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Senator Van Nuys (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
1-26-44 [sic 1-25-44]

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 13 & 14 came today. So glad some late mail finally reached you. Now if David’s pictures just come thru. He is still on the sick list – that is he still coughs and that makes him feel not so good. He isn’t running any tem. But coughs a good bit. Early in the morning he has quite a siege. I think I’ll have Dr. M. give him a shot – he had his whooping cough shots last summer but one now may clear this cough up. I could have gone to Laf. today with Mr. Z. but didn’t want to leave D. while he feels so touchy. He has such a good reputation for being such a pleasant baby I wouldn’t want to spoil his record by leaving him with anyone while he feels this way. Dorothy would keep him and her Mother is with her now but I think I should keep him home another day or two. I think this cough is a culmination of a condition that has been present since before Christmas. He had a cold way back then and has had a hang on cough ever since. He seems to be alright otherwise.

I went to town to mail letters and get groc. after school yesterday and stopped in the restaurant to tell Dorothy I wouldn’t go today. Pinky and Marg were there. Pinky was on the funny side. I think he had been drinking a little. He said when you were in Frisco he waited two months for you to come and see him. I told him you were there one week and that you couldn’t go see anyone. He wouldn’t have it that way and kept going on about not seeing you. He said if he had known you were at Moffett Field he could have flown over to see you. Marg didn’t seem to think so but he insisted. I don’t know just what happened to him,

[page 2] but I was told that he had been grounded because he smashed up a $75,000 job – at any rate whatever the truth of the situation he doesn’t seem to be getting places very fast. He has a desk job now – at least that is what I heard. Marg stayed out in Calif. with him then I think they were in Colo. But since he has been closer home she has remained here, tho she doesn’t see him very often. It may be that she feels she should stay here and help her mother run the newspaper. She has quite a nice column in the paper every week for service people.

The new license application came so now I will get the car tagged for another year. They were late in getting the blanks out this year. I saw a notice in the paper that some may be delayed yet. I was surprised to get ours this soon.

I have a washing going today, should have put the line out and hung things out but I resorted to the easier way. I figured it probably wouldn’t be this warm the next time I wash and what good would one day do. Sometimes the things get covered with smoke from the trains across the way so they look better when dried in the basement than out of doors.

Dr. Messman talked to Dorothy yesterday. He said to tell you he has been discharged – nervous condition – I didn’t talk to him myself so don’t know just where he has been or what brought about the condition necessary for a medical discharge but maybe you know something about it. Those things get around and I know when I wrote to you about Dr. H.in Laf. you knew something about it. I am glad you are in good health. As much as we want you home, I would rather you stay well than have to be sent home sick – don’t you agree?

[page 3] Mr. Z. took my glasses to Laf. to get the left lense replaced so I am going without them today. I just hope I don’t get a headache, but have been having one some days anyway so maybe it won’t be so bad if I don’t knit or read. I probably won’t have much chance to do either. David keeps me pretty busy these days. I left him with John when I went to town yesterday and John was about worn out trying to keep him quiet. He said he finally just walked around with him – carrying D. of course – I told him D. would get over that when he feels a little better –

The temp in Chi this am at 7:30 was 49 – so you know how unseasonably warm it is. It is more like a spring day – windy, sunny and sometimes a little cloudy.

I hear the washer – it’s about ready to stop, so I much stop and get things done. I put D. up in his bed while I went down to put the things in and he went to sleep. Have to make hay while the sun shines.

Love Mother

P.S. Heard over the radio at noon that Senator Van Nuys died suddenly this morning.
It is warmer this afternoon but didn’t take D. out. Thought maybe I should keep him in out of the wind. He is full of pep this afternoon. I have him in the nursery. He has a box of toys I can hear him dumping.

Senator Frederick VanNuys

Senator Frederick Van Nuys

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Joke Box (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 5 & 12 came today. So glad you rec’d the box but I sent two so maybe you will get another one yet. – It was similar to the other – not much in either but better than nothing at Christmas, however late. Now about those chasers, etc. – Those were John’s idea of a joke. I told him what you wrote about them and he said to tell you it was only for a laugh. They were in the box from the boys. The box I sent didn’t have any in it. David is better – No measles, etc., but he still coughs. Dr. M. was out to see Martha Zell so I asked him to see D. again. He says his cough is bronchial and if it doesn’t ease up in a few days he will give him a whooping cough shot. I am still giving him sulfamerazine today and to give it to him tomorrow – just twice a day. David is somewhat spoiled from this cough. At first when he had temp. we kept him on the couch and entertained him and now he wants me to hold him most of the time he is awake. He is in his bed now and should be going to sleep but is watching a train go by. When J. & M. come home noon and evening they have to let David take their caps off. He puts the cap on his head then expects us to applaud. He is very conscious of his “public” and knows when to act cute. Dr. M. said to give you his regards and to write to him. He has been out several times during this winter to see D. – twice this time.

