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Christmas Cards (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 16 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

We really caught up with the mail or rather it caught up with us today. The three money orders came along with three letters for me. You inquired about finances in one letter. I have given you some reports lately but our bank bal. at present is $25⁰⁰ and with Jan. 1 check I will have to pay Ins. (John Hancock $50.26 & $11.60). I couldn’t believe I had used so much money during the past year but I have all the cancelled checks and they tell the story. I’ll send you a detailed statement a little later. Of course the hospital expenses made a little of the total but it was just one of those things and I was glad I could keep it paid. Our house payments are down to $44.47 now. John didn’t go to school today and is getting quite bored at home. He said he didn’t feel just right this morning, so I took his temp to be sure and he had 2/5 of a degree. I told him not to go to school if he felt he should stay home. He has had no rise

[page 2] in temp. all day but I think he is just as well off to miss a day of school. He said he felt like you was taking a cold but it isn’t developing very fast if he has any. So many keep going to school with colds – one boy in his class has a very bad cold and keeps going every day. John was very much disgusted with him for not staying home. John has had the radio on all day to help pass the time. I think he will be glad to get back to school

Mark wanted to take his money order to school and get it cashed on the way home but I told him he could go back to town after school so he decided he could wait. David of course just said oooh! Or something equally intelligent when I showed him his money order. His pictures came so will send them out today. I think you will agree they are very good of him. I assure you he looks exactly like them.

Virginia Zell is improving. Dr. M. is going to X-ray her head tomorrow afternoon. I was over to see her this morning and she was awake and seemed normal. Dr. said she would have to remain in bed three weeks. I am anxious to get the X-ray report as to whether there is a fracture or not.

[page 3] It is warmer today – was above zero this a.m. instead of below. Those few degreed seem to make so much difference to me. There is a light snow on which will stay unless we have a sudden warm spell.

Ruth wants us to come over there for Christmas, but I am not going to plan on it because of the weather. If it warms up and the roads are not slick we may go. Your Mother wanted to know if we were planning to come down, but I hadn’t been. It would be too far to go in this kind of weather I think.

We have rec’d a few greetings. Got one from Jewell. She wrote a note – said Dot’s husband had been rejected. Dot’s baby is just a few weeks younger than David. Margaret’s husband is in the Army and Uncle G. is living with Marg. Hazel’s son Paul left Mon. for the Navy. He is married and they have a new baby.

You were wondering about E. Wilson going to the Army – The law about pre-Pearl Harbor fathers doesn’t seem to make much difference when the local draft board runs out of single men, and that seems to be the case here, or at least that is what I understand. Ed Johnson’s Co. got him a deferment, but Lucile thinks he may go when this deferment is up. She

[page 4] says he won’t ask for a deferment himself. I was in the 10₵ store and some woman asked Bill Zimmerman something about him being in the service and he said Uncle Sam had all the good men already – I suppose he didn’t pass the physical in Indpls. I knew he was to take his exam in Oct. and I didn’t ask him any questions, because I didn’t want to be nosey. I have an idea Floyd might pass the next time, if the demands gets hard enough.

Louise Krull Glenn has a new baby girl – 9 lbs. I was in the restaurant yesterday and the call came for Nick while I was there. Mrs. Krull closed her house and has been staying with Louise. Johnnie is such a big child – looks more like a 4 yr. old than 27 months.

Your acc’t of frying chicken was good. Wish I could have a picture of that – You should be able to pinch hit – you had good training at home.

I must get this finished so it will go out on the evening mail.

Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas – I know you won’t receive it until after the 25th but maybe by Jan. 1.

Love Mother
P.S. the enclosed came today – thought you would rather have the original than a reproduction.


David, 14 months, November 1943

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Lafayette and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just back from Laf. Took Lucile down to shop and purchased a few things too. John wanted records for Christmas so got him “The Nutcracker Suite.” In case you don’t know what it is, it’s from an operetta. I was going to take David and Lucile was to take Jimmy and we would leave both babies with her sister, but David still had some cold and I didn’t want to have him around Jimmy – so I got Clara to come stay with D. and also she got all the venetian blinds washed and windows while here, so I got some housework down even tho I wasn’t here. I didn’t want to take David away from home while he has any cold. He slept last night without coughing and didn’t run any temp. today but coughed quite a bit all day. He is asleep now and

