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Joan Manning Candy (John)

1943-12-06 (JFY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy:

I haven’t written you for so long that I thought it was time I did.

This evening I accompanied Lucile Woods on her baritone at Rotary. The piano was terrible and it was sour. Helen Hoover played too. Mr. Cast said that there were no piano players in the club right now but that there was one coming on. The dinner was good (Steak) and mashed potatoes. The club gave each of us who played a bag of Joan Maning candy as a token of the appreciation. Those candies are not what they used to be. I’ve been eating some chocol – oops – I’m not supposed to eat that stuff. Mother just told me I’ve eaten enough.

I’ve been getting along fine in school. It doesn’t seem that the first semester is over 2/3 over.

David is doing so many cute things. He wrestles with his stuffed kitten.

For Christmas I am getting a Monopoly board (that is I’ve already gotten it). We got a Christmas tree yesterday. There is a tree shortage so we got ours early. Since it’s still 3 weeks to Christmas we have [not] decorated it yet.

Your son,

Joan Manning Candy

1935 newspaper advertisement (Image courtesy of Google newspapers online)

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No Mail (Gladys)

1943-12-06 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail for a week. The last dated was Nov. 19. We are having a nip of cold weather again after yesterday’s spring like sunshine and warm wind. David didn’t get much airing today. I wrapped him up and took him with me to town in the car. He likes to go in the car or anyway – just likes to go. John and Lucile Wood played for Rotary tonight. Lucile plays a horn and John accompanied her on the piano. He isn’t home yet and it’s nearly 8: PM. He was wondering if they would be given their dinner. I am gradually getting my Christmas shopping done – picking up something here and there. I haven’t sent Jim & Thelma’s box yet and should get it mailed soon. We are urged to mail all our gifts & cards early. Hope you get yours. I haven’t even looked for cards yet. Arlene has hers ready to mail but she expects to be in the hospital before Christmas. She didn’t go to music club this afternoon – was having some discomfort and afraid to go away from home. Coke went with me – says her brother is in England. Her brother-in-law is in Great Lakes (Chief surgeon). John Ade is in Great Lakes at present. Catherine Ade is a Lt. in the Marines and is in N.C. now. John is home – brought candy.

Love Mother

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Fried Chicken (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133 F.P.O. San Fran Cal
Dec. 4, 1943

Dear Mother,

Another Saturday rolls around and another week gone. In other words this is Sat. night and I can’t say it compares with a like night at home. There isn’t even a show and of course there are no stores or streets to be crowded, but maybe that doesn’t happen there anymore. Seems as if you wrote something a month or so about Sat. night. I believe you wrote that the usual late buying was slow because of a lack of goods to sell.

Repeating – Three days ago I sent you a check and in the letters of Dec. 3. I sent each of the boys a money order – I hope they all get there in plenty of time for good usage. I know Mark will have a glorious time with his and D. probably won’t get much kick out

[page 2] of the whole affair and John will probably buy or want to buy some records. And you – please use that amount for a dress, etc. Something you feel you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to afford otherwise.

Just stopped to get a few magazines to read – a few copies of Life which I hadn’t seen before – Of course they are Sept. and Oct. issues but they make good reading or I should say good time passers. Especially in off hours.

I’m trying in my off moments to think up and view over in my mind the rudiments of Masonry so that I might attend lodge and also Rotary. I think either or both will be fun and good experience but so far I haven’t made any direct contact. I have found however that the Rotary meeting is at the noon day meal and that is a little difficult to attend.

[page 3] You came in for your share of praise from Ruth M. in her letter. Especially how you were getting along and carrying on thru your mother’s illness. I do hope you have not tried to over extend yourself and do too much on your nerve. Please try to take things easy and watch the sinus and throat infection this winter. I know it’s easy for me to say this but it’s an another thing to avoid the difficulty.

During our leave we had an occasion to have fried chicken. The natives here didn’t know how to prepare such so I went into the kitchen and did it myself and believe it or not it was browned to perfection with mashed potatoes and all the fixings. Everyone seems to be pleased – and why not? Because we had two chickens for three people. It was the first of things like that in ever so long so you know it was enjoyed.

