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Where’s Daddy? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters since Wed. If I thought it meant one thing I wouldn’t care but am almost afraid to build upon that idea. I will hope just as I have been all along.

It is windy today but not very cold. However it may get cold. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of the year. Some days the grey overhanging sky seems very bleak and I long for sunny days and to putter around in the yard.

David just awakened from his nap and Mark took him to the bathroom. He doesn’t show much tendency toward helping us train him. If we take him to the bathroom at the right time we save a diaper, otherwise it has to be washed. Mark & I were in the nursery with him and Mark said, “Where’s Daddy?” David was on the couch and got down as quickly as possible and went to the living room I such a hurry we followed to see where he was going.

[page 2] He went to the table and tried to get your picture. I gave it to him and he pointed to it and said “Da.” His picture & yours sit side by side but he seems to know which one to get when we say, “Where’s Daddy?” He understands so many things we say, we have to go around spelling things that concern him. I suppose he will soon catch on to the spelling.

John is listening to the opera and doesn’t want to be bothered. Mark and I are keeping David in the nursery, because you can’t concentrate on much when he is bothering around. Mark is entertaining him while I write. Now it isn’t as bad as it sounds, but he is a live wire.

Mark was so afraid he had been exposed to Rabies he was ill. Fri. morning he said he didn’t feel like going to school so I let him remain home. I tried to tell him he couldn’t get rabies from just touching Sammon’s dog, but he was too scared to

[page 3] be convinced. Buddy & Betty are having to take shots because their dog died from Rabies. Fortunately Mark hadn’t been around Krull’s dog recently. Tommy Britton seems to [be] very glib in telling stories. He was telling that Buddy had rabies. Dorothy was so angry with Tommy she said he was a little so and so and she would like to slap his face, etc., etc., etc.

– My nurse maid ran out on me and D. is up on the couch climbing around me and how long I can write before I stop and put him down is a question.

I saw Nick’s car pull in down at his Mother’s. I suppose he was bringing her back from her mother’s funeral which was held this morning in Rensselaer. Mrs. Ramp was visiting here with Mrs. K. when she died Thurs.

Dorothy Cobb Stevens’ husband is in the Navy and at present is in Base Hosp. #5. She doesn’t know where he is except in the S.W. Pacific. He had an operation recently for hernia.

The sun is shining faintly so think I’ll put D. out in his buddy and let M. watch him. Mark is out skating with Virginia.

[page 4] We baked a cake and cookies this A.M. – John mixed the cake before he went to take his music lesson. It is chocolate. That isn’t good for John’s pimples – he still has a few but we go lightly on the choc. most of the time. The Gym Class took some new exercises this week and John was sore for a day or two. They took a hike around Kent Pond. I told him it was a good thing for the class to do something like that, otherwise he wouldn’t and I think he needs more exercise than he takes.

Zells are still working on the upstairs. They are going to put a dormer in the front where that little decoration on the roof is. They will have quite a nice room when they get it finished. Mr. Z. had to take a physical but doesn’t know whether he will have to go because Purdue says the Co. Agents are to be deferred for occupation. However it is known that he has taken the exam and the stories are circulating. One story Dorothy told Lucile for positive was he had enlisted in the Navy. Lucile said she didn’t think he had but D. said it was so. Well the truth is he hasn’t enlisted and didn’t have any intention of doing so. When

[page 5] he talked about enlisting he was told he should remain on his job as it is considered very essential. He isn’t taking all the “gossip” very well. He says he wishes he had gone to Brookville and gone with that group and no one here would have known anything about it. He is registered at Brookville.

I haven’t seen Art Kenny. He has been home several days. His mother is very ill and he probably is spending most of his time with her, because he is on his way “out.” He says he will be in the South Pacific.

I haven’t heard from Jim but once since Christmas. I wrote him not long ago and told him to let me know if he is sent out. In that event Thelma would return home and I am sure would let me know.

I must get this finished so it can be mailed.
“Love Mother”

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Dear Dr. Yegerlehner

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Dr. Yegerlehner,

We planned to send you a Christmas greeting, but lots happened around here about then and mothering but mere essentials got our attention. Although we have not met, it seems I know you fairly well by knowing the rest of your family.

