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Vesper Circle

1966-01-23-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

January 23, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This piece of stationary got misshapen by the printer, so I thought you wouldn’t mind if I used it. We received a letter from Bonnie’s mother last week. They plan to leave Malacca Aug. 1 and arrive back in Boston the end of August. Too bad we couldn’t take the same month and meet somewhere. Louise couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at David’s picture. She didn’t think it was David. I suppose the robe and that little added weight changed your looks. I am going to work in the office today to give Edna a hand. The insurance is piling up again and she was going to work yesterday, but I told her Saturday evening not to, that I would help her, so here I go. Last week was a hard one for me. On Monday evening I discovered I was to entertain the Vesper Circle on Wednesday evening I hadn’t been asked if I would and I didn’t see the announcement in the bulletin (however my name shouldn’t have been put in the bulletin until I had been asked if I was going to have it and where). I called my committee and got them busy calling the membership. On Wednesday AM the person who was to give the program called me and said she was ill. Then one of the hostesses called and said she couldn’t be here. Rosemary Murphy did call and tell me (she doesn’t belong, but must have heard I needed some help) she had something she could give for devotions. It turned out the devotions were long enough for a program, so that was that. I was too tired after all that. I didn’t do any more than I had to do Thurs., Fri., Sat. or Sun. I feel OK this morning, and working in the office won’t make me that tired. There is a new drug act which required us to record all the drugs (for a report if called on) containing ephedrine and or Phenobarbital. I have a system all worked out which I think won’t cause too much extra work. Dad attended a Medical Meeting with the Benton County doctors (he and Dr. Kresler went together) and some of the Doctors at the meeting said there were not going to comply. I am afraid if an inspector comes around, they may be at a disadvantage if they do not have their reports ready. I think we will play it safe and comply. I read your letter to Mrs. Myers = she gives me all your letters. Why don’t you go to the trouble to get some carbon paper and onion skin paper and send me duplicates of hers? Am looking for the Marriage of Figaro (over)

1966-01-23-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad has been listening to the stereo and seems to enjoy this one more than he did the hi-fi. Yesterday when I came home from church he was listening to The Nutcracker Suite. Last night together we listened to Maurice Revel’s L’Enfant et Les Sortileges. I rather like that. You should get that for yourself. The only think I don’t like about it, it doesn’t have the English translations, but I found I could follow the French—not that I knew what was being said—maybe once in a while—but to know where I was. It would help one to learn to pronounce French words to listen to that a few times. Dad is going to wire my radio that I have back here in the Family Room to the speakers in the living room. I decided when I listen to the opera on Sat. afternoon it would improve on the tone quality to have such a hook-up. I must get to work.

Love Mother

We are beginning to make plans to attend Tournament of Roses next year. Also planning to see Petra in Jordan in July.

1966-01-23-gry-p-3P.S. David: I just read your letter after arriving at the office. Talk to the Prof. as to when he is going to take the students to Holy Land, etc., and see if we could be included in their tour. We haven’t decided yet just where we will go, but I am pretty sure it will be July, because we have told Arvella she could have her vacation in July. I am not too sold on the package tours and was about to try to find some means of getting to Petra, other than by tour.

Will send you Figaro when new one arrives.

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Dinner and Bridge

1966-01-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing a check for $18.00 to pay for the $14.00 album you mentioned in your last letter, also $3 for the two books you suggested for Mrs. M. and I allowed $1 for postage. Now I will be looking forward to my new stereo recording of Magic Flute. Also the books for Mrs. M. I took her to the office last Tues. I think she is feeling as well as can be expected for one of her age, etc. I stopped to see her this afternoon and left two books I thought she would enjoy reading.

The second wood carving which Louise sent arrived today. It is very beautiful and much heavier than the other one. Dad said it must be made from mahogany. I wrote to Louise today and told her I would send her a few pictures of the wedding when Alma sends me some duplicates. You know, I forgot to take my Instamatic. Did you send her an account of the wedding and some pictures? How did yours turn out?

We entertained the McClures, Johnsons and Fords with a dinner and bridge last night. We played records all evening—the most light type music, but they all seemed to enjoy it. We play My Fair Lady, Sound of Music and several Strauss numbers. I had The Marriage of Figaro on when they came, but I rather think it didn’t catch on, and that is one of my favorites.

1966-01-14-gryWe are planning to go to Calif. for the Tournament of Roses Jan. 1, 1967. Of course, that means we will have to leave

[page 2] here before Christmas, or shortly after. We haven’t worked out that schedule yet. We are debating about where we will go in July. We may go to Jordan or we may take a tour which will include Japan, Hong Kong and a few other places in that part of the world.