There is a music club meeting today but I am not going due to David’s “disposition.”

[page 2] He is a little “touchy” and I don’t like leaving him when he feels this way. However I have a change to go to Laf. tomorrow and would like to go for several items. Dorothy’s mother is here visiting and she said they would keep him for me. It all depends on how he feels by tomorrow. Dorothy is home from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. and that would cover most of my time away. Mrs. Z. had planned to go tomorrow but Martha has a cold and she can’t leave her or take her along.

Had a card from Uncle Wes. They are in Fla. He wants your address so he can write to you. His address is 103 Osceola Ave Clearwater Fla. In case you want to write to him before he writes to you. I am sending him your address today.

It isn’t cold today but cloudy – I am glad for the warmer days. It’s kinder to the coal. The good coal is getting low and no more to be had I am afraid, but maybe we can get along with the other by spring – but I know the pins broken in one month by the Ind. coal.

My Christmas cactus is about as late as your boxes. It is just blooming – but doing better than last year – it didn’t bloom at all.

I just had a “round” with D. I had put him to bed without anything on but pants & shirt but he wouldn’t go to sleep – so I dressed him and put him back in bed. I don’t like for him to cry because it makes him cough so I can see he is going to be a little spoiled by the time this cough is gone. I took his temp. when I dressed him and it’s normal, so he should be in the pink in a day or so, if we can do something to relieve the cough. He certainly doesn’t act like there is much wrong with him, the pep he has.

[page 3] Here’s hoping you do get home at the end of your 18 mo. but if not the only thing to do is be patient – It certainly will be grand when you do get home.

“Love Mother”

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Sniffling Sunday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Sun. P.M. Have been indoors all day – David didn’t have any temp. today and felt pretty good. Still coughs some but no sign of breaking out with measles. Must have been irritation from his diaper. It was so nice out today I wanted to go out with him. I stood him in the doorway and took some pictures, this being his 16th month – Lucile came out with Jimmy, but didn’t bring him in – just stopped to see about D. She was taking J.E. for his airing. He is fully recovered from his attack of flu. David

[page 2] must have had bronchitis (sp?). That’s what Dr. M. said. John was sniffling this a.m. so he didn’t go out either. I gave him rhinitis all day & he went to bed early. Mark spent the afternoon with Buddy and they came out this evening. Buddy just went home. Dorothy was out early this afternoon to see David. She said Link told Nick the last Dr. in Chi. She consulted told them her ailment was all in her mind. Said she probably had someone in their family somewhere she takes after. Link said she has one such aunt. Mrs. James said one time Irene is like her aunt.

[page 3] I have knitted today and now have a headache from too much. Also my glasses need to be straightened. I want to go to Laf. Tues. with Zells and go have my glasses fixed. David broke one lense – I mended it with airplane glue but it is not straight.

Zells are getting more chickens. They sold off the last batch, cleaned out the brooder house and now ready for more.

Virginia spent the afternoon here helping me entertain David. I think he was tired watching J. & M. build block towers – He seemed to enjoy

[page 4] Virginia’s for a change.

Mark is begging to sleep with me tonight. He got that habit way back when, I really can’t put my finger on the exact date but sometime last summer. I think it all started when he had his tonsils out. Last night I put D. in our bed because he was so restless and coughed a lot, I knew I would have to be up all night trying to keep him covered, so to save the getting up & down, didn’t put him in his own bed. I didn’t sleep much so am going to turn in now & try to catch up.

Love Mother

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Early Valentine (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Will just slip a note in with my valentine. It is Sat. P.M. David has been a little cross today. Thurs. he had a temp. Yesterday it was gone but came up again today. I had Dr. M. come out. He examined him and said he has bronchitis. However it may be measles. There are measles around again. Where he could have been exposed to them I don’t know but there are some cases in town. He coughs and I thought I detected a redness like the measles start to break out on his tummy – I just took his temp. and he has 100° rectally which of course is 99 and that isn’t much. We have been keeping him on the couch and that requires someone to stay with him all the time. He seems to feel better now, just had a good nap. Dr M. had a v-mail from Earl R. somewhere in England. He was pretty despondent in his letter. Has been ill and in the hospital. I am inclined to believe he hasn’t the stamina of Joe, or you. I thought his letter sounded like a cry of self pity. Maybe I shouldn’t say that but knowing how long you and Joe have been away and keep your chins up – Well, I think you have the better attitude. Of course you haven’t been ill or hospitalized and that could make a difference.

