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David’s Diary – December 30, 1968

Monday, December 30, 1968

Up around 8 or 8:30. Had breakfast, loaded the car, said good-bye. We were on the main highway by 10:20. We made very good time; no head winds today, so we could achieve a speed of 70 mph. Arrived in Lafayette about 12:45. Debby was in a good mood to meet her grandparents. We had lunch + visited. Paul + Marty arrived about 3. We had our gift exchange—more visiting. A slow afternoon; I became very tired—reclined on the bed for a few minutes before supper. Supper about 6:45. After supper we watched TV: “The Laugh-in.” Then Bonnie got the slides out, put them in the trays, and we showed all our slides. After this, Dad + Mother began heading for bed, so did John. Paul + Marty + Bonnie and I sat talking about the Gary experience.[1] Too tired to bathe. Off to bed at about 12:40.

Tuesday, December 31, 1968

A leisurely day. Up about 9. Sat around doing nothing much and visiting. John went home to Champaign in the morning. We have arranged to go over there this weekend. I called Mrs. Myers  to tell her we’d be up on Saturday. We took a lot of pictures this morning of Paul + Marty + Debby + Bonnie + mother and myself. I called Gary Myers’ [2] parents to get his address: South High Gardens, Apt. #12. Rural Route #4, Shelbyville, Ind. 46176. After lunch Paul, Marty and Bonnie + I played cards—we also had a chance earlier (in morning) to talk further about Gary schools. Supper was marred by an argument about the Israeli-Arab problem. Mom + Dad siding with Israel—the rest of us arguing for the Arab cause. After supper Marty + Paul left for home. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV. Bonnie sewed. Bathed; off to bed a few minutes after 12. Celebrated the New Year’s with ISN; lights out by 12:30.


Wednesday, January 1, 1969

Got up around 9. Another wasted day. Didn’t do much of anything this morning. Mark, Shirley + family arrived about 11 AM. The kids are really wild; we ate about noon. Some attention was paid to the Rose Bowl Parade on TV. Floyd + Ruth + Steve arrived early in the afternoon. I found it a dull day. Tried to avoid Mark + Dad, since they inevitably get into arguments. – didn’t care to sit all afternoon watching football. Wrote letter to Gary Myers. Spent the afternoon chatting with Ruth, Shirley, Bonnie + Mom—took more pictures. About 5:30 we had supper and then all the visitors headed home. I napped briefly. Mom + Dad went to an open house. Bonnie worked more on my sports coat—I slummed=watched TV all evening. Called Bob Geiselman + Mrs. Myers to arrange Friday trip; bathed, off to bed at midnight.

Thursday, January 2, 1969

Another true “vacation” day; got up around 9—in the middle of the morning we all decided to go downtown to get the auto licenses for this year. We went downtown and did some shopping too; mailed letter to Gary Myers. I got some gloves at army surplus. We got home about 12. –I had carried Debby on my back. I napped in the afternoon, listened to records, read in Jenny Moore’s The People on Second Street. We had supper around 6. The listened to TV news + to Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight. During this Levon King [3] called from Detroit inviting us to stop through there on our way back to Boston—which we shall do. Watched more TV, had a snack, then back to reading in Jenny Moore’s book; also started Marion Anderson’s autobiography.

Friday, January 3, 1969

Up around nine. Put off breakfast to make it an early lunch. Read for a while in Mrs.  Moore’s book. Had lunch, packed suitcase. Tried several times to get the car started—with no luck. Had to call tow-service to have the car started. Bonnie, Debby + I left for Kentland shortly after noon. About 1 we arrived at Mrs. Myers’ home. We had a nice visit until about 4 o’clock. We left town about 4:25. We headed west—toward Champaign. Strong headwinds—so we didn’t make good time. Arrived at John’s about 6:30—went over to Bob + Lea’s. Had supper there, visited during the evening; played password too late—had a very good time together. Finally off to bed at about 2:45—our time.

