one which is stereo, but we have a rumble that is quite noticeable, even when listening to Das Rheingold. Janssen said he would do what we want. He said he would keep ordering sets until he gets on that is satisfactory. Also one of the speakers gets mushy. Dad has tried everything possible to find the trouble. We have that extra turntable (the one we gave to hospital and which was not satisfactory, because no one there seemed to know how to take care of records). My good little stereo radio is out there now and I am using a small radio from Sears (on loan). The help at the Hospital want to keep my radio. I will get something out of the deal, but at present things are in a state of confusion. As stated above we have the turntable and an extra amplifier, as a start on your stereo. We think the trouble must be in the amplifier we now have. The extra amplifier is on its way from Chicago and when we get it hooked up and we still have the rumble, I may tell them to take it all back. Will let you know what we do. Don’t worry about not getting your stereo. We will eventually get one for you.

Saturday was Mark’s 33rd birthday. I called him. The baby is getting along first rate. The other children were well, and Shirley feels fine. Last Sat. a week ago I called and when Mark answered I said “Guten Morgen, mein sohn.” He replied, “I am sorry, but I think you have the wrong number.” When I told him it was his Mother speaking he said it was too early in the morning for such talk. He said I had gotten him out of bed. Little David requires a 2 o’clock bottle, and since Mark gets that bottle for him, I think he was getting a little extra sleep that morning.

One of these days, when I am in the mood, will send you the money for the operas mentioned earlier.

I talked to M. Beatty last week one day. She now lives in Chicago (Jim’s mother) and she has been to Petra. She was telling me about her experiences. She says if you like that sort of thing, not to miss it. I wrote to Louise and Mac and inquired if they would be interested in seeing it. Since we will be in S. until about Aug. 1, we might be able to make connections with them.

Love Mother

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Late Night Caller

1966-02-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie,

It is midnight and I think Dad is asleep. For some reason I wasn’t sleepy when we went to bed, then someone pushed the doorbell. Dad told them to go to the hospital & call the Dr. on emergency. He was sound asleep when the visitor came. He answered over the speaker system.—The Telephone has just broken the silence and it is the hospital calling. Evidently they didn’t get the Dr. on emergency. Dad has given the nurse instructions. Someone had either taken too many sleeping pills or pain pills.

Now we really have stereo. The amplifier which Dad said wasn’t, turned out to be as he said. We will give it back to Sears. I listened to the new Magic Flute today. I am listening to German records—according to Joyce, most of the relatives speak German—so I thought listening to the Flute would help my German lessons. We are going to use the tape recorder and tape some expressions from our records which we think will be useful in learning some necessary words. It is surprising how much German we know. It isn’t going to be too hard for Dad to grasp it, I am sure. Glad you received the Flute.

Tomorrow I have promised to take Mrs. Myers to the dentist. She is having quite a time with those 4 remaining upper teeth. I told her she should go to the hospital when she has them pulled. I don’t have any idea what Limp will do tomorrow—whether he will pull any or give her another appointment.

I am feeling better, but have decided to cut out some of the things I had been doing. I was pledged to help entertain a group Tues. night. I was supposed to have them here, but Clarice had the party at her house. I had to take a car load of things with me, but J. Janssen

1966-02-18-gry-p-2[page 2] helped me and after the party the committee loaded for me and when I got home Dad unloaded. That was my last obligation for awhile and I am glad. I have to do so much studying now to get some German, I won’t have time to wear myself out otherwise.

The enclosure came for you and I opened it before I noticed it was addressed to you. So solly! You will probably toss it in the round file.

John was to have his teeth pulled today. I thought about calling him. He said he might come home tomorrow if he doesn’t feel like staying alone. I didn’t call because I thought he might not feel like talking.

So glad to know you are attending a Methodist Church. I have the same feeling about too much ritual. Our church had a series of meeting last week, but I didn’t attend any. I had missed church 2 Sundays. I did get to church last Sunday and hear the last speaker. From all reports the meetings were well attended and the offering asked for was oversubscribed.

