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Report Cards (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first day of Dec. – no mail today but probably will get some tomorrow. It was a little sunny today and I took David out for fresh air. He hadn’t been out this week (Mon. or Tues.) due to a slight cold which was not present today, so I thought fresh air would do us both good. We walked over to Johnsons but they weren’t home so went on over to Krulls. I hadn’t seen their kitchen since they had remodeled. They now eat their noon meal at home every day & Thurs. & Sun. are home since those days the restaurant is closed. They closed up the door that went into the pantry and made another at the south end of the dining room. They now have a bathroom with a shower off their kitchen. It is very nice with built in cupboards, new sink, etc. If you were home I think I would want to finish the room over the garage for the boys, but under the present circumstances I think it is best that we get along as is, but it’s something to plan for. Even with a new house there is always something to do (like finish the basement).

J. & M. brought home report cards today. John had Gen. Science A – English A+ – History & Arith. A – Ag. B+ – Physical Ed. S (Satisfactory) – Band A and Citizenship S. Mark’s grades went down, but

[page 2] I am not surprised. He isn’t quite up to par. I didn’t get him started on vitamins quite soon enough and I think he played too hard thru “their” football season. I set a new bed time for him which is 8:30 and am trying to get him rested some. He and Bobby are upstairs now working on a plane for Bobby. Mark is having trouble with arithmetic now – long division seems awfully hard for him. I have to help him every evening and he isn’t grasping it like he should. I think that is one cause for his present nervousness – he gets impatient about not getting his work rapidly. David is walking around the house playing with a muffin pan and a lid. He went to the stove and got them out of the drawer. We are slapping his hands now to teach him to leave things alone that sit around where he can reach. In the morning when I get up, I have sinus drainage and do some clearing, hacking and spitting. He imitates me. He is at the age where he tries to do a lot of things we do. Of course we think he is advanced for his age, but that’s our privilege.

Dorothy told me today that Ellsworth got a 3 month deferment – that Al is going to quit teaching next year ( he will be retired then) and run Ellsworth’s business while E. is in service. Now that is as told to me and things may change by then, but those are present plans.

I tried to do some Christmas shopping today but didn’t get much done. Got a box to send to Jim. Have a gift for Thelma – an English coin purse Bud K. made.

The weather is turning to the wet order. It is raining some now. Theresa Ann Tubberty just came to get Bobby – she helps Arlene after school. Louise is back but she isn’t able to work like she used to – I don’t know when she will have her baby – She probably won’t stay after Arlene gets back from the hospital and can get along. Bobby said his Mother was addressing Christmas greetings today – She has to get her things done early.

Love Mother

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Enough Gasoline (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Mon. afternoon – David took an early nap and woke up grouchy – I was taking 40 winks myself when he demanded attention. His nose is a little runny today, but with all of us with a little head cold more or less I am not surprised. I am just having the usual sinus drainage and J. & M. are about over theirs. Under Dr. Cole’s instruction I gave them sulfamerazine and the colds got better. They have started on Vi Delta and of course David has had his oleum percomorph continuously since 5 wks. old. I let David loose but that didn’t work because I wanted to write and do a few other things and when he is loose he has to be watched. I put him back in his bed and it is by the window so he can look out. I gave him a lot of toys but one by one I have heard them hit the floor. He is now shaking the bed. When the coast is clear he can move the bed over the room by shaking the side. He says kitty & dog quite plain now and notices the squirrels out in the yard. I am afraid squirrel will be a little hard for him to say. He is more like John about the chattering and talking early. In some ways he isn’t like either J. or M. – must be just David.

It snowed last night and there is still snow on the ground. It is grey today with some snow falling. It has been so dry and this snow is melting, so the shrubbery will get some moisture.

[page 2] I have watered our new shrubbery this fall because if the evergreen that was replaced doesn’t hold up they won’t replace it. I thought they never would get around to replacing it at all.