Saturday, January 4, 1969

In view of the time of retirement, I slept late; did awake when Bonnie fed Debby and got up herself, but was able to get some more sleep. Finally got up around 11 o’clock. Had juice for breakfast; shaved; at about 12 we all went over to John’s for lunch. Lea + Bob left—But Bonnie, Debby + I stayed with John for the afternoon. We relaxed, visited, listened to records; we came back over to Bob + Lea’s for supper. After supper, watched TV; Bob, John + Bonnie worked on a very difficult cross-word puzzle. Lea + I watched TV: movie starring Cary Grant: “Father Goose.” Lea had to leave for work about 10. Bob, John Bonnie + I visited until late; about 1 John left and we all went to bed. Lights out about 1:20.

Sunday, January 5, 1969

Again slept late. This was another day of relaxing and goofing off. Lea had worked the night shift last night, so she slept all morning. Bob + Bonnie + Debby + I went over to John’s for lunch. I read some in the afternoon in Mrs. Moore’s book—I did done in the forenoon also. Napped in the afternoon. About four we headed back over to Bob + Lea’s. Lea was up. We watched TV and visited. We then got ready and went to eat—went to a Chinese restaurant: the Tea Garden. We were home in time to see the Smothers Brothers. Turned TV off and spent the rest of the evening playing password. About 1 AM we decided to quit—and discovered that a howling snow-storm was going on. John got home alright, however. Off to bed about 2:15 (Eastern time).

[1] They lived in Gary, Indiana—or had at one time—and we had visited them there.

[2] My college roommate at Indiana University.

[3] He was the pastor who married us, along with I.U. Prof. Harold Hill.

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Gladys – November 24, 1968

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906

Nov 24, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby,

Yours received. We were more than pleased that you will be coming home after Christmas. Dad has 16 days off during the holidays and we were contemplating going south for a few days, but we would rather stay home and baby sit (if necessary) with Debby. I know John and Bob and Lea and Mark and Shirley and the children will all be very happy about your decision to come home. I talked to John via phone yesterday and we are both agreed that your idea about camping on the way home is a very poor idea for this time of year. I wouldn’t say a thing if you and Bonnie wanted to do that to yourselves, but I think you shouldn’t try that on Debby at her tender age, so here is what I am suggesting. I will pay for your night’s lodging – since you will have only one night at a motel – you will be at the McGraws the second night – then you get home. Now I will not give you the money otherwise – that money is earmarked for a motel room for you, so please do not plan to stay in a camp coming or going back. We have had a very mild fall, but who knows it may be very cold by that time and who knows, Debby might smother in a sleeping bag, so please don’t think about doing such a thing. Next summer in Europe is another matter. You won’t be travelling in such cold weather.

Yesterday Purdue played I.U. and it was a cliff hanger. Purdue won in the last 7 minutes of the game. By the half we thought I.U. had it all tied up since the score was 10 to 28, or a similar difference. We had thought Purdue had a good team, but on the way home Dad says they have about four good players. They played a very poor game and by all odds I.U. should have won. Dad had the duty until 7 AM, so he got all the repercussions – at least his share – all night long. One man with a heart condition died shortly after the game was over – I suppose the excitement was too much. The Purdue fans were wild in those last few minutes. And what a waste of energy. If we could get people steamed up about the injustices in this world, perhaps we wouldn’t have so much wrong with the world. (A little sermon there) Dad was in and out all night long. Finally when he came home to have breakfast, I said, “Why didn’t you just stay at the Health Center all night, instead of driving back and forth?” He replied, “I wondered about that myself.” He had surgery (and this has nothing to do with football) for a student with bleeding ulcers. He is wishing the student will decide to go home and have his own Doctor take care of him, but I rather think he will stay here. They have such a good hospital here and any surgeon in Lafayette they want will come over and do any kind of surgery necessary (except maybe a heart transplant). I just hope Dad gets to spend the afternoon on the couch sleeping – he will need it.

Dad got Lea’s shelves installed and now we are making plans for the ones in our own living room. John hasn’t gotten his plan drawn up yet. We are going to Champaign Wednesday evening and spend Thanksgiving Day with John, Bob and Lea. We will come home Thursday evening. I want Dad to get as much done on my shelves as possible. I have another unit in the planning for my office. This room has been like a stepchild, but I want to get it made over, since I do spend some time in here when I need to do book work or type.

