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Army vs. Navy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 19 came today – making almost as good time as at your last station. Just hope mine gets thru as quickly to you. Sat. P.M. & the football game tuned in and John listening. It’s Army & Navy playing today. Mark is building a model plane for Bobby. Bobby stays in a while then says he must go out & play with his kidlets meaning Jimmy & Martha. David is asleep. Mark took him out for an airing and a little sunshine after lunch but it was so cold I brought him back in after about 15 minutes. I hung a few things on the line and they froze so brought the colored things back in and John hung them in the basement. With my throat & sinus being so sensitive this year I figured it wasn’t worth hanging clothes out and take the chance of making my throat sore. We went to Laf. yesterday and took Mark to see Dr. Cole. He gave me a prescription for Sulfamerazine and I brought it here to be filled. The drug stores here haven’t merazine so had to call Laf. to get it. Mark just has a slight head cold but those things can grow into something worse and I know Sulfas nip those cold bugs but I don’t like to give sulfa without Doctor’s instruction. I kept Mark home all week from school due to signs of nervousness. He, I think, has been playing too hard since school started and I hadn’t been making him go to bed early – however there is a new ruling for Mark – he goes to bed at 8:30. I think with plenty of rest and not so much strenuous play he will soon be himself again. He is taking Vi Delta now too. I didn’t give either J. or M. the oral cold shots this year. I can understand how he would get a cold bug – with my throat & sinus bothering me all fall.

I saw Dorothy this a.m. She was in Chicago with Marie Steinbaugh yesterday & Marie fainted. If you rec’d all my letters you know Marie had one breast removed some time ago and has been taking X-ray treatment all fall. However the clinic had dismissed her. Dorothy took her to Billings and she had an X-ray made but couldn’t stay in the

[page 2] hospital – no beds – They are going to write the clinic for her first X-rays and she is to go back to Billings later.

You remember the Couch family – you delivered the 8th baby. Mr. Couch died this week. I was told his trouble was his blood turned to water. He was in St. E. Hospital then was brought home just before he died.

Just now on the radio there is a broadcast from a Navy Sub (Capt. Steve Basket) & Army Bomber (Col. Ed Garbarge) – two former Army & Navy football players carrying on a conversation about the game they played in several (20) years ago. This conversation was brought into the broadcast at West Point.

I talked to Dr. Cole yesterday about Mother’s illness. He said the cancer was in the head of the pancreas and had probably been there a year. I didn’t get a written report on it but didn’t think it was necessary, after he explained it to me. There was a partial obstruction, due to the growth.

The Zells are having their first fried chicken from the flock they started in Sept. and we are invited to dinner tomorrow. They are all “sold” on David. They want a boy so much and they have been very much interested in David since his arrival. Of course you have been informed from different sources about David’s personality and can understand his popularity. Mrs. Zell says their children didn’t have good appetites when they were babies, and David does a very good job of eating, and they enjoy watching him eat. I am giving him hemoganized (boiled) milk now. Have to get it from Bans.

My new lenses seem a little strange today, but the man at the optical co. adjusted the frames so they fit better.

I have to write a letter to Pauline. She asked me to buy some sleepers for James L. She couldn’t find any out there in “those wide open spaces.” I got two pr. and must send them out to her today so she will get them soon. IT sure takes a lot of time to keep up my correspondence, but I like to receive letters so must write if I receive.

I will again wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you get the boxes we sent. This is one time you will have to overlook the smallness of the gift and remember the spirit it was sent in.

Love Mother

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Happy Thanksgiving 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

One more year your birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day. Hope you cards have caught up with you by this date. Mark said “life begins at forty.” I said that may be true for Daddy, only I am hoping yours will begin again for your family soon after 39. That may be put crudely, but I think you will get what I mean.

It’s after 4 P.M. and David and his mother slept from 2 till 4. I kept him out in the warm sunshine until he got cross, then decided he should have his nap. He used to take a nap after his bath, orange juice & oil at 10 a.m. but won’t go to sleep any more at that hour so we wait until afternoon now. It has been sunny the past few days so in order to get him out during the best of the sunshine take him out right after lunch. He will stay in his Taylor Tot a while then wants to get out & walk around. His 8th tooth is almost through.

