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First President of the Rotary (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran
July 13, 1943

Dear Mother,
Yesterday your letter of June 24 came and one from Ruth Y. of June 22. I thought possibly the pictures of D. would be in this one but then I remembered that you said you would send them next week. It has been a week since I received that letter from you but this letter was only 2 days older than the one in which you told of the pictures.

I don’t know if I told you that Uncle Wess had sent a Rotary news week of their own club in Chicago. Well, it had an

[page 2] item in it about the first president of Rotary and it gave a short account of his life. Well I “sorta” get a kick out of having my friends read it and then claiming him as my uncle. I’ll have to write him and give him the low down.

My ambition got the better of me yesterday and I constructed that long talked of rat trap and we have a rat this A.M. to prove the merits of the trap. It’s a type of gang plank where the rat walks out to get a piece of cheese held by a wire beyond the balance point. So Mr. Rat walks out and takes a dip in

[page 3] a 5 gallon can filled about half full of water. We heard it trip two other times but I guess the rat was too nimble. With a little rearranging I believe I can make it 100% instead of 33⅓% as it now is.

I wrote some time ago about changing the allotment but I think I’ll just leave it as is and send what extra money I have home ever so often. As far as I can see it’s just as good one way as the other and if it is left as is you will always get your $200 but if the mail would get crossed as it did with the uniform, your 200 might stop and

[page 4] the new fail to start. If one of the checks I send home gets lost we can always get the numbers and check it that way. I think I’ll continue that way for a while at least and in the next week or 10 days will be able to send a check. That is as soon as a pay day arrives. The amount of the check I can’t say because I don’t know how much there is there. I’ve written all that before but just a little alteration in plan.

You said something about the hot weather in your letter. At Noumea the wind would blow but here it’s always calm and that makes the heat a little more severe. Yes I’ve had practically 14 month of hot weather now beginning at Norfolk Va.

Well, must be on the move
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Rotary Club (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lt. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Yesterday was a big letter day – 5 from you – V-mail of 5-14 & 19, air mail of 5-7, 5-19 & 5-20. And then 15 V-mail from members of Rotary. I began reading the V-mail and noted one or two from fellows and then someone explained what they were doing so I saw the pint. It sure was a surprise and I might say a pleasant one.

You might check with Al C. to see about my dues. I believe I’m paid up until July 1st Maybe they won’t charge anything but

[page 2] if they do, pay it and get the receipt and send it to me.

In one of your letters there were pictures. D by himself, with John, and then the one with you and the boys. I looked at the pictures  before reading the letter and it surely looked as if John had grown lots, but you explained how you were standing so that indicated he hadn’t grown so much.

There is another Dr. living in the tent with me now and I showed him the pictures. I asked him about his children and he said “I hang my head” – He has

[page 3] three girls. I tried to console him as best I could. Don’t you think I was correct in doing that little thing?

Since I’ve been writing four cocoanuts have fallen just outside and last night one smacked the tent top. In the middle of the night a direct hit on the tent gives one a thrill for a few seconds as you might imagine.

From the looks of D. I’ll have to hurry home or he will be sent out to release me because he is getting to be some boy. Tell Mark the uniform in OK. Because

[page 4] there has been a change and his is probably the later Navy design – one that I haven’t seen as yet.

Never did get to that rat trap for Chappie. He informed me this morning at Chow that one was on his table and knocked off a bunch of things – so I’ll have to make an added effort today.

I’ll write the Rotarians a letter one of these days. Can’t answer each letter individually but will for the group.

Well, wish I would get letters like that every day. Especially the ones from you –

Love Daddy

A new runway, Russell Islands, 1943

A new runway, Russell Islands, 1943

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A real summer (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today has been a real summer, rainless day, (so far). The boys are out in the garden pulling weeds. It is still too wet to hoe or do any more planting but just right for pulling. We are having onions & radishes and will soon have lettuce. Everything is doing well. Potatoes are up about a foot high – some aren’t so good but most of them are. There are so many wild parsnips in our garden they keep coming up as if by magic. The ground is about right for me to get my flower beds finished and I want to work on them this evening. John has to go to

[page 2] band practice this evening so that will let him out but he volunteered to help Mark weed the garden. John has had the most to do so far because he has had a continual job mowing the lawn and the rain has kept Mark from working in the garden.