I liked the article in the Gloucester paper, but I would bet a lot of people won’t agree with you. The picture looks just like you.

My next door neighbor is going to church with me this morning. Dad is over at the Health Center.

Love Mother


Your Sussannah Wesley has been used four times and booked for another meeting.

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Closing the Office

Letter transcription:

[October 1967]

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your correspondence cards have been ordered – 200 and they will read Rev. and Mrs. David A. Yegerlehner, and it is a good thing there wasn’t another letter, because that was as many as could be printed on this type of card. You can consider that part of your Christmas from us. I ordered and gave them your address, so the boxes (2) will come directly to you.

John came over Friday and spent the weekend with us. He had an appointment with the eye specialists on Saturday. Saturday night we attended a play at Loeb’s Theatre – The Miser. It was quite interesting (have you read the play by Moliere?) and we thought the Purdue players executed it very well. One of Dr. Schoonveld’s sons – Mike – had a bit part. He is a freshman this year. John left after breakfast this morning. Said he had so much work to do he should not have come Friday. We attended church this morning and have spent the rest of the day relaxing. Dad is watching TV now, but the program wasn’t very interesting, so I decided to catch up on my writing.

Last week I attended a meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which for all practical purposes took most of the week – Tues. thru Friday. That was the week of Oct. 10 and this immediate past week I entertained the Vesper Circle from Kentland and on Thursday night a bridge group – Johnsons, Fords and McClures. Everyone was quite interested in seeing our place. We are bit by bit getting things finished, but still have quite a few things to do. We did finally get the driveway and retaining walls finished. Now we want to get our Japanese gardens completed, but it seems we don’t make as much progress as we would like to make – between Dad’s work and my running around. Last weekend we went to Kentland late on Saturday afternoon – and I had just returned from C.R. the day before. We had dinner with Florence and Ray. Jim and Mary Ann and Tom were home. Jim had just returned from his tour of duty in the Air Force. He had been to Japan and had some very beautiful pictures. He is out of service now, but since he took communications while in service is trying to get some kind of job in that field. Mary Ann is going to college in Indianapolis and is wearing a diamond. I think her boyfriend is a medical student. Rita R. is teaching school in Indianapolis and I think Florence mentioned a man one time, so no doubt Rita will become engaged also. Tom is going to St. Joseph College. We then went to LaPorte to visit Janssens.

I have seen Mrs. Myers twice recently. She was out of the hospital the last time I saw her – last Friday and seemed to be feeling

[page 2] well enough to be up. However, she was wearing her robe and said she wasn’t feeling quite as well as she would like to. We have closed the office and Saturday was Edna’s last day to work for us. Arvella is working for Dr. K. She says he is very nice to work for, but so slow. Some evenings she doesn’t get away from the office until 7:30. She doesn’t go to work until 10 AM and does get every Thursday off (all day). Edna is seriously thinking about going to Memphis to live since Betty Joe is now living there. She said she was not going to look for work for a while. She is working on her own now making records for people who were too late to get in on the record bit while we still kept her working for us. We told her she could work making records for people if she wanted to do it, but to make a change, so she is charging $1.00 per person. That won’t bring in what we were paying her, but it will be some income while she decides what to do. We are going to sell the office building and give the equipment to a charitable organization of some sort…

We have been attending all the home football games and believe it or not I am learning to follow the game. Of course, I am not an expert, but can follow what is going on (most of the time). We have tickets to attend the game at Champaign Nov. 4th. John said he and Bob and Lea want us to come on Friday and spend the entire weekend. They are going to celebrate my birthday which will have passed, but it will be a celebration anyway. If the weather is good I plan to drive to Champaign Tuesday evening to attend “Falstaff.” Bob said I could use his ticket since for some reason he is not going. Bob and Lea have bought a new home and from all descriptions from Bob and John is quite a nice place. Much larger than their present home. They are trying to sell their place at 1608 Rosewood and plan to move to the new house Oct. 28th. I said I was sorry I couldn’t help, but we have promised Mark and Shirley we will keep Kirk and David (I call him roadrunner) while they take Becky and go to Chicago. The last time I kept David he wasn’t still except while eating. Dad has the duty next Saturday and the play we were to see has been cancelled, so it just works out right for us to keep the boys.