It is a grey wintry day but not cold. J. & M. have been in all day due to David needing attention. I think D. will be better by tomorrow. Dr. M. ordered sulfamerazine for him and if he doesn’t have measles the sulfa should clear up any infection.

J. & M. have to carry out clinkers so I will have to go see about D. Geo. Monroe came out yesterday and oiled the stoker – He does every 60 days.

Love – Mother

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Mystery Temperature (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 6, 7, 8, & 11 came today. In fact I just finished reading them and thought I would answer while things are fresh in my mind. About that tax $6.60 – that was the first quarter last year gross – I quit paying after that. I talked to Agnes a few days ago and she told me not to file even Federal, so will just let it ride. Our present bank bal. is around $70.oo but all bills are paid. The first of Feb. the income will take care of ins. due (J., M. & D.) and current bills and we should have a good bal. Maybe enough for a bond. David got enough Christmas money to get a new bond. I think J. or M. will get it at school to give their school credit during the present Bond drive.

David flared up with a temp. yesterday but now it is gone. He has had a hang-on cough from the flue he had following our visit to Mutchlers and he coughs more now. He had a temp. all night.

[page 2] I put him in bed with me because I figured he would be restless. He had 101 2/5 rectally about 7 A.M. but now 9:45 he is normal. I have him established on the studio couch with a cover over him and toys around him which he keeps throwing on the floor. He doesn’t feel too bad because he laughs & plays. I put his house slippers on him. He pulled them and his sox off, but his feet & legs are covered with the spread. He ate a pretty good breakfast and had two B.M.’s on the toidey. I called the Dr. and talked to him about D. He told me to give him the same pills I gave him when he had the flu. I was going to ask him to come out but he seems so much better I don’t think it is necessary. However, I will watch his temp. closely and if it starts to rise will talk to the Dr. I can’t understand this. D. seemed perfectly well, I had been taking him out of doors, every day, then yesterday he shoots up a temp. and today it’s gone. I am glad it is but would like to know the cause.

Tell Bud Mulligan his aunt came to see me yesterday. She is staying at Zeva Simmons. Zeva works for Mrs. Knowlton.

[page 3] You remember her, don’t you? Jimmy’s mother. I don’t know where Jimmy is now, but Zeva had been to see his wife and daughter not long ago.

I heard that Link quite the stone quarry and is working at the factory. Irene is in the hospital yet – as I understand is taking a rest cure. I wonder when her mother will get to take a vacation – but guess that is none of my business.

It is warmer out today and the sun is shining. I have washing to do and should hang it out but when the trains over by 24 go past they throw out such a smoke screen the clothes have tattle tale grey when they are dry, so the basement is the safest place after all.

The Newton Co. E. is running pictures of service men and they have Art Kenny’s in this week – He is wearing the sailor uniform he had when he entered the service – you know he is now in the Marines – well to say the least the picture isn’t flattering – I wanted to laugh when I first saw it.

I told you in a v-mail about Tommy Britton’s mother calling me. She said Tommy told them you had called from

[page 4] San F. and was on your way home. I told her he was mistaken. He said Mark had told him. I know Mark doesn’t tell things like that. He was so mad when I told him what Tommy had said. He vowed very strongly he hadn’t told Tommy anything like that. Virginia admitted that Tommy told such tall tales they didn’t know when to believe him. I told her I only wished it were true.

J. & M. got their report cards so they should write you and give you their own reports – I gave them in previous letters but think they should write too.

There was a bulletin from the A.M.A. on socialized medicine. John read it over and is going to take it to school. I don’t know that I ever talked to him on the subject, but he was very strong in his opinion about such a thing. He thinks like the A.M.A. – it shouldn’t be.

I have put D. in his bed with toys to amuse him while I go start the washing and he is throwing things on the floor, and enjoying it.

“Love Mother”

P.S. Saw Irene after writing this so her rest cure must be over.

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Spreading the News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 16-1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 3 & 4 came yesterday. I told Mark he could tell people you are in N.Z. He was more than delighted and said right away he would tell his teacher.