I haven’t heard from Floyd & Ruth since we saw them Nov. 1. I don’t know whether he has been reclassified or not. It may depend on how scarce men are to answer the draft quote in Clay Co. Pauline Hiestand thinks Joe will soon have to go because his number is low and the single men are all taken from here. About Paul & Earl – they are on deferments so may have to go in time if the demand is great enough – however Paul was rejected I believe for some cause or another – I couldn’t say for sure what is was. There was a lot said about Ellsworth W. but he is still around – some people think military discipline might do some good in certain cases.

I have had enough gasoline. When I had to make so many trips to the hospital I had to have much more than an A card allowed but I was taken care of by friends. However the ration board here is very generous and when Jim was home he got gas to drive back to T.H. and Glen got special C tickets without any trouble at all to go back to Nevada. I get 3 gal. a week and in ordinary times is all I need.

David is raising a howl so must go see what I can do about it, if anything. He still sucks his thumb but J. & M. keep working on him to stop him. I put a thumb guard on him but he usually gets it off. He isn’t so bad about it unless he hasn’t anything else to do – he is working on it rather strenuously now – he makes a little noise in his throat sometimes when he is sucking his thumb.

Love Mother

P.S. Finances aren’t so good, but I think I can make it O.K. Not much surplus but am keeping bills pd.

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Fall Leaves (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Nov 3 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but hoping I’ll get Oct. 24 & 25 tomorrow. Oct. 26 came yesterday. Sometimes those missing letters contain a lot. It was cloudy all day until late in the evening or rather afternoon. The boys (J. & M.) raked leaves for Zell’s. Mr. Zell cleaned out our eave troughs. The leaves have about all fallen. The grass is so heavily covered we will have to rake some of them off. Smoke fills the air with so many people raking & burning leaves.

I went to Stunt night last night. The Seniors & 7th grades won. The little theatre was full. The stunt that won first (Senior) was “Teachers in Retirement” & the teachers at A.J. Kent were imitated – It was very good and somewhat original.

[page 2] Tomorrow is Mrs. Plummer’s birthday & I have a cake ready to decorate & take to her. I rec’d a card & 1⁰⁰ from her the day after my birthday. She came out & brought David’s & John’s gifts on David’s birthday. John’s was belated.

I took David in this his Taylor Tot this afternoon to town to go to the bank & do a few odd errands. We have to get our paper now at Bonnies. No more home deliveries unless mailed. David makes quite a hit wherever he goes. I went to pay the light bill & Rita Diedam played with him a while. She works at the Light office now. I walked down to Lucile’s but Jimmy Ed was asleep. David played in J.E.’s pen and liked it better than his own. Lucile is having trouble keeping J.E. in it but just let him cry this a.m. Said he cried himself to sleep.

Sid Lee is back home – Has an honorable discharge from the Navy. He was in action & was injured. Said he was in a hospital in New Caledonia several weeks.

Our Ind. Coal is burning O.K. so far. If it keeps on like this maybe it won’t be so bad. I just hope it works better than what we got from Elmer MC when we first moved here.

John & Mark are both doing home work and I can hear the pencils fly. Now that Stunt night is over the school routine can be resumed. Bob Schurtter had to go into service – his number was up so I understand he enlisted in the Navy. He thought he could possibly get Ensign commission. They keep taking them around here. Mr. Zell got an inquiry about his dependents. Ellsworth was supposed to go but I haven’t heard anything lately. I suppose your Mother told you Harry Adkins had to go. I leave C.C. news up to her. I have all I can do to care of Kent. I sometimes miss news items around here, but do try to tell you things you are interested in.

[page 4] My checks came today and it was about time. I haven’t had time to figure what comes out of this month’s but will try to have it figured out by next letter. I think we will get along – all the ins. is paid now for a month or so.

I must write to Glen & Pauline and do a few thinks to this desk. It looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Love Mother

P.S. Dr. Van K. is back to stay.