Mark and I do some swapping of work. Not long ago we cleared off and burned the gardens one evening after school. Another evening he burned brush and helped me saw up a maple top on Rinehearts lot to the North of our lot.

Ed Johnson and I had fun fixing up the electric train. Ed did some soldering and I got a new screw for the engine. Last Sunday all of us had dinner with your family. While the women decided some big problems, Mark and I put the train in operation here. He said he had some trouble this week but changed transformers and all is OK.

We want to tell you how much Virginia appreciated your letter last fall. She has faithfully kept it. It seemed to ease her. All of us regretted the whole incident so much.

You probably know Al Cast is going into Prairie Realty at the end of this school year.

[page 2] “Socky” is reported to be due for service soon, so I suppose Al will take over. Al and I were closely associated last summer on Farm Labor work. He is tactful and can put a lot of “fire” in the job when he wants to, so I think he’ll make good. The back porch “chorus” will be short at least one voice when Wilson leaves.

Sometimes I’m doubtful about being in the good grace of your family, especially you, after hearing reactions to other specimens known as county agents. I do work though and even get dirty at times. We are trying to do a lot of 4H club work including livestock and cropwork. Much of our time in the past 2 years (even before I came here) has been spent in helping farmer with labor and production efforts. The favorable weather, and the fact that farmers know no hours have done the job. Better seeds and methods have helped some I hope.

Speaking of active service, I passed my final physical last Tuesday. When I am called will depend upon how my Employer’s policy works out with Selective Service. Purdue (my Employer) has been requesting that experienced men stay on, but I know nothing except Army-Navy Doctors say I’m healthy.

Our office often helps organize “Drives.” Attended Red Cross planning session today. County Quota is $11,500, 150% of last March. Ira Dixon handles publicity. I know he would appreciate any story of Red Cross activity you have thought outstanding.

All of us join the members of your family wishing you a speedy return to the States.

Russell Zell

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Sniffling Sunday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Sun. P.M. Have been indoors all day – David didn’t have any temp. today and felt pretty good. Still coughs some but no sign of breaking out with measles. Must have been irritation from his diaper. It was so nice out today I wanted to go out with him. I stood him in the doorway and took some pictures, this being his 16th month – Lucile came out with Jimmy, but didn’t bring him in – just stopped to see about D. She was taking J.E. for his airing. He is fully recovered from his attack of flu. David

[page 2] must have had bronchitis (sp?). That’s what Dr. M. said. John was sniffling this a.m. so he didn’t go out either. I gave him rhinitis all day & he went to bed early. Mark spent the afternoon with Buddy and they came out this evening. Buddy just went home. Dorothy was out early this afternoon to see David. She said Link told Nick the last Dr. in Chi. She consulted told them her ailment was all in her mind. Said she probably had someone in their family somewhere she takes after. Link said she has one such aunt. Mrs. James said one time Irene is like her aunt.

[page 3] I have knitted today and now have a headache from too much. Also my glasses need to be straightened. I want to go to Laf. Tues. with Zells and go have my glasses fixed. David broke one lense – I mended it with airplane glue but it is not straight.

Zells are getting more chickens. They sold off the last batch, cleaned out the brooder house and now ready for more.

Virginia spent the afternoon here helping me entertain David. I think he was tired watching J. & M. build block towers – He seemed to enjoy

[page 4] Virginia’s for a change.

Mark is begging to sleep with me tonight. He got that habit way back when, I really can’t put my finger on the exact date but sometime last summer. I think it all started when he had his tonsils out. Last night I put D. in our bed because he was so restless and coughed a lot, I knew I would have to be up all night trying to keep him covered, so to save the getting up & down, didn’t put him in his own bed. I didn’t sleep much so am going to turn in now & try to catch up.

Love Mother

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I Know I’m Nuts (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Jan. 21, 1944

Dear Mother,

The weather again comes in for the well known beating. It is or rather has been raining most of the time since I wrote yesterday, and it has been rather cold not to – if you don’t have to be out too much but I haven’t been out much just between ward & mess hall and back and forth, etc. I rather enjoy the rain – gives one a real reason to gripe and we always feel better when in that mood. Just by way of example – You remember Mead Johnson sent the vitamins. Well I didn’t take them because I was afraid I’d feel too good and

[page 2] therefore would have nothing to complain about and then I’d feel worse. Figure all that out and you probably will have something to complain about or possibly you have something to complain about because I’d write such stuff – Don’t worry that I might be ready for the bughouse because for lack of better subject matter I’m making poor conversation but I need not write you how poor it is because you have probably guessed it by now.