[page 2] seems to be resting very good. I called Dr. M. wed. about giving him sulfadiazine and he said give him ¼ tablet every 4 hrs. I did that 36 hours then stopped. After I got back from Laf. this evening I went down and talked to him about d. He said if he continues to cough to give him sulfa again in two days. This cough seems to get so many people. I don’t know how contagious it is but know of no one being close to D. that had a cough. Ed Johnson has had it for several weeks but he hasn’t been close to David only out of doors – last Sun. he took some pictures but it was in the yard, I didn’t take D. into their house. At any rate it hasn’t made him feel bad and so far he isn’t running any temp. He is not as bad as he was yesterday, so I suppose I will just have to keep him in and keep him warm. When I came home this evening he was walking around the house having a grand time. I fed him and put him to bed, then I went

[page 3] to see the Dr. Mark said he would go along. After seeing the Dr. decided to get my supper downtown – I was hungry and didn’t like the idea of coming home and frying eggs – (meat frozen isn’t easy to work with) so Mark & I ate at Krulls – the first time I have eaten out for weeks – but eating in Laf. is quite out of the questions with us – We try to eat before we go or after we come back. Sometimes we have stopped at the Triple X on the hill and get a sandwich and drink. The Krull children were going to the ball game at Remington and asked J. & M. to go along. I come home as soon as I finished eating so John could go. I am here with David now, trying to catch up with my correspondence while it’s nice and quiet (except for the stoker).

I saw Phyllis M. downtown and Art is soon to be traveling. He is to go to some eastern port for 8 weeks, then, who knows where. The Emmet Millers have a baby boy. Born just shortly after Emmet was sent out.

[page 4]  They were somewhere in the South – he was sent to N.Y. and she came home one day and had her baby the next. She made the trip part way by plane, so you can understand why. James William came 3 wks. early. She was in the hospital in Laf. but I didn’t try to see her today – I figured she would be home by now.

Mr. Z. had been in Laf. attending something at Purdue since Tues. Mrs. Z. was going down today to get him, but Virginia took a cold and Mrs. couldn’t go, so Lucile and I brought him back with us. I was going to take Alma today but she had another one of those terrible attacks last night and wasn’t able to go. She has been doctoring with Rumkorf since you are away. Jack told her to either go see him today or have him over but I haven’t talked to her this evening so don’t know whether she did either.

Yours of Dec. 3 came today – not bad, eh. Just hope you get mine as fast as you have been. If 18 months mean anything – oh well, you know the answer. Thanks again for the check. As I said before it will help a lot, as we are a little low.

Had a letter from Juanita and Ralph was going to be drafted so he joined the Navy, so you see the pre-Pearl Harbor fathers are being taken –

Love Mother

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Walking (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a week, but this is Sun. evening, so maybe I’ll get a few tomorrow. The weather was so warm today I took David out for a long walk. Lucile came out with Jimmy and we walked back to their place – Ed took some pictures of the two babies. This is Jimmy’s 11th month. He and David walk around in the house and have a good time together, just walking, walking. Makes me tired sometimes just to see them do so much walking, and I can’t imagine what it would do for you, unless you have changed your mind about the above mentioned exercise. This paper seems to have a few grease spots on it that keeps the ink from showing. Hope you can make it out. Took David to S.S. again. He jabbers but on the whole does pretty good to be as active as he is. He just isn’t the sitting type. He is just as restless around here. About the only time he wants to sit still is when his is being wheeled around or in t he car. Sometimes he gets a little hard to hold in the car. He says “gog” when he sees a dog and I repeat dog plainly to him but it still has a g sound when he says it. He was so hungry this evening I had to hurry up his supper – Must have been the long ride in the fresh air and sunshine – John stayed home listening to the radio and Mark played out in the yard with his football. Mark’s cheeks were so pink this evening. He needs good exercise in the out of doors. He had been looking pale. We have the Christmas tree up but no decorations on it yet. David likes to touch it but isn’t too anxious to get too close – it sticks him. Mark wanted to decorate the tree as soon as we brought it home but I put him off for a

[page 2] few days. We heard there would be a scarcity of trees so bought this one early. The Grab-it just got them in. So far the other stores haven’t had any.