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Surprise Visitors (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 23 & one for Mark came today. John’s came yesterday. I was very busy this a.m. – washing, getting lunch started and things upside down in the kitchen – clothes I had washed Wed. piled on the table, when in walked your Mother, Dad, Ruth & Floyd. I didn’t mind the condition of the kitchen but usually someone comes when things aren’t straight – I had spent a little time taking David out & in and had just brought him in and put him to bed a short time before they came & he was asleep. Floyd said they couldn’t stay for lunch because he had to get to Wilmington before the bank closed and he didn’t know when the bank there closed. They wanted to get some movies of David and it was such a grand day for picture taking I took David up. He didn’t mind, got up smiling – went right to Grandma & Grandpa. Your Mother can’t carry him very far – says he is too heavy. We took him out into the front yard and Floyd took several we hope good shots. We tried to get him to stand along but he wouldn’t – walked around the Taylor Tot. The folks went on then and are to come back here Mon. I said we could drive over Sun. and have part of a family gathering. Your Mother said Dolores was married last night and called home to talk to Ralph & Faye. Her name is Stevens. Faye said last week they were going to be married as soon as Steve got back from Cuba. Will try & get a wedding gift sent to them but haven’t the slightest idea what to get.

Took David to Cosmopolitan Club today and he had quite a time walking around chairs & getting picked up & and made over by the ladies. He acted very nice most of the time. After I came home with him Mark got him to take a few steps along. He stood alone several times today & stood alone in the yard yesterday. I suppose he will soon learn he can walk along, then he will get into more things than he does now. His favorite place to play is in the pan drawers in the stove. You can imagine how quickly he can fill the floor with pans – and me trying to work – but he can’t hurt anything and I rather like his company in the kitchen. Arlene still keeps Donnie in his pen but with another baby due in less than two months she almost has to keep him in his pen. She hasn’t any permanent help yet. Neither has Mary & she is home from the

[page 2] hospital with her new baby girl (Mary Margaret). You mentioned the Schultz baby – yes I remembered what you wrote about & did think of that when I knew she was going to get another baby.

You said you didn’t remember Doris Green – she is the girl (welfare) who used to live with Geo. Tilton’s and went to high school here. She was going to State when she got married. Tilton’s had to put glasses on their little boy. He was wearing a patch over one eye today. As far as I know Wilsons haven’t done anything about Susie’s eyes. Probably won’t for a while if Ellsworth has to go to the Army. Doris’ sister Juanita got married (Maurice Sargent) and is back here working for Ellsworth.

Mark had quite a good time at the school Halloween party this afternoon dressed in my old finery. However he didn’t get first prize he had hoped to get. He brought home a sack of popcorn – cookies, candy, etc. The S.S. class is having a party at Helen Bartlett’s tonite but I didn’t feel up to that kind of a party. I suppose by the 31st coming on Sun. the children will be out Sat. night playing their pranks, or whatever they do (I don’t mean ours, but the crowds that always go out).

Just had to go upstairs and see about David. He was stirring around and of course was uncovered. I tucked him back in and he quieted down.

Mark is getting ready for bead – think I will too.
Love Mother

Stevens, James & Dolores - c1953

Dolores and her husband, James W. Stevens, c1940s

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The Woman’s Club (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 17 came today – the 18, 19 & 20 came yesterday. You were writing about my throat. I haven’t had any actual soreness for some time but have a hoarseness all the time and keep spitting mucos & have some sinus drainage all the time. I don’t want to look for a sore throat but am a little afraid I will be inclined to have some infection there if this condition continues. Thought I would see Dr. Ade sometime soon if it doesn’t clear up. I don’t want to have a tonsillectomy if it can be avoided. Maybe with sufficient rest it will clear up.