Love Mother

Books for Mrs. M. –
Christian Beginnings
The Literature of the Christian Movement

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Christmas is Coming

1965-12-16-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Thurs. Dec. 16, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

The wrapping room (wherever you want it) will be open when you come home. I talked to Mark last night and he said he thought they might have Christmas for the children before they come down Christmas Eve and though you wouldn’t mind sleeping a little longer. However, I think he plans to be here by noon. He said the children were quite excited about Christmas. He was telling me that Kirk has a memory like an elephant. He had promised Kirk he could have some eggnog before going to bed, but for some reason he didn’t get it and went to bed in a sulk. At six o’clock the next morning Mark had to go the bathroom with him and although he was groggy with sleep he said, “You wouldn’t give me any eggnog last night,” or something to that effect. I said, “Why do you have to get up and go to the bathroom with him?” Mark said he thought at that hour he was so groggy he might fall in if he didn’t go with him and another reason, he is too short to reach the stool. I think you will agree he is pretty cute. (fond grandmother speaking)

My Christmas cards haven’t come, but I found some Christmas correspondence cards from last year, so have written to the McGraws (Louise bought another wood carving for me in Singapore and I wanted to send her some money). Also wrote to the Mercurios, the Easterlys, the Moores and a few others. Marie Mace has remarried and we received a card from her today—Mrs. Don. Shewmaker.

I don’t remember whether I wrote you about Aunt Clara, but she isn’t very good. I am afraid from the way she looked when we were down there and from what was going on—she is losing so much weight and can’t keep her food down—or couldn’t when we were there, that she isn’t going to get better.

I want to make it to the P.O. before it closes, so must get this ready to mail. We are going to Country Club tonight to a party for Hospital. Dad is making a Lazy Susan for Lea’s table. He just started on it today, but I think he will get it finished before they come home.

Will be looking for you some time Christmas Eve.

Love Mother

P.S. I can’t remember whether there was a letter enclosed with the Echlin information.

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Taxes for 1964

1965-01-05-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jan. 5 – 1965

Dear David & Bonnie –

I have been figuring taxes today. Sat. I went to Lafayette to have Mr. Huth figure the depreciation schedule and he also advised us to take you as a dependant and pay you the difference which will be small in comparison to what it would cost us not to use you. He also said many people handle the same situation that way. I think the best way is for you to each file separately and have Bonnie just take herself. Let us know how your figures come out. If I knew what each of you had earned I could figure it for you—I have the new schedule in front of me.

I found your ear muffs on the front seat of my car. The ones I gave you were from last year—and probably yours.

1965-01-05-gry-p-2We received a long letter from Mac & Louise Sat. They sent us some slides—of the graduation which Bonnie’s mother thought had been sent long ago. Also two of scenes in Malacca.

Time for me to go to the office.

Love Mother


You should be able to get a tax schedule from Post Office. I picked up our new one at P.O. here.

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Waxing Floors

1964-07-15-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

July 15 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

I presume you have been having a vacation as you mentioned in one of your letters, the reason we haven’t heard form you recently. We received a long letter from Bonnie’s mother one day last week. They evidently had a good time in Japan.

Today I am having the piano tuned. I was desperate and told Daddy I had to find a tuner. He said, “Why don’t you try the yellow pages,” and I did. Not only found a tuner but a means of getting rid of the extra piano in the church basement. This man is from Lafayette and rebuilds pianos besides tuning. I found 4 jobs for him today. Seems I wasn’t the only one looking for a tuner. I thought I had better get the piano in shape before John gets home. We received a cable from him Monday the 13th which had been sent from Malang the 8th. He was ill and couldn’t leave when he had planned. We hope by now he is in Hong Kong. His cable said he would leave Djakarta around the 14th.

You won’t believe what I am going to tell you, but I cleaned the built up wax of the kitchen, family room, hall & bath room floors all by myself. Seems John H. had other jobs he had contracted and I decided that wax – really it isn’t wax but more like varnish – had to come off. I was on my hands and knees part of the time – using wax remover which doesn’t remove but just loosens, then I brought the scrubbing machine from the office and with steel wool pads got the rest off. I started last Thurs. afternoon and yesterday – Tuesday – I almost finished – that is cleaning and waxing. I decided to use paste wax and buff. I just have where my desk, couch, and washing machine area to wax then it will be finished. I was so tired yesterday

1964-07-15-gry-p-2[page 2] afternoon I went to bed for two hours and hardly moved. I think every muscle in my body ached, but I had the satisfaction of knowing the floor in clean and shouldn’t need such a cleaning for at least six months. Liquid was is a bad word as far as I am concerned and mothering could induce me to use it again. When I was in the cleaning process that stuff would come off in sheets. I used a paint scraper in places.