I took a walk to get David out of doors and stopped at the Shandy’s to leave a snow suit she had loaned me. It was too small for David so thought I would take it back to her. Cliff is gone and she had word he had arrived – I think Miami. She showed me thru the house. They have the downstairs pretty well furnished but nothing much up but beds. She is going to stay there with the baby. He is past 2 now and quite a good size boy. She spends a lot of time with him and is training him not to touch their new furniture. They have a coffee table in front of the fireplace with a white wooly rug under it and she says he doesn’t step on the rug. I told her she may be able to train him not to touch their davenport and chairs, but I would hate to try and keep J. & M. off of ours. Of course we had furniture the boys could be raised on. I have got David so he will leave the coffee table alone. He keeps taking the tidies off the chair arms. We make him put them back on but he will repeat the same offense. He is getting better all the time about leaving things alone when we tell him to. He used to get into the lower parts of the corner cupboards but he would be scolded every time

[page 2] he got near them, so suppose he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. He walks very carefully and his left shoe isn’t worn like the right. He seems to favor that foot, but I think when he gets so he can run he will overcome that. His leg never seems to bother him. It really shouldn’t because the bone was only cracked and that not over 1/3 or ½ across. David has gone to bed. J. & M. are at Youth Fellowship. John is leader tonight. He was elected pianist for the Jr. Dept. and assistant for the adult Dept. Harold Reiger is John’s assistant, so if he has to play for the adults, Harold will play for Jr. He plays for youth fellowship too. John has changed more I think since you left than Mark. He seems so much more grown-up – He is almost as tall as I am. There is fuzz on his upper lip – He doesn’t like it – Says he will look like the Remsburg boy who used to live here. His voice is still changing and he gets so mad sometimes when his voice goes up high. Says that doesn’t happen to him at home but if he is somewhere else. However we notice it once in a while. He has almost outgrown the suit I bought for him in Mar. I can still let the pants out but the coat sleeves are beginning to look short. Mark is much the same. Like to get out and play football. He spent the afternoon at the pond skating. I walked over to see about the ice and it is still solid. Mr. Z. was there with their 3 girls, Bobby & Jimmy, pulling them around on sleds. Bob Schurtter was there too. He told me he didn’t get a commission in the Navy due to no vacancies

[page 3] in his line. He is classed as 2-A until July 44, so he will get to finish his year teaching. I suppose Dot will have to work if he has to go in the Army as a private. She had a chance to take the office job with the County Agent (Mr. Z.) but Steve is still so small she could hardly take the job now. Mr. Z. had her do some extra work for him and he said she was the best help he had had in a long time. He had quite a time keeping help for a while, but Evelyn Kudig is working for him now. Office girls seem to be as hard to find or keep as any kind of help. The factory still can get the help because of the good pay. The subject of the factory makes me think of Irene. I suppose she is still in Chi. Trying to find out what the trouble is. Last week her mother said they had not found anything. I still think it’s a lot psycologic, and I am sure you will agree with me. Last year when she went to Mayo Clinic they told her to quit work. After that they had their house for sale and Dr. M. had it bought, that is he was all ready to buy and had a buyer for his place when Statons decided not to sell.

The Funks had their new baby christened today. She will be 3 wks. old Tues. I saw Rosemary when I was coming home with David from Shandy’s and she said she had been one of the sponsors. One of the other Funk men had been the other. Carl was sponsor for either Bobby or Donnie so he couldn’t e with Rosemary for Joy Selene. Carl and Rosemary had been out walking with Tommy. He is eight months old and looks almost as large as David. He isn’t as tall of course but is on the heavy order.

[page 4] I noticed the Foulkes’ car in their driveway. They have been on a business trip east. Their house has been in the redecorating process while they have been away and I noticed they still haven’t their drapes up yet. I cleaned a little but didn’t try to take drapes out. This year’s coal is so dirty. It isn’t treated and certainly makes a difference in the dirt we get in the house. I wish and have wished so many times now we had put oil in, but that is a waste of time, so won’t harp on it any more. Harping doesn’t help things.

I rec’d a long letter from Marie so I must give her an answer – ant to do that yet this evening. She has been busy helping with Isla. I hadn’t heard from Marie for such a long time I was sure there was something wrong. I was glad Isla hasn’t T.B. – tho thyroid trouble isn’t anything to be treated lightly.

Had a letter from Jewell and she sent me a picture of Dot’s baby – Dot’s husband was rejected, so a present he is still home I told you all this before but this is a repeat in case my other letter didn’t get to you.