It sure is funny what one will think while just sitting trying to think of subject matter – Just now a little bird flew by and I wondered if birds ever have diarrhea or sore throats

[page 3] and what they do about if it if so. That last was off the record also. Up to the time that bird flew past I thought I was thru with the nonsense.

This is before mail time and I still have hopes. That picture of D. hasn’t come and I’m real anxious about it for you wrote so highly of it.

Later. The mail came and your v-mail of Dec. 21 and a v-mail from Brewer’s of Jan. 1. Again you wrote of D.’s pictures and I’m gradually getting all the dope on Virginia Zell. I think I now have the whole story – of course that is no fault of yours – It just the way the mail happens to come.

I think I forgot to tell you – yesterday a Christmas greeting came from Sinda Steiner – That

[page 4] was really a surprise. It was postmarked Berne, Ind. and I can’t make out the connection. The folks have said nothing about her being away from home.

I know I’m nuts but it is now 1225 and I’m still not sleepy and it goes that way every night. Seems as if the show, and Acey Ducey game, a bull session and always late to bed – Tonight it was Lentz, last night someone else, but what the ____ What else is there to do? So why not, we used to have fun with the nips and now with friends so what!



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Spreading the News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 16-1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 3 & 4 came yesterday. I told Mark he could tell people you are in N.Z. He was more than delighted and said right away he would tell his teacher.

I took a walk to get David out of doors and stopped at the Shandy’s to leave a snow suit she had loaned me. It was too small for David so thought I would take it back to her. Cliff is gone and she had word he had arrived – I think Miami. She showed me thru the house. They have the downstairs pretty well furnished but nothing much up but beds. She is going to stay there with the baby. He is past 2 now and quite a good size boy. She spends a lot of time with him and is training him not to touch their new furniture. They have a coffee table in front of the fireplace with a white wooly rug under it and she says he doesn’t step on the rug. I told her she may be able to train him not to touch their davenport and chairs, but I would hate to try and keep J. & M. off of ours. Of course we had furniture the boys could be raised on. I have got David so he will leave the coffee table alone. He keeps taking the tidies off the chair arms. We make him put them back on but he will repeat the same offense. He is getting better all the time about leaving things alone when we tell him to. He used to get into the lower parts of the corner cupboards but he would be scolded every time

[page 2] he got near them, so suppose he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. He walks very carefully and his left shoe isn’t worn like the right. He seems to favor that foot, but I think when he gets so he can run he will overcome that. His leg never seems to bother him. It really shouldn’t because the bone was only cracked and that not over 1/3 or ½ across. David has gone to bed. J. & M. are at Youth Fellowship. John is leader tonight. He was elected pianist for the Jr. Dept. and assistant for the adult Dept. Harold Reiger is John’s assistant, so if he has to play for the adults, Harold will play for Jr. He plays for youth fellowship too. John has changed more I think since you left than Mark. He seems so much more grown-up – He is almost as tall as I am. There is fuzz on his upper lip – He doesn’t like it – Says he will look like the Remsburg boy who used to live here. His voice is still changing and he gets so mad sometimes when his voice goes up high. Says that doesn’t happen to him at home but if he is somewhere else. However we notice it once in a while. He has almost outgrown the suit I bought for him in Mar. I can still let the pants out but the coat sleeves are beginning to look short. Mark is much the same. Like to get out and play football. He spent the afternoon at the pond skating. I walked over to see about the ice and it is still solid. Mr. Z. was there with their 3 girls, Bobby & Jimmy, pulling them around on sleds. Bob Schurtter was there too. He told me he didn’t get a commission in the Navy due to no vacancies