David is on a high horse today. I think I can see two teeth (stomach) about through. He woke me up about 2 a.m. just sucking his thumb & making a little noise he often makes when going to sleep. He won’t stay covered. Try as I will to secure him under his blankets he wiggles out and I find him on top & sometimes at the other end of the bed. He has been going some tall jabbering today – sounds like “Greek er something.” I told him he was a bad boy & he jabbered right after me what sounded like “bad boy.” John said I was stretching my imagination. However when he says something that sounds like “John,” then John says he is calling him. Mark agreed with me that David said “bad boy” so that is how it stands. John is having his troubles at school. Had such a long assignment last night he was carrying on something terrible about Miss K. I told him if he didn’t quiet down I would tell her and he took me right up on it & said he wished I would. Of course I wouldn’t tell her anything, because she has taught school a good many years & I believe is better qualified as to assignments than I would be. That is all the trouble there was but if you could have heard him go on about it you would have thought he had troubles. The band teacher resigned and student directors are going to try & keep the band going. I am glad now I didn’t invest in a horn for Mark because the Jr. band can’t carry on. They were too far behind the Sr. band to combine the two. Mark hardly ever touches his trumpet anyway and I believe it would be the same with anything he would have.

[page 2] The sun was shining this a.m. and I hung some white clothes out. Was going to take David out for a bit of sunshine but it’s cloudy now. Just typical fall weather.

The Woman’s Club had Prof. Phillips from Purdue speak at the meeting last night. Mrs. Zell & I went together. He gave a very interesting talk about what we will do after the war. He reviewed the events following World War I and touched upon the crime waves that have followed all our wars. In the course of his talk he mentioned Time magazine & how it had stooped to vulgarity – It was quite a coincidence – you had mentioned about the same thing in one of the letters I had from you yesterday. In fact you whole letter had run along the same vein he had talked on. I wanted to go tell him about your letter & how it tied up with his talk, but I didn’t. There was a business meeting following his address, so I sat where I was and the visiting men talked to him after he was thru. There were quite a number of men present. Prof. Phillips talked at Rotary once – I believe that was while you were here – or was it – I remember the French woman was on the program you attended.

Dorothy was out yesterday and said Ralph Bower had been appointed Judge. Seems Newell Lamb might have been but for a member of the Committee – That is just gossip and I don’t know enough about it to be certain. At any rate Newell & Ellsworth are supposed to be next up to go the Army and being Judge would get a deferment. D. said Ellsworth was going to try & get a 6 mo. deferment because Doris is going to have another baby.

Had a letter from Jim today & there is a possibility he may be sent to Joliet – in case his rating isn’t changed to Chief Steam fitter. In that event he will be sent to a ship yard. He left his top coat here & I have to send it to him.

I cooked the chicken your mother gave me and besides having two meals from it canned 5 pts. I thought it would be handy to have for quick meals.

David is quiet for some reason. He had a long nap and wish he would take another so I could get one.
“Love Mother”

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Hard Beds (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 6 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of July 26 came today. Had the 27 & 28 yesterday – so that brings my mail up pretty good. It is cooler but the sun is warming things up today. It was cool enough to have the windows & doors closed yesterday – Mark has been sleeping with me since John has been gone and last night he helped keep me warm – but you know me – covers for the first cool breeze. John got to go to the picnic – I had a letter from him yesterday and he said he would try not to get sick – you remember what happened to Mark one year. I don’t know whether Mark knows John got in on the picnic or not – but I don’t believe he will care because he is so built up on the 4-H outing the 16th to 19th. He runs errands for Arlene and I am trying to get him to save his money as he earns it so he will have some spending money when he goes to camp but money in his pocket seems to bother him. He always fins something he thinks he has to spend it for.