So much for today –


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Hope for Early Return (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours letters seem to be picking up again – Two today – of Nov. 9 & 10 – The last I had was last week of Nov. 4. It’s strange you would only get Ruth’s letter of Oct. 17 when I wrote directly from the hospital Oct. 15 – and regularily after that date – In fact I wrote to you every day during Mother’s entire illness, missing very seldom. The Red Cross was supposed to get a message to you but evidently didn’t.

Hickey wrote to his father about your visit to him and same was mentioned in the Democrat this week. I was going to tell some of Hickey’s family about his P.S. on the letter but haven’t seen any of them yet. Marg Carlson & her mother run the Democrat now and she had a front page article with news about people in service from Kent.

We had Zells here for dinner this evening. Mr. & Mrs. went to Indpls. Early yesterday a.m. The girls came here after school & spent the night and had lunch with us today. Their folks weren’t home yet after school this afternoon so I prepared

[page 2] dinner and they got home just about time to eat. Virginia & I had gone over to the brooder house to fill the feed & water containers when they came home. We really had a house full last night with three boys & three girls.

This afternoon Lucile walked out with J.E. It was a nice warm sunny day for a change. I wanted to get some pictures of David and he for the first time wouldn’t act nice for the camera. I wanted him to stand up and he would just sit down or cry. I was going to the school to help teach Mark’s room to knit and didn’t want to take David along so Lucile kept him. He stays in Jimmy’s play pen when he is there and is pretty good. Jimmy’s things are different. When I stopped to get him Lucile said he had behaved very well. I told her I would keep Jimmy for her when she attends afternoon club meetings. She doesn’t leave him much. Lucile is a very devoted mother, I think. I don’t leave David very often but had to more or less during Mother’s illness. I left him Tues. when I went to the Dr. but Mrs. Zell stayed here with him. She says she will keep him tomorrow while I go again to see Dr. Ade. I don’t like the idea of taking him along because the stores are full of Christmas shoppers now & I don’t think it’s the best place for him, and I certainly don’t want to take him

[page 3] into Dr. Ade’s office at this time of the year. I have a little nose & throat bug but there are so many people now having same or worse waiting in his office for treatment.

Mrs. R. came over with her three last night. She says Joe is still thinking you & he will get to come home after your 18 months. Also she told me that Earl is out somewhere now but she doesn’t know where. His wife has been with him all the time but is back home now. J. had sent some pictures home of his work with the natives. There was one of a woman with a dress on. Much cleaner looking than of some I have seen. Maybe it was a new dress & hadn’t had time to get dirty – or am I too critical?

I see by the paper that Dr. Van spoke at Rotary last meeting. I understand he isn’t very happy about being home. Shame he can’t trade places with you, eh what? I know you are there to do your duty and cheerfully, but it would be nice if exchanges could be made in some cases, but since those things aren’t done we will just be patient and hope for your early return.

Had to make Mark go to bed early tonight. He has been doing too much & not getting enough rest. He was working arithmetic and was reduced to tears about it so I insisted he go to bed and get up early in the morning & do homework. John is playing the piano just now.

Love Mother

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The Woman’s Club (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 17 came today – the 18, 19 & 20 came yesterday. You were writing about my throat. I haven’t had any actual soreness for some time but have a hoarseness all the time and keep spitting mucos & have some sinus drainage all the time. I don’t want to look for a sore throat but am a little afraid I will be inclined to have some infection there if this condition continues. Thought I would see Dr. Ade sometime soon if it doesn’t clear up. I don’t want to have a tonsillectomy if it can be avoided. Maybe with sufficient rest it will clear up.