[page 3] in his line. He is classed as 2-A until July 44, so he will get to finish his year teaching. I suppose Dot will have to work if he has to go in the Army as a private. She had a chance to take the office job with the County Agent (Mr. Z.) but Steve is still so small she could hardly take the job now. Mr. Z. had her do some extra work for him and he said she was the best help he had had in a long time. He had quite a time keeping help for a while, but Evelyn Kudig is working for him now. Office girls seem to be as hard to find or keep as any kind of help. The factory still can get the help because of the good pay. The subject of the factory makes me think of Irene. I suppose she is still in Chi. Trying to find out what the trouble is. Last week her mother said they had not found anything. I still think it’s a lot psycologic, and I am sure you will agree with me. Last year when she went to Mayo Clinic they told her to quit work. After that they had their house for sale and Dr. M. had it bought, that is he was all ready to buy and had a buyer for his place when Statons decided not to sell.

The Funks had their new baby christened today. She will be 3 wks. old Tues. I saw Rosemary when I was coming home with David from Shandy’s and she said she had been one of the sponsors. One of the other Funk men had been the other. Carl was sponsor for either Bobby or Donnie so he couldn’t e with Rosemary for Joy Selene. Carl and Rosemary had been out walking with Tommy. He is eight months old and looks almost as large as David. He isn’t as tall of course but is on the heavy order.

[page 4] I noticed the Foulkes’ car in their driveway. They have been on a business trip east. Their house has been in the redecorating process while they have been away and I noticed they still haven’t their drapes up yet. I cleaned a little but didn’t try to take drapes out. This year’s coal is so dirty. It isn’t treated and certainly makes a difference in the dirt we get in the house. I wish and have wished so many times now we had put oil in, but that is a waste of time, so won’t harp on it any more. Harping doesn’t help things.

I rec’d a long letter from Marie so I must give her an answer – ant to do that yet this evening. She has been busy helping with Isla. I hadn’t heard from Marie for such a long time I was sure there was something wrong. I was glad Isla hasn’t T.B. – tho thyroid trouble isn’t anything to be treated lightly.

Had a letter from Jewell and she sent me a picture of Dot’s baby – Dot’s husband was rejected, so a present he is still home I told you all this before but this is a repeat in case my other letter didn’t get to you.

David broke my glasses and I keep mending them with airplane glue but I am afraid I will have to get new lenses – or one new lense. I keep feeling eye strain – just got new lenses last fall but I thought if I didn’t have the lenses straight it could cause the headaches.

I am about run down so will call this a letter & sign off.
Love Mother

P.S. Saw the enclosed clippings in the paper & thought you would be interested.

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This Being Saturday (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Jan. 8, 1944

Dear Mother,

This being Sat. I’ll start and wind up tomorrow because no mail goes out on Sun. as I’ve told you before so I just put them both in the same envelope. Maybe that is just being lazy or scotch or what have you?

Your letters of 14, 15 & 16 came and some Christmas greetings. One from Ralph & Faye, one from Schlegels, one from John & Inez and one from Helen Coan or whatever her name is now.

Faye wrote a note along with their greeting – Seems as

[page 2] if Faye & Ruth have to do most of the writing in their families.

I still haven’t lived up to that New Year’s resolution of writing everyone those letters but will start one of these days.

I’ll be glad when those pictures of D. arrive. It seems so many times when you are going to send pictures you write about them and the letter with the pictures are is delayed.

You also “sorta” left me in the air about the $49.00 you wrote that Brands had you charged. You didn’t say whether you got out of the thing gracefully. I believe

[page 3] you did say they couldn’t find where it came from. Anyway I guess you got thinks all squared away, I hope.

Sun. Dec. 10 [sic], 1944

Your v-mail of Dec. 29 came today. I believe it must have arrived yesterday but just wasn’t delivered because that is the first time I’ve known mail to come on Sun.

I just came back from the movie – I stayed only long enough to see the News. The news are always old but they save 3-4 for Sun. Eve and it makes about a ½ hour program. I have

[page 4] seen the main feature and it wasn’t so good the first time so I didn’t care to sit thru it again.

Sorry D. has a cold and I hope he is over it by now and also hope that you don’t catch it from him!

I don’t know as yet where you went Christmas. In this letter you wrote that D. caught the cold either from Mark or Earl so I presumed you were either at Wilmington or they were over there.

So Funks finally got a girl. I’ll bet they are both

[page 5] well pleased and I suppose Bobby will really have something to talk about now.