Mother has David out in the buggy on the terrace. He has had a lot of sunning today – Had a nap this morning in the sun. He is about to get another tooth thru and is a little touchy today – or maybe he is just spoiled. I think he missed us when we went to Laf. yesterday. He is so used to having someone pay attention to him. He is satisfied to stay in his pen or bed, or play chair but likes company.

Three letters came this morning. The latest being dated May 17 – So far the second check (100⁰⁰) hasn’t come but it will no

[page 3] doubt be along in a day or two. There’s a few letters missing but I believe they will come, because all of yours up to May 5 have come. Thanks for the picture. We enjoy getting yours as much as you do ours. Mrs. Zell said she could tell by looking at your picture the baby looks like you. Most everyone says he looks like you and Ruth M. calls him “little Jake.”

One paper came today but I haven’t had time to scan it over for news items that would interest you. The Rotary Club wrote you and that should pretty well cover the local news situation. As usual only one paper came today. The same old story. Seems like they would just change the date of publication. Mrs. Steinbaugh is running the Democrat now. It came today.

[page 4]Mark is a business man now. Since he has his bike he runs errands – Now the traffic situation is a different matter than when you were here. He went to town for Mrs. Zell & Arlene this morning. He started putting down his earnings. He wants to help pay for his Bike. I told him he couldn’t have a new horn but he said he would rather have a bicycle and keep the old horn. If he has his tonsils out next week he won’t need either for a while.

Mother had a letter from Jim and he is now a C.P.O., but has to stay in Williamsburg until Sept, then thinks he will go places. Then Thelma is going to return to T.H.

Mark wants to take a ride so I’ll get this finished so he can mail it.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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14th Anniversary (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today marks our 14th. Just hope we can celebrate the 15th together.

It is still on the rainy order here. Last nite we had a clear sunset but by the time we went to bed it was beginning to storm. It is undecided this a.m. Right now the sun is shining & Mark is out with David getting some Vit C. In spite of the rainy weather we get David out between showers enough to keep him tanned. He will certainly be well tanned if he keeps on the way he is going. He has skin like his Daddy – Mark was helping with his both this morning and commenting on how handsome he is because

[page 2] he looks like Daddy. Ruth called David “little Jake” while we were over there. He is 8 mo old, weighs 19 lbs and has a tooth. He was as glad to sleep in his own bed again as the rest of us. The bed Ruth had borrowed for him was just a small crib and it cramped his style.

This letter and other things encl. came this morning from St. E. I think I covered the situation in my letter after I attended the ceremony but they requested it be forwarded so here it is. When we went to the P.O. to mail your letter last nite (6 P.M.) Parr handed John four letters from you. So far the latest is May 10 and one check for 150⁰⁰ is here. You said in your latest you would wait a few days to send the other.

Mr. Zell said every member at Rotary last night wrote you a letter so your mail should pick up.

[page 3] I am going to take John to Dr. Ade this week for a final exam, and also I want to take Mark to Dr. Cole. He has been showing signs of nervousness again – He was doing pretty good until, since school has been out. He shakes his head so much. I put him to bed early last night and am going to try and keep him from playing so hard. He seems to feel good and has a good appetite but shakes his head. Dr. M. looked at his tonsils after he had measles and said they looked bad, however I think I’ll take him to Dr. C. for a going over. If he needs his tonsils out I would rather leave him in the hospital a day or two. He thinks he is going to have a picnic having an operation – you know him – he is really anticipating it with relish. Mark was so tired & worn out from our trip I didn’t send him for a piano lesson this morning. Don’t worry about him because I am sure with rest and a little less excitement he will soon be over this condition. He plays so hard and last week was the first week of vacation. I think he

[page 4] tried to cram too much into the first week.

Our garden is still too wet to work in and the weeds are growing more daily. I got radishes & onions yesterday after we came home and Mark got such a thrill out of his first garden stuff. The potatoes are up about a foot high. They have done better than Zells in the same patch. Mr. Z. said he thought theirs had rotted from so much rain. He got theirs planted before we got ours out.

John has gone to take his music lesson this morning. The recital is to be next week. He got to play on Johnson’s new piano while we were there and of course kept busy at Ruth’s a good bit of the time.