I haven’t checked yet on transportation in December, but will fly to New York the 6th and probably to Boston on the 9th. I think we are to be finished with our meeting by noon on the 9th. Will let you know definitely when I know more.

Love Mother (over)

I paid your fall taxes – another Christmas gift. Also notified the proper authorities here of your change of address to 118 Juniper and you should receive your ballots.

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Human Rights in World Perspective

Letter transcription:

O’Hare Field

Aug. 1 – 1967

Dear David & Bonnie –

Up at 6 o’clock this a.m. to get a plane from Purdue to O’Hare. I had heard Lake Central is not very reliable as to time schedule, but I can’t complain today. We were on our way not more than 10 minutes late. After arriving here I had to walk at least a mile, or so it seemed to get to T.W.A. I met two other women in the T.W.A. lounge headed for the same meeting “National Seminar – Human Rights in World Perspective” to be held at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City.

I really hated to be away just now, but when we started the remodeling, it was to have been finished and we were to have carpeting down and everything moved into new part by Aug. 1 – but we are going to be doing good if we get ready (the way I wanted it to be) by the 22nd. However, I am sure we will all enjoy being together whether the house is right or not. We should be ready for overnight guests by the time you come. When the new part is finished, we will have 3 bedrooms for company. I won’t tell you any more, let you see when you come. I talked to Lea and Bob. Mark and Shirley probably won’t make it until the end of the week. Mark’s vacation ends Aug. 21, but they will be with us probably the end of the week. We haven’t been able to have the children up this summer because of the remodeling mess. When we get the place the way we want it, Kirk, Becky, and David should have plenty of play space.

Sunday we were in Kentland to attend the 40th wedding anniversary celebration of the Washburns. After the reception I went out to the hospital to see Mrs. Myers. I didn’t know she was in the hospital until I went to her apt. and found the place empty. I made some inquiries and was told she had been in the hospital since the middle of the week. I was not surprised. The last time I saw her her legs were so swollen they looked terrible. She got an asthmatic attack and had to have oxygen. Dr. K. sent her to the hospital – the only thing to do under the circumstances. Sunday her legs were down to normal and her breathing normal and she thought she would go home by Wed. I hope you remember to send her a birthday remembrance. She said she was sure she would hear from you on her birthday. I have a card ready to mail from K.C. to her. Also told Dad to send flowers.

Pat Owens took two years at Indiana State, then took a beauty course. She is now working in a shop in West Lafayette and lives just two blocks from us. She came over last evening and set and styled my hair. She is engaged

[page 2] and thinks she will be married in about a year. Her fiancé is attending Indiana State, but is thinking of transferring to Purdue. Doris has closed her shop and is spending the summer at their cottage on the lake in Monticello. Harold also spends much time there. He has moved his office to the house. Pat was so happy that her mother had quit work. Harold still looks after Mrs. Myers. I told her about the nursing home about a mile from where we live, but can’t get her interested. Dad even made a concession – he said he would take care of her if she would to W. L. She just can’t bring herself to the idea of a nursing home, but I am afraid the time is coming when she won’t be able to stay alone.

As of now, we have no one to take over the office – so Dad says he is going to close Sept. 1 and sell the building.

I thought you should have the enclosed tax receipt.

Love Mother

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38th Wedding Anniversary

Letter transcription:

May 24, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Last weekend we went to Centerville and had a very enjoyable visit with Louise and Mac. We also visited with Grandpa and Grandma. We both think it is remarkable the way Bonnie’s grandparents continue to be so well and active. We enjoyed a steamboat dinner and now Dad is trying to figure how he can make a steamboat. Knowing your Dad, you know he will get something produced in time. Today I attended a luncheon at the Union Building and a Layman’s meeting in Loeb’s Theatre. After the Layman’s meeting I came home, but saw Rev. McClure and a few other people in the lobby before leaving. This week Dad has been attending meetings and I have two more to attend (he has been going to dinner meetings) so we won’t get much done in the way of packing. We plan to go to Kentland Friday evening. He wants Dr. Logan to do some work on his teeth, and he plans to have office hours on Saturday. We plan to go to Danville and meet John, Lea and Bob at about 6:30 for a smorgasbord dinner, then on to John’s to spend the night. We plan to come back home Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is our 38th wedding anniversary and this afternoon when Dad came home I started to get something out of the refrigerator and saw a green sack with a decorator bow on it (I don’t know where he got the bow – but the sack was definitely not for gift wrapping) and of course, I knew it was for me. It was a pair of opera glasses. When we go to programs at the Music Hall and I take the binoculars along he thinks they are too clumsy to handle on such occasions – hence the gift. I had gotten a gift for him, so got it out and gave it to him. It was a book about building fences and gates. There is a spot at 118 Juniper Court where I thought he could put a fence – hence the book. We were there this afternoon and after inspecting what Mr. Walker has in that particular spot, rather think my book will not be needed. We do hope you get home this summer to see the new house and lot. The woods back of the house is getting so thick now and the patio back of the house looks like a good place to spend a lazy afternoon, and no lawn to mow back of the house. Dad is going to sell the riding mower, because we only have a lawn in front and there isn’t much side yard. When we get the new addition on, there will be less. We should be hearing from the contractor with all those pretty figures. I said if the living room was larger, we wouldn’t do anything to the house, but Dad says we need another bathroom. The only bathroom in the house is rather tiny and I agree with him, we need another if we ever have company.

Last night John called us about meeting them in Danville and he was wondering if you had definitely decided to come home. He says he would rather you would come to Indiana first, because Lea and Bob are planning to go to California and you will get to see them before they leave if you come here first. Also he was wondering if you knew anything about getting accommodations. Besides being hard to get, the going rate is rather high. Floyd and Ruth want to go and they were talking about the rate being more than $20 a day for a room. Give a thought about the suggestion to come to Indiana first.

As I mentioned before I am attending the Annual Conference – not in its entirety, but just selected meetings. Since we are going to Kentland Friday evening I won’t be able to attend Sat. and Sun. I noticed on the program that there will be an ordination service at the closing service Sunday, but I presume (know) there are those every year. They keep talking about the preacher shortage – it makes me think of the talk about the Dr. shortage. I saw Mary Portteus yesterday, a delegate from the Raub church. I said something about staying healthy – and she said she had to, there was no place to go. I also told her what Dad tells anyone who laments his leaving Kentland – to enroll in Purdue and he will take care of them. I am to attend a luncheon for Christian Social Concerns today. Dorothy Nicholson (they live just back of us) is having a coffee

[page 2] for me this morning for me to meet some of the people who live on her street. If I can get away in time, I will attend a session – Bible Study by the Bishop, at 11:15.

The weather here has finally turned to spring. Yesterday was the warmest day (according to the news) since one day last Sept.

Do you want me to save any of the books I am about to give away? I have not had time to sort them yet, but I rather think the ones I want to get rid of, you wouldn’t want. Let me know.

Love Mother

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Released From the Lease

Letter transcription:

May 3, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Since we had 10,000 (more or less of these sheets left) you will probably be seeing a lot of them before I use them all. I am a little tired today. Two women are supposed to stop for me to attend a meeting in Frankfort, at 8:45 and I waited until 9:15 and started out myself. When I got to Frankfort couldn’t find the church. The Methodists have built a new church on the east edge of Frankfort and after stopping at 4 filling stations and riding around in circles for about an hour finally arrived. It seems my friends stopped at the wrong house and when no one answered they drove on and here I sat waiting for them. The driver was quite embarrassed when she learned she has stopped at 226 instead of 312 and the outcome is that I am quite tired from the ratrace of getting there late and trying to find the church. We have plans drawn up for the addition to the house we are buying and Dad has talked to a contractor who is highly recommended. He says he can’t touch it until Sept. We are waiting for his bid, then we will see what we will do. John, Lea and Bob were here to spend the day Sunday and we looked around the yard. I called the present owner and told them we wouldn’t bother them in the house, just wanted to look around. They were all quite impressed with the lot since there is a patio (bricked) which overlooks a ravine. The dogwood trees were all in bloom and in spite of the cold weather we have had things look green and the flowering shrubs have flowered. The Harrises have sold our old house to Mary Kay Anstett. The Jansses are leaving Kentland. Garnett has been appointed to manage a store in LaPorte. When Mary Kay heard the news, she said she went “to pieces,” since Marge had seen to it she has transportation – Mary K. doesn’t drive. She decided with the two little girls she had better be a little closer to schools and stores. The Harrises paid us off and made enough (without cashing anything) to make the down payment on the house here. We went back to Kentland last Saturday – in fact on Friday evening – and Dad had office hours. We won’e go back until the last Sat. in May since he has duty at Health Center next two Saturdays and May 20th we are planning to go to Centerville. I stop and see Mrs. M. every time we are in K. and she gives me your letters, so keep up on the news from you. You had better write now once in a while since we won’t be back in K. until the 27th. Hope Bonnie likes her new position. I thought when we got to W. Lafayette I wouldn’t have much to do, but it seems I have been too busy. Since I have this Conference office I have done a lot of traveling. I am not looking forward to moving, but since we have this house leased for a year and I don’t know whether we can be

[page 2] “released from the lease” we may have plenty of time to move. If we have to keep this, I think we will move by car loads. At least that will be easier (I think). I hope to be able to stay put for a while after moving to our new home. Dad is attending a lunch today with his “boss” and a professor. I don’t know what the purpose of the affair is, but at any rate he won’t be home for lunch, but has the afternoon off and we are going to take the abstract to a lawyer’s office to have it examined. Also buy Dad a new raincoat, and do a few other things. Since we have been here I haven’t bought anything new, but a hat and 3 pair of hose. I decided since no one around here had seen my clothes, I don’t [need] any new ones – (until next year when we go traveling again).

Love Mother

The enclosed came and since it didn’t have a 5₵ stamp, I opened it and decided to send it on. It was addressed to us.

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Time to Write

1966-04-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 14, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This morning there was an area hospital meeting at our Geo Ade and since it was so close I attended and was asked by the President to ask the blessing at the meal (I was asked to do that several days ago, so it wasn’t a surprise). This afternoon there was a tour of the hospital, but I didn’t stay for that since I have been around the place a few times. This afternoon I have been working on the books and tonight while trying to finish the task at hand and put the put the books away I discovered I had paid your taxes ($19.40) which is due before May 1. In running the amounts we paid, but in sorting out the different tax categories discovered yours had been paid. We have to list the tax on house and furniture in one place on the big return and tax on the office in another place. Don’t bother to send me a check, I think I owe you something for the pictures and I may have you get me a book or two. Get me Contemporary Continental Theologians. Let me know how much I still owe you.

We enjoyed your last letter, but know you don’t have time to write that much very often. You are so right in your conclusion that people say one thing and do another. However, we must keep our own eyes on the right goal and practice what we preach. In spite of the way things seem to be going, we have to keep believing in the right. I am sure we know foreign policy can be so far off. I agree with you on many things and it is a puzzle at times as to how our foreign policy can be so far off. Our might doesn’t seem to be making much right.

Dad worked in the yard this afternoon and then went to the hospital and delivered a baby. He was home by 8:30. He had trouble with the riding mower, so had to do half of the yard with the walking type. He is very healthy looking from his afternoon out of doors. He finally got the go-ahead from me to dig up some of the shrubs along the south side of the yard. He has started another row about five feet further to the north and will in time take out the larger bushes that have been encroaching on the evergreens. He divided and says good, so two weeks ago I got some replacements while in Lafayette. I have another appointment with Dr. Ferguson May 9. My arm is some better. It doesn’t give me much pain, but I still can’t bend it certain ways. I have trouble getting my arm around back to run up a zipper.

Mark and Shirley and the children, John and Lea and Bob were here for Easter. Shirley’s parents came in the afternoon. Little David is such a good baby he stayed in the bed most of the time they were here. Shirley said she knew it much have been strange for him, because he is used to sleeping in a basket at home. We took some pictures and when I get some back will send you some new ones of him. Kirk is so possessive about David, he tells everyone who may be interested that they cannot have David. Becky thinks he is pretty cute, but I rather think Kirk is more interested in the baby.