David is on a high horse today. I think I can see two teeth (stomach) about through. He woke me up about 2 a.m. just sucking his thumb & making a little noise he often makes when going to sleep. He won’t stay covered. Try as I will to secure him under his blankets he wiggles out and I find him on top & sometimes at the other end of the bed. He has been going some tall jabbering today – sounds like “Greek er something.” I told him he was a bad boy & he jabbered right after me what sounded like “bad boy.” John said I was stretching my imagination. However when he says something that sounds like “John,” then John says he is calling him. Mark agreed with me that David said “bad boy” so that is how it stands. John is having his troubles at school. Had such a long assignment last night he was carrying on something terrible about Miss K. I told him if he didn’t quiet down I would tell her and he took me right up on it & said he wished I would. Of course I wouldn’t tell her anything, because she has taught school a good many years & I believe is better qualified as to assignments than I would be. That is all the trouble there was but if you could have heard him go on about it you would have thought he had troubles. The band teacher resigned and student directors are going to try & keep the band going. I am glad now I didn’t invest in a horn for Mark because the Jr. band can’t carry on. They were too far behind the Sr. band to combine the two. Mark hardly ever touches his trumpet anyway and I believe it would be the same with anything he would have.

[page 2] The sun was shining this a.m. and I hung some white clothes out. Was going to take David out for a bit of sunshine but it’s cloudy now. Just typical fall weather.

The Woman’s Club had Prof. Phillips from Purdue speak at the meeting last night. Mrs. Zell & I went together. He gave a very interesting talk about what we will do after the war. He reviewed the events following World War I and touched upon the crime waves that have followed all our wars. In the course of his talk he mentioned Time magazine & how it had stooped to vulgarity – It was quite a coincidence – you had mentioned about the same thing in one of the letters I had from you yesterday. In fact you whole letter had run along the same vein he had talked on. I wanted to go tell him about your letter & how it tied up with his talk, but I didn’t. There was a business meeting following his address, so I sat where I was and the visiting men talked to him after he was thru. There were quite a number of men present. Prof. Phillips talked at Rotary once – I believe that was while you were here – or was it – I remember the French woman was on the program you attended.

Dorothy was out yesterday and said Ralph Bower had been appointed Judge. Seems Newell Lamb might have been but for a member of the Committee – That is just gossip and I don’t know enough about it to be certain. At any rate Newell & Ellsworth are supposed to be next up to go the Army and being Judge would get a deferment. D. said Ellsworth was going to try & get a 6 mo. deferment because Doris is going to have another baby.

Had a letter from Jim today & there is a possibility he may be sent to Joliet – in case his rating isn’t changed to Chief Steam fitter. In that event he will be sent to a ship yard. He left his top coat here & I have to send it to him.

I cooked the chicken your mother gave me and besides having two meals from it canned 5 pts. I thought it would be handy to have for quick meals.

David is quiet for some reason. He had a long nap and wish he would take another so I could get one.
“Love Mother”

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Holy Terror (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned from a Rotary meeting at the Nu-Joy – Rev. Sudah was the main speaker – also a State fire prevention man was present and gave a short talk. Rev. Sudah shook hands with me and said to remember him to you when writing. He said he was going to re-Christen his little boy (born while you were intern) Holy terror. Uncle Wes & Aunt Jessie stopped this noon enroute home & left some things your mother sent. I wanted them to stay and attend the meeting tonight but Uncle has a bad cough and when he gets in crowds coughs a lot. He would have enjoyed the meeting tonight because Sudah spoke about Rotary International. On the other hand the ventilating system didn’t work and the smoke got in my eyes and my sinus got stopped up so I know it would have bothered Uncle Wes. I told Ira Dixon who was sitting across from me at the table about Uncle Wes. He said it would have been something special to have him present. Bart had Helen along tonight and someone asked him who he went with before – he went stag last time and had a hilarious time (I mean the Country Club party). Bart just

[page 2] ignored the inquiry and pretended not to hear. Two new members received pins tonight – Bob Schurtter (ag teacher) and a Jean Lyons – I haven’t been around enough lately to know whose who in the new people.

You have mentioned twice sending messages by men coming back – To date I have not heard from anyone or received any flowers. So after this I suggest you either save your money or send it directly – I don’t want to sound mercenary but – well I think you understand what I mean. But remember if anyone asks a similar favor from you, keep your promise – I am – sure will.