[page 2] I didn’t want to go into the locker because of my sinus & throat condition – which seem pretty good today – so Link said he would be going over. We wanted a chicken for dinner but Link forgot all about going. He had told me he had to go for them. So we had beef roast instead. I made dressing, baked potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, raw carrots, celery, pumpkin pie and tea. I think we fared well enough. J. & M. kept referring to the meat as turkey. The Zells ate with Shirks. Chafee won a 16 lb. turkey at the raffle and couldn’t find anyone to dress it, so Mr. Z. dressed same then Shirks invited Zells to dinner. The Shirks & Zells used to live in Brookville at the same time. Johnsons also won a turkey and dressed it and put it in our locker for Christmas. So far I haven’t planned much for Christmas. I don’t want to plan on going to C.C. I think that is too far to go with D. in cold weather. We may possibly go to Mutch’s or have them come over here if Earl can get the gas. If not we can just remain home. I suppose R. & F. will go to C.C. If it gets as cold this year as it did last I would much rather stay home than try to go visiting. After all with the four of us we can make merry right at home. Of course we would

[page 3] enjoy being with the family, or having a part of the family come here.

I’ll mention again in case those other letters do not reach you – I rec’d two bouquets of flowers. Lt. Palmer wrote a nice letter to Bergens and they passed it on to me. He was very complimentary about you. But why shouldn’t he be – you deserve it.

I rec’d a letter from Dolores. She sent me some pictures of her & Steve. I think he is a nice looking young man. She didn’t mention his present location. He must have had several days off when they were married – she said in her letter she went back to work the day after Steve went back to camp.

I have to make another trip to Laf. to get the lenses for my glasses. I had planned to go Tues. but Mark was home and I couldn’t get Clara to come and stay with Mark and David, so was going to have Arlene get the lenses for me, but they have to have my frames to drill the holes in the right places, so we plan to go tomorrow. School being out J. & M. can take care of David in the car. I will try to do a little Christmas shopping but I know I won’t do much. The stores are jammed and the stocks are low.

[page 4] There seems to be three or four persons to any article for sale. The stores are short of clerks. I don’t like to buy anything I don’t have to. You can hardly imagine the change in business conditions. I want to buy gifts for Jimmy, Bobby, Donald, & the Zell girls and frankly I am “stumped.” The prices on toys are high and the toys offered this year are nothing compared to former years. I am not complaining. It’s just a natural condition arising from circumstances – Just wish I could find something to give that would do as good as toys. I suppose I will if I think hard enough. I told J. & M. I am going to give them money. Of course I will get something else – probably some clothing & wrap it to put under the tree. They have been wanting to know what to get me. That is as much a problem as any, but we will solve all these by Christmas and try to have a Merry Christmas.

Last Thanksgiving was a week earlier than this year and it turned cold and stayed cold all winter. I remember we hung clothes out on the line & they froze. We didn’t hang clothes out today but it was nice & warm.

It’s five o’clock and I have rambled on without saying much but hope it will take up a little of your time
“Love – Mother”

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Death of a Child (Gladys)


Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 21 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening – listening to the radio – The Chase & Sanborn program on. J. & M. & I just left the kitchen after a scanty supper. Mark had a stomach bug Fri. evening – I had to clean up the bathroom floor downstairs and the hall floor upstairs – It seemed the bug was working both ways and at the same time so had underwear to wash too – Then last night (Sat.) John went thru the same thing and at the same time my throat was tightening – I felt like I was getting it bad (had had a treatment Fri., but Sat. was warm and I went out of doors several times and think I got chilled some). However to go on with my tale – I started taking sulfadiazine to nip my sinus & throat bug and must have in doing so nipped the stomach bug the boys had – No doubt I would have gotten it because I had to clean up after both boys – Just hope David doesn’t have to go thru the same experience. So far he is as peppy as ever. Dorothy & Nick came out this afternoon to take some movies

[page 2] of David but he didn’t perform very well. He won’t walk along out in the yard. I suppose the space looks to wide for him. In the house he walks from one piece of furniture to another. Out in the yard he wants to get down and crawl around on the grass. He is trying to say word nos. He often repeats words after he hears us. So far has tried to say dog, button, pretty, and I have mentioned da-da & bye bye – also mom-mom. I took some pictures yesterday and left them to be developed and should get them tomorrow. Of course will send any that are good on to you.