David broke my glasses and I keep mending them with airplane glue but I am afraid I will have to get new lenses – or one new lense. I keep feeling eye strain – just got new lenses last fall but I thought if I didn’t have the lenses straight it could cause the headaches.

I am about run down so will call this a letter & sign off.
Love Mother

P.S. Saw the enclosed clippings in the paper & thought you would be interested.

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Another Saturday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 8 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Another Sat. and opera on. I have been having a splitting headache the past two days and the piano and radio aren’t any help, but our John loves his opera. About this headache I think I’ll have to start taking shots again, Thelin, or something. I took a few the first of last year but haven’t had any now since about last May or June. I had my glasses changed and I think the headache isn’t from eyestrain due to occurance around the 28 day cycle, which is oftener sometimes (the cycle). The lump that was removed white you were in medical school is growing again. Dr. Cole made an examination and said we would watch it closely and if it grows too rapidly would remove it again. I haven’t been to see Dr. C. for some time but thought I would go in the near future due to the recurring pains, which seem to be more constant and severe. Now don’t worry about it, I will see the Dr. soon and he will do what should be done. However I don’t want to have anything done now, and won’t unless he think necessary. I am sure it isn’t large enough to be alarmed about at present. About the original size.

I have been trying without success to break the thumb sucking habit and I pinned sox over David’s hands, onto his sleeves this afternoon when I put him to bed for his nap. He cried and fussed around a long time but finally gave up. I told John with all his (John’s) stubbornness he was easier to train than David. I remember it wasn’t any

[page 2] trick at all to break John of his finger sucking habit. I spanked David yesterday for getting things out of the chest of drawers in his room. He knew what it was all about and cried very loudly for w while, but it took effect and he left the drawers alone. He has a very winning smile and knows how to use it. He is like Mark, never sees a stranger. I knitted a pr. of mitten to match his snow suit – He won’t leave them on, but I think most babies are like that about having their hands covered. I want to knit a spring outfit for him. I started a sweater for Romaine last night. It is white and to be plain in design so won’t be hard to do.

Mark is out playing with some boys from his room. I wanted him to stay in and work on a plane he is building but the urge for action was too strong. I haven’t had an X-ray made yet but will try to get him down one day next week. He is better again. I haven’t noticed any signs of nervousness the last few days. He made all kinds of New Year’s resolutions. John didn’t make any – guess he thinks he is good enough as is. The difference in those two – They are certainly two extremes.

Cliff Shandy & family are home. He has been assigned to Miami, but evidently to be there temporarily, because Mrs. & baby are going to remain here. I was just thinking about his former boss and how he worked to get a C.P.O. and Cliff is now an Ensign. And also I wonder why Cliff could get a commission and Newell couldn’t. I suppose Cliff must have had more college work than Newell, tho they are both grads from law schools.

Mrs. Lonce called me for your address. Her son (the one you visited on Christmas eve) wants to write to you. He is still in N.C. I am forwarding the greeting Dr. M. sent and due to lack of address was returned to us. I gave Ellsworth W. your address and he said he would write, but I am not so sure. He says you will probably get back in time to shove his off.

[page 3] More and more are going from here all the time. I told you Jack Sullivan is one of the latest. He was put in the Navy. I wonder how he will get along with his “lisp”? I think I failed to mention Lloyd Tilton’s discharge from the Army. He went A.W.O.L., then claimed to have a nervous breakdown. All the above info from D.K. However he is out and has been around town. Bus Daily got a medical discharge from the marines. His trouble was a nervous stomach.

David woke up cross. I wrapped him up and put him out in his buggy – so will have to hurry and take him for a ride. He doesn’t like getting along without his thumb but think we will make it break.

I just looked at the bank bal. and with bills pd. and Ins. that comes due this month deducted I have a bal. of $91.oo

It was has been snowing in Chicago today and looks like it will snow here. It is clouding up now. Must get along.

Love Mother

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Wedding Details (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 6 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Three letters today, including the wedding details, which were from your descriptions, simple. However, it doesn’t require an elaborate ceremony to make a lasting marriage. Does it? It is a bright sunny day. Makes a person wonder how it can be heavy and overcast one day and in a few hours so clear and bright. It was so grey and overcast yesterday it was somewhat depressing. I think I’ll take David out for a breath of fresh air after he gets up from his map. It was below freezing early this a.m. but the sun has been shining so bright all day I think the temp. will be up enough to take him out. He is over his cold, but still has a hang-on cough. Dr. M. said if he didn’t get over it he would give him a whooping cough shot. I remember you used to use that treatment for coughs that resisted treatment. However, I am holding out hoping the cough will leave. About the only time it bothers him is after he sleeps a while. The

[page 2] rascal woke me at 4 a.m. – I had to take him up, change him & get him a drink. He was wide awake and wanted to play but you know his mother well enough to know I wanted shut-eye. I put him in bed with me but soon discovered that was not the way for me to go back to sleep, so put him back in his bed and we both went back to sleep.