I didn’t go to the hospital today. Glenn & I plan to go tomorrow. Glenn got the storm windows all hung and is going to clean the furnace. Pauline has cleaned (and I mean clean) the upstairs and cleaned the stairway with steel wool. She wants to work on the nursery tomorrow. I think I’ll take David with us. He was so fussy today I hate to leave him. – He must be cutting more teeth. He drools so much. I fed him before I left for the Rotary dinner but didn’t get him to bed but John puts him to bed. He was sound asleep when I came home. After his 7 P.M. meal he gets tucked in for the night. However he woke me up about – I would say 5:am and was wet & cold – I changed him & put him

[page 3] in bed with me. He woke me again abut 7: I can’t leave him in bed with me anymore and go back to sleep after his bottle (which habit is about over) because he crawls right off. He was so restless today about the only place he would be satisfied was to play in the stove drawers with the pans. I used to allow J. & M. to do the same thing so why not D. Mary P. came for the meat points today & I gave her 988. She says they are going to butcher a hog soon & we can have half of it. Mary said Ruthie isn’t getting along so well. Her ankles swell when she trys to walk & seems she doesn’t walk naturally now – Mary has to have some gall-bladder work done. She went with me to see Cole one time when I took David & Cole ordered her to have X-Ray done. She isn’t feeling so good but says she wants to get Ruthie on her feet before having anything done.

John Krull is home again & he & Gladys were at the meeting tonight. I didn’t ask them anything about where he is stationed or when he is going back.

I am enclosing pictures of Jim, Glen, Pauline, babies & I taken the day Jim & Glenn started back to Norfolk. You can compare babies in the pictures and see our boy is tops.

There is a light frost predicted for tonight. There isn’t much left in our garden it can hurt. I must close so this can be dropped in the mail box.

“Love Mother”

Yours of Sept. 4-7-9 & 11 came today.

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A Bitter Pill (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran. Calif.
Aug 6, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your air mail of July 20 and July 22 came yesterday. I don’t think you are doing wrong when you ask the Red Cross to ask for Jim to come home. Of course by the time this gets to you, you will have made the decision one way or the other but maybe this will help. Anyway I hope so. Requests for me thru the Red Cross I’m afraid would do no good even if they were gotten thru in time. I remember about one month ago when one of our officers go[t] word that his wife and baby died and he is still around with no though[t] of getting relieved. That is just the way with war and of course is a

[page 2] bitter pill to swallow. I suppose I shouldn’t have told you that but maybe it won’t make you feel too badly. However, we all felt terrible around here for a few days.

I’m sorry I can’t offer any suggestions about your mother – Has there ever been a definite diagnosis made? Is it just plain colitis, ulcerative colitis and one other possibility I hate to think of and that is carcinoma? Have you ever been informed? Or are they holding the information from you? Those are questions which you may have answered but the letters just haven’t arrived as yet from you with that information.

The treatment with this bacterial fortified medicine is new to me maybe it was developed after I left home. However, I do remember a treatment similar to that which was obsolete many

[page 3] years ago. I can’t believe that Dr. Cole would be that far behind however.

I hope you enjoyed the Rotary program but from the way you wrote it seems it must have been more of a brawl than a Rotary meeting, but I guess it isn’t out of the way to let your hair down now and then.

I wonder if Gladys K. really feels that way about John or whether it’s an outward show. Fran In knowing something of their past it’s a little hard to believe too much in that type of feeling.

I’m going to write John later today and send him his usual 1.00 for the his birthday present. I suppose it will get there in time.

Well, mother I’m hoping your mother is better and that you won’t have to worry too much about her.

Lots of love

Emma Foster with her grandson John, circa 1935-36

Emma Foster (Gladys’ mother) with her grandson John, circa 1935-36

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Seven Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.

July 29, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your letters of July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 came yesterday late, so I read them very rapidly and then re-read them again this A.M. The comment that you made about the comment that I made about the Commander’s wife – was a little shocking to me – you were just a little short and it made me feel badly but then I got to think you probably weren’t serious and I do hope you didn’t think I was serious and I’ll feel terrible if you don’t send any more pictures. I apologize very much.

There was lots in your letters and af even after re-reading I will probably forget things I thought of commenting on. Glad to hear your mother is better – Her progress will be slow and she will be discouraged very much – but she didn’t get in that condition in a short time and it will take a long time to improve. I feel so helpless trying to do or say anything that will help. I guess the only

[page 2] thing I can say is for her to do what the Drs. tell her. You didn’t mention diet which I think is important – maybe she is on one, at least I think irritating foods should be out of her diet – & that includes – all forms of prepared cereal, all raw vegetables, coffee (That’s a bad one for her). Some tea would be OK, and of course milk is OK, if it doesn’t cause too much gas – In other words it is an individual problem – but I really shouldn’t be giving advice since I’m not in on all the information about the lab work etc – You won’t need to bother about sending the details because it’s too long before I could get any info back to you.