I am going to Greencastle Sunday evening to attend School of Missions – that is if John’s homecoming doesn’t interfere. I hardly think he will get to Chicago before the 26th since his departure was delayed about a week. He was planning to spend some time in Hong Kong & Japan before coming back to the States.

Dad & I went to Mt. Ayr Monday evening to give a program for the Hospital Auxiliary and had a record crowd. Meeting was held in the Methodist church. Every seat was filled and folding chairs had to be set up. We showed our Hong Kong and Cambodia pictures. I just hope no one was disappointed. We received many compliments & comments after the meeting was over.

The Janssens are going to the Black Hills and into Colorado for their vacation. I got them some Triple A guide books and told them about our trip via the Million Dollar Highway – The Alps of America. Do you remember that drive? – it was the trip when we visited Colorado Springs and went to the top of Pike’s Peak. They plan to visit Mesa Verda National Park – one of the places we saw as we were on our way to see John.

Don’t forget to write.

Love Mother

Thanks for the pictures.


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Beautiful Eyes

1964-07-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Tues. evening. We had a hard rain today so the lawn will be in shape for mowing in a day or so. Dad finished the fence so the little dogs next door can’t come over so easily. If they do they will get a bebe or two. When Mark was here for the 4th he said Dad was pulling “an Uncle Mutch.” At least we haven’t been bothered since he gave three of four of them a pelting last Friday evening.

While Mark & Shirley were here Shirley and I took the children to see Mrs. Myers. Mrs. M. said Kirk has beautiful eyes – in fact she said he is a beautiful child. Of course, his grandmother agreed. You remember the little dog in a basket the girls gave Dad for Christmas? The children discovered it on this visit and Shirley wouldn’t let them have it, but would wind it up and let them watch it. Kirk would get so excited he would act like he would explode. We found it a nice interlude to amuse them. Kirk doesn’t say much but he certainly can communicate without words. Becky seems to have much more fun with him. They play together very well now – and get into trouble together. If M. & S. take a vacation – they weren’t sure because of some unforeseen financial stress – had to buy a new refrigerator – they are going to leave Kirk here. I think we will be able to get along with him if he stays with us.

If John’s plans go according to schedule he should be on his way to Hong Kong

1964-07-07-gry-p-2[page 2] at this time since it is Thursday there, and that is departure day.

We are going to the Hospital Administrator’s home this evening to show them some pictures. Mrs. Wahler seems quite interested. We have selected 480 pictures from the whole trip so we are giving a selected round the world program. We watched an 80 hr. trip which Chicago Tribune sponsored. We saw it Sunday evening. A travel agent Harvey Olson (the one L. Kresler works for) and a photographer and another man made the trip. We saw some familiar sights.

Dad had to leave home at 5 a.m. for a baby case. He also has some surgery scheduled so I have no idea when he will be home. Probably not for lunch.

I am trying to get ready to attend School of Mission in Greencastle and hope I won’t have an infection this year. I am not sure about John’s homecoming date. I want to meet him at airport and can’t very well be in Greencastle and O’Hare at the same time. He may not get home before July 24 and I will be home by then.

We haven’t heard from the McGraws. Have you? We wondered about them and the earthquake in Japan.

Love Mother


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Speaking Program

1964-06-25-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

June 25, 1964

Dear David & Bonnie:

Dad brought the enclosed home (more free samples) so I thought I would get them in the mail – not that Bonnie needs them this soon, but so I won’t forget to send them. I think you can use them in the same dispenser – these tablets are made by a different company, but Dad says they are the same with a different name.

Dad had to go on an emergency call Sunday evening just before time for guests to arrive, but he was home before we had finished eating dinner. Alma came for a little while on her way back to Urbana. She left the pictures she took at the shower and wedding and I sent them in to have duplicates made and got prints instead. Will just have to send them back for more duplicates. The pictures she took of you and Bonnie coming out of the Church is better than the one my camera took. I am having an enlargement made of it and will send you one when it finally comes back from the photo shop.