I was talking to Arlene last night on the phone. She was having pains – and it’s still 3 weeks until time for her to go to the hospital- She had walked to town and back and I suppose that was what brought on the early pains – however she was feeling normal this morning so the pains must have been false. She said she didn’t want to go to the hospital before time. She figures she will be there over Christmas. Says she thinks Christmas would be a nice birthday for her baby. Louise is back with Funks for the time being. She is going to have a baby too, but intends to stay with Arlene a while. At least until she can get other help or get along without.

[page 3] Later I mentioned in a previous letter about a baby at Kent apt. The mother is a daughter of the manager & her husband is a Seebee. She has been living here for some time with the baby. She called me Thurs. & said her baby was sick – after talking to her I discovered she had had Dr. Mathews. I told her to follow his instructions. He told her to take the baby to the hospital and I told her to do as he advised. She said she couldn’t stay with him, but I told her she could because I had stayed with David when he had his leg accident. The next day I called the apts. to inquire about the baby and her father told me the baby died during the night following an operation at the Jasper Co. hospital. They had talked to Bob Schurtter about the baby and weren’t satisfied with Dr. M. Bob told them to call another Dr. If they weren’t satisfied, but get another Dr. quick. They called Rumkorph and I suppose he was the one to operate – however it was too late to do anything then because the baby had lockbowel & ganggreen (sp.) had set in. I felt terrible about the whole thing because I hadn’t gone up and tried to do something, but she didn’t call me until Thurs. afternoon and he died that night and had been sick several

[page 4] days. Also I was keeping the Zell children and had Martha & David to take care of that afternoon, and had promised Mark I would come to the school and show them how to knit – Lucile took David & I took Martha with me to school. After school we came home and Zells hadn’t returned from Indpls. So had my hands full with their girls & our boys. After learning the baby had been ill several days I knew I couldn’t have done anything when she called me. If I had known about it sooner probably would have insisted on her getting him to a hospital. I have learned too that the whole family are Christian Scientists of long standing, which helps explain the delay in getting a Dr. Schurtters live at the apts. too and Bob & Dot knew the baby was ill. Bob had gotten Matthews for them in the first place but from all I gather they were slow to follow instructions.

Arlene called me and wanted me to go to Hassetts with her this evening. She had the car and I wrapped up good and went – We then stopped at the drug store. I have no drainage from my sinus now so the dash out didn’t effect me any. If I could keep taking sulfa but know that won’t do because after 24 hrs. I usually begin to itch – My throat feels clear & my sinus too so maybe I have taken enough this time to clear me up. At any rate I took the last tablet about 6 o’clock.

Have to call the plumber tomorrow. The radiators upstairs are heating – must have air. I thought the upstairs felt chilly and now I know why. The downstairs keeps warm enough.

Love Mother

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Hope for Early Return (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours letters seem to be picking up again – Two today – of Nov. 9 & 10 – The last I had was last week of Nov. 4. It’s strange you would only get Ruth’s letter of Oct. 17 when I wrote directly from the hospital Oct. 15 – and regularily after that date – In fact I wrote to you every day during Mother’s entire illness, missing very seldom. The Red Cross was supposed to get a message to you but evidently didn’t.

Hickey wrote to his father about your visit to him and same was mentioned in the Democrat this week. I was going to tell some of Hickey’s family about his P.S. on the letter but haven’t seen any of them yet. Marg Carlson & her mother run the Democrat now and she had a front page article with news about people in service from Kent.

We had Zells here for dinner this evening. Mr. & Mrs. went to Indpls. Early yesterday a.m. The girls came here after school & spent the night and had lunch with us today. Their folks weren’t home yet after school this afternoon so I prepared

[page 2] dinner and they got home just about time to eat. Virginia & I had gone over to the brooder house to fill the feed & water containers when they came home. We really had a house full last night with three boys & three girls.