Now about the piano – you are correct – my advice is too long in coming to you but you know whatever decision you arrive at will be OK with me – your judgment Dear is OK on things like that, by now you probably have the check I sent and the finances are OK again. That is you should have approximately 700⁰⁰ come to you by Aug. first – The check I sent and your regular monthly check. That should help you over the hump a little.

[page 3] Really I’m at a loss to know why Mark would want to ac look like me – I guess John has a right to talk and reason like I do. You mentioned a plane flying over each day. That really is a lot for Kentland Ind. but how different things must be in other parts of the world – relative to airplanes flying over.

Got a letter from Joe yesterday and he asked me to check to see if his mail was coming to our P.O. I checked and the P.M. said they had gotten a lot of letters for him but could find no one who knew him so they had been sent back just a day or two ago. So his mail will really be late – You might let Mrs. R. know about that. I’m planning on seeing him in a few days if the plans don’t fall thru like they did a few days ago. He was correct about the description of our location but a lot of hard work had something to do with the appearance of the place – we are really proud of our South Pacific Park.

Sorry to hear about Dave M. Yesterday before

[page 4] your letters came I wrote him – I shall add a note to it before mailing.

You never did mention anything about my Masonic dues – In one of these letters you said you were going to find out about the Rotary dues. I guess that is taken care of by now.

A letter came from Mother yesterday and also one from Boonie – I had just mailed one to Boonie before his came – so if you see him you can tell him our letters crossed on the way. I also wrote to Brewers & Walkups & Ed Johnson. Don’t know why the extra writing I’m going but felt I really should.

It seems a shame to have so much to say in one letter and the others have so little – Don’t ever think your letters are not worth sending – They really mean lots and I know it’s hard for you to work a letter in daily with all the responsibilities you have – and please don’t work too hard – seems to me you have lots of work to do so do be careful. And again I hope you didn’t think I was going anything else but kidding you about the picture.

Lots of Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #5

Construction of an airstrip, Russell Islands, 1943

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Rotary Dinner (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of July 11 came today – now the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 have to catch up, and I suppose they will be coming along in a few days. Went with Zell’s & Shirks to the Rotary dinner last nite. It was at Curtis Creek Country Club – North & East of Brook. We left town about 6:30 and after arriving waited until about 8:30 before dinner was served. The crowd was unusually noisy – had time to get what it takes – but finally after getting seated at the table (there were 50) the serving started – with tomatoe juice & crackers. I passed my juice on to Mr. Z. and nibbled on crackers. A salad was put on and it looked like something made from any available scraps.

[page 2] Finally at last the main course was brought on – It was good, fried chicken, etc. – I felt Bob sorry for Bob Shurtler – he & Dot were guests of Chet Van Scoyck. Bob had been shocking oats all day and was so hungry he could hardly wait, but he got along. I think our side was last to be served. Paul Funk was a guest to furnish piano music so we had some singing directed by Chet Van S. Art Burdick was present – he is a Sec. Lieut. In the Army Signal Corps – and is en route to someplace – so he was urged to sing & sang two songs. A group tried to get up a mixed quartet but it didn’t do too good. Some kept trying to keep songs going so Ralph Bower put a coin in the juke box and said he bet he would put a stop to that. Finally after much noise etc. the speaker was introduced. He was from Mexico City and to make his talk more effective donned native garb and

[page 3] had a guitar. Where he was about thru talking he sang some serenades. He is sort of good will ambassador from the Mexico City Rotary. After the dinner was over we came home but I think the rest of the crows stayed and danced. On the way home Mr. Z. said some of the fellows told that Sacky was going to take our Mexican guest for a poker game, but seems Roberto knew a little more about the game than Sacky. He told at the beginning of his talk something about it and we would have thought it just a gag in the speech, but guess it wasn’t after all.