[page 2] Mother had a restless night. I wanted her to take a sleeping tablet but she didn’t want to. I gave her some potatoe soup yesterday noon and she threw it right up. She has been taking strained foods like I give David and keeps them down. Dr. Cole said she has a colitis condition and her recovery would be slow. She isn’t making any progress. If it weren’t for the hard beds in the hospital I would take her back down but she says she doesn’t feel she could stand the beds there. I am going to talk to Dr. Cole about her when I take David down Monday. He wants to see his cast again Mon. He sure gives that cast a beating – the way he rolls around out on it. Mark has him out in the buggy now. He is so “wiggly” it’s hard to keep him satisfied. Dr. Cole said the cast being on 4 weeks would retard his walking but I doubt it. He pulls up and gets around his pen & bed pretty good. He certainly has been good about it. He doesn’t fuss – just seems to take it for granted –

Ellsworth brought the policy out this morning. He said to tell you the baby was in for a – of a disappointment when he sees you. He said “you write & tell him I said that.” He said something about you being toothless & bald to David – E. is all hot & bothered about having to go. He said

[page 3] how’s my wife going to live on $50 – a month. I think a little military discipline might do him some good. I imagine the Army has tamed wilder ones – don’t you?

I paid my Ins. policy loan yesterday and groc. bill. We have a bal. of $233.55 – and a few other small bills to pay yet – water 4.80 – Geo. Monroe 4.75. Geo. has come every 60 days & oiled the furnace and looked things over. I will pay Ruth & Earl 100⁰⁰ if you think I should – we have a bond a month now for this year. I have 185⁰⁰ yet to pay on the piano (as previously stated). The car Ins. is due after the 11th and your Laf. life in Sept. I haven’t been paying any Gross this year – Agnes Molter said I shouldn’t and as I once before told you the 1942 Gross paid on Service salary is to be refunded – or so the Indpls Star stated. I am enclosing a funny I clipped out of Colliers. I you have seen it I am sorry, but I thought it might amuse you. Since you folks get a kick out of reading about local black-outs I thought this might amuse.

David is now raising a fuss to go out – I have fed him since starting this letter. He sure has a good appetite and likes potaoe. Ate a whole one today – That is I mashed one whole potatoe for him.

I must get this finished so Mark can take it to town. –
Love Mother

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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Too Much Noise Not Enough Music (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug 4 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of July 22 came today. It is hot & sticky today – It has been cloudy & raining for two days now the sun is making the ground steam. It is more oppressive out of doors than in. It is very pleasant upstairs. There is a good breeze thru and isn’t as hot as I thought it would be. Mother doesn’t feel so well toady – I would fix her a bed downstairs but she would rather be up. She stays in the little bedroom most of the time. I try to get her to stay in our room but she likes that bed in her room the best. It’s softer and also I put a feather bed on for her. As cool as it is I thought she would feel better today but she isn’t so well. She ate about as much today as usual which isn’t much. She is entirely on a soft diet and I sometimes think I’ll run out of things to fix because she soon tires of one thing.

David is taking a nap. He is coming along fine in his cast. Doesn’t seem to mind it. He certainly knows how to get people to admire him. He smiles so much & seems to like everyone who will smile at him. He stands now that we will allow him to. He pulls up very good considering the heavy cast on his left leg. The worst thing about it right now is the odor – can’t help that but I keep him powered & that helps lots.

[page 2] I haven’t been away from home except to take D. to the Dr. & get Mother’s medicine, so don’t know much news. Ellsworth Wilson called me about the renewal on the car Ins. He says his no. is 13 and he thinks he will have to go this fall. There were headlines in the paper to the effect that all pre-Pearl Harbour father’s would be subject to call. I told him I thought the Army would be a good place for him and some others. He said you women just wait until the men are gone – and I said “What do you think I have been doing for the past year.” He said “Oh you have an officer’s salary to go on” – I said “yes, you people think we get rich off our salary.” He said it was better than a buck privates, and soon and on. He said something about the allowance for each child being $1⁰⁰ per mo. – said he would have to go into mass production to get anything at that rate.

I gave you the finances yesterday but will give a little repeat – With the ck you last sent and my allotment I have a bal. of $444, but haven’t paid the groc. bills yet – I bought 7 – 18⁷⁵ bonds lost month & pd 100⁰⁰ on the piano – wrote to the Ins. Co. for the amt. to pay off that loan but haven’t heard from them yet. Will give you a full report when I get the bills all pd. & Ins. loan pd. off.