It is time to start lunch so must get busy.
Love Mother

YEG1943-05-24 #3

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Bare Foot (Gladys)

1943-05-01 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I wrote one letter this morning but thought I would dash off another. Had two letters (Apr 8 & 9) this a.m. and that made me feel pretty good – Hadn’t had any for two weeks and your letters have always come so regularily except when you were moving. John hasn’t come home yet but I look for him any time now. He got up at 5 so he could be ready to leave at 6 so I know he will be tired when he comes home. Mark & I got the washing done today – I took David out in the yard while I took the things down and he got a good sunning. He is beginning to get a tan. If I could take him out every day but the past week has been so cold & raining so much he missed some days in the sun. He is beginning to do things. Pulled the perculator off the table yesterday. He won’t leave anything on his feet so he goes bare foot most of the time. He pulls off his socks & puts them in his mouth then I can’t put them back on. I sent you some pictures last week for his 7th month. The Rotary is back of a movement for supervised play for this summer and a kindergarten. I told our boys that wouldn’t bother them because they stay home and I think I’ll have enough work to keep them busy. The idea is to keep children off the streets but since ours always stayed home anyway they can continue to. I think the idea is good and something the town has needed long before the war started. I write you more on the subject later.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Snow again today (Gladys)

1943-01-29Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of 1-20-43 rec’d today – Snow again today – IT keeps coming – is the soft clinging kind that makes things look picturesque. It was snowing before we got up and it keeps snowing but isn’t very deep yet. Just got the walks & drive cleaned off and now covered again. I can hardly see south or north to 41. It is that white. Such a contrast to your weather. Just had to stop and see about David. I had bathed & fed him put him in bed and he was raising a fuss. He doesn’t stay put any more. Now we have to watch him even in his bed. He gets over to the side and hangs his legs out or gets turned with his head to the side and that hurts him. He is a confirmed thumb sucker but I am not trying to break him of the habit yet. John and Mark think everything he does the smartest ever. He gets tickled sometimes when I change his clothes – must be ticklish like his Daddy. If this weather continues we will have to get some more fire wood – Not that we need the heat but we like a fire on dark days and Bill told me to get all I wanted from his wood pile. Shirley Boze and her family moved to Calif. Ann went along – Lambs bought the Boze property. Shirley was due for another baby about the time she left here. I see in the paper that Link and Mr. Webster (Music teacher) are new Rotary members. Uncle Wes’ picture was in the latest Rotarian. Dorothy White sprained her ankle and Babe Carrol is working for Dr. M. John Krull is in Camp at Atlantic City N.J. Most of the above is from the Enterprize.

Love Mother

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A Momentous Decision (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dear Mother,

Our cool has continued and it is really comfortable – Just got thru taking a bath in the open air shower and reall got cold. I came back and Fred & Dr. P. asked me how it was and I said fine – let them find out for themselves.

I saw an income tax blank today and the surtax starts at 2000 with $260. So try to cut ours below 2000. I believe if you take all the deductions it will cut it below 2000. Don’t forget the insurance – malpractice car Ins etc. All that runs for a year payable in June or July and I left in May so that was that would be 10/12 or what ever the fractional part of the year.

[page 2] I would like for you to figure it whether or not you pay it. Next year the total amount will be 2400 or less and that won’t cost much. So much for that – Only if you do figure it don’t the drugs. The interest – to the insurance co. Interest on house payments. Interest to E. Buck Dave Ream etc. If you have time send me what you can figure the deductions would be. I believe you aren’t interested much in the tax situation but that has to be paid in 3 mo. after we return and that is why I’m interested. And if you haven’t made those other two payments on last year please do because those will all count up.

I’ve explained how these letters are dated several days after writing

[page 3] so that is why the letter you referred to was written on the 29th and stamped on the 31. You see we write one night – passes thru the censor next day and to our P.O. next day and then to the other P.O. so it’s here for a few days before leaving. And I haven’t been able to figure how your comes this way – very seldom comes – I just heard today that all you will be able to write is V-mail. Really I don’t care if it is V mail just so it’s regular and not too old. However. I ‘m not sure that is only hearsay, but I did hear that there would be no more insured pkgs and no more registered letters.

Now – after the show and while sitting on the hill before the show starts – we always go about 1/1 hour early in order to get a good seat. Any-

[page 4] way while sitting there I made a momentous decision – and this is it. Don’t pay this past years income tax. I mean 1942. As I said before pay the other installments of ’41 but forget 1942 and put the money in bonds we can always cash them in and pay the tax. So forget about the income tax period.

Your letter of Jan 4 came today and I sure was glad you could attend Rotary – wish I could have been there – wasn’t that silly – or was it?? John’s letter of Jan 6 came also as well as one from Wayne W. and one from the Walkups at Earl Park. They seem to be real faithful in their letter writing.