Mark called Sunday evening and said Kirk was running a temperature and they couldn’t get a Dr. so Dad gave a druggist a Rx over the phone. I called Shirley Monday evening and Kirk had improved. She said she gave him some jello and milk and he tossed it then a little later he found a cucumber and ate it and kept it down, so I decided he must be much better.

All of your stock certificates have come back but Sperry. I sent your Blue Cross policy last week.

Last night I went to Morocco and gave a program for WSCS – my subject, Hong Kong. I wore my silk dress I had made in HK and heard a lot of ohs and ahs. The group all seemed to enjoy the program and looking at my art objects. I also took the extra saree along. I think I could have taken orders if I would have wanted to go into business.

1964-06-25-gry-p-2This is one of those Thursdays when the telephone isn’t bothering too much. Dad has finished mowing the lawn and looking for something else to do, or maybe nothing to do.

Father Fallon was found dead in his house by another priest this morning. He (Father F) was just in our office Tuesday evening for a Rx.

Alma is supposed to stop this evening. She said she was having a long weekend, since she doesn’t have classes tomorrow.

Have you heard from Bonnie’s parents? We were just wondering if they got out of Japan before the earthquake. Let us know what you hear from them.

Love Mother

P.S. Sending pills later.

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Normal Routine

1964-06-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

June 9, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

I wouldn’t be writing you first, but for two things. Mrs. Myers called me Saturday afternoon late and wanted to know where you were, or something to that effect and I soon discovered you had forgotten to stop and tell her goodby. I think she was rather disappointed, but said she was glad you hadn’t, because she thought it was better not to say goodby. At any rate, I told her we had attended a wedding at 12:30 and that I was getting ready to go to the reception and that you were getting ready to go to Bloomington, and I presumed you had forgotten to stop. I think you had better write her a letter. I haven’t had time to stop and see her myself since I had an appointment to get a permanent this afternoon and had several things to do this morning. The second thing is about a package which came today from Dr. Cole. It had a letter attached, so I just forwarded it on to your Boston address and hope it doesn’t arrive before you do, but since it is a package it shouldn’t get there before the 11th.

We took the folks to the airport and it was almost 4 o’clock by the time we left them, so they shouldn’t have had too long to wait. Dad told Bonnie’s Dad that they would probably be in Chicago before we got to Kentland. We arrived home at just about 6 o’clock.

Dad ran the mower a while this evening after dinner, then had to go to the hospital because of an accident. One of those families we had used the – “you pay us, or you don’t get any more allergy shots in this office” – and they had made one $10.00 payment on the accumulated account. Dad made the comment when he was called, “can’t pay their bill, but the kid has a motor scooter.” That was how the accident occurred – the youngster was out for a ride.

1964-06-09-gry-p-2Now that the wedding and commencement is over, we are getting back into the normal routine around here. With John coming home next month, I have a few things to do to that room to get ready for him, so although the excitement of the past month is over, I have plenty to keep me busy. (over)

[page 2] I kept putting boxes back into the furnace room for you to use for your packing, now I have to start burning. I also have quite an accumulation of pretty wrapping paper and bows and ribbons, but have decided to keep that for a while.

Let us know all about your new place of abode and how you are getting along.

Love Mother & Dad

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Sorting Pictures

1964-04-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 10 – 1964

Dear David –

We talked to Ins. office again and we think the only thing to do is to transfer the car to you so plan to come home next Fri. or Sat. and we will go to Morocco Sat. a.m. and make the transfer. We are not dealing with license Bureau in Kentland. We are planning to go to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon to attend a Blue Cross meeting. I didn’t think about that when you were here last week. It will just mean you will not stay here for entire weekend but at least you can get the car. It is a good think you didn’t take it last time you were here. When I took it in to have the headlight replaced I learned it needed a new part – something to do with lights – and part had to be ordered. It should be repaired by next Sat.

Dad is attending meeting at hospital this evening. I am still sorting pictures but about through. Two more boxes came today. One we took in Paris and one on Islands of Delos & Mykonos. I have

1964-04-10-gry-p-2[page 2] been asked to give several programs. Rotary May 11 (Dad decided to let me give that one), one for S.S. class in June, another S.S. class in Apr. and Florence Puetz asked me today to come to their home and show some pictures for her family and friends. Jeannette Batton warned me.

I hope the R.S.V.P. on invitations was OK with Bonnie. To be certain it was correct thing to do I consulted a Bridal Consultant. When will her mother arrive in Boston?