I went thru our checks for 1943 to see where I had spent it all – In addition to over $500⁰⁰ going on house payments – I bought $131⁰⁰ bonds, $300⁰⁰ piano, $417⁶⁰ loan on ins., $130⁰⁰ Hospital (Mother’s hospital expense was about $250 – Jim helped on that and I figured I paid about $110⁰⁰ – then Mark’s & David’s amounted to about $20⁰⁰). I will send you a more detailed statement later if you want it, I am glad I paid everything by check – even tho it cost me $2⁸⁰ service charge over the year, I can sit down and see where it all went. We live very simply as you know, but that doesn’t make us unhappy. I was amused at John one day. A boy in school asked him if he had seen a certain show. John said no, he didn’t go to shows because his Dad was away and we didn’t have money to throw around. I really haven’t restricted them from going to shows – but our John likes records and would rather put his spending money in something more tangible than movies. I told J. & M. our funds are low now and they both agreed to be satisfied without a lavish Christmas. At present our bal. is about $50⁰⁰ and I have to pay Mr. Monroe yet this month – I think his bill will be about $7⁰⁰.

I hear David making a noise and must go see what he is grunting about.
Love Mother

Our Ins. was $439¹⁷ in ‘43

YEG1943-12 Gladys, David, Lucile and Jimmy Ed

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Happy Thanksgiving 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

One more year your birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day. Hope you cards have caught up with you by this date. Mark said “life begins at forty.” I said that may be true for Daddy, only I am hoping yours will begin again for your family soon after 39. That may be put crudely, but I think you will get what I mean.

It’s after 4 P.M. and David and his mother slept from 2 till 4. I kept him out in the warm sunshine until he got cross, then decided he should have his nap. He used to take a nap after his bath, orange juice & oil at 10 a.m. but won’t go to sleep any more at that hour so we wait until afternoon now. It has been sunny the past few days so in order to get him out during the best of the sunshine take him out right after lunch. He will stay in his Taylor Tot a while then wants to get out & walk around. His 8th tooth is almost through.

[page 2] I didn’t want to go into the locker because of my sinus & throat condition – which seem pretty good today – so Link said he would be going over. We wanted a chicken for dinner but Link forgot all about going. He had told me he had to go for them. So we had beef roast instead. I made dressing, baked potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, raw carrots, celery, pumpkin pie and tea. I think we fared well enough. J. & M. kept referring to the meat as turkey. The Zells ate with Shirks. Chafee won a 16 lb. turkey at the raffle and couldn’t find anyone to dress it, so Mr. Z. dressed same then Shirks invited Zells to dinner. The Shirks & Zells used to live in Brookville at the same time. Johnsons also won a turkey and dressed it and put it in our locker for Christmas. So far I haven’t planned much for Christmas. I don’t want to plan on going to C.C. I think that is too far to go with D. in cold weather. We may possibly go to Mutch’s or have them come over here if Earl can get the gas. If not we can just remain home. I suppose R. & F. will go to C.C. If it gets as cold this year as it did last I would much rather stay home than try to go visiting. After all with the four of us we can make merry right at home. Of course we would

[page 3] enjoy being with the family, or having a part of the family come here.

I’ll mention again in case those other letters do not reach you – I rec’d two bouquets of flowers. Lt. Palmer wrote a nice letter to Bergens and they passed it on to me. He was very complimentary about you. But why shouldn’t he be – you deserve it.

I rec’d a letter from Dolores. She sent me some pictures of her & Steve. I think he is a nice looking young man. She didn’t mention his present location. He must have had several days off when they were married – she said in her letter she went back to work the day after Steve went back to camp.

I have to make another trip to Laf. to get the lenses for my glasses. I had planned to go Tues. but Mark was home and I couldn’t get Clara to come and stay with Mark and David, so was going to have Arlene get the lenses for me, but they have to have my frames to drill the holes in the right places, so we plan to go tomorrow. School being out J. & M. can take care of David in the car. I will try to do a little Christmas shopping but I know I won’t do much. The stores are jammed and the stocks are low.

[page 4] There seems to be three or four persons to any article for sale. The stores are short of clerks. I don’t like to buy anything I don’t have to. You can hardly imagine the change in business conditions. I want to buy gifts for Jimmy, Bobby, Donald, & the Zell girls and frankly I am “stumped.” The prices on toys are high and the toys offered this year are nothing compared to former years. I am not complaining. It’s just a natural condition arising from circumstances – Just wish I could find something to give that would do as good as toys. I suppose I will if I think hard enough. I told J. & M. I am going to give them money. Of course I will get something else – probably some clothing & wrap it to put under the tree. They have been wanting to know what to get me. That is as much a problem as any, but we will solve all these by Christmas and try to have a Merry Christmas.