In these last letters I finally got the story of Virginia Zell. In the letters before you had said she was in bed due to an injury. I guess that was in yesterday’s letter but I just happened to think. I’m not being critical of your letter writing but just telling you how they come and how I’m left in the dark on some things for days until the missing letters finally arrive.

Well, I guess I’d better wind this up with
Love Daddy


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First Sunday (Gladys)

1944-01-02 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – The first Sunday of the new year. Weather clear but temp. around 45°. I took David out for a few minutes – He hasn’t had any temperature for three days, but has a little cough, sounds like it is right in his throat. He has lots of pep and loves to go bye bye – He hadn’t been out all week so thought some fresh air would be in order. Mark had gone to the pond to skate so I walked over to see how he was getting along. He had been out about 2 hrs. so had him come home. He had a cold the first of the week, so thought he shouldn’t stay out so long. John as usual stayed in and listened to the Sunday musicals. Mr. Zell brought home most of a freshly butchered hog and Mrs. Zell had to can home of it – I helped her a while – She has her hands full. Betty came home from her grandma’s with flu and with Virginia still in bed, and fresh pork to be canned, Mr. said if it were sub zero weather they wouldn’t have to hurry with it. They gave us a nice big roast out of a ham. They are going to put some meat in our locker. The new locker here is going to be put in right away. John heard it is to go where the Ford garage has been. I suppose center doesn’t have enough business to stay. Marg Kruman is getting ready to go to Fla. Also Mrs. Plummer says they are trying to go in Feb. this year.

“Love Mother”

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New Year’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 1 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

This is my first letter this year. Thought I would write your Mother & Dad, but yours first.

Mark is getting ready to go skating with David Diedam. I just stopped to help him pull on 3 pr. of woolen stockings, and see that he had his coat buttoned and cap down over his ears. We haven’t had so much sub zero weather but it has stayed cold enough to keep the pond frozen.

John was listening to the Opera but got a headache and turned it off. We ate dinner

[page 2] with Mrs. Zell & Virginia (Mr. & two younger girls having gone to Grandpa Zell’s for New Year’s day). I didn’t want to take David over to Zells because the Dr. said it is important that she doesn’t get a cold and David still has some. I stayed here with D. while J. & M. went over to eat, then John came home to listen to the opera while I went over. Mark stayed a while then he came home. I stayed to help with dishes, then John came over and said he had a headache, so I gave him one of Zell’s aspirins. I came home so Mark could go skating and John stayed to play checkers with Virginia. Buddy Krull just stopped to see Mark and I told him Mark is at the Pond. He took his sled and went over. Buddy hasn’t learned to ride his bike and when he is here

[page 3] and Mark has to go to town, Mark rides and Buddy trots along beside him. I told Buddy he should learn to ride so they could ride together. Buddy got a chemistry set for Christmas and now Mark says he wants one for his birthday, John said “No, we don’t want the house blown up.” Mark decided the best birthday present he could have would be for his Daddy to come home. John said it would be better if you came home before Mark’s birthday. I agree. I can’t think of anything better. – – David is loose and it keeps me busy jumping up and getting him out of things, so I decided to put him in his bed until I finish this. He started to climb the stairs yesterday. We watched him and he went right up like an old hand at the business. That is the first time he had tried. I think one reason he hasn’t been attracted to the stairway is

[page 4] he likes to watch himself in the mirror door and play with the mail box. Now I suppose I will have to get one of those folding gates to put across the bottom to keep him from climbing up any time. He has always had a tendency to play in the front hall when I have to be busy elsewhere.

Alma Walker’s brother who has been in the Navy, has a medical discharge and is home. His wife has a baby and there has been trouble there – You remember them – you drew the blood for their marriage. Seems she wanted to run around after she got over having the baby and kept the family on needles & pins. Dale has the same trouble Mabel has and when that was found out he was honorably discharged. The young wife hasn’t taken very good care of the baby and Alma says he was broken out from lack of care and formula that didn’t agree with him. Now that Dale is home maybe he can keep her in line.

David is raising a fuss so I think I had better get him his orange juice & cod liver oil.