Gladys Krull was there too. She says John is being sent out soon. She was feeling so badly about it & Mrs. Krull Sr. told her to think of me. Mrs. Shandy was invited but I didn’t see her there. I talked to Bob H. about your dues & he said they were taken care of for another year. – Bart was at the Party alone – friend wife being away this week – and was he having himself a good time – need I say more?

[page 4] I am planning to go to Laf. tomorrow to get Mother some medicine. It is the “Acidophilus Broth” & Dr. Cole said I could get it only at St. E. and it has to be kept on ice. Arlene wants to go along – she has an appointment with the dentist. Also Mary McGee – I think her last name is Arnold – is visiting Arlene now & she wants to go see Dr. Cole – She is going to have a baby before long.

Mark is out sunning David. Yesterday he picked, washed, broke & put into cans 4 qts of green beans – then I put them in the pressure cooker, so we have 4 qts green beans towards our next winter supply. This morn. I fed David without a bottle – gave him potatoes, egg yolk, apple sauce & what milk he would drink from a cup. I want to have him drinking from a cup altogether by Sept. John have him his bedtime bottle last night just after I left and put him to bed. I was so sleepy this a.m. but he was ready to eat at 7 a.m. so I got up – because Mother likes her breakfast early too – John has gone to take his piano lesson – It’s 11:30 – so must get lunch ready –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Dunes State Park (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 15 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had up to July 3rd this week. It is a typical hot & dry July day. We are needing rain now. After all the rain we had and just a week ago it doesn’t seem we would be needing more so soon. John just finished mowing the lawn again and if we don’t have rain soon again the grass won’t grow very fast. The Onargo man was here this morning and trimmed the trees & sprayed. It was Cailey – he was just working for them today. He has a job in a defense plant and had a day off. Now the two end trees look almost the same. They are to replace the one tree. It has come out of it but we are to get a new one.

[page 2] The ones Foulkes & Funks have in the middle of their front yards look like they are gone but they had them sprayed today.

Mark is out in the yard with David & John is washing dishes. John made cup cakes this morning. Mark wants to go to 4-H camp at Dunes State Park in Aug. I told him he could go if he practiced on his piano lessons & worked on other things when told to do so. He weeded some this morning and now John is sitting at the piano with him to get him to learn his notes. I didn’t buy the new horn for him because he didn’t practice on it any better than on the old one. John and I think he would do better on a reed instrument than a brass because it would be easier to blow. So if we come across a clarinet or sax will see what we can do. However I am about to buy the grand piano I wrote you about. Mother has $100⁰⁰ saved she was going visiting on and since

[page 3] she won’t be able to go any place for a long while she wants me to use it on the piano. That would leave $200⁰⁰ that I can pay later. I have been figuring what I can do in the next few months. I know it would be best to have the cash but pianos are so hard to find I thought I had better take one when I can. I have all bills paid up and nothing coming up except Ins. ever quarterly. The car ins. is due in Aug. Your next Hancock is in Oct. This won’t get the loan on my ins. pd. off quite as soon. But maybe can take care of it a little later.

The Rotary Club is entertaining ladies Mon. evening and I am invited. Will see about your dues. Have been so busy with Mother haven’t seen about them yet.

David’s eyes are about cleared up. Just a few red streaks, but definitely improved since starting on the drops Dr. Ade gave. He doesn’t

[page 4] rub them so much. I don’t remember what Dr. Ade said was the trouble, except infection that was going around. So don’t worry about it because it is almost gone, whatever it was.

Irene said her sister has a baby girl, born this morning. I suppose they wanted a boy. Most everybody does. Donahues wanted a boy, but I told Carl they probably felt like we do – wouldn’t trade David for all the girls. John says a girl couldn’t possibly have David’s personality, etc. David is very friendly – smiles at everybody and hasn’t yet shown sign of being afraid of people.

I think Mother is improving tho slowly. She eats little, but does eat something every meal, so that is better than nothing. Had a night letter from Jim. He & Thelma are recuperating from a sunburn they got at the beach. He has a 9 day leave but can’t come home. Says before he is sent out will get another leave & come home.

Love Mother

YEG1943 John, Mark & David

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