This afternoon Lucile walked out with J.E. It was a nice warm sunny day for a change. I wanted to get some pictures of David and he for the first time wouldn’t act nice for the camera. I wanted him to stand up and he would just sit down or cry. I was going to the school to help teach Mark’s room to knit and didn’t want to take David along so Lucile kept him. He stays in Jimmy’s play pen when he is there and is pretty good. Jimmy’s things are different. When I stopped to get him Lucile said he had behaved very well. I told her I would keep Jimmy for her when she attends afternoon club meetings. She doesn’t leave him much. Lucile is a very devoted mother, I think. I don’t leave David very often but had to more or less during Mother’s illness. I left him Tues. when I went to the Dr. but Mrs. Zell stayed here with him. She says she will keep him tomorrow while I go again to see Dr. Ade. I don’t like the idea of taking him along because the stores are full of Christmas shoppers now & I don’t think it’s the best place for him, and I certainly don’t want to take him

[page 3] into Dr. Ade’s office at this time of the year. I have a little nose & throat bug but there are so many people now having same or worse waiting in his office for treatment.

Mrs. R. came over with her three last night. She says Joe is still thinking you & he will get to come home after your 18 months. Also she told me that Earl is out somewhere now but she doesn’t know where. His wife has been with him all the time but is back home now. J. had sent some pictures home of his work with the natives. There was one of a woman with a dress on. Much cleaner looking than of some I have seen. Maybe it was a new dress & hadn’t had time to get dirty – or am I too critical?

I see by the paper that Dr. Van spoke at Rotary last meeting. I understand he isn’t very happy about being home. Shame he can’t trade places with you, eh what? I know you are there to do your duty and cheerfully, but it would be nice if exchanges could be made in some cases, but since those things aren’t done we will just be patient and hope for your early return.

Had to make Mark go to bed early tonight. He has been doing too much & not getting enough rest. He was working arithmetic and was reduced to tears about it so I insisted he go to bed and get up early in the morning & do homework. John is playing the piano just now.

Love Mother

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Brooder House (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a few days – the last being of Nov. 4. It is windy and cold today. The sun is shining but I haven’t been out. After the throat & sinus treatment of yesterday thought I had better stay out of the wind. My eyes are normal again after the refraction yesterday. I am to go Fri. (19th) for recheck and another nose & throat treatment.

The Zells went to Indpls. today. Clara M. is there today working and got lunch for the girls, but they are coming here to spend the night. C. Shirk is going to take care of the brooder house stove this eve.

[page 2] It won’t be long until they will have frys to sell. They want to have them all sold by Christmas so they can go home for the holidays. The brooder house is situated so I can see the chickens from the dining room windows – John says he doesn’t care so much for them because he can taste the cod liver oil. The mash they eat is highly treated with cod liver oil. However I notice he usually eats his share when we have “hot house” chicken. There was an announcement over the radio this a.m. that farmers can butcher and sell pork without a permit to get the present supply taken care of. There is at present more than the markets can handle so I am going to try & get a hog or half to put in the locker – Portteus promised me half of one they

[page 3] were to butcher but they haven’t mentioned it recently so may have disposed of it. As yet the locker that was to be built here hasn’t gotten thru Washington yet. I owe Brand’s our present rent but didn’t want to pay a whole year if Kent’s locker will be ready soon – but it won’t be soon if the plans have to wait in Washington for approval.

I am to go to Mark’s room tomorrow to help teach the children to knit. Mark wanted me to start him last night but my vision on close work was still too blurred. Buddy had a birthday yesterday & I forgot to get him a gift so must get a “doghouse” card and a gift for Mark to take to him this evening. Buddy asked Mark to dinner tonight. He wanted to have him last night but

[page 4] they were busy in the restaurant and didn’t get around to it. They are closed from 11 to 3 p.m. & then they are usually swamped. I suppose the people who used to eat lunch at noon just wait till evening and eat an early dinner.

The wind today is blowing any loose leaves around. They cling to places like our terrace in the back. I left leaves around the shrubbery and they seem to be staying put. David is in the nursery in the play pen. He jabbers so much and manages a few words. He can say kitty, wave & say bye-bye. Has said Dada & mom mom for a long time. Has another tooth almost thru. When left alone can be good for quite a while but if he sees me wants attention.