Hope your sinus trouble is better and yes the coat – If you are satisfied I see no reason why I wouldn’t only you didn’t use all

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat - January 1943

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat – January 1943

[page 5] the money I sent but that isn’t any of my business. You said you were going to send me a financial statement after the first of the year. I hope you include the number of bonds etc. and whether or not you got a strong box – probably you have already written those things but they haven’t come thru yet. I’ll be looking forward to a picture of you in the coat – and THE HAT.

Hope you and D. are better by now and everything is getting along OK. Please don’t worry about me and don’t get fussed up at anything – Don’t drive the car anymore than is necessary because of the tires etc.

Well, I hope our mail will be half-way regular again and I can hear from you often –

Lots of Love

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The first letter this year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first letter this year. It is a cloudy, warm day. We haven’t done anything except eat breakfast and take care of David. He seems to have a coming appetite, so I keep giving him more – an extra tsp of Pablum this morning. Now that he has started eating he seems as hard to satisfy as he was the other way when we came home from the hospital. I am afraid he has had so much attention from the boys this week he will miss it next week when they are back in school. Mark is working on some model airplanes Aunt R. M. sent him for Christmas. He has his work on the kitchen table. He wanted to stay up last night but John & I wanted to go to bed. He stayed

[page 2] down here alone until 11:30 then decided he would go to bed. I was too sleepy to stay up with him and since I had the throat & sinus infection feel like I should get lots of rest. If we get enough steam up today will take down the Christmas tree. It is a rather pretty tree – wish we could set it out but I am afraid it wouldn’t do much good. We can have a nice fire in the fireplace with it. Bill said he was going to bring us a load of wood but he has been very busy so hasn’t brought it. I think Louis Funk had to go into service. I think Carl had been deferred. I suppose for occupational reasons. Rosemary is going to have a baby but I don’t think that would keep him out.

I promised John we would go to Lafayette tomorrow. I need to do some shopping for David and John wants to see about his album of records

[page 3] he ordered for Christmas. We haven’t been down since in Nov. The month of Dec. wasn’t so good for travel but the roads are not slick now. I told you in yesterday’s letter I bought 6 – 37⁵⁰ bonds. The bank only pays 1% on deposits and the Bldg Loan 4% – but since we are urged to buy more bonds thought I should use some of the surplus for bonds. What do you think about putting some in the Bldg Loan? Or put all in bonds? I have quoted last year’s income in two previous letters but here it is again just in case – To May 31 – $3120.45 – collections for June 260.65 – July 253.78 – Aug 33.75 – Total 3667.73.

Our Enterprize didn’t come yesterday but they must have missed sending it because Mrs. Zell said you letter was in it this week.

– – – Stopped to get lunch and feed the baby and then I took a nap but David woke up so I got up too. John’s giving him some water now but he is getting so he doesn’t care so much for his water bottle.

[page 4] Bob Hufty called me and invited me to Rotary Monday evening – Ladies night – He asked if you had received the box the clubs sent you for Christmas, so I am hoping for some word from you before Mon. evening that you have rec’d it.

I called Mrs. Plummer this afternoon to see if she could come out a while but she had company. I was going over and get her. She wants to see the Baby and as I have told you about this weather we haven’t been out much. We will be glad for spring and you would be glad for a little cooler weather.

John is playing with the baby and he is making some loud noises, which delight both boys. He now plays with his hands a lot – when he doesn’t suck his left thumb.


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Isn’t much doing (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 20, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun P.M. and a little lazy at that. There isn’t much doing this P.M. so I’ll try to answer a few more Christmas greetings and presents. The one from Rotary etc. came today. It was real nice had a number and variety of things all very useful. I imagine they had a campain [campaign] for Reader’s Digests for I got one in my box dated Dec. 1941. That of course I had read but I passed it along to the boys in the hospital maybe someone will read it. There were razor blades, tooth paste. And this is some of the stationary I’m writing on. Some cigarettes, two combs etc. All will come to use in due time. The Clay City news also came today, but no first class

[page 2] mail.

A long time ago you said Geo Tilton said something about helping to collect the bills. I always forgot to mention that he offered to help the morning he went with Nick & I to Chicago. You said something about that one time so you might see what he has in mind. Don’t seem as if Cliff had much affect. If you fill feel real ambitious some day you might send me a few of the names with the bills amount they owe and I’ll look them over – don’t send any with less than $2.00.

There is one question I’ve asked several times but never yet received an answer. You possibly have sent it but I haven’t that letter. On what date did you receive the first letter from me after

[page 3] we landed? No particular reason only just wanted to know.