Love Mother

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Taj Mahal

1964-02-29-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jaipur, India
Feb. 29 – 1964

Dear David: Your letter was here when we arrived at about 12:30 or a little later. This hotel used to be palace of a Maharajah. I haven’t heard the history of place, but it is fabulous. I have just washed and pin curled my hair and I am sitting in a breezeway however I don’t know what the proper name is for it. There is a courtyard to my left and our room opens from court yard. We came here by car – a tortuous journey lasting 5 hrs. In Agra yesterday when we started our tour to see Taj Mahal and after points of interest our guide wanted to know if we could understand him. In our conversation we discovered he belongs to Methodist Church. There is a Methodist school is Agra and although that wasn’t on our tour he took us to the school – it is Holman Institute. I had prayer calendar in my purse so knew there was an institution in Agra. I looked up the name – he had said Miss Schaffer was head of school. When we stopped – we were in a pretty good tour car – when you consider standard car here – and caused quite a flurry in the courtyard. There was an old man who evidently works for the school and he went in and told Miss Schaffer the Bishop had come. When Miss S. came to the door we told her who we are and then she explained what had happened. Dad assured her he wasn’t the Bishop. We didn’t stay very long but she seemed very pleased to have us stop. I asked her if she had may Methodists stop. She said she has a lot of tourists stop but not so many Methodists. There are 800 students enrolled in Holman. There is also a Baptist Church & school – an Episcopal – a Catholic & Seven Day Advent, so the missionaries have been here a long time and judging from observation there is much yet to be done. It is very dry here and much like Arizona. There is much marble in this palace, but it is gritty. The grounds here are kept watered so are very beautiful with green lawns and flower beds. We will be here yet tomorrow and then go back to N. Delhi Monday. Last night we went back to look at the Taj in the moonlight. It is lovely in either day light or moonlight. When we first looked up at the stars directly over the Taj saw one moving so we watched and it was a satellite – either U.S. or R. While we were looking at the Taj in the moonlight we saw a couple with two children who had come on same plane. The man was taking a time exposure. We were talking to them – something we have found is usually easy to do with other Americans. They are living in Pakistan and were on a little holiday and were going back to Delhi last night. The man is working on a huge dam project and they told us about their American city – walled that is – in Pakistan. It is completely modern with supermarket and frozen foods – something unheard of for people who live in this part of the world. Bonnie will know what I am writing about because her mother’s cook goes to market every day. The missionaries told us their cooks go to market twice a day. They think freezing good spoils the taste. It was hard for us to tell people how I buy groceries, that is make them understand it could be done by the week or two weeks. Incidentally I had read about that dam project in Pakistan in the book I read recently about the World Bank. I was very happy to learn about your good grades and hope you will make honor roll. I think that will be a good way for you to graduate. Mrs. McGraw said Bonnie had written that you tow were not going to graduation since she will be travelling half way around the world to see Bonnie graduate and since you are our last one too, I think it would be cheating us for you not to attend. Think it over. I hear a plane going over. There is an airport here and had I known what a drive we were in for, we would have come by plane.

1964-02-29-gry-p-2[page 2] The roads are very narrow and not too smooth and there is everything besides cars on the road. We saw a truck that had lost a wheel and had turned over this morning. Our driver is a Sikh – pronounced Seek. He wears a turban and has long hair – however his hair is braided and wound around his head under the turban. He also has a beard all over his face except above and below his eyes. He is a very good driver and is very well informed. He has been working for tourist bureau since 1956. He speaks very good English. He calls me Madam and Dad Sir. He wants to take us for a drive around the city at 4:30. We are to have our tour tomorrow. I am still looking for a letter from you about why you aren’t driving the Chevrolet. Mark just wrote and said the Ins. Co. had run an investigation on us and that you weren’t driving the car. Mark has had trouble with the Cadillac. I wrote to him to take it to Tub in Kentland. I had a letter from Mary K. Anslett and she said she thought sure she had seen Chuck Tuberty driving our Cadillac down the street. We checked with Mark’s letter and when she wrote would be the date the Cadillac would be in Kentland for repairs. I hope Tub was able to get it in order. I wrote Mark we didn’t intend to leave a dud for them. We receive letters at every stop. We have written to the hospital all along and groups and individuals keep writing to us and tell us how much they enjoy getting our cards and letters. The Ansletts have adopted a little girl and her letter had the announcement. We knew they were trying to adopt a child but didn’t think it would take so long. M.K. said Marge Janssen is working temporarily at Sears since the girl to replace M.K. wasn’t satisfactory.

Love Mother.

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