Another Happy New Year & Love – Mother

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That Old Biological Urge (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 14-15-16 & 17 came this morning. I was feeding David and when he quit eating I read your letters before I had my breakfast. The ck. was along in the letter of the 16th. I will get it banked today and work on the statement I want you to have. I am so tired today, should be able to get some written work done because I haven’t pep enough to do much else. I did too much hurrying around for Christmas, but I think a day or two of relaxing will fix me up. I am supposed to go to Laf. Wed. to get my lenses or rather left lense replaced so will take Mark to have the X-ray you suggested. Mark is a little run down now too. Had a little cold Christmas day but I think with a few days rest will be ready for school Monday. He is just like he was when you were home – runs himself ragged if I don’t hold him down. He was so good after he got over his tonsil operation. All signs of nervousness had gone, but after he was in school a while he began jerking his head again and going other little things nervously. I know from past experiences, rest is the best thing for him. I think he skipped his cod liver oil before Christmas several times and I think that is one reason he has a cold.

The new Digest came this morning and John is reading it while I write this, then he is going to the P.O. and bank. There is a package at the

[page 2] P.O. It could be from your mother or Glenn. Your mother didn’t get his gifts sent to Ruth’s or to us. She had the flu pretty hard. I hated that because she had been feeling so extra good.

David is in his bed playing with some of his new toys. – I just looked in and he has thrown toys on the floor and is playing with the box they were in. He woke me up about 6 this morning and I had to change his pants – he went back to sleep and I did too. It was past 8 when he got me awake again. I got up and brought him down for his breakfast. The shoes you mentioned have been returned. We will talk about someone else to wear them when you come home – but you know me – that old biological urge has always been strong. I have had a lot of time to think about “things” since David came. So many people have voiced the opinion that baby raising is harder on older mothers, but I don’t agree with that theory now, that after a ten year pause, I have had 15 months of baby care. I find I have more patience with D. than I had with J. or M. Maybe I have had more time to devote to D. – or have I? At any rate I have enjoyed taking care of him – and don’t think I could get tired of it. He is walking around now with his new Christmas bathrobe on. He is a nosey little fellow and keeps someone busy saying no! no! All the time he is out “on the loose.” We have him “almost” trained to leave the coffee table alone – not quite.

Mrs. Z. came over last night. She says Virginia is getting along fine now. I knitted a bag & mittens for her and cap & mittens for Betty for Christmas. I brought home a job from Ruth’s. I am to knit a sweater for Romaine – I told her maybe I would get it done for her graduation.

“Love Mother”

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Christmas Eve (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Christmas Eve and the usual going round and round. Lucile wanted to go to Sheldon and get their turkey out of the locker. I got several things out too, a chicken, a few steaks and strawberries. I took a package of T-bone to Bud Kruman. I want to give Virginia a box of strawberries. I haven’t been up to Plummers yet but think I’ll take her a steak too. I am still saving back some Porterhouse steaks – I noticed there were still several packages of both sirloin & Porterhouse yet. On the way back we stopped at the greenhouse and got wreaths to take out to the cemetery. I stopped and got Dorothy at the Restaurant and she went with us out there, after we had left Lucile & Jimmy out at home.

Jimmy gave David a nice toy. It has pegs and a mallet – he likes the mallet – I imagine he will find lots of places to hammer with it. We gave Jimmy a toy & waterproof bib. They are going to Monticello tonight, so Jimmy had his gifts this morning. He had several nice things and seemed to like the toy David gave him. It is a small one – a duck with a cart attached – something he can handle easily.

[page 2] Mark is so anxious to open his gifts he is counting the hours – and so is John. Dorothy wants to see David get his gifts so I am going to keep him up until she can come out about 8 o’clock.

The weather having changed for the warmer and no snow in sight we are planning to go to Wilmington tomorrow & stay over Sun. I wish we could go to C.C. but with the furnace to take care of, it’s too far to go for just a day.

Statons went to Ft. Wayne, Foulkes are going to Chicago – Nate being stationed at Great Lakes and on duty 24 hrs. a day. They are going there to be with them. Zells will remain at home without company because of Virginia’s condition. Funks will be home – Arlene may go to the hospital – Dorothy said they would go to her mother’s since we won’t be here to take dinner with them.

Must get this finished so can get it mailed.
“Love Mother”

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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