Will you be back in Boston by Aug. 13 or 20? If so we may plan to stop and see you, but we should be able to see you some before we leave July 16.

As I said, I am feeling better. I am beginning to clean house and that is a sure sign. Things had gotten pretty well stacked here in the work area, but I didn’t care.

We got some pretty good pictures of the baby and when I get the extra copies will send you a few. We haven’t talked to Mark & Shirley since last Thurs. so I presume everything is OK.

I think it would be worth your time to read War & Peace. I am cramming about Switzerland and that takes a lot of my reading time, but I have started Crime & Punishment. I hope to get back to it before too long. I am reading every day in the New Testament. I read the New English version and also the Anchor. I rather like the commentary in the Anchor.

Love Mother

P.S. You didn’t leave the “Lamb” here.

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New Arrival

1966-02-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 11, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yesterday we took the day off and went to Chicago. First we went to the Loop and visited the office of AAA (foreign travel) and consulted with one of their agents for a while and set up a possible schedule which we will follow from July 16 to Aug 13 or 20. We plan first to go to Switzerland. We also received a letter this morning from cousin Joyce (Fitz-Randolph) who lives in New Jersey, and who has visited the relatives near Bern. She gave us the names of those she has visited and their addresses. She agreed with us that she didn’t want to go on a guided tour when she toured another country. We will go to Petra and also see some of Israel, Damascus, Istanbul and Rome. I hope we can plan to be in Rome at the same time as Dr. Beck. Let us know when he will be there, maybe we can manage it. We would like to be with Louise and Mac if that is possible sometime during our trip and theirs. Since we will be gone in August (and not all of July as originally planned) maybe something can be arranged with them. I know you told me the other evening when I talked to you when Dr. B. plans to be in Rome, but I didn’t write it down, so don’t remember.

We went out to Mark’s and visited with them until about 8:30 (our time) then started back home. The baby is quite a nice looking individual with lots of black hair—something neither Becky nor Kirk had. They are both quite proud of him. So far he has been a very good baby, however he is just one week old now. Mark said he had forgotten how tiny a little baby is. After handling Kirk one would be prone to forget. He is certainly a character. He seems to forget he wanted to name the baby Chalie. He seems very proud to call him David. Shirley’s mother is staying this week. The Wards are planning to go to San Diego to see Dick and his family. He was transferred from Hawaii shortly after Christmas and since they haven’t seen them for more than two years they are quite anxious to pay them a visit. Dick will be going to sea duty off and one for a few weeks, then I think he will be away several months and if they go in February they will get a chance to see him.

Our stereo turned out to be just mono and it is now in the shop being repaired, and if it can’t be repaired will be replaced. Dad hooked up the hold portable Mark left here to the speakers and that is what I am using now when I want to listen. The other set that was sent to the Sears store was purchased for the hospital. After a few weeks Dad said he could see it was hopeless to have a record player in a place like that. No one was responsible for the records and they were being handled like a deck of cards. He decided to take the turntable back and get a tuner and hook it up to the amplifier and speaker. He purchased a new tuner and the turntable is back here. I told Dad that could be the start of a stereo set for you. Now all you will have to get (or rather we will have to get for you) will be amplifier and speakers. How does that sound to you?

The Magic Flute has arrived and I have the old one packed and ready to send back to you. I haven’t been out yet, but as soon as I finish writing this will take both to the P.O. I haven’t done much this week but rest. I haven’t had too much pep and since we wanted to go to Chicago yesterday that took about all the strength I had stored, so today I have been resting. There has been a series of meetings at the church this week with a different missionary every day, but I haven’t been to hear any of them and as far as I know won’t, because I think it is more important for me to recuperate this week, than to go to the meetings. I have kept going all fall and winter with not much energy to spare and all at once things caught us with me, and I decided I had better start taking care of myself.

I sent Bonnie the thyroid which Dad says for her to keep taking. Also sent her a day book and a calendar.

We have the records out and are starting to listen to German and will probably try some French and Italian before July. We are really going to work on this language bit until July and hope we get something substantial before we go.

Love Mother

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