J. & M. both fine too.

Love Mother

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Eye Exam (Gladys)

1943-11-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Have been to Laf. today to see Dr. Ade. Had my eyes examined and he treated my nose & throat – I am still spitting. My sinus seems to be a vulnerable spot and the drainage keeps my throat irritated. My tonsils are not so good either. I am to go back Fri. for another treatment & have my eyes checked. My eyes are still blurred from the exam today. I should have written this before I went to Dr. A. It was very cold in Laf. today. My suit & top coat felt very warm & comfortable. I tried to keep out of the cold after my treatment. Alma went with me. Arlene had talked about going but then didn’t – It’s a good thing she didn’t go to see Dr. Cole – he is away at present. I think he has gone to see Don. I had intended to go see him – I had never talked to him since Mother died and wanted to get the autopsy report, but learned downtown that he was away so didn’t make the trip out to his office. Mrs. Zell stayed here with David while I went to Laf. this afternoon. The Zell girls are going to stay here tomorrow night while Zells are gone. I must quit writing – It’s too hard on my eyes.

Love Mother

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Cooking Utensils (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 4 came yesterday but none today. I had a little throat bug, so in order to nip it as soon as possible went down to Dr. M. He swabbed my throat & told me to take sulfadiazine. I am allergic to sulfa at times but decided I could itch a little in order to get my throat well. So far I have taken 5 tablets & no reaction. My throat is better today but still feels scratchy. I have been lying down this afternoon because of taking the sulfa. I feel pretty good but know one should go slow when taking any kind of sulfa. This morning John stirred up a choc. Cake, a batch of oatmeal cookies and I made two pumpkin pies. I sent

[page 2] one pie to Zells. I used their cookie sheet & baking pan. The cookie sheet I have makes things burn and there is such a scarcity of cooking utensils now doubt if I could find a new cookie sheet.

Mark has gone over to Zells now to help Mr. Z. load trash on his trailer. He is going to haul for both of us. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul clinkers and they have piled up now to the place we have to have them hauled. I haven’t started putting them in the furnace yet – there are so many by spring I hate to start that so soon.

Had a letter from your Mother. She had rec’d yours and told me your new address & was hoping you would see Herschel. I had written her two days ago telling her about receiving your message and she no doubt rec’d it about the time I rec’d hers. She said Carolyn had a bad throat & that Clarence was going

[page 3] to have her tonsils out in the spring. I knew when we were down there she needed something done – she has such a nasal tone.

John is listening to Notre Dame & North Western foot ball game. He understands it. He & Mark talk foot ball a lot. That being the big game here they are interested.

David is in his bed playing with his toy kitten. Trys to say kitty – does pretty good job too. The way he drools, he keeps his front wet if he doesn’t have a bib. Now he is throwing everything out of his bed. Betty Zell came over and he waved bye-bye to her. He does that sometimes. I got some Libby baby food – a combination of vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoe & green bean – believe me it doesn’t taste bad – any way he eats it. Mark took him out for a while after his dinner. It is nice & sunny, cut pretty crisp. Mark hung some things out on the line & they froze so it has to be below freezing for that.

[page 4] Mark has been planning our Thanksgiving dinner – (on your birthday). Wants us to bake a chicken and pumpkin pie. Other than that I don’t know what he has on his mind. So many people now say David looks like Mark. Mrs. Zell says he looks just like “David.” I think so too however at times I can see he looks like John, the Mark – but mostly like you.

John’s class made up a box of gifts to send to Ina May Walkup. She just returned from a hospital in Chicago where she had surgery done on her neck. Her head was drawn to one side.

I understand Bill Zimmerman had to take his physical Oct. 1 – he is still in the store – I don’t know whether he was rejected – but haven’t the “nerve” to ask them – I have an idea he was – don’t you? Bob Schurrter (ag teacher) was to have joined to Navy but he is still teaching.

I think David needs dry clothes both top & bottom so will take care of our young son.
Love Mother

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Starter Offer (Gladys)


Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 31 & Nov. 1 in one envelope rec’d today. In one of your previous letters you omitted the Navy 133 so you may not get a few of those letters. I had the letter I wrote yesterday ready to go out but didn’t get it mailed so will put it in with this and add 133 to the envelope.