Mark had his cornet out in the yard – I think I’ll have to call him in. He makes too much noise & not enough music with it. He says he is going to band practice tonite. If I can find a reed instrument for him I think he will do better. John says a reed is easier to blow and I think he would practice better on something not so hard.

Love – Mother –

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

Gladys, Mark & David, 1943


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We Scored Again (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

We scored again on mail today – Yours of May 20 & 21 came with the travel check. I am sending John to the bank to dep. it and mail this when I finish. Your letters were very refreshing – you had had some from me and answered some questions and commented. First I’ll talk about the furnace & coal situation. Up to now the furnace has been doing “OK.” We keep it well cleaned and Mr. Monroe keeps a record on the oiling and comes every 60 days to go over the oiling job. I have kept coal put in and have a standing order for coal. When I paid the cast coal bill yesterday Chet said he had me down for a fill up the next car that comes in. I was going to have Harlans

[page 2] bring a load but since coal is getting to be so hard to get thought I had better let the order stand at the Lumber co. I can get some later from Harlans. I think you would be proud of our job taking care of the furnace. When we came home from Ruth’s (May 24), I cleaned the furnace out before I started a new fire. It will have to be cleaned again soon because day before yesterday when John & I cleaned the basement we burned a lot of papers & bones.

About Johnson’s baby – he seemed some better last week when Lucile went to Laf. with me to get Mark. However they had to keep his arms & legs covered with long stockings to keep him from digging. I haven’t seen or talked with Lucile since then but will in a day or two. They are giving him S.M.A. and did give him lamp treatments. Ellsworth Wilson’s baby had eczema so bad but it finally left and Lucile is hoping Jimmy Ed will outgrow it too – I saw Ellsworth yesterday – He

[page 3] had Eddie Ray with him. I think they keep him home all the time, or take him with them when they go – He looks pretty good, but after a fracture like he had, I suppose they have to keep a close watch on him (my own observation).

David is in his bed following his his bath & cereal. He can pull up to his feet now. He is so much to climb I can hardly hold him on my lap – he wants to climb right up. Tries to climb out of anything that offers the opportunity – like his buggy or play chair. It is raining today so he can’t go out of doors. His two lower teeth show up very good now. He is due for his last shot but I am going to wait until tomorrow evening – the last one he had in the morning and he was cross all day. I used to leave him in bed with me after he had his 6 a.m. bottle and he would take a nap but he won’t be still now – Just as soon as he gets thru – he turns over and tries to climb up on the head of the bed – Mother gets up about the time he finishes

[page 4] his bottle so she brings him downstairs. Sometimes we wake him up when we go to bed but he just smiles, turns over, takes his thumb and goes back to sleep.

I went down to Funks last night. Arlene had been to Laf. and had a wisdom tooth pulled. She has learned to drive so she drove their car down. Don’t worry, about a gift for Carl’s baby – I gave “Tommy” a present. I haven’t seen him yet but Arlene & I are to go one afternoon soon and see him.

John is practicing a lot this morning – The recital is tonight – – Buddy came out before Mark was up this morning – I didn’t let him disturb Mark – he just waited until he did get up. They are around the house some place now playing. I think Buddy has been out here every day except Sun. since Mark came home from the hospital. I think Mark’s throat is about normal again. He doesn’t chew quite so much aspergum. He has a good appetite and says he has gained back all he lost while in the hospital. Last night when we were ready for bed he weighed 61.

Had a letter from Ruth M. today

[page 5] She was going to Tat Coan’s wedding. Tat went into the Catholic Church and had quite a large wedding. When we were over there they were having several showers for her. Ruth had been invited to one. Tat and Helen came to see us while at Ruth’s – of course they wanted to see D.