Last Thanksgiving was a week earlier than this year and it turned cold and stayed cold all winter. I remember we hung clothes out on the line & they froze. We didn’t hang clothes out today but it was nice & warm.

It’s five o’clock and I have rambled on without saying much but hope it will take up a little of your time
“Love – Mother”

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Doctor’s Orders (Gladys)

1943-11-19 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just returned from Laf. Had my eyes re-checked and had a nose & throat treatment. Dr. Ade said my throat looked better. Hope this warm weather helps me to get it cleared up again. John went with us and got a new pair of shoes. I think he has larger feet now than you have. He has trouble getting shoes that feel right. I hope these do better than the last pair ($4.50). I have mentioned a woman living at the Kent apts. – whose husband is in the Navy – She had a baby (9 mo. old). He had been sick and last night they took him to the hospital and operated but he didn’t survive. I don’t know many details but understand the baby had been ill several days. I think Dr. Rumkorf was called yesterday and he evidently took him to the hospital. The mother called me yesterday and wanted to know what to do – I told her to follow the Doctor’s orders – she had had Dr. M. a time or two. I suppose she thought I would tell her something to do but I told her to do as the Dr. told her – take the baby to the hospital. I have been trying to write this in competition with the radio – from one play to another. I called Lucile this a.m. and Ed was home with a stomach ache – There seems to be several cases around. I think Mark got a little bug – He threw up after I got home – but feels better now. Didn’t have a temp. He is asleep now. David tried to say button & pretty today.

Love Mother

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Seven Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.

July 29, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your letters of July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 came yesterday late, so I read them very rapidly and then re-read them again this A.M. The comment that you made about the comment that I made about the Commander’s wife – was a little shocking to me – you were just a little short and it made me feel badly but then I got to think you probably weren’t serious and I do hope you didn’t think I was serious and I’ll feel terrible if you don’t send any more pictures. I apologize very much.

There was lots in your letters and af even after re-reading I will probably forget things I thought of commenting on. Glad to hear your mother is better – Her progress will be slow and she will be discouraged very much – but she didn’t get in that condition in a short time and it will take a long time to improve. I feel so helpless trying to do or say anything that will help. I guess the only

[page 2] thing I can say is for her to do what the Drs. tell her. You didn’t mention diet which I think is important – maybe she is on one, at least I think irritating foods should be out of her diet – & that includes – all forms of prepared cereal, all raw vegetables, coffee (That’s a bad one for her). Some tea would be OK, and of course milk is OK, if it doesn’t cause too much gas – In other words it is an individual problem – but I really shouldn’t be giving advice since I’m not in on all the information about the lab work etc – You won’t need to bother about sending the details because it’s too long before I could get any info back to you.

Now about the piano – you are correct – my advice is too long in coming to you but you know whatever decision you arrive at will be OK with me – your judgment Dear is OK on things like that, by now you probably have the check I sent and the finances are OK again. That is you should have approximately 700⁰⁰ come to you by Aug. first – The check I sent and your regular monthly check. That should help you over the hump a little.

[page 3] Really I’m at a loss to know why Mark would want to ac look like me – I guess John has a right to talk and reason like I do. You mentioned a plane flying over each day. That really is a lot for Kentland Ind. but how different things must be in other parts of the world – relative to airplanes flying over.

Got a letter from Joe yesterday and he asked me to check to see if his mail was coming to our P.O. I checked and the P.M. said they had gotten a lot of letters for him but could find no one who knew him so they had been sent back just a day or two ago. So his mail will really be late – You might let Mrs. R. know about that. I’m planning on seeing him in a few days if the plans don’t fall thru like they did a few days ago. He was correct about the description of our location but a lot of hard work had something to do with the appearance of the place – we are really proud of our South Pacific Park.

Sorry to hear about Dave M. Yesterday before

[page 4] your letters came I wrote him – I shall add a note to it before mailing.

You never did mention anything about my Masonic dues – In one of these letters you said you were going to find out about the Rotary dues. I guess that is taken care of by now.

A letter came from Mother yesterday and also one from Boonie – I had just mailed one to Boonie before his came – so if you see him you can tell him our letters crossed on the way. I also wrote to Brewers & Walkups & Ed Johnson. Don’t know why the extra writing I’m going but felt I really should.