It will be past Christmas when you receive this so I can ask you if you had any surprises and what you did Christmas day and how the weather was etc. I doubt it we will know which day is Christmas because it will be like all the others as far as we know now. Maybe we will have turkey or something and maybe a snifter or two if any can be found. Just had an idea might go swimming on Christmas – wouldn’t that be something to tell the folks in Indiana – your grandfather went swimming on Christmas once upon a time. Fred suggested we go on New Year’s day also. (Pop) Porterfield as we call him

[page 4]might have something to say about that, but he’d say yes if we asked him to do most anything.

We’ve had a few sprinkles of rain today but the sun hasn’t shone much. In fact it been one week now since the sun has been out good and bright for any length of time. It’s OK too because it doesn’t get so hot as usual.

Well, I have several letters to write and this is the day for the letter to the folks at home. I’ll save some space in case the P.M. mail delivery is good.

So Solong Love Daddy

P.S. The envelope is one you sent not the sweetened edges

P.S. again – I was going to eat that Baby Ruth candy bar this P.M. and found two flash light batteries. That was a surprise. Hope I didn’t throw anything else out in the gue.

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The mail was better today (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 13, 1942

Dear Mother,

Nick Krull, circa 1960

Nick Krull, circa 1960

The mail was better today. Got two letters dated Nov. 25 from you, and one dated Oct. 14 from you – a package from Boonie – (a box of candy) a letter from John – V-mail and two birthday greetings from Nick & Dorothy. One of the greetings wasn’t very nice and Dorothy wouldn’t have her name to it so she sent another with both their names. I guess all of our mail will finally get here. John said he was down in the dumps because didn’t have meat for dinner. After all if a fellow is hungry he isn’t very happy.

I’ve written the folks their usual weekly letter today. Wrote it just before chow and it is after church now. We had a visiting Chaplin give the sermon tonite a change now and then is pretty good.

Today has really been hot. I believe it’s the hottest day we have had even in our hut it was hot. We’ll have to get us an electric fan now – maybe – again it seems pretty definite that we probably will stay here for some time – and now that you

[page 2]know where we are it won’t be so bad. Today’s letters were the first with the new address and I suppose the next ones will have the addition that were attached a day or two after the first address came out. Fred got a package from his wife – Had – candy – nuts a pipe – cigarettes etc. The peanuts were very tough but still good. I’ll have to write the Krulls and the Boones and I almost forgot – Otto Paul. His letter would come thru. I’ve already wrote you about that so you tell Boonie and he can send him the stuff and I won’t have to write.

I wrote Joe Roberts the other day but didn’t have to use all the address left off the San Francisco part. The P.M. told me here it wasn’t necessary to send it back to San F. If Mrs. R. don’t know where he is you should tell her because I wrote it to you. Wish I could go over from Christmas but it’s to[o] far to paddle a row boat. He should get my letter in pretty short order, but it would be as hard for him to get over here

[page 3] as me there.

Dr. Huth took some pictures the other day and we developed them in the Xray tank and today we tried printing some of them. I’d almost forgotten how it was done but we got a few out. Our fixer solution isn’t quite right for pictures because they turn yellow around the edges. It seemed I was the only one who knew anything about printing and that wasn’t much because it‘s been years & years since. I had the carpenter make the frame. I think I told you something of that last night – well we had no glass so we just had two boards one with a hole slightly smaller than the film. In time we should get pretty good – especially if we can get the Corpsman to do the work. I’m going to have to have a Corpsman when I get home to do the work for me. It’s just like having a colored maid. Maybe I’ll get over being lazy. I hope.

Have a boy in the hospital now with hands just like yours used to be. Of course, we have no zimocol but I’m giving him Hcl just the same. He got his washing his hands

[page 4] in some kind of soap he thinks. Or maybe he had to wash dishes. Could be the same as yours and maybe not.

The original four members of the Rotary Club: Paul Harris is on the far right, while Silvester Schiele (Roscoe’s uncle) is second from the left.

Guess you were somewhat honored to have Paul Harris as your guest even though it wasn’t but a little time. Wish I could have been – there- It’s a little late now but you must get that in the paper. I mean it – call Bart and tell him Uncle was along and Paul H. The founder of Rotary was with him. Make a nice little story. Things like that don’t happen every day. Maybe you have already done so – if not do it. I can read it too if and when the paper gets here.

Well, must stop and rest – work or write another letter – don’t know which –

With lots of Love


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