I just looked at the clock and see it’s 11:30 so must get busy and stir something for lunch. I bought potatoes again yesterday. We don’t buy by pecks anymore. It’s by the 10 lb. – (73¢ for 10 lbs). I got 2 lbs hamburger and it was 31¢ lb. I ran out of meat – still have chickens, bacon (and the strawberries I put in Tues). Brands said they had a quarter I could have but it didn’t materialize. Parttens have promised me a quarter but they won’t butcher till fall, so I got caught with my locker almost empty. However Zells’ frys are ready and I am going to put a dozen in the locker. I must stop and write your Mother a line.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

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Croquet (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

This is a lazy Sunday. It was warm & humid this morning and about 1 o’clock the rain started. The first since last Tues. The farmers have had a chance to do a little plowing if not all. Last night the Funks were plowing corn ground. I drove Bill’s car and Arlene took him a lunch to the field. He was plowing close to his father’s house. I wanted to drive our car but they insisted I drive theirs. It seemed harder to handle – and I still prefer a Ford. Arlene’s sister Loray has been here visiting, so she went with us. Also John went with us, tho it was late for him (10:30 when we left). I was a little sleepy myself this morning when I had to get David’s

[page 2] 6 a.m. bottle. He was right with the Sunday morning bells. After I had fed him I wanted to sleep and Mother was up by then so they she took him down to the ‘nursery.’ I didn’t get up until time for the family to go to church. I was tired from yesterday’s activities. I helped some in the garden, but it was cloudy and the garden needed cultivating and Mark needs supervision when he works in the garden. John helped too so we got along fine. Mr. Zell helped then Mark helped him in his garden. We planted some corn & beans & set out 12 tomatoe plants. I didn’t think it was necessary for us to raise so many tomatoes, but do want to can a few quarts. We will soon have lettuce & spinach. Are having radishes & onions now. Now that is [it] has rained today there won’t be any garden work for a few days, but the lawn will need to be mowed tomorrow or next day.

[page 3] Since Mark couldn’t play out this P.M. he decided to bake a cake. He is now cleaning up the mess & sampling his product. I am afraid there won’t be much left if he keeps on tasting.

David was out so much yesterday, but has to stay in this afternoon. I had him out this morning a while. He is so tan – his hands and feet are as dark as his face – Mary Parttens stopped a while yesterday and said he was the best looking baby she had ever seen. I said she had had two but she said they were fair and she thinks a dark skinned baby the best looking. She said he looks like you. He is a little hard to handle this afternoon – he wants to go out in his buggy.

John and Mark had to work most all day yesterday and were planning to play croquet this afternoon, now the rain has changed their plans. They can play with partners – The two

[page 4] older Zell girls like to play too so they have games all the time.

I saw Ellsworth taking Eddie Ray for a ridge one evening. Irene took Jimmy to see him while he was still in bed. He doesn’t remember anything about his fall or why he has been in the hospital. I think he seems normal otherwise.

Oleva Cupp Hobby - 1942

Oveta Culp Hobby, 1942 (Image from the Library of Congress)

There is a radio program on now taking a group of W.A.A.C.’s into Service – They just took the pledge. Mrs. Cal Hobby just gave a short talk.

I think Nick’s idea of joining the Navy must be out – because he was to take a final exam – and I don’t think he took it. Also they are having some remodeling down on their house – Having a bathroom put in downstairs. They got the buffet & china closet we had in the basement to put their dishes in – due to tearing out that pantry to make room for the bath.

The rain is still coming down rather fast – like it may last for a while. It is 4 P.M. – and I can’t figure where the time went (or how).

Love – Mother

William E. Funk family - c1960

William E. Funk family – c1960

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The Dionne Quintuplets (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – It is cloudy and a little cool so we are all in the house. John is listening to musical programs. We all listened to the Quintuplets – they were in Superior, Wis., at a ship launching ceremony – they spoke and sang in French & English. There were five Merchant ships launched and the quints christened them.