Mrs. Myers has a dental appointment next Tuesday. She called me today to ask me if I could take her to the dentist. She was rather annoyed with Dr. Limp. She seemed to think he wasn’t as concerned with her case as he should have been. I think she wanted me to suggest that she go to Dr. Logan, but he is booked so far ahead I don’t know when she could get an appointment and I really think she should stay with Limp. She probably will have to have that tooth pulled. When I talked to her today I promised her I would stop and see her tomorrow. So far this week I haven’t had an opportunity. She doesn’t get up until noon some days and when I go to the office in the evening I usually don’t leave home in time to stop—due to one cause or another. Monday this week I had to go to Lafayette (had an eye appointment with a Dr. at the Clinic). I may get contact lenses, if he says yes. I am to see him again the 21st. It is a little closer to go to Lafayette than Hammond.

1966-04-14-gry-p-2Next month our W.S.C.S. will celebrate the 25th year (one year late) and I have been elected to give the program. I am in the process now of going through records of the past 25 years to get some data. Some of our secretaries left something to be desired in keeping records. At Christmastime Ruthie wrote to me about a friend of theirs who lives in Boston—Barbara Schrier (Mrs. R.W.) her husband is in Harvard Med School and their address is 849 Mass Ave, Arlington, Mass. She thought Barbara would be happy to know you, since she knew the Yegerlehners in Lebanon. If you have time and want to look them up, you have the address after all these months.

I must get back to my research.
Love Mother


I had such a nice letter from Dr. Beck, but haven’t had time to answer. I will get around to it soon. I want to thank him. I certainly wish we could have planned to go when he will be there (Holy Land).

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Haven’t Time to Write

1965-12-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Dec. 10, 1965

Dear David:

I really haven’t time to write—it is time for my siesta. I have been working in the office this week to help Edna get caught up with insurance forms. Yesterday (Thurs.) I took the leased car to Lafayette to have it serviced and did a little shopping for myself and Mrs. M. Dad opened this letter by mistake. I thought you could perhaps use it before Christmas. Mark is going to meet you at the airport since they plan to come down Christmas Eve. Lea and Bob will be here, also John, so we will all be home for Christmas.

Tomorrow night my S.S. class will meet here for Christmas Party and I am not ready. Tonight we go to the Hospital for annual meeting. Maybe I will have time when we return after the meeting to get a few things done. At least I am not going to knock myself out trying to clean. I think everyone will have just as much fun whether or not I dust the books, etc.

I must get to that siesta, so for now this is all. We should have the stereo installed by this time next week.

Love Mother

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Thanksgiving Week

1965-11-29-gry-p-1 Letter transcription:

Nov. 29-1965

Dear David and Bonnie –

I am writing again in Wilmington. Will spend the night here and then go home in the morning. We have had a full week. Last Tuesday we went back to Kentland—stopping in Kankakee to shop and eat. It was about 4 PM when we reached Kentland, so after a short siesta I went to the office and after we had dinner I was ready to fold. Wed. we started preparing food for the homecoming. John came home about 2:30. Lea & Bob came in time for dinner. Mark, Shirley & children arrived later in the evening. Lea & Bob left to go to Bob’s parents in the afternoon (Thurs). M. & S. stayed until Fri. afternoon. John left to return to Champaign after church

1965-11-29-gry-p-2[page 2] Sunday. Dad & Aunt Ruth & I went to Clay City to attend the Alumni Tea. None of the Yegerlehners were there, so we went out to see Clarence. Aunt Clara is not well. She had an operation for cancer last summer and also had cobalt treatments. In Sept. Clarence and Clara visited Aunt Ruth & Clara seemed fine. They had stopped to see us, but that was while we were away. Aunt Ruth was quite surprised to see how thin Clara is. Uncle Clarence told Dad she isn’t able to retain her food much of the time. We went on down to see Ralph & Faye. Faye said she is quite upset over Clara’s condition. Evidently from what Faye told us the cancer wasn’t all removed. I have never seen Clara as thin as she is now. Just a shadow of her former self.