John had to give a report on dehydration in Ag. today and worked on it all evening. When he has something to do he goes right after it and if I may say so with pardonable pride, does a pretty good job. Having watched his father at work on M.S., M.D., etc., I can’t help but see more than a little similarity.

The account of your meeting Bud (Geo.) Mulligan is in the paper this week. I mentioned a conversation with his aunt in my letter yesterday. In looking thru the paper I see that Jack Sullivan is one of the latest fathers to be inducted. Eddie Steinbaugh was married to an Army nurse at Chanute Field, Monday this week. Jack Dye’s picture is in the paper this week. He lost a leg in action and has been discharged.

Washburn’s celebrated their golden wedding this week and Albert Thompson’s celebrate their 60th.

David is awake now and ready for some fresh air. He is playing the piano now. Maybe he will be a musician.

Mark slipped and fell down stairs last nite.

[page 3] No damage done. John said it is a good thing Mark can fall relaxed. I told them if John had fallen like that he would have broken bones until he would have to be in a cast from head to toe. Never a dull moment.

Love Mother

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Joy Funk (Gladys)

1943-12-29 #01 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Your letter of Dec. 18 & 19 came yesterday. I planned to go to Laf. today but David developed a cold and had a temp. I had Dr. M. come out. He said it was all in his head and left some pills (not sulfa) for him. His temp is down but he is cross. He is asleep now. I think he must have gotten a bug from Earl or Mark. There still seems to be a lot of flu around. David is getting a lot of attention now to keep him quiet – but it doesn’t always keep him so – but so far we have kept him on the couch with his toys around him. He still has plenty of pep and likes to play with his toys. Bill called last night and said the new baby had arrived, a girl, 8 lbs. – named Joy. Said Arlene was doing fine. I do hope she is, because with the help situation as it is now she will want to get up as soon as possible. J. & M. aren’t doing much during vacation. John has to take a music lesson tomorrow. Mark isn’t quite over his cold yet – I was going to take him to Laf. today – but since David isn’t feeling so good didn’t go. Maybe I can go Fri. or one day next week. It is still cold enough for the pond to be frozen. David Diedam came by for Mark to go skating, but I told him Mark couldn’t go toady. It isn’t too cold but just good winter weather – for people who like winter.

Love, Mother

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Re-read Your Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Dec. 28, 1943

Dear Mother,

I’ve re read your letters. The latest from you was the v-mail Dec. 13 and the next was your greeting card and letter – Dec. 12. The other v-mail was Dec. 11 and the letters were back to Dec. 5 but not all were present back that far. Some are missing.

I was amused at what you said wrote that John said about the money situation. Does he take after his Mom or his Pop? He should have a vote of thanks for thinking of the family finances. And the finances – what with those large chunks coming out for the piano, the loans, the hospital, etc., I think you have really done well. Next year we won’t have those things, but there is always something to th take the place of those things. You mentioned your mother’s hospital expenses. What are you or have you done about the funeral expenses. I assume you had Bob H., etc. and you have some arrangement with him. You perhaps wrote all this but it hasn’t arrived. Did you have take her to Shelburne? Or What? Maybe you would rather not write those things but I’d like to know.

[page 2] I hope you and the boys don’t get the flu – you mentioned in your last letter that it was pretty thick around. I suppose Dr. M. is worked pretty hard during conditions like that. He probably does what he wants to and lets the rest go to someone else. How about the Drs. in Sheldon? There were three there when I left, and our friend at Earl Park? And do you ever hear from Jim Openshaw?

Miller must have been sent out quick because the last time I heard he was in Tenn. or Mich. and had just been transferred.

Seems as if I’ve asked lots of questions in this letter rather than answered those your letter but those are some of the things I’ve thought of while reading your letters.

The mail hasn’t arrived as yet today or I should say it isn’t time for the mail to arrive so I’ll finish later – Later –

Yours of Dec. 9th came – a greeting card letter from Ruth & Floyd and a box from them also. So all in all it wasn’t a bad mail call –

Love Daddy


©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/09/05/re-read-your-letters-roscoe/