I wrote you yesterday and if you get my letter will think I am a little mixed up – well I read your letter in a hurry and wrote to you before I re-read it – It was about the box you got & the chicken bones – It sounded like the bones had been taken out of the tin can, until I read it again and it was the candy in wrappers you meant the ants got into – so much for the chicken bones. I had four letters from you to read – hence the hurry –

[page 2] David seemed to have quite a cold yesterday and didn’t sleep so good last night – I’ll have to put that down against him – the first night he was disturbed me in the wee hours of the morning, but I think his gums are bothering him – He feels fine today and very little evidence of a cold. I think he had what John had earlier in the week. John seems to be alright now except for headaches, so I am going to take him to Dr. Ade this week and have his eyes checked. Mark had a slight cold too but didn’t lose any of his pep. There are a lot of colds around, but these didn’t last long so can’t complain. It has been raining or cloudy since Thurs. so David hasn’t had a sunning since last Wed. He was getting so tan – and it was very becoming. I think he will tan like Mark does & you. I don’t know whether Donnie Funk gets in the sun as much but he is very fair and maybe doesn’t tan as readily as David.

The dandelions are in full bloom now. Our lawn looks very yellow as well as all the lawn around here.

[page 3]Tonight is the Baccalaurate service at the high school. If I had someone to go with and someone to stay with the boys I would go – so I think I’ll save the trouble and stay home.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is home from the hospital. He has been sick for about two months. Gretchen lives here now since her husband is in the Army. Her baby is about 3 mo. old now. He was a little fellow – smaller than D. when he was born, but is coming along nicely.

Bethel Wilson is in Florida – you know she is in the W.A.A.C. – Ethel went to see her and had to stay longer than she had planned – couldn’t get reservations on the train to come home when she planned. Travel has been curtailed a lot – Mrs. P. said they had to stand part of the way back from Fla. They came back and both got sick from the change in weather. Mrs. Dixon & Nettie said they had noticed the chilly weather a lot this time. They went down last fall & spent the winter. People shouldn’t come back so soon – when we have this kind of a spring. Every time it gets warm for a day or two we think cold weather is over, then we have a cold snap – so much for weather.

[page 4] Of course you remember Roscoe Kenoyer – they have a baby girl – they live near Otterbein now. Tommy Thompson’s have stored their furniture and rented their house – He is going to work on his Dad’s farm this summer. At present Mary is living with her mother. Fuells have moved out of town & Chas. Dienhart bought the Fuell house. Ellsworth bought Dienhart’s house for a rental. I haven’t heard anything about Eddie Ray in the past few days so he evidently is getting better.

I stopped to see Jimmy Ed Fri eve and it is almost too soon to tell whether the S.M.A. is going to help his skin condition. Dr. M. is using light treatments on him too. Besides the white flakes, there is a little seepage. – like my hands get when I eat something I shoudn’t.

David has had a nap and is making a noise so better go see what he needs – without looking I know – The same story – dry pants.

I have Mark reading a book – he brought 3 home from the library and I told him he had to read them.

Love, Mother

P.S. Your last letter was of Apr 21 – so that is pretty good time – I got it May 8 –

P.S. no. 2.

Had two “sets” of callers this afternoon – You remember the Luce man, who had the smashed arm – he stopped in – thought you might be home on week-end leave – but I told him you were on foreign duty – well he wanted to show you his arm – he has fairly good use of it now and is going to marry one of the nurses he met while in the hospital so long. The arm is not straight – and is bumpy in places but from the shape it was in when you got to him – I would say it’s a pretty good arm. He still gives you credit for saving it –

The other callers were Forrest & Gertrude, Chas (the sailor at Pern) and his wife, which I think must be recently acquired, Helen & her two children. Helen said Dan is still in Noumea but she thinks he wno’t be long. Mrs. R. called me this evening. She had a letter from Joe & he said he thought he might possibly see you before long.

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