Winter is upon us in full force today. It isn’t so cold as it looks and sounds but chilly enough for a “starter offer’ for winter. The temp. in Chicago this a.m. was around freezing. It has been spitting a little snow, we have had a little sunshine, and lots of high wind.

Art Kenney finally got out to see me. He is in the Marines

[page 2] now. Was transferred to a Malaria control unit & wears the forest green uniform that looks more like an officer – (He is Petty O. 1st Class now), than the white & blue middies. I think he likes the Marine uniform better than he did the other. He says they are getting ready to go out & is pretty certain it will be the S.W. Pacific. Wishes he had been sent on foreign duty right at first and have that much over with. Would like to see you out there if he gets out before you come back. However I think he would gladly forego such a pleasure to see you get home. He says the 18 mo. tour of duty for S.W. Pacific is correct. I hope I am not building upon that for a let down. He told me that a contingent of Marines that were first sent out are back in N.C. where he is stationed and that they were sent to New Zealand

[page 3] first before coming back here.

This is the first day this fall I have hung clothes in the basement but the weather is so uncertain outside (and too cold for me) that I did what I thought sensible. Last fall we hung things out until Thanksgiving day – which by the way is on your Birthday this year. You won’t get much from us this year for your birthday – we have all sent cards but you may not get them in time. I have a roll of film to finish taking – I thought I would take them for David’s 14th mo. then send you the pictures. Maybe you will get them for Christmas. Anyway you know we are all wishing you a happy birthday.

I am having a little difficulty with John about wearing something on his head. No one else at school wears anything and he doesn’t

[page 4] want to either. I told him if he gets a cold & passes it around he won’t be very popular around here. Last year their coach told them to wear long underwear & he thought that was good advice – I wish someone like that would suggest headwear now. He did consent to wear his fingertip coat this morning. I asked him at noon how cold it was and he said “cold,” like it really was but says it’s not cold enough to wear anything on his head.

I hear Jimmy Staton – He must have been turned loose – It rained most all day yesterday so he had to stay in. I think Bobby must be out too. Jimmy, Bobby & Martha Zell make a trio. The Zell girls all are tomboys & can make as much noise anytime as boys.

Your letter came 6₵ due this am.
Love Mother

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A Little Superior (Gladys)


Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 6 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but have had up to Oct. 31 this week so can’t complain.

This a.m. I rec’d $35⁰⁰ from Mrs. Reed – in full for that acc’t. I was a little surprised. She sent $10⁰⁰ some time ago, but I hadn’t tried to get the rest. I am a little short this month so was glad to get it now.

It was raining so hard this morning I took John to get his music lessons & went after him. It is cold, raining, a typical fall day. The boys were going to help the Zell girl rake their back yard and John wasn’t anticipating the job, so the rain was welcome by him. Our yard has been raked but still has leaves scattered on it.

Mark is working on the floors today. Someone’s heels make marks and the floors were looking dirty.

[page 2] I didn’t wax them the last time they were steel wooled but think I will this time. John is practicing on the piano. He doesn’t bring the oboe home – does that practicing at school. Since the band director resigned the students are doing their own directing so there won’t be much to the band this year I am afraid. Mark brought his horn home because the Jr. band won’t continue. I am thinking of all the new horns that were bought for that band that will sit idle now. I am glad now I didn’t invest in a new one for Mark. However if they get a director next year will give the idea consideration. David is taking a late nap. Wouldn’t go to sleep this a.m. when he usually does. He didn’t want to eat his dinner but I finally got enough down him to let him off. J. & M. think I should spank him when he rebels at meal time. I tell them he is different than they were. They have a saying, “If Daddy were

[page 3] here, you would get a spanking.” I don’t intend to spoil him but sometimes J. & M. think he should be spanked when I think not. However they are very fond of him and have lots of fun playing with him but don’t want him to be naughty.

–Mark was called to Zells to help Mr. Z. He is finishing the upstairs for a bedroom for their girls. Mark was delighted to get away from the job here. He was so slow I was ready to tear my hair. Isn’t it strange how good child will work for someone else? The work Mark had done was fine but he was so slow & had to stop so many times he wasn’t making much progress.