1965-11-29-gry-p-3[page 3] Duane has a church in Rockford, Ill. now. He was in Shelbyville, Ind.

We stopped in Brazil to see Vic & Beulah. They told us Marie had been married recently. I called her and she and her new husband, Mr. Shewmaker, came to Vic & Beulah’s to see us. All in all we had a very nice day, except for seeing Aunt Clara in such a poor condition.

Today I made statements and mailed them as we were ready to leave town. Aunt Ruth folded them and stuffed envelopes. I ran the amount on the adding machine and when I showed Aunt Ruth how much it amounted to, she said she could see why I would spend a day making them. (Not that we will collect one third of the amount.)

1965-11-29-gry-p-4[page 4] Mrs. Myers didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with us. She was upset and couldn’t eat. I went to see her the next day and she was feeling much better. She was looking in a Sears catalogue and wanted to order a bathrobe. I told her not to buy anything until after Christmas. I found one that I thought was quite pretty at Ashton’s, so bought it for her for Christmas. I was wondering what I would give her—now I have that taken care of. I think she is going to have to go to a nursing home because I think she shouldn’t be alone. I think she is thinking that way herself now. I have had a full day, so think I will soon take a bath & retire.

Love Mother

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The Only Doctor

1965-10-17-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Oct. 17-1965

Dear Bonnie & David –

Dad is watching “My Favorite Martian” and I decided to communicate via letter. I called George Murphy and he promised to try and trace the desk. He thinks is may be lost but if it is – its insured, so if the old one can’t be found perhaps you will get a new one. I wish you could take the big one in your room. I am in a mood to get rid of things. In other words I am in a cleaning mood. Things have to go. Wish you could use some of things I want to get rid of (bad grammar). You started a trend. Dad is building twin beds for John’s spare bedroom. I have the foam rubber – bought it the last time I went to Lafayette. John will be home Oct. 31 for weekend, but I doubt the beds will be ready by then. Dad has been having to work pretty hard – he is the only Dr. taking

[page 2] care of patients at the hospital from Newton Co. – Kresler, Schoonveld & Parker are all on vacation. He had to take Mrs. Myers to the hospital last night. He said she was having asthma. She had an appointment in our office Monday but since she is in the hospital won’t get to keep it. I haven’t asked him how long he is going to keep her hospitalized. Drop her a letter or card. Since the radio reception at the office is so full of interference we decided to take the record player to the office and Dad has it hooked to the speakers – just like the radio was. We bought a few records, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, The King & I, Flower Drum Song, and a few others. Now I am going to get a stereo for home. The portable record player works but not automatically. You were inquiring about it. Do you need one? By the way, don’t buy any

1965-10-17-gry-p-2-3[page 3] more records before Christmas. Have you acquired any since Das Rheingold?

The Fields have a new baby – Lynette Sue, born Oct. 10. They are pretty happy about getting a girl.

The African student Jim (can’t remember his last name) was married while we were away. Rosemary Murphy was going to give his bride-to-be a home this summer but for some reason she wasn’t in Kentland (to my knowledge). If she was it was only a short time in Sept. Jim is still in school in Terre Haute and now that they are married have an apartment.

Dr. Gery’s wife passed away last week. She had been ill since 1957. His daughter was killed in an automobile accident last April. She had been married a short time. He has a son who is in school at Purdue. Dad has always thought so much of Dr. Gery. He thinks he is one of the best.

1965-10-17-gry-p-4[page 4] Since all the other Drs. were taking off, we didn’t go to the medical meeting this year. Dad said he didn’t really care. Since I am looking forward to a vacation next summer I really didn’t care too much either. We haven’t decided yet where we will go, but we plan a summer vacation because of A. & E.

In case I forgot – John’s address is 2510 Lawndale, Champaign, Illinois. Tele. (area code 217) 352-0743

Did you take the while towel set that Lea & Bob gave you or did you leave it here? Shirley said they left their set just like it here but I can only find one and it is with your other things. If you can remember, let me know,

Love Mother

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