It seems a shame to have so much to say in one letter and the others have so little – Don’t ever think your letters are not worth sending – They really mean lots and I know it’s hard for you to work a letter in daily with all the responsibilities you have – and please don’t work too hard – seems to me you have lots of work to do so do be careful. And again I hope you didn’t think I was going anything else but kidding you about the picture.

Lots of Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #5

Construction of an airstrip, Russell Islands, 1943

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July First (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 1 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first of July and chilly enough to have heat turned on. And after all the intense heat in June. Just the kind of weather to expect back home in Indiana. It is a relief tho, and it has its points, even tho the corn doesn’t grow so fast in weather like this – so much more for Indiana “corn.” I am trying to get this written before the mail man comes so he can take it. With J. & M. & Zell girls gone I have to go to town myself to do anything and thought I would get my daily letter written then wouldn’t have to worry about

[page 2] going to town. Yesterday I rec’d yours of June 21 & 22 – however there are a few June letters still en route earlier than those rec’d. I am wondering if you are still getting the pictures I send once a month. The last I send was on June 26, the photographer’s picture of David for his 9th month.

I went to town yesterday and took a specimen of urine for mother in Dr. M. Dorothy ran the tests on it and said she found infection sugar & albumin. Dr. M. had given Mother Sulfasuxadine and said to continue two more days then bring her back in – She gets up every morning and dresses but lies down most of the time on the couch.

[page 3] I saw Lucile in town. She had Jimmy Ed. He is quite a young man. Is about to sit alone. He still has eczema but I think it’s gradually leaving. He has hair now and doesn’t scale any more. I suppose he will just have to outgrow the “stuff.” Ed is having an allergy – it’s between his fingers – how uncomfortable – don’t I know – well Lucile called me yesterday morning about the H.C.L. I used & she used – Ed has had the condition some time now & Lucile wanted him to try our remedy. I am having a touch of the thing now – I think it’s due partly to the drastic change to cooler weather. My fingers are a little swollen. I

[page 4] had to get up last night and put the lotion I always use to keep from rubbing them. They are better this morning – I missed the mail – just got your letter of June 23 – in which you were talking about a heat lamp – I would think a sun bath would be hot enough. – Maybe that would be too hot.

Mother had a letter from Dolores yesterday. She said it had been hot & dry in Washington – I thought it was raining everywhere the way it kept raining here. We haven’t had rain now since Sat. & this is Thurs. so maybe our rain is over for a while. – – This is afternoon – I have put out one washer of clothes since I started to write, had lunch and done a few odd jobs around here.

[page 5] The Democrat came and I looked it over for any news of interest to you but failed to find anything unusual. I saw an ad in a magazine about spam. There was a Navy officer’s picture & telling about how glad the boys were to get spam. I just laughed to myself and thought that wasn’t the way I heard it. I didn’t use all our red points in June. I was talking to Arlene about having points left over – She suggested that I stock upon spam, etc. I told her I would be afraid to have it on hand when you came home, so she agreed with me it would be better for me to buy something else. We

[page 6] didn’t use all the red points but when Parttens’ butcher in the fall I’ll have to turn in enough points to cover half or quarter of beef – which I get. Milk (canned) takes meat points but we still have enough. I bought 24 cans this week. I intend to keep David on canned milk thru the summer yet. He is awake now trying to shake his bed apart. The screws do loosen and I have to tighten them up once in a while. He looks at me and laughs when he isn’t sucking his thumb. I can see him from where I am sitting. I will have to get his dinner ready.

Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

David at 9 months

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A Grand Spring Day (Gladys)

1943-04-08Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but had three Tues. It is such a grand spring day – just the kind for poets to write about. I think we will work in the yard this evening and if the ground isn’t too wet plant more peas, etc. I took David for a long walk yesterday. He was feeling good and showed off when people talked to him. He seemed to know he was being admired. He took cream of wheat this a.m. without the usual fuss. I gave him some prune juice but he threw it up. He can’t seem to handle fruits of any kind. Ed Johnson asked for your address. He was on his way home to take care of Jimmy Ed so Lucile could finish her ironing. It is about time for J. & M. to come for lunch. They come in with such a bang. I sometimes have to brace myself. The stores are closing now Thurs. afternoons. I thought maybe they wouldn’t do that now but they started last week. The coil factory is working nights to keep up production. If you got my letter mentioning the Stork to visit Bart’s – I think that was just a rumor. The local papers didn’t come today so haven’t any news to add. I saw Ruby Clark and she said Geo (being 38 now) was given his choice of discharge to work in defense work or stay in and he chose the defense work. Is with Allison Indpls. Saw Irene yesterday and she said she would write you. The Dr. at Mayo told her to quit work – but she said that wouldn’t pay the mortgage. It is time for Mark to go to school and take this. We are all fine – John hasn’t had measles and hope he doesn’t.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Lots of letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 28, 1943
Lieut RS Yegerlehner USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother –

Mail again today – so far 17 letters – Your latest being Feb 24. The one you wrote over Geo W. birthday. The oldest one being Sept 29 the one that you wrote while in the hospital. The others were dated mostly in Feb. I think I have the word on the taxes but wonder if you have all the deductions – especially the depreciation on my medical equipment. Anyway it’s too late now. So what the heck. Wish I could send you some money but at present that is impossible. Really I’m not certain how much is due me, what with promotion and also having a balance on the

[page 2] book when I left. I’ll have to write to the Bureau of Supplies and accounts again about that uniform money if it doesn’t arrive but it hasn’t been so very long since I wrote the last letter and it may be on its way. Moving always complicates things. I’ll have to reread your letters again between now and tomorrow to see if there are other things I should mention.

We had a most terrific rain last night and of course we caught the usual rain water. So tomorrow being Mon. I’ll have laundry to do.

We are generally getting things fixed up and life won’t be so primitive in a few weeks but about that time I suppose it will be

[page 3] time for me to move again – Just my luck, but I like it – That is up to a certain point because I begin to feel that after one is out he should be replaced by some of those arm chair navy men in due time – we have seen some returning after a time but we’ve never been able to ascertain the time definitely. You asked about the lawn. No word from me at present but maybe I’ll be able in a few weeks to chance the information.

In your last letter it was obvious that you knew I had left the last station but you didn’t come out and say so much. It’s OK for you to

[page 4] be more free just so you don’t give out information of value to the enemy and I think you haven’t any that would do that. That is mixed up.

I was out in a jeep this a.m. The top was down and the roads muddy so I was pretty much mud sprinkled when I returned. Lots of the boys want one of those when the war is over but I’ll take a little different type myself. They ride too hard and I think our roads are good enough that the better type cars have no trouble getting over the. Of course my friends from Nevada may have use for such. These fellows aren’t Drs. but we do get along

[page 5] well and they still insist that I must come to Reno to practice after the war. Said they would get me the divorce trade. I’ve told them a number of times I’m perfectly satisfied back in Indiana and I still feel that way.

A cute little lizard just went by my foot. He was about 4 inches long – bright green tail and striped body – The stripes run long ways.

Well, I’ll reread the letters and maybe I’ll have more to answer tomorrow. So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. got a letter from Ed Johnson – one from Ruth Y. (not Floyd) and one from Deloris – and 2 from the Folks.


Russell Islands
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Gardening & children (Gladys)

1943-03-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but so far this week I have 16. I sent a regular air mail yesterday (3-26) so let me know when you get it. I put in several pictures of us and hope it doesn’t get lost. I was going to reg. it but they told me it wouldn’t do any good so just sent it regular. Sat. and John has gone to take a lesson. Mark is dusting. David is going to sleep. Has been playing since his bath & 10 a.m. meal . It is cooler today but could hang out clothes. The boys had that job today. Mark is going to help Mr. Zell this afternoon. He is giving the ground plowed and we are going to have a little space for garden. Instead of rank growth between Zells & the corn patch that will all be in garden. (I mean corn field) Lucile came out with Jimmy Ed yesterday and we walked with our young sons. Jimmy is very fat – will soon be three mo. old. He has a very sensitive skin and has a rash much of the time. Ed is very fond of the baby. Lucile says he plays with him on the bed every evening – in fact I think Ed has spoiled him much more than Lucile would. She would have him better regulated. I had a letter from Helen. She had heard from Dan and he told her you had departed for parts unknown. I want to see her the next time I go to Laf. – you know why. I can’t tell her in a letter. We heard Anthony Eden last night. He is in this country on a mission – I suppose you get some news. Wish I could send you the papers regularly. I have been watching the papers for pictures and listening to news broadcasts. Bobby Funk is out in garage begging admittance but his Mother doesn’t want him to come in. He hasn’t anyone to play with this morning and has been wandering around our yard. His Mother just called so he has to go home.

Love – Mother

Helen with her brothers, Forrest (aka Bud) and Charles, 1942 (Photograph courtesy of Judith Bowen)

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© 2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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