The family all noticed John’s voice changing. We were listening to a song on the radio last night that goes like this, “They are either too young or too old” – one line is about a young thing trying to serenade & his voice changing – John had a laugh over that. He says he

[page 4] doesn’t notice anything different about it, but we all do. Mark says John is going thru “that smart alec age” – He does get a little superior at times but not too much. I try to hold him down. Mark hasn’t changed so much – still as careless about everything as ever. He is a little better about his bike now but that is all. I scrubbed the furnace room the other evening. Both boys claimed they didn’t leave any dirt but there it was.

John was tuned in on Notre Dame & Army. We listened to the Army Coach & Grant Rice on the radio last nite so are anxious to know how it goes.

Love Mother

P.S. The game is over. Notre Dame 26-0. The announcer was telling what a beautiful fall day it is in N.Y. It is pouring here – as hard a rain as we have had in a long time.

Grantland Rice, c1966 (Image via the National Baseball Hall of Fame library)

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Raking Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 24 & 25 came today – a little old after having Oct. 30 but appreciated just the same. It has cleared off & the sun is shining very bright. About time to hang up clothes this a.m. it got cloudy but I hung out clothes just the same so feel now like it was the thing to do. I don’t want to hang things in the basement yet. David is awake now after a short nap so I think I’ll get him ready to go out for some of this fall sunshine. He hasn’t been out yet today and likes to go out so well. – Have been out & gathered in clothes. It is very nippy in spite of the sunshine which doesn’t seem to warm very much. I suppose this sounds funny to you.

[page 2] I didn’t get this finished when I started and since have been to cosmopolitan club to Bergens to get a flower for Mrs. Plummer (the cake I baked was somewhat a flop as far as size was concerned so we ate it and got her a potted plant). I went to Plummers then to town to mail some things – I ordered those cold tablets for Marie & they came today so forwarded them to her. You remember I got some for them last year. Dave said he didn’t want to take them but Marie, Isla & Mrs. Mace take them. – While in town I stopped in the Restaurant. Saw Phyllis eating and asked her where Art was keeping himself. She said in Goodland & Monticello. He told Dorothy he was coming to see me but I haven’t seen him yet. Elsaleah isn’t teaching there this year. I don’t know who Phyllis goes around with now that Art & Elsaleah are gone. I see her a lot in the late afternoons when I happen to be in town.

[page 3] I noticed the latest group to enter the Army from this county includes Lowell Ford. He was the only one I knew out of five.

I slipped upon the town election. Saw in the paper that it was all G.O.P. but the entire vote was only 39 so I wasn’t the only one who didn’t vote. Link Trustee from first ward, Reed for Ward two and Harry White for W. three. Bob H. re-elected as Clerk Treasurer. I think the new Hufty baby will arrive sometime in Jan. I don’t know the Wilsons date but Doris has to wear maternity dresses now. Mrs. Gilmore has been ill and Lucile is home from Fla. She said this is the first time in 3 yrs she has been where it is this cold. However she said it felt good. She gets very tired of the weather down there – said it gets monotonous, warm all the time. Now I can’t imagine getting tired of warm weather – I really mean that, and you would so welcome some good vigorous cold snappy weather.

[page 4] Our boys & Zell’s girls finished raking our leaves this evening & burned them. They are going to rake Zell’s back yard tomorrow & pile the leaves on the garden. There were too many leaves to not rake. It is good to leave some on but not as thick as they were. I left them around the shrubbery in front and back too. We didn’t rake too clean – left some for fertilizer. Not all the trees have lost their leaves so with the winds we have will still have some.

So far the Ind. coal has been burning very well. It makes more clinkers but not bad. I scrubbed the furnace room last nite. Was afraid to sweep because of my irritated throat & sinus. At any rate the room is clean and without raising a dust. Jim cleaned the soot out of the furnace when he was here. I suppose it will need to be cleaned quite often with this new coal. At that I had to pay $7⁰⁰ a ton, so it is not cheap.

Must get this ready to mail.
“Love Mother”

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